Canada vs. United States Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic 

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Team Canada vs. Team United States full game highlights from 3/7/23
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13 mar 2023






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Mario Payne
Mario Payne Hace 6 meses
Man, you gotta feel for that 19-year-old Canadian Pitcher, Mitch Bratt. Poor guy was thrown out there with an impossible task of facing an absolutely stacked lineup on National TV. Here's hoping he keeps his head up and has a successful career in the big leagues
Brandt Pahlow
Brandt Pahlow Hace 6 meses
Slaymyface135 Hace 6 meses
I think thats what the coach was saying, its just a game, these games really dont matter tbh its just a for fun competition of the nation other than bragging rights
Ben Touhill
Ben Touhill Hace 6 meses
He bad fr fr
Ronald Hace 6 meses
@Slaymyface135 They really do matter to other countries though.
Sadal Day
Sadal Day Hace 6 meses
5:55 rose to the occasion
big bird
big bird Hace 6 meses
Just imagine being 19 years old and playing A ball..and then, you have to face a stacked team of all stars on the biggest baseball tournament in the world. The world is watching you..and the first 3 batters are Betts, Trout and Goldschmidt. I’m 18 and I was a pitcher so I can only imagine the amount of stress that I would be feeling
420 Troll
420 Troll Hace 6 meses
after that, he'll be lucky to get a sniff in the IBL.
Jordan's Mobile Detailing
You make the best of opportunities. You don’t shy away from it. If he has the talent he wouldn’t be out there.
kartik ralhan
kartik ralhan Hace 6 meses
Gotta go up the best to be the best , No sweat in here Good experience God is good Bratt gonna be a stud mark my words
Jimmy Steiger
Jimmy Steiger Hace 6 meses
Some people rise to the occasion & tune out that external noise & some don't.
Mike N
Mike N Hace 6 meses
these are athletes, its what they dream about, high pressure moments! it just shows him where his stuff is atm, and how it compares to pro players!
Pastafarian Hace 6 meses
Loved that the pitching coach came out to talk to the kid and from what it looked like, he just came out to say "hey man, this is the best lineup you'll probably ever face. Just have fun and do your best"
A J Hace 6 meses
The Trout homer going to a kid in Angels gear is great.
SCSmith Hace 6 meses
He hit it to him on purpose. That is how good he is.
Josh Boose
Josh Boose Hace 6 meses
More to the guy who caught it and give it to him
giovanni Anjilow
giovanni Anjilow Hace 6 meses
Dwayne Hace 6 meses
​@SCSmith😂😂 bruh
Greysen Gagne
Greysen Gagne Hace 6 meses
​@Dwayne do not bruh him, sir.
YT Vel
YT Vel Hace 6 meses
This pool is interesting, to say the least. Baseball is a game where no matter how good a team looks on paper, the games can still be extremely close and competitive. For example: Mexico>USA USA>Canda Canada>Colombia Colombia>Mexico GB>Colombia USA>GB I sure hope we turn it up, come these next few games only one team has absolutely dominated their pool but, this energy needs to carry over for sure! USA baby! 🦅🦅🦅
Holygiant Hace 6 meses
Man if USA had any of the pitchers they could have had, they would sweep everything. But none of the top 10 American pitchers are even playing. Sad.
Random Polish guy
Random Polish guy Hace 6 meses
Why is it all the American pitchers couldn’t play due to “insurance reasons” it makes 0 sense to me tbh
ETHAN BLANK Hace 6 meses
That’s what happened in Pool A, and it was glorious
Bill Shamrock
Bill Shamrock Hace 6 meses
@Random Polish guy bc when a team invests millions of dollars in a pitcher they don't want them blowing out their arm in (to a MLB gm's and owner's mind) a meaningless tournament
paulerxx Hace 6 meses
@Random Polish guy probably so they don't mess their arms up for their MLB teams?
Mario Payne
Mario Payne Hace 6 meses
What an offensive outburst by Team USA! A much needed Mercy rule win to bounce back from the lost yesterday. The American bats got to work real quick! It's great to see the US lineup living up to expectations by putting up 12 runs in the first 2 innings! Although the highlight was the offense, let's give some praise to Lance Lynn, who pitched an excellent game along with Miles Mikolas! Go Team USA!
