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Car tire crush ASMR best compilation. Crushing, paintballs, bath bombs, chalk, floral foam, and dreams.

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10 dic 2018






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ASMR Relaxation
ASMR Relaxation Hace 11 meses
Please let us know what you liked most about this video :)
Lexi Rose
Lexi Rose Hace 4 días
Mr. Krabruh
Mr. Krabruh Hace 10 días
Savannah Martinez
Savannah Martinez Hace 26 días
Paint balls tide and the sponge with water, I dont know what its called
Jayla Rivero
Jayla Rivero Hace 28 días
ASMR Relaxation I loved the red paint balls
GachaApril :D
GachaApril :D Hace un mes
Bath Bombs and paintballs!
Kerry Robertshaw
Kerry Robertshaw Hace 3 horas
*when the crayons fall* I SPENT ALL MY TIME FOR THAT!!!!
Xavier Cook
Xavier Cook Hace 4 horas
The light shines down on the pickles
Videos to help anyone with anything. Enjoy!!
'Why do you keep squashing my dreams'? 😂🤣 Couldn't resist, sorry! ❤️ I think the floral foam bricks always sound better,when they're dry, I just loved that sound!! *Ooohh tingles* 🤭 and when you add dry spaghetti, it's great too!! 👍❤️ I also love you going over the squishes and different slimes (with or without crunch) ❤️🤤 lol 😂👍
Валентин Одесса
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ESWYeGVH2Uc.html. ASMR CRUSHING
emily hum
emily hum Hace un día
1:23 Idk why but it looks like explosive diarrhea
GigiMakeup AndVlogs
GigiMakeup AndVlogs Hace 2 días
Another Episode of "Smashing Shit With My Car"
Hope Wolf
Hope Wolf Hace 4 días
Why is the car my anxiety and I’m everything it’s crushing?
Subscribe to this cookie For no reason
6:45 is literally just crushing dreams lol
TD Hace 9 días
Now THIS is asmr: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-UrtdD4ddDF8.html
JoinTehBlackParade Hace 10 días
This must of sucked to Clean up
Chiru Starr
Chiru Starr Hace 11 días
Paintballs tho like 😳💗
ConnectuPower Music
ConnectuPower Music Hace 12 días
This sounds like a really loud wet fart 0:12
Rosie xo
Rosie xo Hace 12 días
Watch the video once. Imagine whatever object the car is crushing is your hand and watch the video again. I'm sorry
Jamie Grisham
Jamie Grisham Hace 13 días
the flowers be like oof
Jamie Grisham
Jamie Grisham Hace 13 días
who else heard the kid say go several times
Jamie Grisham
Jamie Grisham Hace 13 días
wow that asmr was not "family friendly"
NaiCoya Shelton
NaiCoya Shelton Hace 14 días
The tire is like I don't get paid enough for this job😂
Evan Stacy
Evan Stacy Hace 14 días
Poor people:why you bully me Me:exactly
Steven Dinsdale
Steven Dinsdale Hace 16 días
I loooove the paintballs and bath bombs
::Dotoyaru:: Hace 16 días
0:13 the kids can't eat them for views now ;3! Good job, you saved kids!
Moody Moon
Moody Moon Hace 18 días
I hope they have a spare tire
Faithandhope Hace 21 un día
How mamy bath bombs died that day :( 👇🏻
WolfGirlPowers Hace 22 días
And the million dollar question is Where’d the janitor go?
ariella SUCKA
ariella SUCKA Hace 22 días
I prefer the slow driving That’s what relaxes me lol
SunDance 666
SunDance 666 Hace 22 días
4:12 Tire- Problems in my life Sponge- ME
kiinqz Hace 22 días
How’d you get a flat tire-
Vintage Vlogs By Em
Vintage Vlogs By Em Hace 23 días
am i the only triggered vegan who came to the comment section when they crushed the eggs? 😳😳
Kooky_Jill_19 Bean
Kooky_Jill_19 Bean Hace 23 días
6:45 DREAMS: Crushed
Hanna Benyacoub
Hanna Benyacoub Hace 24 días
there are people who do not eat and you crush the food !!!!!
kayla 11
kayla 11 Hace 24 días
7:18 is facts 😂
Maria Forosan
Maria Forosan Hace 24 días
1:52 Noooooooooooooooo!!! not the bath bombs😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ali A is clickbait
Ali A is clickbait Hace 25 días
I have watched so many vids with food in it. I could of eaten that
Electrax Nas
Electrax Nas Hace 26 días
Ruby’s Life
Ruby’s Life Hace 27 días
I thought it was a real towel
Ina Ric
Ina Ric Hace 28 días
Emma Maurer
Emma Maurer Hace 28 días
Sa relaxe c'est super❤ mais qu'elle gros gachi 😑😑🤔🤔🤔😝🙁🙁😖😖😖😖🤤🤤🤤😨😨😨😩😩😩😬😬
Madison Grace
Madison Grace Hace 28 días
I saw most of these in a video already so which one of u took each other’s
dogfood gaming
dogfood gaming Hace 28 días
Potter Head?
Potter Head? Hace 28 días
6:46 My current situation
민덍 Hace 29 días
I like bath bombs 😭❤️❤️
Lillian Fisher
Lillian Fisher Hace un mes
It says 10 mins but it’s 12 mind
Opera TV
Opera TV Hace un mes
0:29 0:29 0:29 0:13 0:13 0:13
You crushed a turtle and that’s plastic
Heather Murphy
Heather Murphy Hace un mes
I have a question how did the glass from the lightbulb not pop ur tire?
Dragons. Wolves
Dragons. Wolves Hace un mes
Paint balls
Mia Cohrs
Mia Cohrs Hace un mes
roo to wet frozen rul
LifeOfMine Hace un mes
dismantled Shark puppet
Everytime you like, I'll add this 👌 👌👌
Sofia Orbinski
Sofia Orbinski Hace un mes
i didin't get relaxed at all..
Michael Yang
Michael Yang Hace un mes
Way to crush my dreams 🤣
Xxgacha GirlxX
Xxgacha GirlxX Hace un mes
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ASMR! And rewind
musiccitytwins Hace un mes
I liked the bath bombs and paint balls best
IamDanielle Salonga
This is how many bath bombs she/he use 👇🏻
IamDanielle Salonga
Love the way they crash the toy eyes
Анастасия Козырева
Wow!!! My ears, especially love when on bombachkam'm passing!!! Let's grab some likes on this comment???
오지원 Hace un mes
오오 소리
Ericka Marcelo
Ericka Marcelo Hace un mes
What is the little red thing called from the start
Азалия Мамышева
Я одна русская? 😂
The Satisfying Tire
Great video!! Hey guys!! If you want to see more satisfying tire crushing and ASMR videos, head on over to our new and upcoming channel!!
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