Can You Beat The Hardest Escape Room in Minecraft? 

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You've seen prison escapes all over ESvid, but this is the real deal, the hardest escape room ever made in Minecraft. (that's debatable lol but it's certainly up there) Do YOU have what it takes to make it through the complicated puzzles and mechanics and beat Minecraft's impossible escape room? Stick around to find out!
ESvidRS VS THIS ESCAPE ROOM: • ESvidrs VS Hardest E...
Thank you to @seawattgaming for being the main inspiration behind this series
➤➤ Twitter: WifiesWasTaken
➤➤ Discord: discord.gg/zAWUuWb
This is NOT a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a a series where I escape from the hardest escape rooms ever made!!!
Can You Beat The Hardest Escape Room in Minecraft


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11 feb 2022






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Wifies Hace un año
If you're confused about the ending, sorry that's probably my fault: Using the e-counter I noticed there was a random entity below the map. Using subtitles I was able to identify that that entity was actually a rabbit, and I know that you can actually use rabbits to make secret entrances by holding a carrot to make them jump So when I switched to a carrot the rabbit began jumping and triggered a tripwire that teleported me to the end (which you can see after I switch to creative) Hopefully that clears it up a bit and tyvm for watching :)
Tyclone Hace un año
i like your videos but please dont make a thousand escaping prison videos
Joe Chisman
Joe Chisman Hace un año
2nd I've been here since 10k subs lol, when you used to do your manhunt videos
Witold Kopaczewski
Witold Kopaczewski Hace un año
Oh yea that makes sense
Dennis Riggins
Dennis Riggins Hace un año
OPpenguin Hace un año
Can you please add a world download so i can try it?
Daily Dose Of Internet
Good job dude
Navaneeth Krishnan
Navaneeth Krishnan Hace un año
Wait what no way 😮 dude I love ur videos I am a massive fan !!! love from India ❤️
RenderTag Hace un año
2 likes only? 💀 here before “this blows up”
Wifies Hace un año
thank you my good sir
Navaneeth Krishnan
Navaneeth Krishnan Hace un año
@RenderTag I don’t think it will blow up anytime
Joseph C.
Joseph C. Hace un año
@Navaneeth Krishnan Muahahahaha even now still not. Looking through the comments though they are mostly triggering one liners "great vid, I subbed" so unsurprisingly not amny ppl bother to look
An Account
An Account Hace un año
I love these kinds of videos, it's cool that your biggest skills in Minecraft revolve around smarts and creativity.
dekokongus Hace un año
Am I only the normal comment in your comment?
Yukuze Hace un año
Yukuze Hace un año
@dekokongus i dunno
dekokongus Hace un año
@Yukuze yep we two are the normal ones
PhoenixTH Hace un año
This is easily much harder and more creative than the last escape room. There are mechanics in here that I knew but would have never thought of, and some that I didn't know at all. The first escape room was pretty hard but this one actually blows my mind. Nice job on beating it, holy crap.
Profile Name
Profile Name Hace un año
Reply to Comment by PhoenixTheHunter
Snicklefritz A.I.
Snicklefritz A.I. Hace 5 meses
@Profile Name bruh what
Joshua S.
Joshua S. Hace un año
These escape rooms using the most obscure mechanics are really cool.
Space Shots Pro
Space Shots Pro Hace un año
Mikesters4 Hace un año
Love the escape rooms! I gave up at the nether portal room because I was convinced I needed to wait for pigman portal spawns to craft a dozen gold blocks. I also like how you subtly addressed all the ways people beat your first escape room with the lectern, fire jump, and invulnerability relogging
Nathan Lewitzky
Nathan Lewitzky Hace un año
Where can I download the map?
Mikesters4 Hace un año
@Nathan Lewitzky there's a download link somewhere in his discord server
EliteG Hace un año
Next up: wifies escaped the VOID with NOTHING
no name
no name Hace un año
Fir- I mean hi Elite!!!!
Dillionfr Hace un año
Yoooo EliteG big fan dude
Raven_696 Hace un año
Yea lmao
Valtryke Arnav
Valtryke Arnav Hace un año
big fan elite
Yoshi Hace un año
Hi elite
 ShortHax Hace un año
Mythrodak: “Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!”