Errordemn6 Hace 6 meses
I'm still new to baseball, what exactly is the mercy rule? The announcer said they are on mercy "alert"
Isai Hernandez
Isai Hernandez Hace 6 meses
@Errordemn6 usually if a team is leading by 10 or more runs then the game is stopped to save the losing team some face. For the wbc it’s called if leading by 15 by the 5th inning or by 10 by the 7th inning. There’s no mercy rule in the mlb though
Errordemn6 Hace 6 meses
@Isai Hernandez thanks man
Dwayne Hace 6 meses
Damn. As soon as Bratt first loaded the bases I just couldn't help but shake my head and feel sorry for the kid cuz I knew where it was going
Richard Huang
Richard Huang Hace 6 meses
As a Taiwanese fan who lives in the US right now I’m glad that our baseball are able to let the whole world noticed and everyone is doing the Yu Chang’s celebration when they get on base
bob frotic
bob frotic Hace 6 meses
No one cares
Richard Huang
Richard Huang Hace 6 meses
@bob frotic clearly you do otherwise you wouldn’t have commented
Mike Steve
Mike Steve Hace 6 meses
Even though I have no idea who Yu Chang is, it looks like they are just saluting. Is there a correlation?
Richard Huang
Richard Huang Hace 6 meses
@Mike Steve Because he was unwilling to play for Chinese Taipei at the beginning, many people regarded him as a deserter. (Taiwan has military service obligations) Taiwan gave him the privilege to play in MLB, and if he didn't play, he would have to come back. So every time he gets on base or hits a home run, he will salute and eventually becomes a thing.
T. Roy
T. Roy Hace 6 meses
30,000 in attendance and the Trout home run goes to a kid in the Angels jersey. Good stuff...
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell Hace 6 meses
I’d be furious if I was the GM over that kid! It’s easy to ruin a young player between the ears by putting them in a situation before they are mentally ready! He’s never even pitched on national TV before and putting him this spot was like starting game 7 of a WS. I’m happy team USA won but I felt bad for that kid! He was holding back tears when he got pulled. I hope he is able to bounce back tho!
One Noumenal
One Noumenal Hace 6 meses
This could serve as a powerful lesson depending on how he thinks through it but yeah, that was tough.
Trey Joshua
Trey Joshua Hace 6 meses
used to play ball against him a few years back. kids tough as nails and a real gamer. hes gonna be back
Tony H.
Tony H. Hace 6 meses
It's a Gamble, if he does well everyone would've praise him, more exposure.......if he didn't it's no one's fault but his.... Just luck of the draw
Randy Fullington
Randy Fullington Hace 6 meses
@Trey Joshua Can you be a little more cliche for me?
Trey Joshua
Trey Joshua Hace 6 meses
@Randy Fullington yea probably
Stephanie Allangarman
Mitch Bratt great game!! You’re absolutely an amazing starting pitcher…you’re destined for ”Greatness”. This was just another teaching moment and you did it! 🙋🏻‍♀️🌟👍🏽 CA-USA
Doyle Sports
Doyle Sports Hace 6 meses
Great bounce back game! 🇺🇸 🦅
Nicholas Simdon
Nicholas Simdon Hace 6 meses
As much as that’s gotta hurt for Mitch Bratt that’s good experience for him to face all those batters.
VCR Time Machine
VCR Time Machine Hace 6 meses
Thanks for scheduling the U.S. and Canada game at a time of day when 3/4 of the people in Canada and the U.S. couldn't watch.
守備の要 Hace 6 meses
これが見たかった最強のアメリカ!! 信じられないバッターばかり!! 日本対アメリカの決勝戦を信じてます! トラウトはホームランが似合う!!
alex greenwood
alex greenwood Hace 6 meses
단기전은 투수가 중요해서.. 아마 일본이 우승할 것 같은데
守備の要 Hace 6 meses
@alex greenwood 素敵なコメントありがとうございます! 翻訳機能で世界と繋がれる。最高ですね! メジャーのダルビッシュや大谷は、もちろんですが、山本や佐々木も頼もしいです!
alex greenwood
alex greenwood Hace 6 meses
@守備の要 오타니도 최고지만.. 특히 야마모토, 사사키 이 선수들이 다 나온다면 메이저리그 타자들도 쉽게 못할거임.. 특히 야구는 첫 대결에서는 투수가 유리하기 때문에 😂
W Baldwin
W Baldwin Hace 6 meses
Now Ohtani has to hit a HR to an Angel fan!
