CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? Official Trailer (2019) Alexandra Daddario, Comedy Movie HD

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CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? Official Trailer (2019) Alexandra Daddario, Romance, Comedy Movie HD
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Comentarios 625
leslie khalisa
leslie khalisa Hace 11 horas
basically the whole movie in 2 minutes
jauhar rizalman
jauhar rizalman Hace 15 horas
Love thissss
Miraz Mondal
Miraz Mondal Hace 18 horas
I am a simple person, I saw Alexandra Daddario. I clicked! 😌
Aedan Hace 23 horas
Ugly chick dumps ugly guy (who is at least in her league) for top 1% tier male who wouldn't settle for her in a million years. Yep, that's feminism. Keep polluting our society with this shite, Hollywood. Until the men in the black uniforms return, that is.
Red Tofu
Red Tofu Hace un día
“She’s cried whenever listening to Demons by imagine dragons” yyyyy this is so me :’)))))
Barmy Hace un día
hes an alfa watch out
Lidija Zivic
Lidija Zivic Hace un día
S K Hace un día
They should make a TV series on books, rather than a movie. And her boyfriend was like KEN THE doll in book
Marissa Perez
Marissa Perez Hace 2 días
The fanfic trope of the 'hot rich man I met turns out to be my boss.'
Przemysław Krawczyk
alex show some titties in this or what?
Elisa Ekaputri
Elisa Ekaputri Hace 2 días
I hope she's not really fired from having a relationship with a colleague when he dodges that bullet :")
Julienne Crispe
Julienne Crispe Hace 2 días
Sorry-bad acting
momarist Hace 2 días
Im guessing she doesnt show her boobs? Kind of a waste of alexandra daddario.
BemBem Bem-Bem
BemBem Bem-Bem Hace 3 días
Unfortunately, I CANNOT RECOMMEND this movie. No hate just stating it as a matter of fact.
Tibby Day
Tibby Day Hace 3 días
The beginning was cute and promising, but toward the ending.. It kinda...not..that..good, but it so much better than after
breethecatlady Hace 3 días
Wow! I didn’t know there’s gon be a movie. I read the book.
Lotfi Rezgui
Lotfi Rezgui Hace 3 días
And i just watch the whole movie
Jane Crow
Jane Crow Hace 4 días
I loved the book so much so I was so excited but they left out so many things, like her relatives-cousin thing and their first disastrous date 😂 Anyway happy they made one of kinsella’s book a movie again :)
Jonathan Cassat
Jonathan Cassat Hace 4 días
This movie hurt my brain.
Firdaus Ismail
Firdaus Ismail Hace 4 días
obviously he likes her for her massive fake tits
Ileannie Gonzalez
Ileannie Gonzalez Hace 4 días
So I just watched the movie and I loved it; its realistic for us millennials , have topics that we deal with on a daily basis. I'm trying not to spoiled anything; is definitely worth it. Fun, entertaining, realistic and with a beautiful and valuable lesson.
Vijetha Kumar
Vijetha Kumar Hace 4 días
No no no.. that's not Emma and that's not Jack.. I loved this book and I had complete different picture in mind.. this cast just blew my illusion.. damn..
ahana Roy choudhuri
ahana Roy choudhuri Hace 4 días
It's great to have a movie on this especially when I have read the book 😄😄
Saurabh Sinha
Saurabh Sinha Hace 4 días
I've seen this girl's boobs hmmmm!
Karen Duron
Karen Duron Hace 4 días
This movie was soooo dumb!
Xamified Hace 4 días
Finally a movie where Tyler can act as charming and adorable as he actually is 😭 I love both of them so much!
Karoliina901 Hace 4 días
Did they really give out even the ending? Not that you couldn't guess it anyway, but still, the scene of them kissing in a plane... Obviously where he's going to spill out his secrets during some grand gesture to win her back after she's left him 🙄 Yep, no need to watch the movie anymore.
