Caravan Palace - Miracle (official audio)

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Illustration: Gabriel Murgue & Marie Clerc
Typeface: Yann Wallaert
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8 feb 2019

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Maknirak Hace 13 días
Suicide rates drop to 0%
Zer0 Hace un día
Azure Zero
Azure Zero Hace un día
The world overpopulates and inevitably causes global warming to speed up killing about 95% of the entire world's population.
Johann Fowl
Johann Fowl Hace 2 días
v The person below is so special v
BizZer Barber!
BizZer Barber! Hace 2 días
dr Katiusza
dr Katiusza Hace 2 días
Let's just think about what the music vid will do...
My_Darling Wolfy
My_Darling Wolfy Hace 8 minutos
My lover is really depressed, and a few days ago she had a literal breakdown at work. When I came and picked her up, I played her this song, and sometimes when I walk into her room I will see her sitting on the floor listening to this song and singing along. Thank you for bringing back her ever so happy smile CaravanPalace.
뵤뵤뷰 Hace 9 minutos
와 존나좋다 진짜 몇개월만에 음악듣다가 놀랐네....
Zlayge Hace 41 un minuto
Gachi is better.
Shady Fox
Shady Fox Hace 42 minutos
god I love the bass. so gentle and.. funky o_o
BackOnTracks 1.0
BackOnTracks 1.0 Hace 51 un minuto
please more music caravan palace!!!!!!! SIMPLY AWESOM
Nancy ?
Nancy ? Hace un hora
OMG! I like this song very much! 😍
Alex Boiko
Alex Boiko Hace un hora
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts Hace 3 horas
It's a nice song, but it ain't got that swing
Mahsira Hace 3 horas
This song IS miracle
Petras Vidugiris
Petras Vidugiris Hace 3 horas
maybe if we werent complete assholes we would
springsight Hace 4 horas
There's something disgustingly alluring about those intro chords...
Connor McLeod
Connor McLeod Hace 5 horas
SerialaArso Hace 5 horas
Awesome !!
Candle gang
Candle gang Hace 6 horas
Me: Oh this song is good Brain: you know what that means... Me: we play- Brain: *we play it until we cant listen to it anymore* Me: uh-hu but what if I like it too much just not to do that? Brain: are you questioning my ways Me: fine
veleriphon Hace 7 horas
Goddamn, that is smoooth!
Velocityraptor28 Hace 7 horas
this a single, or a part of a new album? if it's the latter then im quite hype
blu saio
blu saio Hace 7 horas
This is really good, so glad to finally see them back!
Callsign Spartan Airsoft
Not gonna lie here, Last college semester i got dismissed from my school for bad grades, i just didn't have motivation while living at school. I was a wreck until i heard back after speaking with some retention staff and they readmitted me for one last chance to do good... this is my little miracle. I listen to this and other caravan palace when i study as it helps block all the distractions out which has helped a lot. I know this will probably be lost but thank Caravan Palace, i dont think I would have gotten my life back on track with out this music.
ThePuddingDead Hace 7 horas
Discovering your music was the best accident I ever made! Thanks so much!
Omar Elvira Jiménez
I love the twist your group is going!
sinai altamirano
sinai altamirano Hace 8 horas
esta rola es un himno mundial!. Love.
Random Stranger
Random Stranger Hace 8 horas
2 weeks and now you have 1 million... don't know if I should feel jealous, proud, or both? edit: both
Apenas uma Otaka UwU
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CARAVAN PALACE You make my day better with Your beautiful songs 💙
Blossom Bloom
Blossom Bloom Hace 9 horas
So good
Sophia  Alvarez
Sophia Alvarez Hace 9 horas
i sometimes just wanna see what those dilikes would comment. Really...like, why r u even here?
Famous Munchies
Famous Munchies Hace 9 horas
This song is the first thing that hasn't let me down in a long time I know people are joking about the 'suicide rates' thing, but I actually feel hopeful for the first time in what seems like ages Thank you Caravan Palace
Schyler Quinn
Schyler Quinn Hace 10 horas
They're back! Yay!...This is all I ever needed
tall bassist
tall bassist Hace 10 horas
YoloJoeTheBro347 Hace 10 horas
They're back bois,let's go!!
