Can All Cars in ACC go Through Eau Rouge Flat?

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Can All Cars in ACC go Through Eau Rouge Flat?
I decided to push all cars on ACC to their limits and take them foot flat through Eau Rouge and Radillon. Every attempt here was done on a default aggressive setup. I also show you a few ways how not to take Eau Rouge at the end of the video. Hopefully this video may help you on your choice of car in ACC at Spa.
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7 jun 2019






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Aapster TV
Aapster TV Hace 7 meses
But can a Prius run flat trough eau rouge?
D6MITRI_ Hace 7 meses
it won't make it up
Unleashed Drivers
Unleashed Drivers Hace 7 meses
oddiosanto Hace 23 días
i understeer or spin with all cars
Max_P Banner
Max_P Banner Hace un mes
I was trying this over and over like 200 times with the AUDI with no success and this drives me crazy , don't understand why ... I use g27 game v1.1 and find out that it's very important how the wheel is set up yet no fucking way take this flat XXXXXXXXX Can anyone give me a wheel setup for g27 in wheel manager and in game settings and car setup for that AUDI , something that is legit and have been done plzz Always fly left almost hit the left wall , if I don't go wide left than at the last curb 100% I go too wide right and unstable..
Filipe Santos
Filipe Santos Hace un mes
ACC toooo much grip, not realistic. in assetto corsa i neva go optimum, its ridiculous kk in fact i always go on less grip as possible lol seems mo realistic. u can watch videos from people in real life vs in d game, in d game car seems dead, on real d driver always fightin d car. i s2 assetto corsa forever though
Klingende Mynt
Klingende Mynt Hace 3 meses
jose calvo
jose calvo Hace 3 meses
the "problems" of to choose front engine mid engine or Porsche rear engine
Ali Hanafi
Ali Hanafi Hace 3 meses
4:06 Lamborghini Huracàn GT3
Project Racing
Project Racing Hace 5 meses
Man the Lambo Supetrofeo has more power than GT3 cars :) It hasn't the air restrictor (SRO regulation) and it delivers around 620 HP :D
jose calvo
jose calvo Hace 3 meses
but the aero is considerably decreased
Brian Kang
Brian Kang Hace 6 meses
That’s radillion actually.
Jakob Hace 7 meses
Good video but some criticism: you could put a small window with some outside footage of the car if that's possible
Unleashed Drivers
Unleashed Drivers Hace 7 meses
Thanks for the input, definitely possible and will keep that in mind for the next ones.
UltimateGamer 973
UltimateGamer 973 Hace 7 meses
Thats radilion actually
1991 Mazda Miata
1991 Mazda Miata Hace 7 meses
What is ACC
Grumptr0nix Hace 7 meses
This game has no C7.R? how disappointing...
BMW M2 Competition Stor//M
Grumptr0nix guys come on: this game is about the Blancpain series. GT3 cars only. The C7.R is a GTE/GTLM car ...
TheMagicSlinky Hace 7 meses
They need a license to use certain cars that exist in real life, either they didn't have the money or the owners of the C7.R simply refused to let them use it. Don't straight up blame them.
MrCelroy Hace 7 meses
That’s Eau Rouge actually
Stridsvagn 103
Stridsvagn 103 Hace 7 meses
That's raidillon actually.
DSF Motorsports
DSF Motorsports Hace 7 meses
i didn't knew the Gallardo was available in this game, nice URRUJ BOIZ
Floris van Eck
Floris van Eck Hace 5 meses
It is called Reiter Engineering in the menus.
Kottaimuthu Shrinithi
viperconcept wants to know your location
The Second Coming
The Second Coming Hace 7 meses
*ehem* That's Raidillion actually
MJBM Racing
MJBM Racing Hace 7 meses
all cars can go through Eau Rouge flat but can they go through radillion flat?
benyahun Hace 7 meses
Truth: Eau rouge is FLAT! All pictures showing hills are photoshopped by the FIA. Anyone who says otherwise is a PAID actor... OpEn YoUr EyEs
eXOdus Hace 3 meses
Aapster TV fucc and succ?
