Can't stop the A-Train baby!! 

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9 may 2023






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Ashley C
Ashley C Hace 3 meses
It is physically impossible to stop when a sprinter is running in full speed.
Anime Director
Anime Director Hace 3 meses
Да но эти люди настолько тупы что не понимают этого, а ведь он даже полосу сменил чтобы не сбить ребёнка....
sharon vizcarrondo
sharon vizcarrondo Hace 3 meses
Khwahish Gangwani
Khwahish Gangwani Hace 3 meses
It was on that day, the kid learned that he was not the main character, and didn't have any plot armour
Wway Hace 27 días
Trish 23
Trish 23 Hace 15 días
You don't know, maybe this is his character development arc.
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia Hace un mes
I hope the runner is well, as for the child, he will survive to learn the lesson.
Macky Hace un mes
the kid kinda deserve it.. he ran somewhere u shouldn’t run
Denden Phom
Denden Phom Hace 29 días
​@Guijo Camba W H A T? Why do you think childrens go to school for?, Or take up sports or engaged in various artistic activities 🤷 obviously to learn and educate themselves. You can easily see the kid is in the right stage where he is curious about everything and just ready to learn so much about the world. So, saying childrens don't learn is completely out of the equation 😶
Virgil Young
Virgil Young Hace 28 días
Its the kids guardian that should learn a lesson.
Valerie Solanas
Valerie Solanas Hace 28 días
Das Kind ist tod .
vickie hovatter
vickie hovatter Hace 3 meses
Parents need to watch their kids 😢
M Kam
M Kam Hace 3 meses
That is the understatement of the year😢
kel751 Hace 3 meses
She was to busy filming 😂
Unfamiliar Beetle2917
Lil kid deserved it😊
Вера Царик
Вера Царик Hace 3 meses
Мало этому.пиз.......шу. а родоки куда смотрели.
KING YELLA Hace 3 meses
​@Unfamiliar Beetle2917 that's what I'm saying
Howard Briggs
Howard Briggs Hace 24 días
Good parenting right there
June Najera
June Najera Hace 10 días
Regin Reyno
Regin Reyno Hace un mes
I hope the runner is fine.
Manuel 212
Manuel 212 Hace 18 días
well we know that the most people who did get hurt its only the kid
TakTisk Hace 3 meses
He taught that kid the lesson a car was gonna teach him once.
Angie Hace 3 meses
cedrock Hace 3 meses
Jessica Flood
Jessica Flood Hace 3 meses
This is some wisdom.
Tanuky Hace 3 meses
Spageddie Hace 3 meses
OMG, so true!
Mario Moss
Mario Moss Hace 26 días
Well he learned to never do it again so all well that ends well but I can't believe he actually tried to stop the A-Train 🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️
소닉 Hace un mes
It was a video that showed how heavy the responsibility of home education and parents is. Guardians have a duty to take good care of their children.
はねまや Hace un mes
Dotty Pitchell
Dotty Pitchell Hace 28 días
The kid knew he was coming, and went out anyway. Hope the runner is ok.
zemlyanin v
zemlyanin v Hace 26 días
Он проверил перед тем как выбежать перед фургоном. 😮
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants Hace 26 días
​@Dotty Pitchelllmao the runner was fine. Don't be like that.
La Dama De Nadie
La Dama De Nadie Hace 8 días
​@Dotty Pitchellon another video, boy looked distracted. He looked like he was genuinely just playing, I blame the parents 100%, that kid should have been sat down in the bleachers with a responsible older child or adult.
Tank GG
Tank GG Hace 3 meses
That kid was never told no. And this is life teaching him a hard lesson. We'll deserved.
Francinete Andrade
Francinete Andrade Hace 2 meses
Talvez seja autista ou tenha um outro problema ou simplesmente na inocência entrou para correr junto... a criança se junta e corre junto...