Lany Sofia
Lany Sofia Hace 5 días
I was crazy over this book when I was senior highschool student, and it was many years ago.. OMG!! Seriously it gonna be a movie?? Oh can't hardly wait to see it!!
Asna B
Asna B Hace 5 días
she is way to pretty for this role, honestly
mae mara
mae mara Hace 5 días
what a hot combination of lead casts
Ileo life
Ileo life Hace 5 días
fucking cried watching diss
Kelly Huffaker
Kelly Huffaker Hace 5 días
Is that Indian chick the Turn Down for What music video chick?
Abisatya Hace 5 días
But.....why does it take like almost 15 years to adapt this story into a movie??!!??
Andile Mpofu
Andile Mpofu Hace 5 días
Is it on Netflix
HelloThere House
HelloThere House Hace 5 días
why is the guy (on the plane) looks like Tadashi, the brother from big hero 6
Creja Zamora
Creja Zamora Hace 5 días
A werewolf and the daughter of Athena? Hmm I think we can work that out 😂
i Hatemost
i Hatemost Hace 5 días
i came here to see boobs but she didnt show any
I loike this one
ProChrisTin8ing SKZ
ProChrisTin8ing SKZ Hace 5 días
Omg!!!! I've read the book and loved it and now it's a movie and Alexandra dodario is playing the main character and now I'm hella excited to watch it 😯😁
Noim Ogunkunle
Noim Ogunkunle Hace 5 días
That last scene in tha trailer cracked me up...
Michael ngolofwana
Michael ngolofwana Hace 4 días
Yah its kind of crazy
j ,
j , Hace 5 días
aaa it seems like a good movie
Juliana Noelle Jones
1:07 gaaaaaaawwwwdd he is gorgeous 😍😍😍
Terry Rajsombath
Terry Rajsombath Hace 5 días
I was going to watch the movie but I think I just did.
Ri Ranjo
Ri Ranjo Hace 5 días
ugh i loooveeee the book but this trailer is just too messy
mrmichaelmw Hace 6 días
A B C Hace 6 días
Why did they have to slip in a LPGBBQ freak?
zsuwolf Hace 6 días
These trailers are like Sparknotes for movies.
Suhas R.H
Suhas R.H Hace 3 días
couldn't agree more
Anitabiba six
Anitabiba six Hace 6 días
omg is the trailer like...the whole movie?
Frepa Gioerne
Frepa Gioerne Hace 6 días
Not worth the download, she keeps her bra on! Try "True Detective" for real D'Addario hotness. :)
lovi andrew
lovi andrew Hace 6 días
This good movie 😭 i can feel every moment in this movie. I dont care if trailer show every point in movie. I like it.
infires man
infires man Hace 6 días
im in bisexual stress because of this cast
Clyde Skywalker
Clyde Skywalker Hace 6 días
funny ... they only add Daddario in the title ....
Sara J
Sara J Hace 6 días
Just watched this movie. So funny, loved it!😁
Arjay Torres
Arjay Torres Hace 6 días
Knight hunter = Henry cavil (superman) Can you keep a secret = another Superman Dadario is a Superman magnet
Alistair Gene Yap
Alistair Gene Yap Hace 6 días
Routh, Cavill, Hoechlin - why is it that actors who play Superman seem more Superman-like when they're NOT playing Superman?
GYRENROCKZ Hace 6 días
this is fucking awkward.. i was about to listen to Utada Hikaru's song "Can you keep a secret" but stupid youtube brought me here..
Brooklyn Hace 6 días
Im so confused by the plot, it doesnt seem to have that much substance. Still gonna watch it though
Tabs T
Tabs T Hace 6 días
This movie absolutely sucked.
Senn Tan
Senn Tan Hace 6 días
he's a werewolf and a kryptonian, and she's a demigod.
TakebackTruth Hace 7 días
Why does the guy look CGI to me ?
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