Aapster TV
Aapster TV Hace 7 meses
@Peter McM you dont want to know what I do with flatearthers
Peter McM
Peter McM Hace 7 meses
Eau rouge is flat, so is the earth
Alistair McKinley
Alistair McKinley Hace 7 meses
Thanks a lot for the video! :-) A very useful comparison! It would have been more informative, though, if one could see the velocity of every car. I really like that you provided us with some tips on how not to take Eau Rouge. :-) Thanks again!
Aldo Hace 7 meses
Thats radillion actually
Oscar Harper
Oscar Harper Hace 7 meses
Cutting the first and last corner every single time
Bill Baltes
Bill Baltes Hace 7 meses
thanks for this! Very entertaining
Oddly Hace 7 meses
You should do this for assetto corsa
Victor Custódio
Victor Custódio Hace 7 meses
As in many other games, ppl is saying that the R8 GT3 is the best all-rounder...
virtual vroom man
virtual vroom man Hace 7 meses
I mean its kind of that IRL lol.
Simracingnoob Hace 7 meses
That’s Raidillon actually
Ruland 39
Ruland 39 Hace 7 meses
what is ACC?
N75911 Hace 7 meses
Assetto Corsa: Competizione, it's based around the Blancpain GT Endurance Series.
OmerTheGreatOne Hace 7 meses
this is the least fun car racing game i have ever experienced.
OmerTheGreatOne Hace 7 meses
@z_ i like Forza but my favorite is Project Cars. The 1st one. It is also very cheap now because its old but it runs really good. I enjoy the LMP1 class most.
z_ Hace 7 meses
You like forza better?
Sam Brownee
Sam Brownee Hace 7 meses
Thats radillon actually
mester orange
mester orange Hace 7 meses
Even default Mercedes not being the best gt3 in games, i Just love that car sm... For me Amgs are Just perfect!!!
Hamdan Ali
Hamdan Ali Hace 7 meses
that’s raidillon actually
RAJMa xUJOK Hace 7 meses
That’s radillion actually
X Pro Zoomy
X Pro Zoomy Hace 7 meses
Ah yes spa 😂
MopHead780 Hace 7 meses
Excellent demonstration. and im a Bentley fan and rarely drive any other cars. what mic do you use?
Levi Tresanszki
Levi Tresanszki Hace 7 meses
"thats radillion actually"
jonas kongsro
jonas kongsro Hace 7 meses
Levi Tresanszki ThAtS rAdIlLoN aCtUaLlY
Mike 2
Mike 2 Hace 7 meses
It's not flat... most cars are stuck in 5th gear when going through Eau Rouge... for example: 3:38
Unleashed Drivers
Unleashed Drivers Hace 7 meses
My foot was still flat on the accelerator when going through there though. The gear ratios are just a bit different
Tnrr Nito
Tnrr Nito Hace 7 meses
That’s radillion actually
Viktor Powers
Viktor Powers Hace 7 meses
Lowe this game
Emmanuel Perez
Emmanuel Perez Hace 7 meses
Seems like people are getting tired of the Mercedes AMG GT3. Apparently they all extracted the last juice from that car LOL
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor Hace 7 meses
Absolutely no one: WTF1: Thats radillion actually
AJ Jewell
AJ Jewell Hace 7 meses
You beat me to it
Dragoon Hace 7 meses
Now quick back to Fortnite.
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming Hace 7 meses
@julian szymczak THAT'S ALIVE ACTUALLY
julian szymczak
julian szymczak Hace 7 meses
Logan Taylor dead meme
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming Hace 7 meses
Nate H
Nate H Hace 7 meses
Borec_d.b Hace 7 meses
That’s radillion actaully
KerimCan_ZBZ 98
KerimCan_ZBZ 98 Hace 7 meses
Things like these makes me glad I had the opportunity to stand on that track in real life 😎
EvoStar Hace 7 meses
is this with controller or wheel&pedal?
EvoStar Hace 7 meses
@Unleashed Drivers amazing driving then!