Tank GG
Tank GG Hace 2 meses
@Francinete Andrade No, his parents and him don't understand boundaries. He shouldn't have been there in the first place. Not a child's playground.
MBA 0509
MBA 0509 Hace 2 meses
Dynasty Hace 2 meses
💯K challenge
💯K challenge Hace un mes
“KNEE OF JUSTICE!!” -Captain Falcon
Kojo Harrison
Kojo Harrison Hace un mes
I hope the athlete didn’t sustain any injuries and is ok overall. Even athletes can sometimes encounter misguided kids whose parents abandon their responsibility. An example of how kids need constant direction, common sense and life’s wisdom pumped into them by their parents to help shape their future ❤️👍🏾🙏🏾
9empresswear Hace 25 días
Well, hopefully, he learned. Common sense and life's wisdom was just pumped into him by the universe!!!😂😂😂 just like the rest of us. Some just understand actions over words! 😂😂😂
Mario Fernandez
Mario Fernandez Hace 3 meses
No dejar pasar a ningún evento deportivo a este niño y a sus papás
Mary Florencia
Mary Florencia Hace 3 meses
Tanta preparación de los competidores, ni digo que el niño tiene menor importancia pero realmente sus padres le restaron importancia en mayor medida 😢
magda FIGUEROA Hace 3 meses
La culpa son los padres. Para que llevar niños
Oliva Valdez
Oliva Valdez Hace 3 meses
Sobre rodo los padres!!😒😖
Oliva Valdez
Oliva Valdez Hace 3 meses
@magda FIGUEROA deja, eh visto que llevan niños...pero no los cuidan ni siquiera los miran!! Los dejan solos! Y se los roban ó abusan de ellos y luego los " padres" se quejan como si estubirran pegados a sus hijos cuidandolos. Ches💩!!
Hi, I'm evil.
Hi, I'm evil. Hace 3 meses
I had to use translate. But honestly I could not have said it any better.
Надежда Спорта
Вся вина и ответственность лежит на родителях подростка.Бегун мог получить скрытую травму,которая а дальнейшем может помешать ему в карьере.Такое ощущение,что ребенок мог целенаправленно помешать этому спортсмену быть лидером забега.
Елена Перловна
Да и вдобавок ещё претендовать на возмещение за последствия травмы
K.A. Brown
K.A. Brown Hace 15 días
What teenager?
•ツNull | Unknownツ⁠•
A-train got a speed boost at that kid
somethings in the way
Bro 2nd place bcs if that kid.
KilleRedX Hace 4 meses
Kid has the natural born talent to be a deer
Daniel Hace 3 meses
VENOM Hace 3 meses
ON GOD 😭😭😭
Gears_R15 Hace 3 meses
Fr Fr
Rickey Edwards
Rickey Edwards Hace 3 meses
Yes 😂
Ms ch
Ms ch Hace 3 meses
alarm Hace un mes
He learned pretty "fast"
Jun Hwang
Jun Hwang Hace un mes
아이가 큰 교훈을 얻었을겁니다~
me Hace 22 días
Just for the English speakers he/she said, the kid will learn a big lesson.
Ezekiel Rohde
Ezekiel Rohde Hace 4 meses
Pro tip people, raise your kids to NOT be idiots Edit: Can we just appreciate that this was a completely normal comment with very little to talk about, yet it has thousands of likes 🤨 y'all gotta get your priorities straight lol
Pedro Ochoa
Pedro Ochoa Hace 4 meses
They just kids thoe
Someone Hace 4 meses
Exactly or they get the natural consequences.
707josh Hace 4 meses
@Pedro Ochoa he saw them coming and ran right in front brother like he times it
Vinh Nguyen
Vinh Nguyen Hace un mes
Amazing. Another angle of the "train" wreck. 😂
jae han kwon
jae han kwon Hace un mes
I hope it was an opportunity for both children and parents to learn.😢
SpookySucculents Hace un mes
A lot of people are saying "I hope the runner is OK" I have come with news: He's doing really well and ended up winning 2nd place. If the kid hadn't gotten in the way the guy would have won the race. As for the kid, he suffered a fractured neck and spent a week in the hospital.
