Can These Chefs Turn This Yeti Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

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Tasty chefs Rie and Alvin compete to turn TJ’s yeti drawing into real world desserts. Who will make the most abominable treat?
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17 nov 2019






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Comentarios 3 158
bandit103 gd
bandit103 gd Hace 37 minutos
4:12 Rie might have just given a mini spoiler on what she's gonna make fancy next
S heart
S heart Hace 2 horas
Awww I love this kid so much. He was super polite, kind and sweet. He didn't criticize anything and he lied to make Alvin feel better. He said "Its fine.. I guess! :D" He also said sorry to Alvin when he was hugging Rie after he chose Rie's dish!! 18:33 He is probably the only kid that said good job at the end to the person that lost. HE SHOULD BE IN ANOTHER EPISODE! Like if u agree or comment cause I just was them to consider putting him back in another episode!
Kidedaion Symoti
Kidedaion Symoti Hace 3 horas
"I think it's brocoli". And that is the power of the believing.
ZaPanget Hace 4 horas
This kid is so kind and very sweet🙂I like him ❤
Jamie Alexander
Jamie Alexander Hace 5 horas
They all look the same . Perfect family
Lieza Nierva
Lieza Nierva Hace 5 horas
Rie you are the best TAsty chef...
Alice Campbell
Alice Campbell Hace 6 horas
13:54 “rocks in the wild” 😂
Erin Z
Erin Z Hace 8 horas
*Alvin constantly panicking*
Lele The Unicorn
Lele The Unicorn Hace 14 horas
Darling Tchamako
Darling Tchamako Hace 15 horas
if you like to make it fancy like my comment
Midnight Galaxy Star
Midnight Galaxy Star Hace 17 horas
Tasty can I go on I draw you cook show?
Maria DeRoche
Maria DeRoche Hace 17 horas
Literally my two favorite people at Tasty in one video
i took doms yorkshire tea bags
it’s simple. we see rie. *we click*
Joelle Kurus
Joelle Kurus Hace 17 horas
When the two best people on Tasty go against each other
The Random Box OwO
The Random Box OwO Hace 18 horas
That bone drawing looks “ I N T R E S T I N G “
We stan crackheads
We stan crackheads Hace 20 horas
Finally a normal kid and not a cringy 5yr ld with gordon ramsay standards tha likes to eats diamonds with melted gold on top
Vydta Hace un día
Rie having another win and be like "where was I last time?"
Insane Teacup
Insane Teacup Hace un día
Am I the only one who wanted Alvin to win?
Miby Maybe
Miby Maybe Hace un día
Everyone else: okay rie today’s video is making a kids drawing into food Rie: sure but my way Also rie: make it fancy 4:12
Breeana Vang
Breeana Vang Hace un día
Elliana Richard
Elliana Richard Hace un día
I ship the chefs they would make a good couple
W41K3R#20969 Hace un día
Hum, rie and alvin? HUM YEAH, YES PLEASE
Niki Adomene
Niki Adomene Hace un día
Its made of OILS !!!!!
Niki Adomene
Niki Adomene Hace un día
Why didn’t i thing of that IM ASIAN TOOOO
Samantha Louise
Samantha Louise Hace un día
I love how Rie plugged “Make it Fancy” smoOthly
Tori Nicole's Life
Tori Nicole's Life Hace un día
Am I the only one that thinks that Rie’s rocks look more like something you’d pick up on a walk with your dog 😂
Chloe Bun
Chloe Bun Hace 2 días
I want that Yeti Plushie
Nabeeha Saeed
Nabeeha Saeed Hace 2 días
I love this child. I mean if my 10 year old self was judging these , my whiny ass would have destroyed them
Agus Prasetyo
Agus Prasetyo Hace 2 días
it's look like mom and dad wacth their child eating food.what a happy family 😂
Elia Guzman
Elia Guzman Hace 2 días
Love watching these! Rie is my favorite chef!🙌🏻
MrPeach 0117
MrPeach 0117 Hace 2 días
huh some drawing of a wolf bone hmmm
Life as Ava Fan Edits
I can’t believe not one of them used shredded coconut for the yeti hair on top of the plate Later realized: oh it’s supposed to be brown
mia verhagen
mia verhagen Hace 2 días
This kid is cool
gacha potatoes
gacha potatoes Hace 2 días
The boy is so sweet
Taste The Rainbow
Taste The Rainbow Hace 2 días
My two favorite text to accomplish together ♥️♥️ that's my type
Multi Fandom Fangirl
Omggg, I ship Alvin and Rie soo much 😭😍 I mean.. Look at them competing but still compliment each other and help each other out at the same time.. It's just soo lovely to see people like them do that 😍💖 And that kid.. He also got an amazing personality just like Alvin and Rie ☺️💕 Tbh, he could be Alvin and Rie's child. Kidding aside, his parents really do raise him well 🙂❤️
Zaitoon Zahoor
Zaitoon Zahoor Hace 2 días
This is the best episode I enjoyed it a lot. I like the the kid so much, such a sweet heart he is. And both chiefs are the best. 👍
Tony Miller
Tony Miller Hace 3 días
I feel like my dad would get along with the people baking cause he's a great cook
Almaas Rasheed
Almaas Rasheed Hace 3 días
Both of my favourite people on Tasty
Alissa and emmeline in Switzerland
0:47 ooooooooohhh yes a *BONE*
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