Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?

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Research has found some human brains can pick up on rotations of geomagnetic-strength fields as evidenced by drops in alpha wave power following stimulus. For more, see ve42.co/magneto
Huge thanks to:
Prof. Shinsuke Shimojo, Connie Wang, and Isaac Hilburn, plus Prof. Joe Kirschvink. Their lab: ve42.co/maglab
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
Additional filming by Whitney Clavin

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KaRaN aSwaNth
KaRaN aSwaNth Hace 5 horas
am i the only one who didn't understand any of this!! lol
Bruce Halford
Bruce Halford Hace un día
I am in love with the male Asian scientist's accent and English. He's immaculate and articulate in explaining the things he's learned over the years. Cheers.
joehunter3jh Hace 2 días
Actually showed a turd coming out .lol
Tomas Nunez
Tomas Nunez Hace 2 días
They should try this experiment with some kind of tribesmen or someone who is close to nature, . these types of people will be more in tune with other senses that we civilized people lose or have become numb too. U can experience this just by being barefoot outside every day for a few hours ,u will notice a change in subtle ways but it will be noticeable.
Baylee Siedr
Baylee Siedr Hace 3 días
I wonder if people who are more directionally inclined have bigger reaction to magnetic fields than those who don’t. This is really interesting!!!
G S Hace 3 días
Standard electrodes are very sensitive to electromagnetic signals in the environment, hence the Faraday cage to shield them out. I am wondering if the EEG signals are the artifact of the environmental electromagnetic fluctuation. The interpersonal differences between the sensitivity could well be correlated with the environmental fluctuations. As a control, the signals from the electrodes should be measured without attaching them to a human.
Roman Hace 3 días
Somehow, this obviously foreign asian lady speaking with a pitch-perfect English accent sounds so unsettling to me. It's just so weird.
Backyard Stranger
Backyard Stranger Hace 3 días
We are robots of society.
This one kid
This one kid Hace 3 días
What your favorite meal 1:31
vincent castro
vincent castro Hace 3 días
its fake guys the coils where paid actors
Alexander Peniston-Bird
Imagine putting a dog in there, when it tried to crap, it just keeps spinning to find the right direction.
BeatboxNorwich Hace 5 días
0:37 Intrucemassel
Strawberry Dobreva
Strawberry Dobreva Hace 5 días
Who the heck put my baby in an electric chair?
daniel brendel
daniel brendel Hace 6 días
Perhaps there is a Gene linked to it?
Angel Agape
Angel Agape Hace 6 días
If the pineal is decalcified then you can feel the magnetic resonance of earth. Can feel algorithm
Alif Muhammad Reza
Alif Muhammad Reza Hace 7 días
some people still have that sense. watch this TED video esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-RKK7wGAYP6k.html
Richard Weeden
Richard Weeden Hace 7 días
Hmmmm, My grandmother wants her chair back please
Fabian F
Fabian F Hace 8 días
Why does dr persingers research prove this to be the case, that advanced capabilities are connected to this
ferrous719 Hace 8 días
My father, older sister, and I are very sensitive to this, but there's also a solar aspect for us. My sister is currently living just south of the equator and she says it messes with her a lot, because the sun's movements don't align with her internal compass. But, we both have a cardinally linked memory thing where we orient ourselves to the same compass point as the memory when trying to recall information.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Hace 8 días
A magnet under the nerve bed of the fingernail gives magnetosense
BEERCOASTERSpl Hace 9 días
While most brainwashed PC culture believers, SJWs and other LGBTQWERTY dumb activists are focused on completely useless issues in America, Asians are fine and doing what they do on US universities. That's a sign of times that spoiled kids of rich American parents do marxism these days or produce rap music, and obedient kids of Asian parents do PhDs and professorships.
candi powell
candi powell Hace 9 días
I have seizure disorder I have read that when some one picks up on a non static magnetic field stronger than what they are used to they may see burst of light known as magnetophosphenes .I would see these flashes of light many times before I'd have an attack.Makes me wonder if there is any correlation between the two.
Glen Marshall
Glen Marshall Hace 10 días
Obligatory dog pooping.
Daniel Uko
Daniel Uko Hace 10 días
this is better than science class anyday
Emirhan Göktaş
Emirhan Göktaş Hace 10 días
You can do this experiment at home, you only need one rotating chair. close your ears and rotate yourself to try to guess where you are
aceline87 Hace 10 días
This is how the game SOMA began.
uncletigger Hace 11 días
Two of my brothers can point North, regardless of sun-exposure, or their orientation, or their position-awareness. This has been proven beyond doubt to my satisfaction, during voyages where the land is over the horizon
Gradius Hace 11 días
I wonder how the brain scan would compare to a bird, or another animal that we know does have a strong sense of magnetism. Also whether you'd see a response difference with a farmer from a poor rural area over a citydweller, when it comes to the 'too much magnetic stimulus' hypothesis. Or even, accordingly, a difference with younger kids over older adults.