Mar Negro
Mar Negro Hace 28 días
Playfulpanthress Hace 24 días
Wow. I'm sorry for the kid, but I'm actually angry because he cost that runner the race.
Jrad2bad Hace 28 días
Kid learned a life lesson that day
AC Hace 4 meses
Maybe they should've put their crotch goblin on a leash
Bri Perry
Bri Perry Hace 4 meses
mreido Hace 4 meses
Ima robbing that 😂😂😂
Tesla Official
Tesla Official Hace 4 meses
Crotch goblin is crazy😂
Andre Gillison
Andre Gillison Hace 4 meses
TimWiTDaZa Hace 4 meses
Наталья Плаксенко
Несколько раз пересмотрела ролик с разных ракурсов,и хорошо видно, что ребенок специально побежал наперерез спортсмену
blaqmarc Hace un mes
Do not apologize at all sir you were doing what you signed up for and worked hard for and that prize is worth more than some dumb kid getting trampled. The parents should never been on the field with their kids, just the coaches, refs, sponsors, timekeeper, flagger, medics, and sports media.
Javier M Stiven
Javier M Stiven Hace 3 meses
This is for parents to learn how to take care of their children...
Zero Ounce
Zero Ounce Hace 3 meses
A lot of parents shouldn’t be parents. They do not deserve kids.
Jhuanda 1307
Jhuanda 1307 Hace 3 meses
It looks like it was a school trip. There are a bunch of students if you look closely.
Alice Hace 3 meses
And for the child as well.
Robert Hace 3 meses
Cant stop the A train baby
kim d
kim d Hace 27 días
Reason why parents should watch their children..
Sunshine Daydream
Sunshine Daydream Hace 25 días
I hope both the runner and the child are ok. I just wonder where his guardian was???
LASHK001 Hace 4 meses
I've now seen this from every angle. 🤣
ALLBLINE Hace 4 meses
HoldenRL Hace 4 meses
Jupiter Hace 4 meses
sixtystrawberries Hace 4 meses
Shalyn 9613
Shalyn 9613 Hace 4 meses
あくあぱんだ Hace un mes
The Scruff
The Scruff Hace 10 días
"Life is hard; it's even harder when you're stupid." John Wayne. This John Wayne phrase fits this kid to a T
Typhon Hace 3 meses
Parents should teach their kids not run in front of anything on the road.
Abul kalam Azad
Abul kalam Azad Hace 3 meses
Specially A-train..
北島六郎 Hace 3 meses
Khairul Azizan
Khairul Azizan Hace 3 meses
Yes not atlet fault.
Maria del Carmen Caballero
Alguien sabe cómo está el nene,más allá que la culpa sea de los padres,no deja de ser un niño el accidentado😢
Oliva Valdez
Oliva Valdez Hace 3 meses
Ese es problema...donde estan sus padres ó el adulto que lo llevo a ese evento?!
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones Hace 12 días
People not paying attention to their kids,that kid will be ok 👍🏿
Silvano Castro
Silvano Castro Hace un mes
Espero q o velocista esteja bem e q o garoto não tenha atrapalhado sua vitória
John Goldberg
John Goldberg Hace 3 meses
*I think people take care of dogs better than their human children these days !*
Turnaround Hace 3 meses
Isabel Flores
Isabel Flores Hace 3 meses
indudablemente es cierto!!..aún así,los caminos a como se les acostumbré,obedecen más q los chamacos😎con eso de los derechos de los niños,ya no les puedes gritar,ni un chanclazo ni corregir.espeeando se encuentre bien el mocoso y al corredor le hayan dado el premio,se lo merece.
LA P Hace 3 meses
That’s because you don’t get yelled at and abused when you keep your dog safe on a leash.