Unleashed Drivers
Unleashed Drivers Hace 7 meses
With a wheel and pedal set.
sMiddy Hace 7 meses
I went flat out in a 458 and the front end lifted off the ground and i did not make the corner lmao
Waqid J
Waqid J Hace 7 meses
Why ain’t anyone driving the Porsche? I got a setup and the cars a dream. I qualify top 3 and get to first almost every race. Nobody is driving it on videos Or making serious?
Waqid J
Waqid J Hace 7 meses
J. Martinni weird I love the cars they drive amazing. I kick everyone’s ass.. I don’t get it. I guess I’m dealing with amateurs p
J. Martinni
J. Martinni Hace 7 meses
I'm guessing... the Cup is in a slower class, people want to be competitive overall and servers don't really seem to have different classes set up even though the option is there - both are hard to be fast in - and both don't sound like the real deal, unlike all the other cars in ACC.
Waqid J
Waqid J Hace 7 meses
When you modify setup you can make all cars go flat out on that nice little section.
Watches&Cars Hace 7 meses
Why is it called red water in ??
Jesus Cristo
Jesus Cristo Hace 7 meses
website is not working! fix there buddy!
\ SHCKMKR / Hace 7 meses
I think Eau Rouge can literally every car take flat lol
GOGOgomes Hace 7 meses
that's raidillon actually
Unleashed Drivers
Unleashed Drivers Hace 7 meses
For all the people commenting "thats radillon actually" and explaining which corner is which, I already know. I mostly speak of "Eau Rouge" here because it is more widely known as this. (we get the meme)
erc Hace 7 meses
Fuck off it, it's Eau Rouge. Point.
Spc Madoule
Spc Madoule Hace 7 meses
Even French people call it "Eau Rouge", or "Raidillon d'Eau Rouge" so...
TECH ECK Hace 7 meses
eau rouge is only the small lefthander, lol. every car can drive it flat
iceagecoming Hace 7 meses
That's raidillon actually
Afradh Ahamed
Afradh Ahamed Hace 7 meses
thats radillion actually
Mr Bnanna
Mr Bnanna Hace 7 meses
I don’t even play this game, I don’t even sim race at all. I just wanted to see the results.
Unleashed Drivers
Unleashed Drivers Hace 7 meses
I'm glad it interested you! Thanks for watching
Import Enthusiast Channel
The mercs default setups are FUCKING TRASH, i have no problem going fast through o rouge with a good setup
Chris Hace 7 meses
Why you say: but the car is really slow? It doesnt matter. All the cars habe +- ammount of Hp. The real deal on the cars is the weight and Lenght. And of course the skill from driver. All the cars habe pro an conts on all the tracks and it doesnt habe to do with the hp 😂
Maxim Turbin
Maxim Turbin Hace 7 meses
@Chris The NSX underperforms across the board. If you are a fast driver, you will be faster in a better car than worse. So there isn't any reason to use the nsx other than personal preference.
Chris Hace 7 meses
But a Faster car doesnt make you fast. Its the driver and the Setup and how you take the line. You can run a Bugatti against ai nsx. The nsx will still be faster. Cars like Bentley oder the m6 like tracks like spa. But go with them on tracks where are alot of corners and tight corners. This is where the nsx performs
Unleashed Drivers
Unleashed Drivers Hace 7 meses
If you're referring to the Honda NSX, it is an overall uncompetitive car. Its lap times are slower than most other cars. The 2019 EVO version will be a much quicker version and will be released as a free DLC later In the year
Gwildor Hace 7 meses
Title should be 'Can All Cars in ACC go Through Eau Rouge and Radillion flat?'. Its a combination corner, all cars can go through Eau Rouge flat but can it then get through the next corner.
Transformania Hace 7 meses
@Gwildor Get off your horse, everyone knows this section as "Eau Rouge".
Gwildor Hace 7 meses
@Unleashed Drivers Be accurate. Please.
Unleashed Drivers
Unleashed Drivers Hace 7 meses
I know that. This section is more widely known as eau rouge and so its a simpler and easy to use title.
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