Odou Hace un año
@𝑴𝒖𝒔𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒓 dont mind the bots posting yt links (as well as the ones posting links that will most likely log your ip or worse), I don't know why they are doing that
@Odou is he a bot??
Odou Hace un año
@𝑴𝒖𝒔𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒓 yeah, they've been going around just posting random yt links
lsaac Hace un año
Yes, do another one of these! It's the most entertaining content you've ever uploaded
Jumbo Planespotting
What is wrong with the replies?
i dont personally like this!!!
BluDr3w Hace un año
thats an insult and a compliment at the same time
lsaac Hace un año
@BluDr3w Yeah LOL
lsaac Hace un año
@Jumbo Planespotting Bots, I reported all of them twice
Zknight556 Hace un año
Wifies is one of the only youtubers that does a decent job in these escape rooms AND calls them escape rooms nad not "prisons"
Nook Zamana
Nook Zamana Hace 10 meses
Yeah, ignore 14:40
Ultimate_Tv_Man Hace un año
It's always a good day when Wifies uploads
Inferrad Hace un año
Idk if u copied my comment or?
not today for mee!!!
Inferrad Hace un año
@Inferrad xDDD
mastod0n1 Hace 5 meses
I love how every escape room always has the most random assortment of items you have ever seen.
Nikolay Iltchev
Nikolay Iltchev Hace un año
These videos are so much fun, and the maps just show how much Minecraft is centred around thinking, and how much possibilities there are.
turbojax07 Hace un año
I like how the guy who made this went the extra mile to rename every magma cream so that they would stack in your inventory and show a name in the item frame at the beginning.
SirSquawksALot Hace un año
can you put a time stamp for me
Hydroblitz Hace un año
Middle mouse button creates a stack from an item btw
turbojax07 Hace un año
@Hydroblitz Not in my settings. For me, that gives me the block I was pointing at.
tree Hace un año
@turbojax07 when you middle click an item in your inventory in creative
turbojax07 Hace un año
@tree ah, ok
A.M.Analysis Hace un año
After decades of waiting, the legend is back
Jumbo Planespotting
@JOVANKA--------👇💋 What the heck is your problem?
number42iscool Hace un año
Kamila Bednarz
Kamila Bednarz Hace un año
@Jumbo Planespotting ifs a bot just report it
Penguin Hace un año
Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort Wifies puts into his content for us. Great job
Riley Todd
Riley Todd Hace un año
i’ve seen so many youtubers do escape room videos, but most of them are scripted. these videos seem genuine and are so fun to watch
Cognitive_player Hace un año
These types of videos never cease to amaze me. Minecraft seems like a basic surface level survival game, but the amount of little bits that some people put is insane.
ColliderTracker Hace un año
Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us. Great job
65Mystery Hace un año
I love videos like this :D Although.. there will never be a better escape room than a bedrock box with a roof.
TeraQuake Hace un año
Its nice to see more of this type of content
a very happy piece of pizza
I’m very sorry for all the bots
mip Hace un año
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Most people would've gave up at the end, but you somehow managed to have a big brain moment
Kuurix Hace un año
I'm early...
Arcane Odyssey clock bot
am i early.
w. Hace un año
oh its u
Arcane Odyssey clock bot
@What the hell is wrong with you u just called my man a bot
Aashka Kelkar
Aashka Kelkar Hace 6 meses
Wifies attempting escape rooms is so entertaining to watch. Keep up the god work man👍🏽
MLGLOL80 Hace un año
One word: Wifies is a genius
LucidizedZuhaib Hace un año
thats 4 words
Shadenway Hace un año
@LucidizedZuhaib Is “a” a word
LucidizedZuhaib Hace un año
@Shadenway By definition, “A” is a word.
Ada Lindon
Ada Lindon Hace un año
Obv8lex No, it's clearly forty-eight. /s
Soma Gál
Soma Gál Hace un año
I love watching and solving these escape rooms. Make more please. I did some escape rooms that I found online but they unfortunately have flaws and can easily be exploited.