Gillian Mackay
Gillian Mackay Hace 3 meses
"Human children" I'm puzzled is there another kind of children? Human children are children this is understood worldwide I'm pretty sure ...?
ru so
ru so Hace 3 meses
OtakuPandu Hace 28 días
Hope the runners fine
Playfulpanthress Hace 24 días
One of the posters said he was, but he would have won if not for the kid. Got second instead.
Василий Михайлов
У мелкого папа проигрывал, решил как-то помочь 😅
Robin Cornelius
Robin Cornelius Hace 3 meses
Ban ALL children and that child's parents, specifically, from the field ... PERMANENTLY!!!
Just Nickey
Just Nickey Hace 3 meses
Exactly!!!! That's what I wanna know!!! Where was his mother!!! That's why kids should NOT be on the field!!!!!! Hell they ain't coaching nobody!!!!!!😠
MR.Deir-17 Hace 3 meses
the girl is busy with the camera 👏👏
Springtime101 Hace 3 meses
ZeneX Polarium
ZeneX Polarium Hace 3 meses
Why? I Wanna see more like this😂 hope the one who vid this got the parents reaction. 😂 itll be much more funnier to be sure.
Robin Cornelius
Robin Cornelius Hace 3 meses
@ZeneX Polarium, I'm trying very hard not to laugh. You are not helping me. I generally don't laugh at someone else's mishaps (In a whispered voice: ...but you might be right. Don't say I said. 😉)
Saiful Bahari Alang Raus
Now that boy had learned a lesson ......
Наталья Петрович
Пацан должен благодарить Бога, что это спортсмен, а не автомобиль.
Mari carmen Alejandre
Sois inhumanos, tratar así un niño, con vuestras palabras. Cuando, había que culpar a los organizadores del evento, por no tener la suficiente seguridad, para que nadie pase. Cero empatia a la infancia, incluso de los deportistas, sobre todo el que le paso por encima. Porque es más importante ganar la competición, que la vida del niño. Me gustaría tener en frente a los que hacen comentarios, tan desagradables, contra el niño, sin importarle, la vida de ese niño y miran por el pobre atleta, que pudo perder, por el incidente. Que mierda de humanidad tenemos
pandora ryl
pandora ryl Hace 3 meses
​@Mari carmen Alejandre el niño se cruzo de improvisto además si uno va a mucha velocidad cuesta parar en seco y hay mucha gente para atender al niño, no fue nada grave y podían seguir con la actividad. A lo mucho el susto del niño que le dejara un aprendizaje de los errores y accidentes, el niño aprenderá.
Мария Зырянова
​@Mari carmen Alejandre это вина родителей что не объяснили ребенку опасность и последствия своих действий.
Mari carmen Alejandre
@pandora ryl eso es lo mucho que os preocupan las,os niñas,os. A mi no se me hubiera ocurrido dejar tirado,a a ningún,a niño,a, por mucha prisa que tuviera y menos si fue por mi culpa o tuve que ver yo en la caída. Una competición no es nada en comparación a lo que vale cualquier niña,o. Os falta empatia y calidez humana, por lo que veo en la mayoría de vosotros y lo peor de todo, que vais de hipócritas, poniendo escusas, que ni vosotros mismos creéis. Ya mejor no contesteis, no os merece la pena, porque yo voy a ser indiferente a lo que pongais. Se que van a ser estupideces, que no me afectan y ya he dicho lo que tenía que decir
Mari carmen Alejandre
No me lo puedo creer, cuanta gente con odio hacia la infancia. Así esta el mundo, con tanto,a H... P...
Taden Ackerman
Taden Ackerman Hace 11 días
Me trying to stop my dad from getting the milk:
Msb Mri
Msb Mri Hace 3 meses
That kid got a lifelong lesson
НатаЛи Лия
НатаЛи Лия Hace 3 meses
А он жив?
Nina Ku4eryava
Nina Ku4eryava Hace 3 meses
Лучше бы его родители , в свое время! Почему ребенок отвечает за глупость взрослых оленей?!