Lumberjack Frog
Lumberjack Frog Hace 11 días
is there any interference from the magnetic feald on the head gear?
iliyana genkova
iliyana genkova Hace 11 días
I like your videos :) I will be waiting for a video about Kozyrev's mirrors
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV Hace 12 días
you can detect North and South Direction by Sleeping on the same alignment of North and South pole and depends if you are in the Southern or North Hemisphere.
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV Hace 12 días
it's no different to this, try sleeping facing the north side every night and report back to me how it is.
Bryan Finnerty
Bryan Finnerty Hace 12 días
haha you don't need all that to prove it, typical intellectuals (nice people no offense intended) sleep facing North or south then swap around early one morning and dose and your head swims and swirls, proof.
woofiewill Hace 12 días
There is a device called North Sense in the body modification community which is implanted into your chest. I think the idea is that this device outputs a small vibration whenever you are facing north, and you wear it for some months before removing it. After removing it, your body has becoming attuned to identifying when you face north and people retain this ability indefinitely. Would be really fascinating to look into things of this nature and determine the amount of truth in that claim!
Limara64 Hace 12 días
Ere I had an MRI and my brain experienced a ‘switching back and forth sensation’ something maybe like a person rapidly turning a light switch on and off. Anyone know why or what I felt/sensed? Right now I shall watch and hope for an answer. Love x
Aimee Bernardo
Aimee Bernardo Hace 12 días
Please do a video on HIGH POTENTIAL ENERGY THERAPY. What does it really do to your body? Does it really work?
Michael Southcott
Michael Southcott Hace 12 días
Maybe a road trip to Singalese might be worth dodging poison arrows after all.
Ben Tweed
Ben Tweed Hace 12 días
What if this experiment is done in a sensory deprivation tank?
Bilaval Aziz
Bilaval Aziz Hace 13 días
This is why our ancestors asked usto sleep in the North-South direction!!! Or was it east-West!!??
Nightfury Matthew
Nightfury Matthew Hace 13 días
You COULD have censored the dog pooping...
Tuzz Nation
Tuzz Nation Hace 13 días
Chinese uses a lot of cardinal position references especially older people.but im pretty sure we cant sense direction. Its just how we speak
me and my brother
me and my brother Hace 13 días
The human brain is flexible and can sense patterns. What's going on is probably the brain being slightly "disrupted" by the changes in the magnetic field. You can probably learn to notice if something happens to your senses and make the connection that it's because of a particular electromagnetic wave change but...i don't see how you can use that as a compass.
Graeme P. Van Reenen-Mills
And this isn’t the only problem with shade balls. Max Liboiron, a professor who studies marine pollution at Memorial University of Newfoundland, did a deep dive (aggregator speak) into the story, and wrote: The black additive [in the balls] is carbon black, which isn’t supposed to be harmful when it leaches, which is great. Yet even with this precaution, most plastics leach endocrine disrupting chemicals that interfere with animal and human hormone systems (Yang 2011). Some endocrine disruptors, like bisphenol A (BPA), break down in water after a few weeks or months. Some don’t.
Graeme P. Van Reenen-Mills
trapd00rspider Im gonna troll this MF till he mentions the efing BPA disclaimer or sumin watch me! but u right thx ;) im limiting it to those efing "shady" freaking balls endorsed inadvertantly by the Beast himself i mean really!!!
trapd00rspider Hace 13 días
I think you meant this comment for the last video. This is about magnetic fields and the brain now.
Frenzy Hace 13 días
Sparrow Hace 13 días
So I wonder what the more sensitive people would feel if the Earth's magnetic field suddenly flipped? Would they feel a bit off for a while?
shrishak shrestha
shrishak shrestha Hace 13 días
IDK why but japanese accent makes everything sound cool 😁
Sonof Earthandsky
Sonof Earthandsky Hace 13 días
do humans have small magnetic fields around them? and can some humans be sensative to not only the directional fields of earth but the field of individuals or specific places too?
bkbenelli Hace 13 días
How can you tell she's a legit scientist? 64 bit PuTTY shortcut on her desktop.
bkbenelli Hace 13 días
I don't know about the magnetic field, but who doesn't like to poop with the sun at your backside?
UnAquatic Worm
UnAquatic Worm Hace 13 días
5:05. Hope he isn’t the one telling you how to unarm a bomb.
selmateacher7 - Daniel Berry
Many people do use cardinal references instead of egocentric ones. I know I do. In fact, it is difficult for me to understand egocentric references when given directions. I always prefer cardinal references (like go north.. etc.) I am not sure that this is due to me sensing the magnetic fields, because when I traveled to Japan, my 'compass' was 180 degrees off until I retrained it, which took weeks to do.