四隅 Hace 6 meses
勝ってるからって鼻につく日本人のコメントが嫌という程あったけど珍しく良いコメントが日本語で書かれててニッコリ。 やっぱ他国の土俵じゃ自国を引き合いに出すんじゃなくてしっかり他国を褒めないとな
Mezzoforte Hace 6 meses
That 19-year old will never face a lineup this good again. Nasty slider and a quick fastball, this kid could make some noise in the MLB with a little experience. The worst is definitely behind him
Bannankev Hace 6 meses
REALLY NEEDED A BIG SHOWING! This is gonna help after the Mexico loss. Very nice!
Arvington Livingston
Crazy he’s 19 and pitching to superstars😂
Eric Trott
Eric Trott Hace 6 meses
First Canadian pitcher gives up 4 runs and is pulled. 2nd pitcher gives up 7 runs, they leave him in. Just proves the 1st pitcher wasn't bad. He was just facing some good batters.
Gamerboy goodboy 2
Gamerboy goodboy 2 Hace 6 meses
Tim’s Hot Takes
Tim’s Hot Takes Hace 6 meses
TIM ANDERSON IS MY SECOND BASEMAN! I never want to see Jeff McNeil take the field for Team USA ever again😂
arizona brawl 21 🦜🦅
Go USA 🇺🇸 🤝🇨🇦 still love Canada 🍁
OHTANI Hace 6 meses
🇺🇸 The U.S. batting line has come alive. It's really strong. Fighting for the next game, too. 💪💪💪
Errordemn6 Hace 6 meses
Who do we have next?
matrixphijr Hace 6 meses
@Errordemn6 The US plays Colombia Wednesday night (US time), Japan plays Italy Thursday morning in the elimination bracket (Thurs night Japan time)
mozarella sticks
mozarella sticks Hace 6 meses
Now just figure out how to beat the good teams
Steven Rivera
Steven Rivera Hace 6 meses
I feel like starting 19 year old lefty against against a stacked all righty lineup was just setting that kid up for up failure. But then again the righty that came in after bratt got crushed too 😂
IanV86 Hace 6 meses
Can’t wait for opening day!! LETS GO PHILLIES!!! 💪🏻👏🏼
MA23 Hace 6 meses
Yesterday's USA was the nightmare team, today's dream team again 👍🇺🇸
Viktor Sedlacek
Viktor Sedlacek Hace 6 meses
Nuo Y
Nuo Y Hace 6 meses
A dream to some… A NIGHTMARE TO OTHERS!
Jan Camacho
Jan Camacho Hace 6 meses
@Nuo Y don’t worry y’all are playing ok teams wait till y’all play da good teams
Leafy Hace 6 meses
@Jan Camacho I mean Canada isn’t that bad of a team imo.
Faceplant Hace 6 meses
@Leafy this Canada has won a lot of match ups against Mexico but they can never beat usa the only time they have ever beaten the us was in 2006
Francis Nguyen
Francis Nguyen Hace 6 meses
Nice play, Team USA 🇺🇸 Baseball ⚾️ Classic.
Siege DeeJ
Siege DeeJ Hace 6 meses
Cedricks swing is just beautiful
Pwnzistor Hace 6 meses
I didn't know Freddie Freeman was Canadian. ALso, really heartwarming to see the young trout fan get a HR ball
Ren Kane
Ren Kane Hace 6 meses
He’s both. You should actually see the video where he shares why he played for team Canada. A beautiful video
Joel Hace 6 meses
I want to see a USA vs Japan game!
Más grande el triunfo de México sobre USA ....y en su casa.
曾允中 Hace 6 meses
2:37 Kind man! Gave the ball he caught to the little Trout's Fans
codenameAJAX Hace 6 meses
looks like his dad
Quinn Cecich
Quinn Cecich Hace 6 meses
Pretty sure it’s his dad, but if not than yes
Gelato Hace 6 meses
Yeah most likely, but you know Trout is so talented that he hit it there in purpose lol
Jonathan Torres
Jonathan Torres Hace 6 meses
@Quinn Cecich idk he kinda looked really disappointed to give it Away
Northern King
Northern King Hace 6 meses
Love to see it!