Blanca Garcia
Blanca Garcia Hace 3 meses
Que pena al fin y al cabo es un niño.
Olga Prekracnaya
Olga Prekracnaya Hace 3 meses
​@Nina Ku4eryava чем они олени, что его за руку не держали, так в таком возрасте как у него голова уже должна работать, сто можно делать, а что нет и вообще не удивлюсь, что он специально ломанулся, чтобы сбить скорость бегуна, такой вариант тоже имеет право быть
George Spalding
George Spalding Hace 10 días
This teaches that kid a lesson that it's always best to look both ways before you cross the road.
MyPhilosophy Hace 4 meses
I see some people blaming the kid, personally I would blame the parents
Jack Let’s
Jack Let’s Hace 4 meses
Yes, it’s the parents fault that their kid turned out to be a moron
EMImM2 Hace 4 meses
Or the person telling him to move
Marvelous1 Hace 4 meses
​@Jack Let’s 😂😂😂 you a cold piece
Harvey Rabbit
Harvey Rabbit Hace 25 días
That kid got exactly what he deserved I bet you you won't do that again
Tom Cat
Tom Cat Hace un mes
He was actually skillful enough to be able to narrowly dodge the kid, imagine if A Train ran into him at full body, he'd be dead like robin lol.
Playfulpanthress Hace 24 días
He did avoid the kid. But then the kid stupidly jumped into his path.
lvn Rv
lvn Rv Hace 3 meses
Y dónde estaban los padres que no se responsabilizan de sus hijos???
Frida И
Frida И Hace 3 meses
Их только нужно наказать знали куда идут
НатаЛи Лия
НатаЛи Лия Hace 3 meses
Ювеналку в студию!!
Zandra Castelli
Zandra Castelli Hace 3 meses
Efctivamwnte .......donde estaban ?
Olga Prekracnaya
Olga Prekracnaya Hace 3 meses
Ну мальчику так то не 5 лет, должен головой соображать, что делает, идут соревнования, бегут бегуны и он ломится перед ними, такого идиота и за руку держи, рвётся и побежит, когда мозгов нет, то ничего не поможет
Stuff’n’ Stuff
Stuff’n’ Stuff Hace 29 días
The perfect abortion campaign doesn’t exi-
Winston Hace 25 días
Какие родители такой и ребенок. " Яблоня от яблони не далеко падает" " от асинки не родятся апельсинки"
Amit Koyande
Amit Koyande Hace 3 meses
How can parents be so irresponsible.
Francisca Rivera
Francisca Rivera Hace 3 meses
Black Kitns
Black Kitns Hace 3 meses
Because they are american
Ezekiel Rohde
Ezekiel Rohde Hace 3 meses
@Black Kitns hahaha so true (I say as an American)
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez Hace 3 meses
Da coraje ver esto por la irresponsBilidad dd los padres ,el chico se ve ya grandecito que ni un consejo les dan a los hijos para comportarse a donde los llevan? No pases a las pistas no te separes de nosotros,mantente quieto ,no des lata etc.🙄🙄 ahora vienen los lamentos!
Amit Koyande
Amit Koyande Hace 3 meses
@Maria Lopez Maria Maria I don't understand un dos tres. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Ramon Pastor
Ramon Pastor Hace un mes
Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! My Lord JESUS…
Dahli Abdul Salim
Dahli Abdul Salim Hace 4 meses
Hope the runner is ok.
atomak47 Hace 3 meses
He isn't he lost first place because of that kid
Revenant Hace 3 meses
The German fool
The German fool Hace 3 meses
​@atomak47 >gives kid the beating his father never gave him.
Lala Deity
Lala Deity Hace 3 meses
​@The German foolagreed
Andréa S.