Johan Butenschøn Skre
Could you please do a video about 5G and Wi-Fi etc. and which effects they have on us (if any)? There are so many conspiracy nuts peddling crap about this on social media and youtube at the moment, they own the subject unfortunately.
rigo702 Hace 17 días
even though its subconscious in your brain. I'm sure mine would be so bad at reacting i always point the wrong direction when i tell someone about a good restaurant up the street. it is even worse inside a building. i don't think i ever pointed at the right direction when i describe a location inside a building.
Tobias Rietveld
Tobias Rietveld Hace 17 días
In birds at least there has been a recent study suggesting that they actually can see the earth's magnetic field as it distorts the light in wavelengths their retinas are particularly attuned for (even suggesting this ability improves during migratory season), applying a directional filter across their horizon. www.cell.com/current-biology/fulltext/S0960-9822(17)31605-6
AmountStax Hace 17 días
What about a sensory deprivation tank instead of a chair? I don't know how the salt water would effect the test but maybe could be improved by removing even more external stimulation.
bklyn Hace 18 días
dude at 4:26 looks like if joji lost half of his people and then failed to kill thanos
Artis Jones
Artis Jones Hace 19 días
Tears of fears
Artis Jones
Artis Jones Hace 19 días
Connie sucks and her ball cap too
Artis Jones
Artis Jones Hace 19 días
This sucks
Artis Jones
Artis Jones Hace 19 días
Your stupid
Jp Mcpinning
Jp Mcpinning Hace 20 días
You guys should do these same tests with 5G... we need to know what the effects are on humans.
Mark Okern
Mark Okern Hace 18 días
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's the same type of RF as 3g, 4g, LTE. Radio waves are non-ionizing. Those media morons need to get a ham radio license and actually learn something.
kuba1ski666 Hace 20 días
Some sort of amplifier could be made to pick up more magnetic waves that match
sila drenja
sila drenja Hace 20 días
wouldn't magnetic field create false positives inside the wires in the EEG at the beginning since they would induct a current inside them? also, information in our body are being spread with electricity and hormones. Magnetic field should technically interfere with brain's electricity
sila drenja
sila drenja Hace 14 días
@Dave Fin they don't seem shielded, shielded wires are usually thicker,but it is possible they subtracted it.
Dave Fin
Dave Fin Hace 15 días
Thinking the same. But I think they would have a shielded it or subtracted it with reference
farmasinema Hace 20 días
This probably answer why someone is directionally challenged. Yuju from GFriend as example. 😁
Nova i love you
Nova i love you Hace 21 un día
you can't have any behavior without something's going on in your brain
ironAnion Hace 21 un día
"...and you're sure this isn't just to make people look stupid?"
swissgunner Hace 21 un día
BlackBeltMonkeySong Hace 21 un día
RE: 11:29, see what the linguist Steven Pinker has to say about cardinal versus egocentric directions. Places that (mostly) use cardinal directions are places where people live near an always visible landmark. It's much more plausible that the salient *visible* quality of these landmarks is far more important that subconscious awareness of magnetic fields. Also, RE 12:30, if our internal compass really were a victim of our modern technology -- it's possible -- then we'd expect to strong artificial magnetic fields confuse animals as well.
BlackBeltMonkeySong Hace 13 días
@trapd00rspider That's precisely the situation. There's a few places in the world where a tribe's territory is very small, and always in the shadow of some massive obvious landmark. It's only two or three languages in the world. The landmark is always there, you live around it forever, and when you close your eyes, you still know where it is. And you can *teach* these people egocentric words pretty easily.
trapd00rspider Hace 13 días
That doesn't explain why a language would be completely lacking egocentric directional words, unless he claims those people never lack a visible landmark in any situation throughout the language's history, which seems unlikely.
ThatDemonJammo Hace 21 un día
could this potentially be something we could use to find out if the universe has an up or down, if there is any find of "bottom" for example if we were to go to a supposed "top of the universe" would there be anything more above us, potentially leading to more research of the big bang theory. raising questions like did the big bang explode out like a ball or across like a plate
Wolf NZ Outdoors
Wolf NZ Outdoors Hace 21 un día
Wow! Those guys have the coolest fort!
Son Of Sisyphus
Son Of Sisyphus Hace 22 días
I can't help but suspect that these kinds of results are due to the bodily content of magnetic agents. That this is an adaptation that if it exist only can manifest in individuals that will have magnetic elements in their body, and as such the tendency and resultant trends of such bodies is dependent upon a multitude of factors.
