Can This Chef Make Flamin' Hot Cheetos Fancy? • Tasty

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Rie is challenged to make Flamin' Hot Cheetos Fancy!
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27 mar 2020






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Comentarios 80
TrentonReptiles Hace 6 horas
She makes me happy....period
João Pedro Teles
João Pedro Teles Hace 8 horas
bro they need to nerf hot cheetos
Monette Chang
Monette Chang Hace 8 horas
bro im at 1:21 and i suspect fried chicken with FHC as the breading- maybe im just weird tho-
Eesha Khan
Eesha Khan Hace 8 horas
Is the guy on the right from buzzfeed?😱
jazzy Hace 9 horas
me eating a party size of Cheetos 👁👄👁
Natalie Padilla
Natalie Padilla Hace 11 horas
Now my mouth is watering cuz I want hot Cheetos
gabriela majjul
gabriela majjul Hace 11 horas
She should of made fried spicy chicken wings
Zero Sum
Zero Sum Hace 14 horas
Faking ridiculous.
Anas Elfatih Mohammed
Anas Elfatih Mohammed Hace 23 horas
Who else thinks it was adorable when she inhaled the cayenne powder
geeta rai
geeta rai Hace un día
Heating honey is not well accepted by the human body. It does internal reactions within which is toxic for the body. Don’t know much but at least this I know and I’m pretty PRETTY confirmed that it’s right.
Ayleen Qian
Ayleen Qian Hace un día
:0 she didn't use alcohol
1000 Subs With No Videos
When she was doing the Ingredients all I Heard Was.... ...Powder ...Powder ...Powder ... Powder ... Powder ... Powder ... Powder ... Powder ... Powder Now that’s a lot of Powder.
Oxliie Roblox
Oxliie Roblox Hace un día
𝓜𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓲𝓽 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂~
Mimi #2
Mimi #2 Hace un día
this is what they serve you at 8/12
Selina Zhu
Selina Zhu Hace un día
Her: Anyone who says they don't like hot Cheetos is lying Rie: ...
Nadine Hace un día
imagine not eating the entire bag of cheetos after tasting it
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez Hace un día
Rie: chiking
Emmy Gull
Emmy Gull Hace un día
There are two types of people 8:53 .... I'm the one on left which one are you :P
Urwa Khalil
Urwa Khalil Hace un día
Dance with Simba
Dance with Simba Hace un día
Actually I am saying honestly that I like Cheetos but to me they are not even a bit of spicy but only not to me to all Bengali ,Indians even Pakistanis,to us they are not spicy😊
Candice Ng
Candice Ng Hace un día
sign me up to be one of the tasters
Yoshro Hace 2 días
Andrew and Rie: 👋😀👋😀 “Make it fancy!” Adam: 😐”...”
Boogie Man
Boogie Man Hace 2 días
when i saw the waffles i knew what she was making and i got so excited
Alnowar Al Mohannadi
if i was her i’ll do cheetos mozzarella sticks
Sunshine Hace 3 días
I love her ❤️
seal pacito
seal pacito Hace 3 días
if you want to make it fancy go to zach choi
Abigail Heissig
Abigail Heissig Hace 3 días
Why is no one talking about how this a rip off of Bon Appetite’s Gourmet Makes 🙃🙃🙃
TryinaD Hace un día
It’s different, if this was gourmet makes it would’ve been making hot cheetos from scratch.
Z H Hace un día
Because no one cares.
WWO_VERDAMIN Hace 3 días
So basically this should be called, “Making Cheetos flavored stuff”
Aiman Shahzad
Aiman Shahzad Hace 3 días
Likes this if your a human
amoona ibrahim
amoona ibrahim Hace 3 días
fav snack 😍cheetos😍 i wanna try Rie's food mhmmmmmm😋🤩
Wink wonk
Wink wonk Hace 3 días
I like hot cheetos but I have a low low spice tolerance, like the taco bell hot sauce is my ideal level of spice. So I always end up having to chug 4 cups of almond milk and a bunch of ice.
Saniya Lobo
Saniya Lobo Hace 3 días
Tbh I did not find flamin hot cheetos spicy at all!🙄 On the contrary it is pungent and sour...
Ebosetale Okordion
Ebosetale Okordion Hace 3 días
Me: *sees rie making getting fancy* aiit cool cool..... Rie: makes cheetos soggy Me: You MONSTER!! lol.... all jokes tho i love tasty
awkward avocado
awkward avocado Hace 3 días
~Sees chicken and waffles~ Andrew- it's definitely made of strawberry syrup
Hazuk.i Sonohara
Hazuk.i Sonohara Hace 4 días
She is really full of herself.
Delilah Perez
Delilah Perez Hace 4 días
this lady speaks better English than me, that's why I love Rie so much 💀
Edgar Edgar
Edgar Edgar Hace 4 días
the original are still good
Art takes Walls
Art takes Walls Hace 4 días
Who else is eating hot Cheetos while watching the video😂
maya_rk 13
maya_rk 13 Hace 4 días
I think she should’ve crushed up the hot Cheetos and used it as some sort of crust to make fish sticks or a breaded chicken or mozzarella sticks
Sof Corts
Sof Corts Hace 4 días
who got surprised and kinda weirded out when she started doing waffles with hot cheetos flavour but then also wanted to try this out lol ¿??