Andréa S. Hace 14 días
That's the most accurate video title ever.
rinsedpie Hace 29 días
Brain damaged boy or traumatized boy will now sweats and palpitate whenever he sees a running track 😂
Davies .90 years ago
Can't stop the A-train baby😅
SummerYTTRBX23 Hace 4 meses
90 years ago?? What the
Stars Hace 4 meses
Please tell me your joking and can see that it was 8/9 days ago
Crabby Red
Crabby Red Hace 4 meses
@Stars I’m seeing 90 yrs brotha, gotta refresh the app
Stars Hace 4 meses
@Crabby Red no it's 100 years
Seian aidan Santos
Seian aidan Santos Hace 4 meses
​@Stars no brotha its 10 days the 90 years is her name
the girls : 😨 the boys : 💀
Marston Clarke
Marston Clarke Hace 24 días
Nobody but the parents are to blame for this incident 🤦‍♂️
A P Hace 3 meses
Los Únicos Culpables Son Los Padres...
Edher760 Hace 3 meses
Si son ellos talvez estaban en otra cosa y el niño tal vez fue curioso y se lanzó yo creo esa es mi teoría
Jupiter Cyclops
Jupiter Cyclops Hace 3 meses
They should only allow runners, coaches., & trainers on the infield so the officials have some responsibility
Nadejda Braguta
Nadejda Braguta Hace 3 meses
Adlet Akhmetov
Adlet Akhmetov Hace 3 meses
Iori Yagami
Iori Yagami Hace 3 meses
Yes yes welcome to los pollos hermanos located in los santos new Mexico
Mario Moss
Mario Moss Hace 26 días
Its impossible to cease the motion of the subject named A-Train 🧍🏿🏃🏿‍♂️
Tess Deleon
Tess Deleon Hace 7 días
The kid learned his lesson in a hard way...
Shelley Gaither
Shelley Gaither Hace 3 meses
This is why spectators with small kids either stay in the stands or put the kid on a leash because little ones move so fast and unexpectedly.
Jupiter Cyclops
Jupiter Cyclops Hace 3 meses
CORRECT! All spectators should be I. The stands. Look how empty the stands are! They're all on the infield!
Галина Воробьева
Этот не малыш, а взрослый ребёнок.
Лара Польна
Это уже не малыш, а ребенок младшего школьного возраста и он должен понимать, где находится и как себя надо там вести.
Debra Snow
Debra Snow Hace 3 meses
Exactly keep those kids of the track unbelievable
Luis Juanjo
Luis Juanjo Hace un mes
It seems that natural selection begins when we are little.😂
Sheepman Hace un mes
The lady couldn’t resist the loot
Cecille Bella
Cecille Bella Hace 3 meses
Parents eyes are on the runners but forgotten they have a kid to take care of.
Comet Hace 15 días
The runner even moved into another lane to avoid him but the child still ran into him anyway, certified deer
Hùng Trần
Hùng Trần Hace un mes
Kid really wanted to settle for a free trip to a hospital
KaleM 514
KaleM 514 Hace 3 meses
I’m sorry but where were his parents ?!?! That kid cost that guy 1st place.
Rose Star
Rose Star Hace 3 meses
Exactly. He ought to sue the parents
Iammeyousee Hace 3 meses
How did he even get past the first lane without being snatched back?!
Jupiter Cyclops
Jupiter Cyclops Hace 3 meses
​@Iammeyousee He shouldn't have been on the infield to start with. Only runners, coaches, & the like should be allowed.
Rana Cjp
Rana Cjp Hace 3 meses
But is the child ok though… after the race is over he may be upset he hurt the boy… right?
Rose Star
Rose Star Hace 3 meses
@Rana Cjp I'm sure he is.
Erica Hartmann
Erica Hartmann Hace 27 días
Spectators show bad manners everywhere, and children are rarely taught on obedience and good behaviour... Sad!
ᛞᚨᚱᛱ᛫ ᛈᛳᚱᛊᛳᛖᚱ᛫
Kids run in front of cars in streets, and it ends terrible. That’s why there are school zone signs and children at play so drivers can slow down and react in time. It may be the kids fault but they don’t know better or “deserve it”. Kids will just do anything stupid like eating small hard objects and getting messy. They don’t deserve the pain.
