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car tire crushing stuff satisfying

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Starrlite Hace 2 días
I come to these videos to dislike all the “waste of food” comments. If y’all are so worried start in the grocery stores. “Ugly” foods are thrown to waste every day and about a third of food is thrown away in America. There are a lot of starving people yes, but it’s a widespread systematic issue, not this poor person just making a living by running over a tomato. Okay, if you really care about this stuff there are some cool places to buy “ugly” fruits and vegetables that get thrown away for not looking perfect but are still great foods at a lower price, here are some: www.imperfectfoods.com/join?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvJKS9NfQ6QIV5vvjBx1FwwU0EAAYASAAEgJBr_D_BwE www.misfitsmarket.com/ www.uglyfood.com.sg/ Commenting on another persons video won’t help, but putting in some effort into food waste will. On that: donate to your local food banks, they need it especially now.
DBZ CLAN Hace 6 días
Did anyone see how the fingers of the gloves got so obese before they poped plz reply
Cherry Aulakh
Cherry Aulakh Hace 8 días
3:47 "perfectly great chips 🤣😅😭"
Cherry Aulakh
Cherry Aulakh Hace 8 días
0:34 #feelsSoGood ♡♡♡♡ I love this
Rishaad Mason
Rishaad Mason Hace 10 días
Youll get a million subs
Jaz Does_Youtube
Jaz Does_Youtube Hace 10 días
Beep Beep Beep....this is an announcement to say that you have a new subscriber! ❤️
Sarah Loureiro
Sarah Loureiro Hace 12 días
ja vomire dans ma petite toialete
Sarah Loureiro
Sarah Loureiro Hace 12 días
on dirait du vomito bby
Sarah Loureiro
Sarah Loureiro Hace 12 días
tu gâche on pense a se qui n'on pas de nourriture donc tu arrêt mec de caca
Katie Webb
Katie Webb Hace 13 días
low key in love with her shoes
Juliana C
Juliana C Hace 18 días
Also who saw Dem nice Gucci shoes
Juliana C
Juliana C Hace 18 días
Who else thought the glove one was wierd lol 👇👇
Courtney Rose
Courtney Rose Hace 26 días
me at 4am watching this like 👁👄👁
Quin Hand
Quin Hand Hace 26 días
6:05 give that to me now
Aleah Ortmann
Aleah Ortmann Hace 28 días
She was wearin some Gucci
Poppy lea Woolley
Poppy lea Woolley Hace un mes
so satisfying
TheKidWithNoLife12 Hace un mes
Slow motion ruins the entire video. Terrible sounds
Audrey Leal
Audrey Leal Hace un mes
No one Mr slime crush crush everything
Isa Ramir
Isa Ramir Hace un mes
This must be pretty boring for the person in the car ;-;
Leaexa Hace un mes
I just turn this on and then go to bed with it every night
Alana O
Alana O Hace 2 meses
whoever is driving your a horrible driver
Norah Boyd
Norah Boyd Hace 2 meses
lol i just wonder if they clean it up 😂😂😂
Regina Gondje
Regina Gondje Hace 2 meses
When mom says eat your vegetables 9:15 to 11:06
Ava_Morain. Hace 3 meses
Me: *watching the asmr* My Mom: "ChEw WiTh YoUr MoUtH ClOsEd!!" Also me:....Thats not me-
Kyleigh Elizabeth
Kyleigh Elizabeth Hace 3 meses
"Who will one day rule the world with satisfaction Mr.Slime will
J .Steiner
J .Steiner Hace 4 meses
I love this so much keep up the good work yay
Brooklyn Smith
Brooklyn Smith Hace 4 meses
Wishpaw Hace 4 meses
Girl: *shows off tennis balls to the camera* Me: WOW!!! A TENNIS BALL!!! 😆😆😆😆
Kemiyah Cannady
Kemiyah Cannady Hace 4 meses
Who else is looking through comments while watching the video 👇🏾
Miranda Ceballos
Miranda Ceballos Hace 2 meses
I am
satisfy me
satisfy me Hace 3 meses
Isabella Miller
Isabella Miller Hace 5 meses
Mr Slime
Mr Slime Hace 4 meses
Thank you
Jessica leigh
Jessica leigh Hace 5 meses
Bet he won’t reply but class vid!
Mr Slime
Mr Slime Hace 4 meses
You bet
SILENT HILL Hace 5 meses
I wanna eat it lol
Jozi Bear Arts
Jozi Bear Arts Hace 5 meses
why are you wasting food
Ruby Wolf
Ruby Wolf Hace 5 meses
me: "mom I need to borrow the car!" mother:" why" me: " TO CRUSH!!!" mother: "better than you going out murdering people"
Eduardo (FOXY) Trujillo
Eduardo (FOXY) Trujillo
Caylus is way better
Mr Slime
Mr Slime Hace 4 meses
Appreciate your opinion!