Bhoj Hace un año
New subscriber🥰🥰🥰🥰
Shorts TV
Shorts TV Hace un año
Let's take a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us.👍
Phu Mai
Phu Mai Hace un año
By pressing shift+f3 you can open a pie chart. Go to tick. Level. Entities. And rendered. This gives you a list of all the entities loaded in your render distance.
LolO Hace un año
Man it went from unescapeable prisons to unbeatable escape rooms
Mellomelt Hace un año
If I tried this I'd be stuck in room 1 for days... LOL
Megan Stickney
Megan Stickney Hace un año
first time being first??
Paul Coolidge
Paul Coolidge Hace un año
second time being second?
FireFoxie1345 Hace un año
Third time being third?
JeffJunior Hace un año
fourth time being fourth
Netsgets Hace un año
1 days lol
joy d
joy d Hace un año
If only this guy could give more verbal play by play. The minimal way he explains what he did, step by step is paralyzing. Just tell us more and stop holding back.
Hunter Bernard
Hunter Bernard Hace 5 meses
Honestly I would've gotten to room 4 and then quit. Room 2 is easy, just painful lmao, and room one is a little tricky, but once you figure out the gimmick to getting slabs, it's not bad, which I'd definitely be able to do. Room 3 has the nether portal gimmick, which given it's the only thing to work with would have me play around. I may try and just break the blocks, but I'd figure that there's no way that the answer was something tedious, and instead it had to be something technical. On level 4, though, there'd be no way I'd complete it unless I figured out the strategy for getting the piglen to the end of the maze, but in 5 minutes I'd quickly run into problems, and by the time I got the piglsn scores the map, it'd be too late. It would take some time initially to get the gimmick of the level, but I think I could. I just don't think I'd succeed my first try at the maze level unless I got lucky and figured out the gimmick. So I'd have to start over, but my lazy ass would probably just quit lmao. No way I'd want to do all of that shit again. So there you have have it. Patient me might make it further, but I'm not patient me. Fuck die schlecte Polizei! Edit: Okay I could definitely beat that as well as level 5. The gimmick for eggs isn't that hard, and I actually know that, I just forgot about the eggs until he used them, so I jumped the gun by saying I wouldn't be able to succeed. 5 is also pretty easy if you remember that you can utilize the stone cutter and make netherite bricks.
PuppyCakes Hace un año
Im always happy when Wifies uploads but ngl I miss the fun facts and theory videos.
Kuurix Hace un año
I undoubtedly declare Wifies as the smartest Minecraft ESvidr
Wifies Hace un año
yes of course 100% deserved
Kuurix Hace un año
@Wifies 100%
Hunter Bernard
Hunter Bernard Hace 5 meses
Honestly I would've gotten to room 4 and then quit. Room 2 is easy, just painful lmao, and room one is a little tricky, but once you figure out the gimmick to getting slabs, it's not bad, which I'd definitely be able to do. Room 3 has the nether portal gimmick, which given it's the only thing to work with would have me play around. I may try and just break the blocks, but I'd figure that there's no way that the answer was something tedious, and instead it had to be something technical.
Scarlet Macaw Gaming
for the final lava room you could have used the blaze powder to smelt earlier and the bow to get regen instead of fuel
GamerGecko Hace un año
Blaze Powder can´t be used as fuel if I remember correctly
ham Pig
ham Pig Hace un año
@GamerGecko It can
Tariffic Typist
Tariffic Typist Hace un año
@ham Pig no only blaze rods
TheR0ckstarBr0s Hace un año
if this isn't staged then this man is talented
Subway_Surfers Hace un año
These escape room videos are very fun to watch so thanks for making them :)
Glory527 Hace un año
This is so, so much better than all of the "Hardest escape rooms in Minecraft" by Omz and others. This actually requires brain power, which is amazing.
TBZ HUB Hace un año
You make some of the most interesting minecraft videos out there man I love your content
aryski21 Hace un año
Love these types of videos! Keep up the awesome work!
Choi Jay
Choi Jay Hace un año
that last one was such a creative escape. I thought you had to place the (possibly sign or dripleaves), conduit, and target in this order in the coordinates MCLII gives you to escape
Miles DeWaele
Miles DeWaele Hace un año
absolutely love these videos. keep it up!