JK47 Hace 3 meses
That little boy will forever hold someone’s hand when crossing anything 😂😂😂
marymary Hace 3 meses
Que comentario inmaduro.
Financial Group
Financial Group Hace 3 meses
Y dónde está lo gracioso de lo que pasó? es un niño y la culpa será de sus padres por no estar pendiente de él
JK47 Hace 3 meses
@marymary no it’s not 😂, he should’ve known better then running across at the very moment the train came though 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🏃🏻‍♂️🚅🤣
Elena cl
Elena cl Hace 3 meses
​@marymary es otro punto de vista.
Betty Moreno
Betty Moreno Hace 3 meses
Y los padres por que no los cuidan
Shanna B.
Shanna B. Hace 16 días
Never let your child run out in nobody way whether it's a car coming or a person running because they will be hurt or killed.
Ruthann Jones
Ruthann Jones Hace 25 días
I bet dad was the one screaming. 😂
Alejandro Montes de oca Maldonado
i love happy endings. just hope the runner is ok
S.C.P- Foundation
S.C.P- Foundation Hace 3 meses
It doesn't look like it here but from different angles you can tell that he actually lost a lot of speed from the child and his stupid guardian. The poor man got 2nd place because of this.
Invader Bill
Invader Bill Hace 3 meses
@S.C.P- Foundationyup🤧
疤面煞星 Hace un mes
この動画を何度も拝見していますが 興奮した男の子がまさかの行動😮側に保護者はいなかったんでしょうか?ランナーも子供も無事でありますように🙏
生野充 Hace 9 días
Maud Creve-Coeur
Maud Creve-Coeur Hace 3 meses
I am glad the runner was able to continue his run.
M Register
M Register Hace 3 meses
From what I understand, the runner was in 1st place until this happened.
Tami Pierce
Tami Pierce Hace 3 meses
​@M Registeryep but ended up placing in 2nd...
маша иванова
​@Tami Pierce видимо,свыше послали этого придурка вам на дорожку❤ уверена,больше такого не повторится и вы будете всегда первым!!!😊❤
lori Emmert
lori Emmert Hace 3 meses
But he lost first place.
なかむら Hace un mes
If the runner had been a real A train, the kid would have been left with nothing but arms.
好快樂 Hace un mes
希望沒事 家長不知道在忙什麼而不管兒童?!😢😢
Tresa Webb
Tresa Webb Hace 4 meses
It wasn't the runners fault...he was running full speed and tried to redirect twice with the split second he had...he moved to the next lane then tried to jump a little....The question is, WHERE ARE THE FREAKING PARENTS???
Charlotte William
Charlotte William Hace 4 meses
You can’t stop a-train💀
tazaman2009 Hace 4 meses
The parents were watching the race like everybody else..... The child is fine no harm no foul but a lesson he won't forget. 🤔
Jonah Hace 4 meses
He lost too
Lucianohlego Hace 4 meses
@Just some random guy sadly in the end he lost his position by 0.6 seconds and was 2nd place due to the incident
Dal Iggy
Dal Iggy Hace 4 meses
​@tazaman2009 oh that justifies it 🤓. As long as the parents are busy anything that happens is fine lmao 😂
nunOCristero7 Hace un mes
El niño no tiene la culpa sino los padres irresponsables que no cuidan a su niño , peor aún en una pista atlética que es como una autopista de autos. Allí hay ciertas reglas que deben respetar.
Aunt Bee
Aunt Bee Hace 13 días
Parents, watch your children.
Souphead Hace 4 meses
"Ain't no kid stopping me from getting a scholarship" 🗣️🔥
Trollerjak the Trolling God-Emperor of Trolls
He proceeded to lose the race by a quarter of a second.
Hace 3 meses
​@Trollerjak the Trolling God-Emperor of Trolls HE LOSE ?