Eduardo Navarro
Eduardo Navarro Hace 4 días
When She Got Out The Cheetos And Opened the. bag of cheetos My mouth got full of Spit and i just paused its and went n the part when she opened the cheetos i was like this 👁 👁 👄
Solomon Jones
Solomon Jones Hace 4 días
9:26 Rie and Adam i think: Make it fancy Andrew i think: Kill me now
Ontine Nukbach
Ontine Nukbach Hace 5 días
Silly Fella
Silly Fella Hace 5 días
It’s not fancy..... Its perfection
suuthaanii 232
suuthaanii 232 Hace 5 días
i found this video in my recommendations, eating cheetos-
ben squad
ben squad Hace 5 días
Once I saw the chiken and spices I immediately knew rie was making fried chiken 🔥🌶🍗
IndonesianAviationFan 561
I've tried Flamin Hot Cheetos once, and as a guy with low spice tolerance, it is not even that spicy.
Okok Kooks
Okok Kooks Hace 6 días
zunxri Hace 6 días
Juliah Dohou
Juliah Dohou Hace 7 días
"making hot cheetos fancy" Me: there fancy to me If u like hot cheetos the way it is then like👍and comment 😋😝
Juliah Dohou
Juliah Dohou Hace 6 días
@zunxri okii okii smarty pants
zunxri Hace 6 días
Kelsi Joseph
Kelsi Joseph Hace 7 días
Rie: Honey is bees vomit! Me with extreme emetapohobia and also loves honey: 👁👄👁
Joselyn Herrera
Joselyn Herrera Hace 7 días
Me:eating hot cheetos This video:Can this chef make hot cheetos fancy Me:*looks at bag* Me:*looks at video* Me:ooooooooo Me thinking:I know how to make this fancy Me:lime!!!!!😂
higgsbosonseeker Hace 8 días
I wish I could eat ANYTHING that Rie makes, including from her channel. Everything always looks so amazing and delicious.
Cindy Wallace
Cindy Wallace Hace 9 días
Emilie Lee
Emilie Lee Hace 9 días
Every time i try to guess what she’ll make when she shows the ingredients she got and i got it right for the dumplings and this one yeahhh! Make it fancy.!
BrooklynnandBrantley Twinz
You should do Extra Pizza goldfish
Elli Yoot
Elli Yoot Hace 10 días
"I think you can't exactly put cheetos on everything" ASMRtists and Mukbangers: *hot cheetos onion rings, chicken and sushi*
wako YT
wako YT Hace 10 días
I AM eating flaming hot cheetos rn
Wigsnatched dd
Wigsnatched dd Hace 10 días
She should go to master chef 👩‍🍳
Strawberry shortcake Production
Rie saying chiken
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen Hace 11 días
It’s funny how they didn’t say takis I would of said takis
Bide Cui
Bide Cui Hace 11 días
Rie is a very confident lady
Equality Ego
Equality Ego Hace 11 días
How many waffles can you make from that batter Rie?
Noorie Husain-y
Noorie Husain-y Hace 12 días
My sister came in to see what I was watching and saw the honey and Cheetos. She immediately said “ewwww who mixes honey and Cheetos” and I said “It’s Rie. She knows what she is doing. TRUST THE QUEEN!”
gini Anagor
gini Anagor Hace 13 días
hot cheetos isnt spicy to me talkies is whta i love and little spicy and no im amercian citzan but thats not my race
gini Anagor
gini Anagor Hace 13 días
im african but born in amercia duhh
Kenadee, Ashley, Getzy
I wanna eat this. And then eat the rest of the hot Cheetos later.. because if she’s not gonna eat them I will.
Aira Chan
Aira Chan Hace 13 días
Her accent is the cutest thing
Tasnim ali
Tasnim ali Hace 13 días
They didnt try waffle didbdkfnr
AS MEMES Hace 13 días
I’m 5 minutes in the video and my guess is that she is making spicy chicken and waffles
AS MEMES Hace 13 días
Achieve Infinity
Achieve Infinity Hace 13 días
gasps... she didn't use alcohol 🙀
MV Mohile
MV Mohile Hace 13 días
You know what would be cool? Rie doing a full cooking video in Japanese
lil toys 21 love
lil toys 21 love Hace 14 días
This is ewwwww
Ayesha Asad
Ayesha Asad Hace 15 días
Who is watching while fasting and your mouth starts to water and want some sooo badly 😭....
Serene Barakat
Serene Barakat Hace 15 días
Rie: purred a whole honey bottle into a measuring cup then poured it into the pot Me: poured the honey from the bottle into the pot
Keana M.S.
Keana M.S. Hace 15 días
A white woman named the “fried chicken queen” 👀
-蝶Aarón蝶- Hace 15 días
Top comment
•k y a m o c h i•
•k y a m o c h i• Hace 15 días
Anyone else think that the girl on the thumbnail if she had silver hair would look like that one girl from the incredibles
Domenico Tranquilli
Domenico Tranquilli Hace 16 días
Ok but where is the alcohol
Aurora Berces
Aurora Berces Hace 16 días
hey where’s the alcohol
blessed 711
blessed 711 Hace 17 días
she is a genius!
Snowy Hace 17 días
"Why is spice associated with hell?" Because its hot, Rie. (Actual answer in case She's still wondering!!)
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