Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

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Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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9 ene 2019

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Comentarios 3 146
gillian owens
gillian owens Hace un hora
Never stop learning
Sara Oswald
Sara Oswald Hace 3 horas
Can you do an episode with Americans vs foreigners. The foreigners should be from Canada, Australia, and Norway. The Americans need to be from different states so as to receive a different perspective. The questions could be based around healthcare, military spending, education, politics, climate change ECT.... This would be interesting.
ALicia c
ALicia c Hace 3 horas
I wish my parents were open enough to even have talks like this with me.
Rowan Moorhead
Rowan Moorhead Hace 6 horas
The Australian girl鈥檚 mom is great鈾ワ笍
why3ij Hace 7 horas
No offense but Mateo鈥檚 mom could get it
Maria Ysart
Maria Ysart Hace 10 horas
God these parents are so unnecessarily strict
a nostalgic babe , here I go again
"Im Elizabeth im 39+1." awe
Hey O
Hey O Hace 11 horas
鈥淚鈥檓 39 + 1鈥... so you鈥檙e 40? Just say you鈥檙e 40. Saying 鈥39+1鈥 it鈥檚 not gonna make you any younger
Alyssa wants to go home
I'm sorry but is Ms. Fanny from One day at a time
Kayley Hace 12 horas
ofc the teens are gonna act different with there real parents
Emily Harfst
Emily Harfst Hace 12 horas
Okay but Fanny reminds me of the mom from One Day at a Time
Raphael Grenier
Raphael Grenier Hace 13 horas
oh yeah yeah
Rylie R
Rylie R Hace 14 horas
are we not gonna talk about how pretty fanny (mateo鈥檚 mom) is??
Alyssa Hace 17 horas
Can we get a re-do of this just unrelated teens and parents. I think teens maybe more outspoken without their parents being there...
Janae Shackelford
Janae Shackelford Hace 18 horas
Hate the assumption 鈥測ounger people think they know everything鈥 ummm I鈥檝e neverrrr thought that馃槀
Leigha Gippo
Leigha Gippo Hace 20 horas
taylor is so pretty
slim brown
slim brown Hace 20 horas
Ima need some more damaged people to start part taking in these videos how come in every video everybody parents are so mature and understanding '
Maac茫deli莽 Hace 20 horas
That bald dude basically just said he regretted having kids lol, tried to cover it up but-
Yee Lee
Yee Lee Hace 21 un hora
Your child is gay btw
MaximumVolume1000 Hace 22 horas
This was pretty much just parents talking to their own child, I wish it was more advice giving
Hannah Dockerty
Hannah Dockerty Hace 23 horas
Hi I'm jackson, I'm 11 and I'm a 2 time gold medallist in blindfolded acrobatics
el Hace un d铆a
mental illness comes from a lack of innocence?? no, kids just dont suppress themselves as much as they used to
Huss Puss
Huss Puss Hace un d铆a
Shia vs Sunni
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Hace un d铆a
Interesting to see Mateo hug Elizabeth, but Taylor handshake Jeremiah
Matthew Cook
Matthew Cook Hace un d铆a
the dad looks like a blad Elon Musk
Shake that beauty blog
This is the only middle ground so far i dont like. Its not raw enough.
Ariel Hatten
Ariel Hatten Hace un d铆a
I actually found this very endearing!
zack jones
zack jones Hace un d铆a
People who support/don't support the border wall.
Tessa Berner
Tessa Berner Hace un d铆a
The answer is simply no.
boop the sad sheep x
boop the sad sheep x Hace un d铆a
Witchcraft and Christians
Nyxx Hace un d铆a
I wanted sex talks
Belen C.L
Belen C.L Hace un d铆a
Is anyone else worried about the skinny girl cuz she said that "I could control what I ate, what I wore" after the divorce. Screams eating disorder to me. I know I can't diagnose but I've been down that hole and I hope I'm wrong.
Mizzy Almeria
Mizzy Almeria Hace un d铆a
Vaxxers vs Anti Vaxxers
Dana Ascolesi
Dana Ascolesi Hace un d铆a
I think this video would have been a lot better if you brought in kids that everyone could relate too, and parents that weren't related to them. These kids are literally "prodigy" kids. Most teenagers aren't like this. They're all goody two shoes. Also, since the parents are related to the kid, the answers are more censored. It would be better if this was done with strangers, and more relatable teenagers. I was excited to watch this but I was disappointed by the outcome
Emily Von Dohre
Emily Von Dohre Hace un d铆a
Anxiety and depression isn鈥檛 up because of lack of innocence
Emily Von Dohre
Emily Von Dohre Hace un d铆a
I鈥檓 39+1 馃槀馃槀
Jonas Haugen
Jonas Haugen Hace un d铆a
American parents seem so over protective
yuehh tewbb
yuehh tewbb Hace un d铆a
No. They need an overpaid jewish interpreter to tell them what they're thinking and what to do. Good golems.
s.e.d. Hace un d铆a
taylor looks like billie kinda
MAL Hace un d铆a
I wish they had for The parents: the irresponsible parent, the child's wannabe best friend and The strict parent for The kids: The rebel, the goodie tooshoe, and the sheltered kid
Joceline Robert
Joceline Robert Hace un d铆a
Choked on my chicken馃檲馃槀 0:35 gosh I鈥檓 so immature 馃槀馃槀
SAD GIRL Hace un d铆a
This video sucked lack of diversity and tension if I were there I鈥檇 be crying telling my mom how she raised and emotionally unstable person mentally ill oof I鈥檓 fucked up and it all had to do with how I was raised MENTAL HEALTH NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT PEOPLE ESPECIALLY PARENTS NEED TO BE MORE INFORMED
Evie K
Evie K Hace un d铆a
鈥淲e have hugs all the time, I live with you鈥 mood
ofe Hace un d铆a
Oh yeah yeah
Marianne Morales
Marianne Morales Hace un d铆a
I feel like The blonde teenager kinda looks like Billie elish
aboriginalman Hace 2 d铆as
Hellooo Fanny馃槈
Her name is fanny, that鈥檚 tough
Reda I.
Reda I. Hace 2 d铆as
Kind of off topic, but you should get Russians and Ukranians to talk about the current conflict in Ukraine, especially Odessa. I see that a lot of people from the "western" part of the world, which I assume are your main viewers, are not aware of the intensity of the conflict and what it means to the people on both sides.
Jake W
Jake W Hace 2 d铆as
Hi im trey and I have a basketball game tomorrow
lee lee g
lee lee g Hace 2 d铆as
that bald headed dude is annoying
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