Татьяна Фёдорова
Они там очень жестокие! Азарт важнее, чем безопасность ребёнка, ужас! Да, родители должны были удержать мальчика, видя приближающихся бегунов и намерение ребёнка перебежать беговые дорожки. Нормальная мать знает своё дитя. Но я бы лучше проиграла, но свернула бы с траектории бега, чем сбивать с такой силой человека, тем более пацана. А родители - полнейшие идиоты! С какими навыками выпускают в жизнь ребёнка?!
Mrgroosum ThaSandman
Mrgroosum ThaSandman Hace 29 días
Bru! they got multiple Angles of this!!!!🤣
Ronell Allred
Ronell Allred Hace 3 meses
Parents of the Year Award right there
sonia m lee
sonia m lee Hace 3 meses
The prize 🏆 for raising a kid who gets in the way of a runner....here's a prize for the parents who didn't watch their kid during a race and made the runner get 2nd place. A ribbon that says dummy.
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia Hace un mes
Quisiera saber donde estaban los responsables del niño
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo Hace 23 días
Bien hecho niño maleducado
germany Hace un mes
Kids always find a way to rage quit life
Arif Igo
Arif Igo Hace 4 meses
For those who's wondering. That guy finished as number 2, feel bad for him, must be so upset.
Kahtan Al Obaidi
Kahtan Al Obaidi Hace 4 meses
At least he can watch the video of the kid being hit over and over again
Danny Bosso
Danny Bosso Hace 4 meses
But it lowkey looked like he was in first and stayed it first
Mozzarella Hace 4 meses
​@Danny Bossohe probably lost almost all his momentum and rythm
Danny Bosso
Danny Bosso Hace 4 meses
@Mozzarella true
[CCC]RouH Hace 3 meses
​@Danny Bosso you can see that he lost all the speed after hitting the child
Mr_Afton-1212 Hace un mes
The fact that A-Train came in second by a bit all because of that child
Aytch Hace un mes
I would've asked for a rematch, as it wasn't fair that some idiotic kid ran into the tracks, and it also wasn't fair for some irresponsible parents to let their child gone rogue at the athletic tracks.
Juan jose Rios
Juan jose Rios Hace 19 días
Independientemente que el atleta se lesionara o perdiera el evento,la integridad del niño está primero. Pudo haber muerto,y TODA la culpa es de los padres.
JoAnna Rentschler
JoAnna Rentschler Hace 3 meses
This is why children and family members should stay in the stands and not in the center of the track.
Susan Brown
Susan Brown Hace 2 meses
Or just watch your children
いちやす Hace un mes
これは親が悪い! こういう場での行動をちゃんと教えていないからこうなる。 親への教訓 「後悔先に立たず」 を送ります。
Entropy’s Multiverse
Sitting there like “I can’t stop I can’t stop I can’t stop” 😂😂😂 so messed up
SupaSoldier Hace 4 meses
The runner changed lanes and the kid followed him to get hit. His parents taught him reverse survival instincts😂
NebulaETX Hace 4 meses
xeereal, Hace 3 meses
Wasantha Morawaka
Wasantha Morawaka Hace 3 meses
Helping the natural selection
grifr671 Hace 14 días
Parents be more responsible! Don't blame the kid or the runner.
siX Hace un mes
JhitsFanFromPH Hace 4 meses
Very inspirational.... don't stop for anything when you know you are on the right path.
T.R.U.T.H. Hace 3 meses
I'm seeing a sermon here 😆 🤣 🙌☝️
lover of Angels of mercy
exactly 💯
Mr.Martin Hace 3 meses
Helluva comment.
LICHT. inc
LICHT. inc Hace 3 meses
Blanc Hace 3 meses
What a wise words
Willian Agostinho
Willian Agostinho Hace un mes
In my mind it was like: WHATSUPPPP!!!!!
Ryan Rutenbar
Ryan Rutenbar Hace 8 días
Like a deer running into traffic looking you dead in the eyes as they do it