Blind Bob
Blind Bob Hace 23 días
You can maybe feel it....... sometimes your going a place on foot and there is a "twisting" feeling in your head, enough to make you feel angry, but it's more like a subconscious thought. it's like it is just there, but if you try to focus down on it, ... it's gone... as if the act of thinking about it redirects and overloads it.
Ununius Hace 23 días
Of course we can. We just lost the ability to feel and sence it with our technology
Vilius J.
Vilius J. Hace 23 días
That chair looks like a Saw trap
Brian Costello
Brian Costello Hace 23 días
Are how we are affected by CW or CCW depending on where we were born or lived the majority of their lives ? I love the physical feeling of a massive object speeding around my head that an MRI gives
Steve Bailey
Steve Bailey Hace 24 días
i wonder if this could be age dependant, I'm sure i had a better sense of direction when i was younger, now my wife has to tell me where to go:)
Паша Порфирьев
So, can our brains efficiently detect the increase of a magnetic field? Of course in a reasonable range.
Skye McLeod
Skye McLeod Hace 24 días
I love how the dude in the blue shirt sounds like a Cali surfer dude, I love having Brad from my old small town high school explain how magnetic fields work to me
Rod L.
Rod L. Hace 24 días
If you were open to the concept of chi then you may find something that helps sense these fields. I can detect the axis of the earth's magnetic field. Others can to.
Azmor EM
Azmor EM Hace 24 días
I want a full docu of this. 2 Hours minimum.
Storm Media
Storm Media Hace 24 días
Would blind and legally blind people who are mobile with or without canes be affected via magnetic navigation.
suraj singh
suraj singh Hace 24 días
1:42 this dog really pic the magnetic field 🤮🤪🤪
Hermione Green
Hermione Green Hace 24 días
icwiz Hace 25 días
Read "The Body Electric" by Robert O. Becker
Szokoli Ferenc
Szokoli Ferenc Hace 25 días
Try this experiment with the Hungarian Saint Crown. If You dare.
John Smith
John Smith Hace 25 días
Every second video of this guy is him spraying that charm of his on sciency women like crazy :D.
Martti Suomivuori
Martti Suomivuori Hace 25 días
What an important note there: SOME human brains have this capacity. Some do, some don't...maybe. Does anybody remember Prof. Pirsinger's 'God Helmet'?
George George
George George Hace 25 días
1:38 pretty much captures the essence of it all
Nation Today
Nation Today Hace 25 días
11:04 through mediation and yoga!
TMX SPM Hace 25 días
And magneto was made
Liam Greene
Liam Greene Hace 25 días
this dude thinks there are concious and non concious parts off the brain thats like saying there are non living humans like we can go beyond consciousness
jeff twopointo
jeff twopointo Hace 26 días
I wonder if the sensor hat picks up the magnetic changes with no one wearing it?
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Hace 26 días
So your saying a dog has more rights than a person say in America because they don't get in trouble for pooping in public? 🤔 Pls don't show that again
dtiydr Hace 26 días
I seriously doubt since that is some that have only existed in modern time. Say 100 years back non of this existed and evolutionary I would been impossible we would loose that, if any, in only 100 years and say two or so generations.
KingOfGames Hace 27 días
I love how janky their setup was for the experiment. Makes me feel a lot better about my own projects
m d
m d Hace 3 días
KingOfGames they have to be the economical because these researches are not guaranteed to succeed a 100% the first time. Hence why they would have to think about how they can make quick changes to improve the experiment and get the wanted result
Steve Gould
Steve Gould Hace 27 días
I had a pair of 'Clarke's Wayfinder' shoes with the compass in the heel when I was a kid and I was always checking where north was and where home was. I generally guessed right though I always put this down to being able to remember the turns I'd taken either on foot or in a car. It's certainly a skill I lost as I reached adulthood. Maybe there is a sense of magnetic fields. I've heard it's easier to get to sleep if your bed lies North to South.
Super Sleuth
Super Sleuth Hace 28 días
I love this. Some people seem to know when UFO are in an area and I hypothesize that they may indeed by picking up on EMF produced by Electrogravitic propulsion and/or shielding, which may also exist in certain terrestrial/ military aircraft. As one who seems to know when anomalous phenomenon are present, I would love to learn more and I know of a few others who can do also do this but in other countries.
Tomek Oklinski
Tomek Oklinski Hace 29 días
That could explain the advance knowledge in astronomy among ancient civilization. Could that actually buck up the theory about pyramids been built using levitation?
Michał Piechowski
Michał Piechowski Hace 28 días
zachary Santerre
zachary Santerre Hace un mes
LOL well she's in a garage, of course she doesn't support that kind of study. How many Watts was that thing working with anyway? Side Note: I can still feel them, they can, and should, test me.
Subpeonadeuces Tecum
If you’re sensitive I recommend looking into shungite rocks to help with being sensitive to EMF.
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