Anxjakkkxna Hace 6 meses
Trout is and always will be the best player in this generation
MrGoodFridays Hace 6 meses
Divine synchronicity
I agree also Nolan is just making his case for the best third basemen of all time
Anxjakkkxna Hace 6 meses
@Divine synchronicity but I don't know why he always makes those errors in defense when it matter the most.
ukiechi Hace 6 meses
White Sox players have been really great this WBC so far. Hope they can continue it in Chicago this year.
Randy Fullington
Randy Fullington Hace 6 meses
You cannot bet on the WBC. You can in the MLB games. It's all a theater. And you are buying it.
Northern King
Northern King Hace 6 meses
Nice to see the USA take this tournament seriously, LETS GO!!! ⚾️ 🇺🇸
Hunter Waterman
Hunter Waterman Hace 6 meses
I think we all clicked this video knowing exactly what was going to happen 😂😢
Richard Scott
Richard Scott Hace 6 meses
(Canadian guy peeks out from behind the sofa): Is it safe to come out?
DantheReb Hace 6 meses
After that doo-doo performance by Team USA one game prior, I'ma be honest with you: I didn't know what to expect from our guys
BigA Hace 6 meses
Might of been one of those yo if this 19y/o has 1-2 great innings he might get a deal… unfortunately the stage was too big but I mean the kid is 19 doing his thing and I’m just watching
Peter Streiff
Peter Streiff Hace 6 meses
Congratulations 🇺🇸🦅! Peter from Switzerland
Slaymyface135 Hace 6 meses
Now the us needs to just win 1 more game against Colombia to move on to quarter finals
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Hace 6 meses
Can’t get enough of the guys right behind the umpire in the dugout mocking the umpire after a SO
NumbersAndSports Hace 6 meses
"Lets see if this crowd is savvy and knows what's happening" .. then you see USA's pitcher walking to the dugout after the last out because he didn't know it was over, lol.
Gideon Cantu
Gideon Cantu Hace 6 meses
Great game for team USA but I would’ve loved to see TA at SS
Armando Mavarez
Armando Mavarez Hace 6 meses
gran partido
German Baez
German Baez Hace 6 meses
Cmon 🇺🇸 let's show the world we are really the best... Thus us the attitude we nèed
Ycombine Hace 6 meses
That kid in the angels jersey getting Trout's ball is pretty awesome.
Walter Lilju
Walter Lilju Hace 6 meses
Did you try doing the cash hack program yet I did cash hack just some
Swirlee Hace 6 meses
White Sox fan here hyped for opening day after seeing TA7 and Lynn playing so well
ukiechi Hace 6 meses
Not even just them, Moncada has been so good for Cuba and Eloy had a big day too.
daniel correard
daniel correard Hace 6 meses
team usa decided to take a little extra batting practice yesterday wasn't it nice of canada to supply the pitcher
CaptainElliot Hace 6 meses
this was a great bounce back game
Kaedo Hace 6 meses
That was a absolutely crazy game glad I Went
MrClemen23 Hace 6 meses
I see a lot of comments saying poor Canadian pitcher. And although I do feel for him, I just want to point out that.. the pitcher from Nicaragua ceased the moment. So much so that he got a contract from the tigers.
One Family
One Family Hace 6 meses
I've already made similar comments, but this game really drives it home. The US team's offense is a juggernaut and when the pitching can back it up there are few if any teams that will stop them. It just irks me that we don't have our best pitchers playing for the national team. Are the other teams as limited? Japan is rolling out guys like Ohtani, Darvish, and Sasaki. The Latin American teams are definitely not holding back. I'm a big fan of guys like Wainwright and Lynn, and they could clutch up when needed, but this is a moment in time where our national team could showcase an ALL TIME GREAT roster on both sides of the ball. A rotation with Degrom, Scherzer, Verlander, Kershaw, and Cole! And the up and comers like Cease, McClanahan, and Strider. All those guys backing up that monster of a lineup... Damn if that isn't an exciting idea! Alas, it seems this possibility wasn't meant to happen.