Daniel Stirland
Daniel Stirland Hace 10 horas
Me before the teaser: Me after the teaser:
Sitc Hace 10 horas
Lord Demon
Lord Demon Hace 11 horas
I'd prefer jazz and electro swing, but this is fine, I guess. Kinda funky.
Bob Mann
Bob Mann Hace 11 horas
Damn it, CP! Another 24/7 earworm! Awesome stuff!
Big Gay
Big Gay Hace 11 horas
Oh cool! A caravan palace song where i can understand the lyrics
bastien pabiot
bastien pabiot Hace 11 horas
When will there be a loop option for android please please please !
Moritz Teuer
Moritz Teuer Hace 12 horas
jump into the next train. its time for besser maching. ich bin dabei.
RedGamingPyro Hace 12 horas
This is a new style.... I love it.
Aha Hace 13 horas
Isabelle Chen
Isabelle Chen Hace 13 horas
Before listening to the song I 100% though it was called "Mirage"
DrRyan Hace 13 horas
Bagel Boi
Bagel Boi Hace 13 horas
Wtf is this genre I need to know, did Caravan Palace straight up create their own genre?
Trollhammer530 Hace 13 horas
My new favorite song😊👌
EmEms Hace 14 horas
This song is inspiring me for some art and maybe even some animation! Love it, and I’m excited for the animated video!
Dakota Burke
Dakota Burke Hace 14 horas
I made a dance video for this song! if you like those check me out!
Maddy Donuts
Maddy Donuts Hace 14 horas
Moritz Teuer
Moritz Teuer Hace 14 horas
j'aimerais entendre cette chanson en langue française
Moritz Teuer
Moritz Teuer Hace 14 horas
i would like to hear this song in french
Manni Ida
Manni Ida Hace 14 horas
You guys should definitely come to GA/ATL again your last time was awesome!
William Smith
William Smith Hace 15 horas
Goosebumps. So awesome.
S I M O N E H a N g
S I M O N E H a N g Hace 15 horas
*_LYRICS_* Can you feel the pain See the mess and trouble in your brain Anger you retain Pressure rocks you like a hurricane Is it time for You to jump into the next train Change of hand, make a stand I can see your heart change Wake up No more nap, your turn is coming up You feel lazy but Stop the fantasies and bubble butts If you need to hear Go for it! I will teach you how to feel the things So close to you, connect it all Every day is a miracle (Help one another) Connect back with the people (Give it to your lover) And all the people you miss (Let's come around) Don't think you're invisible (Help one another) Connect back with the people (Give it to your lover) And all the people you miss (Let's come around) Would you show your head Would you text me from your rest bed Running from the dead In the battle of cyber-heads You should think twice 'Cause they will make your brain melt New device, better price Keep you feeling impressed Stop it all, every day we live a miracle Unpredictable You don't need an upgrade anymore Can't you see the link? Don't worry I will teach you how to take the pill To feel the thrill and touch it all Every day is a miracle (Help one another) Connect back with the people (Give it to your lover) And all the people you miss (Let's come around) Don't think you're invisible (Help one another) Connect back with the people (Give it to your lover) And all the people you miss (Let's come around) Every day is a miracle (Help one another) Connect back with the people (Give it to your lover) And all the people you miss (Let's come around) Don't think you're invisible (Help one another) Connect back with the people (Give it to your lover) And all the people you miss (Let's come around)
zxcvbnm zxcvbnm
zxcvbnm zxcvbnm Hace 16 horas
Reminds me of Little big planet music, or a song I heard in a ad not to long ago
Gemma Godall Rovira
Gemma Godall Rovira Hace 16 horas
al least! news from guys of Caravan! what? and the swing...? but...when I listened all, I'm a new energic and power woman! Miracleeee!
tama’s pajamas
tama’s pajamas Hace 17 horas
God his song is amazing
Of Frost And Flames
Of Frost And Flames Hace 17 horas
Into it as soon as the bass came in
Ana González
Ana González Hace 17 horas
excelent! thank for sharing!