Cattercoon Hace un año
Where do you find these escape rooms? I'd really like to try one myself!
Fudge Hace un año
Look on the interweb Google downloadable MC escape rooms or something
Doom Hace un año
He has friends
V3nomGaming7 Hace un año
@Doom But..... Is it really necessary :(
Doom Hace un año
@V3nomGaming7 unfortunately yes. Sorry to all introverts
Jonus Aguilar
Jonus Aguilar Hace un año
You could try Curse Forge and go to Minecraft and click the worlds tab.
Bizzle2182 Hace un año
I’m so glad I didn’t see a bunch of things that aren’t in vanilla Minecraft. It’s much more interesting to see stuff like this done without mods or add ons to the game.
Ved Bapat
Ved Bapat Hace un año
These are the videos i love. Pls do more of these escape room. And the videos where everyone else gets tortured is even more fun. Keep it up. And pls do more escape room stuff
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese Hace un año
What an amazing upload like always, keep on the awesome work!!!
oHiero Hace un año
This video is amazing! Keep up the good work!!!
Harry’s World
Harry’s World Hace un año
I can’t believe there’s a new one! I love these challenges!
Murky Hace un año
i know its very hard to beat these puzzles, but imagine having to create one like this! i could never!
Justin Lokere
Justin Lokere Hace un año
These videos are incredible! Thank you wifles! You made my morning!
it's night here justin
Justin Lokere
Justin Lokere Hace un año
@𝑴𝒖𝒔𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒓 well it was 11:00 AM for me, so...
UnUniqueUsername Hace un año
This was done so well I can’t tell if it’s scripted
IEatPaint Hace un año
I can't wait to see everyone else do this map!
Killkor Hace un año
This escape room's difficulty is on par with a level 10 puzzle. Amazing stuff. Personally I knew about how slight deviations with the Nether portal position can take you to completely different locations in the Overworld, however I wasn't aware that you can do it by simply crouching over the edge of obsidian block while still inside portal block.
ThatDirtyBlonde Hace un año
Thank you for keeping me entertained everyday keep going your awesome
Vlad Hace un año
Fire jumping as you said can make you jump 2 blocks ? I thought it was 1.5 ! Is it through damage boosting like when you burn the ground under your feet with flint & steel ? Congrats on beating the map !
Sara Movahedazar
Sara Movahedazar Hace un año
Wifie’s is honestly one of the best youtubers
Fudge Hace un año
He's certainly up there
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Hace un año
Laughs in the language of the BLOOD GOD
Zadealade Hace un año
Tbh I thought you said wife lol
Apookel Hace un año
Wiggly Hace un año
Your videos never fail to entertain us
gamerpro101 Hace un año
Harder than the hardest escape room.
Jonathan 8347
Jonathan 8347 Hace un año
I love your content. If I were you I would consider joining Odysee, as it is a growing platform. Thanks for the hard work you put into your videos!
Dark Peace
Dark Peace Hace un año
But then, Wifies had a very good idea. He pressed F5. See, using F5 gave him a brand new perspective-
Vithros Hace un año
3:42 You can just break the glass for a stairway.
AtGigis Hace 7 meses
He does need the items in the room for future rooms though.
bayu leksono
bayu leksono Hace un año
Usually, these types of videos, i just click off at 3 minutes in. But this one got me intrigued. It actually is pretty hard and not easy as hell like the other click bait ones like "Dragon's Den" or "Llama stuff". This onr is actually a challange. Good work. I'll definitely be watching this channel.
FitFuel Hace un año
Can we just appreciate this mans editing
Vaibhvendra Singh
Vaibhvendra Singh Hace un año
Fun fact : every escape room is hard in Minecraft history
ARgamer Hace un año
I actually found this channel through these videos, don't regret it, the vids are so cool
Spad Hace un año
i haven’t watched wifies in so long and he went from 50k to 1 mil, congrats!
ddd makbema
ddd makbema Hace un año
"But then i had a very good idea. i used f5, see using f5 gave me a whole new perspective and I was able to see a chest I couldn't see before." the best escape artist of all time.