Michael Harris
Michael Harris Hace 6 meses
Lotsa Cardinals in this game! Hope this is a good sign for the season!!!
Random Polish guy
Random Polish guy Hace 6 meses
As a rangers fan I feel so bad for Matt bratt since he’s our prospect
Random Polish guy
Random Polish guy Hace 6 meses
@Apostle it was but Canada is a little low in the pitching department so it bad to be done he’ll be in either high A or AA this year he was amazing last year so you never know
Joey Demitro
Joey Demitro Hace 6 meses
ゆうたほー Hace 6 meses
Can’t wait to see Trout VS Ohtani
ゆくも Hace 6 meses
Slaymyface135 Hace 6 meses
We need to be Colombia to guarantee a spot
Pika Jong-un
Pika Jong-un Hace 6 meses
purplehelix1 Hace 6 meses
​@Pika Jong-un haha
Ethan Szilniczky
Ethan Szilniczky Hace 6 meses
I would love for this to have been Team USA doing this to Team Canada when it comes to hockey but I'll take a 11-run victory over Canada any day because of the Rivalry
Walter Lilju
Walter Lilju Hace 6 meses
days back and I got paid $20,000 in just some hours
YaBoyy John NBA
YaBoyy John NBA Hace 6 meses
Finally our Bats and pitching woke up.
Bradyn Hace 6 meses
this game is like me playing my little brother in the show…
Ben H
Ben H Hace 6 meses
Good to see our pitching lock down.
Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri Hace 6 meses
this gets me excited as a white sox fan, I hope lynn has a great year
Mel Greier
Mel Greier Hace 6 meses
USA got a wake up call against Mexico... there was no way they were going to lose 2 in a row, and especially not against Canada lol it didn’t matter who took the mound for Canada, it was never gonna end well lol Don’t worry tho... Canada will be back and will give a good showing. 👍👍
B2k Hace 6 meses
Trout topped that inning off very nicely
Walter Lilju
Walter Lilju Hace 6 meses
days back and I got paid $20,000 in just some hours
kippered beef
kippered beef Hace 6 meses
​@Walter Lilju how?
Walter Lilju
Walter Lilju Hace 6 meses
@kippered beef its an investment whereby you would be helped and get a perfect that would befits your needs and wants !
🇯🇵 🇺🇸 の勝負がみたい‼️
原辰徳 Hace 6 meses
Deetroiter Hace 6 meses
Funny seeing the comments crying about how the US blew out the Canadians. Baseball is the US’s game, nobody cries when Canada beats others in hockey. I will say for sure though, with a lineup like the US had there’s zero reason that Canadian pitcher should be out there. Good as he may be to be, he was absolutely no match for that powerhouse team and they should have had someone else in there with some serious experience. It’s like throwing Jake Paul in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime. Might have a few wins under his belt, but absolutely no match for a legend like Mike. Hope he doesn’t let it get him down, he should be proud of his courage and the experience he did actually gain from these major league sluggers
SHAUN626CALI Hace 6 meses
LMPHM Hace 6 meses
That 19-year-old pitcher from the Canadian team is gonna need some therapy sessions if he wants to keep playing baseball, poor kid
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Hace 6 meses
Team USA representing the baseball world cup.
ミゲルルイス Hace 6 meses
Our SAMURAI Japan finished the pool B matches for all 4 wins. The US team has just lost one against México but will be supposed to go thru quarter final. We look forward to meet you in semi-final game.
Slaymyface135 Hace 6 meses
Actually no, if we dont beat Colombia, then it goes to who gave up the most runs per out...which usa would have to compete with mexico or canada which both have had a bad and good game.
siranaito Hace 6 meses
メキシコ戦、アレナドの凡ミスで流れが不利になった事で、トラウトが激怒してアレナドにラテンアメリカの血を引いてるからわざとエラーしたのか!と言ってアレナドにげきをとばしたそうです。 アレナドは反骨精神でカナダ戦では流れを掴むタイムリーを打ったのでした。❤
Steven Deckert
Steven Deckert Hace 6 meses
Big Daddy Lance and Mikolas pitched great.