Kontra K
Kontra K Hace 6 meses
Hier ist der deutsche kommi den du suchst (:
Love Csneaker
Love Csneaker Hace 6 meses
Your car? :D crush asmr? :D
AMAZING EXPERIMENT 🌼😌😆😍🔥🍄😂😘🌸🍀💥❣️💖❣️💖❣️💖
Hector Quintero
Hector Quintero Hace 6 meses
I always have lots of stress about school and these are my favoites and are always sure to relive my stress so thank you! God bless 🙏
sienna townsend
sienna townsend Hace 6 meses
The car went vroom vroom for the orbeez one
Entesar Al-khulaidi
Entesar Al-khulaidi Hace 6 meses
I guess people don't care about cars anymore?😑🤨
Gwen The One & Only
Gwen The One & Only Hace 6 meses
22:32 Ooo that Good
strawberry shortcake
omg this sound sounds sooooo nice!!
Rachel Kwong
Rachel Kwong Hace 7 meses
Let’s see if I can get a love from the owner by saying Hi???? Nice vid 👍
Rachel Kwong
Rachel Kwong Hace 4 meses
And you !!!
Mr Slime
Mr Slime Hace 4 meses
Hi!Have a good year!
David Ringgold
David Ringgold Hace 7 meses
Mr Slime
Mr Slime Hace 4 meses
Hayley Mcconochie
Hayley Mcconochie Hace 7 meses
Mum:gets mandarines Me: I don’t like madarines Me: I’m gonna find over them Mum:where’s are mandarines I buyed Me: uhhhhhhh I tided over them Mum:why Jk this isn’t a real stroy I like mandarines
Gemma Nelson
Gemma Nelson Hace 7 meses
Girl has gucci shoes lol
Cassandra Spidel
Cassandra Spidel Hace 7 meses
Dis is cool
Marie Payan
Marie Payan Hace 7 meses
The lubriderm shot down the camera lmao i hope she wasnt behind it messyy lol
Marie Payan
Marie Payan Hace 7 meses
Ive never felt wierder for looking up “chip tire squish” but i love you lol
Marie Payan
Marie Payan Hace 7 meses
So youre tellin me that nothin came out of that monster
Trubactor 16
Trubactor 16 Hace 7 meses
I don’t see why this is asmr to people it’s stupid
The Satisfying Tire
The Satisfying Tire Hace 8 meses
Great video!! Hey guys!! If you want to see more satisfying tire crushing and ASMR videos, head on over to our new and upcoming channel!!
salma Hace 8 meses
when my boy is wasting like for no don't put anything for yes
salma Hace 8 meses
salma Hace 8 meses
Bernard Wei
Bernard Wei Hace 8 meses
look at there are good too
Kriana 2005
Kriana 2005 Hace 8 meses
Me : I am not going to watch all of it I am not going to ... A shit
Shakayla Torrence
Shakayla Torrence Hace 8 meses
I've been watching a lot of these videos lately they seem very cool.
Kaua Lopez
Kaua Lopez Hace 8 meses
September 2019 anyone?
Jennifer Truong
Jennifer Truong Hace 8 meses
I feel asleep in the middle of this ❤️
Exremefishing38 Games
xBluePg3dGodx -_-
xBluePg3dGodx -_- Hace 8 meses
Rip camera
Naomi McGarry
Naomi McGarry Hace 8 meses
Oh my goodness i can hear the VSCO girls now... Omg you guys are wasting so much plastic sksksksk save the turtles and there are starving children in Africa so stop wasting food!
Joey CCAM Hace 8 meses
When i saw 20:28 i almost cried
Pug_taco123 Hace 8 meses
20:14 oh my god 🤮
Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick Hace 7 meses
20:14 When my sister has a virus in her stomach like today
Katharine Marshall
Katharine Marshall Hace 8 meses
Damn those shoes tho girl those shoes!
simulator gamer
simulator gamer Hace 8 meses
Love the show channel 乂❤‿❤乂(•ᴗ•)❤(♥ω♥*)ƪ(˘ᴗ˘)┐┌|°з°|┘
King Pig
King Pig Hace 8 meses
How Many tires were changed/cleaned in this video 👇
Lily Plays
Lily Plays Hace 8 meses
I remember the time when cars were used for transportation
ccfing01 Hace 8 meses
Neibors: Why do they keep reparking their car it’s fine!
Atiana Almeida
Atiana Almeida Hace 8 meses
Am I the only one who watched the whole damn video😂
Mr Slime
Mr Slime Hace 4 meses
Same here! :P
frank diteri
frank diteri Hace 8 meses
ummm maybe you should make it a lot shorter so people can see the whole thing! i love these videos so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jess and Dess TV
Jess and Dess TV Hace 8 meses
I remember that time when cars were used for transportation...
Lilo Hace 8 meses
Am I the only one who doesn’t like slow motion and repeating?
Lovely Julie
Lovely Julie Hace 8 meses
Those shoes are fire
Kenly Bleh!
Kenly Bleh! Hace 8 meses
How dare u crush a tennis ball I PLAY TENNIS DUDE!!
Khloe George
Khloe George Hace 8 meses
Sara Mochrie
Sara Mochrie Hace 8 meses
WOW that's awesome Umm
Pāstel Lóve
Pāstel Lóve Hace 9 meses
*DING DING DONG* *you got mail!* *mail;* *You got a new subscriber.*
Avery Trenholm
Avery Trenholm Hace 9 meses
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