Wifies Hace un año
kenadian on top
I’m pretty sure making this is harder than actually playing it lol
UTGE Hace un año
"This is the hardest escape room in minecraft" Seawattgaming Escape Rooms: "Hold my beer"
Anahil Ashad
Anahil Ashad Hace un año
You know its hard when the video is 22 minutes!
:D D:
:D D: Hace un año
If you struggle to find string, just get a texture pack that makes string easier to see
SkateMe Hace un año
One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come 💞💞...
Gamerulx126 Hace un año
you know the vids are fake right?
Kewin S. Phlong
Kewin S. Phlong Hace un año
When Wifies' friends are literally the people that I watch regularly... 17:11 best part of the video lol
Cobe Bass
Cobe Bass Hace un año
I like how every escape room is the “hardest escape room”
TheLANDMANN Hace un año
great video, this kind of content is why i subbed a long time ago
Oliver Wang
Oliver Wang Hace un año
I feel like a really hard escape room is a zero light maze with one chest with a pickaxe to break some blocks to get out (which you can’t see because zero light) Then some more logic based puzzles like the ones in the video on top of the maze
Riley Sipe
Riley Sipe Hace un año
Amazing, that's all I have to say about this mans videos
King_DiamondYT Hace un año
We need more of these!
thepizzacar pizza
thepizzacar pizza Hace un año
imagine if he happened to walk in with the carrot and finished instantly
Sergio Melendez
Sergio Melendez Hace un año
its things like this that makes me feel super small brained despite all the things i know about the game and my ability to solve puzzles.
Unruled Puppies
Unruled Puppies Hace un año
these are the types of videos i would watch at midnight on the weekends
Ben Parkison
Ben Parkison Hace un año
This looked like fun, have you ever gone on the minr server? They have puzzle rooms that are even worse
Mr Riös
Mr Riös Hace un año
Can we please appreciate how high his IQ must have been to solve that
Just somebody
Just somebody Hace un año
Not really IQ though
bimapahihi Hace un año
literally a few month later :this was once the hardest escape room ever until this one...
Ultimate_Tv_Man Hace un año
it's not a mistake ✨ it's a masterpiece ✨
AndrewTOG Hace un año
These escape rooms are honestly so cool please make more
Tapper Hace un año
I love how he knows a lot about Minecraft other than crafting recipies
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Hace un año
subtly addressed all the ways people beat your first escape room with the lectern, fire jump, and invulnerability relogging
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Hace un año
You got a little more than 2 likes btw
Fish Craft
Fish Craft Hace un año
Wifies somehow keeps uploading the exact content I like watching. GG.
didn't happened to me though
Ethan Cooper
Ethan Cooper Hace 6 meses
With all due respect, bc these are really cool, how many hardest escape rooms in all of minecraft are there?
Eimer Hegel
Eimer Hegel Hace un año
Ok but even tho it breaks difficulty, using a tool assistant (such as JEI and JER) can help you a lot in escape rooms
ch1sman Hace un año
I like how wifies doesn’t call it a prison but an escape room :)
Crystal_Nover :}
Crystal_Nover :} Hace un año
love these vids keep them up!!
Brandon Dallaire
Brandon Dallaire Hace un año
I like how every single time he opens a chest or a hopper, it's ''The random set of item he ever saw''
Lights5 Hace un año
The real hardest escape room is with ice and fire you just use the dread lands portals and place enough for a maze and it should crash the games of people who attempt it making it impossible because of the particles that can’t get turned off
Ishan Hace un año
Wouldn't this be the harder hardest room then?
EnzoGCol Hace un año
Yeah you won, this is the first escape room Minecraft video that I admit it is difficult, but not only that, it’s really really difficult actually.
TheBaconKing Hace un año
I have a room for you I built years ago on 360! But to call it a room would be an under statement. I had a full city with mazes, secret passages and only one real way out.
tiefighterpilot174 Hace un año
really cool video and seems to be very hard to beat
e i
e i Hace un año
oh my god. I haven’t been on this channel for so long that you’ve already reached a million subs. When I started watching, you were at maybe 30k. I’m so proud :>
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