Duy Trường Đào
Duy Trường Đào Hace 6 meses
This needs to be a series. Every Episode With Pewdiepie = EEWP&Gordon Nightmares
Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez Hace 6 meses
At 19 what an experience man. Your career is just starting. But stop licking your hand after every pitch lmao
Rich DK
Rich DK Hace 6 meses
Hey MLB, we all know that you all make more than enough to give us 4k video coverage...
Walter Lilju
Walter Lilju Hace 6 meses
Did you try doing the cash hack program yet I did cash hack just some
Charles O'Connor
Charles O'Connor Hace 6 meses
Feel bad for that 19 year old feel good for the 13 year old that got his birthday wish!
RRaquello Hace 6 meses
Anyway, if you're down 9 runs at the end of the first inning you have a lot of time to come back.
Marcel Stanford
Marcel Stanford Hace 6 meses
It would make more sense if this tournament was called the "World Series".
Me after I got my account deleted By accident
They finally started trying after the loss to mexico
MMerdoc715 Hace 6 meses
Please bring Regional Sports back to ESvidTV!
Walter Lilju
Walter Lilju Hace 6 meses
Did you try doing the cash hack program yet I did cash hack just some
Dj Ellison
Dj Ellison Hace 6 meses
You can tell they are pissed about losing 😤
Life Jacked
Life Jacked Hace 6 meses
Chicago Whitesox representing..open it translates to the season.
Max C
Max C Hace 6 meses
Is it just me or did Arenado miss third when he scored in the second
William Hace 6 meses
Let's go Team 🇺🇸
arizona brawl 21 🦜🦅
Detroit Diz the poet
That’s more like it fellas! 👊
Tater Thot
Tater Thot Hace 6 meses
Dear Canada, this is what it’s like playing you in hockey
Walter Lilju
Walter Lilju Hace 6 meses
Did you try doing the cash hack program yet I did cash hack just some
脱藩浪士 Hace 6 meses
For the internationalization of baseball, it must not be the WBC of MLB, by MLB, for MLB.
Johnnyboy55 Hace 6 meses
Who’s responsible for Buck Martinez being on these broadcasts? As Charles Barkley would say: “This man is turrible.”
Scott Worrell
Scott Worrell Hace 6 meses
Trout got a golf swing 😂
Carlos David Norford Rymer
That was an execution!
Jose Velasquez
Jose Velasquez Hace 6 meses
Como le van a tirar ese niño de Canadá a ese trabuco ese mánager de Canadá está loco
AlexCooper Hace 6 meses
Разозлило видать поражение от мексиканцев...да и ещё одно это уже не выход из группы,а такого фиаско американ не надо!))
Jay Em
Jay Em Hace 6 meses
Finally. Can't beat'em in hockey
Elijah Kincade
Elijah Kincade Hace 6 meses
Anderson needs to stay at 2nd bc mcneil is bunz
Chloné Hace 6 meses
How did the super elite MLB team lose against Mexico? I guess most of their players also play in MLB??
Roberto Chapa
Roberto Chapa Hace 6 meses
Love my USA but am having a hard time caring because my MLB team matters more to me. Seeing my Astros do good is all that matters to me I really don't care who wins.
Logan Leroy
Logan Leroy Hace 6 meses
The MLB season hasn’t even started yet. It’s not like the Astros are playing at the same time?
Roberto Chapa
Roberto Chapa Hace 6 meses
@Logan Leroy So am supposed to root against them in the WBC and then root for them in the MLB? Yeah it doesn't work that way.
Logan Leroy
Logan Leroy Hace 6 meses
@Roberto Chapa you can root for the Astro players to do well on whichever team they’re on, but that’s not the same as cheering for an entirely different country. I took your comment to mean that you’d rather watch the Astros’ spring training games instead of the WBC.
A 16 Year Old on Youtube
Americans dunking on us is gonna be insufferable, even if this isn’t a game we were really trying to win.
Cha🍕 Hace 6 meses
Sorry bud but there was no way we’d let Canada beat our country in baseball
Tayvon Dawson
Tayvon Dawson Hace 6 meses
Imagine he shoved & got signed like that closer signed with the Tigers a few days ago.
juan puyosa
juan puyosa Hace 6 meses
United States of América has a better players than Canada.It has been like this for many years.Have a nice day for everybody.
Yamileth Sosa
Yamileth Sosa Hace 4 meses
MLB \\ Best Oddities 2023