MIRSELLAKBAR Hace 17 horas
*I represent 52% of all views*
Eikichi Onizuka
Eikichi Onizuka Hace 18 horas
this song saved me from kekpression of loneliness
konstantin ivanov
konstantin ivanov Hace 18 horas
Future FIFA song :D
Marijan Hace 19 horas
Instrumental when?
AlphaWolf247 Hace 17 horas
Marijan there’s an acoustic version
Goblyat boi
Goblyat boi Hace 19 horas
Oh hell yea, it's happening.
Awesomeness Hace 19 horas
May I ask, will there be an instrumental version too? This song is hella dope
AlphaWolf247 Hace un hora
Np : D
Awesomeness Hace 14 horas
+AlphaWolf247 thank you!
AlphaWolf247 Hace 17 horas
Awesomeness there’s an acoustic version
Lord Jom Frogberry
Lord Jom Frogberry Hace 19 horas
Even when departing from their usual style, Caravan Palace retains the upbeat feeling and jam status of their music.
jime Perez Rodo
jime Perez Rodo Hace 19 horas
I'm anseus for the vídeo animad
Blu Singlet
Blu Singlet Hace 20 horas
1:21 - 1:24 "In the battle of cyber-heads you should think twice cuz they will make your brain melt" Ghost In The Shell? Anyone?
Belladonna Von
Belladonna Von Hace 21 un hora
Some songs make bad days good days. This song makes all days a great one.
Captain Barbosa
Captain Barbosa Hace 21 un hora
I hope this is the song playing when I die and go to heaven walking to the golden gates like a supermodel runway
Antonio ADM
Antonio ADM Hace 21 un hora
Tem BRS?
кира Москаленко
Caravan Palace❤
Viola Mojzešová
Viola Mojzešová Hace 22 horas
moonlight star
moonlight star Hace 22 horas
Subscribe to PewDiePie , the gap is now at 6k so if you see this message please subscribe it would be a great help , thank you
Émilie Hace 22 horas
That bass line 😍
Imran Potato Azharin
Imran Potato Azharin Hace 22 horas
Somebody tell me, how does this have dislikes?
Eva Marie Josue
Eva Marie Josue Hace 23 horas
Why do i feel like this song would be used in a commercial?
Bri Genuise
Bri Genuise Hace 23 horas
I can’t stop listening to this song!!! 😍
Yonatan Cohen
Yonatan Cohen Hace un día
Missed you guys :)
jwysw Hace un día
This song is lovely!
김태준 Hace un día
KSMK Hace un día
Fakear? :o
Jaybee Productions
Jaybee Productions Hace un día
What a tune! Sublime.
Ruben El cabe Duron
Ruben El cabe Duron Hace un día
김팔백 Hace un día
*aaaaaahhhhhhh welcome!!!!!!*
Tommo Hace un día
Alright time to not listen to any other song for a good 30 years
max gang
max gang Hace un día
Number of people I infected with caravan palace and electro swing 14 in class 2 in household 45 online games 32 discord Epic gamers share your own stats
Lolly Pop
Lolly Pop Hace un día
This song feels so much like summer
Леонид Захаров
Пойдёёёёт. Прям вообще зашло
Olmamış Limon
Olmamış Limon Hace un día
Vaovv very good.
Gartin Marrix
Gartin Marrix Hace un día
Everyday is a miracle when CaravanPalace uploads
RK900 Conan
RK900 Conan Hace un día
People say their depprision is cured by this song...Markus says thank you helping with the Android revolution, "nice montage music" he says.
Steve Oates
Steve Oates Hace un día
Welcome back.
Unknow Impairment
Unknow Impairment Hace un día
Welcome back! :^)
PixellPython Hace un día
Ah! This has gotta be my new favorite Caravan Palace song now, the lyrics are so wholesome and the beat is just so good! Y'all did awesome!
Serpens Hace un día
Didn't think it was too great at first, but it's grown on me so much to the point that I fucking love this now!
Matthew Fors
Matthew Fors Hace un día
How did you make a song that makes you feel so much better in a instance?
Jampier Rodriguez
Jampier Rodriguez Hace un día
Gracias al dios Shaggy Volvio está gran banda
Lazer Tron
Lazer Tron Hace un día
Every day is a Miracle
smyger Hace un día
Great track!
HERETIC Hace un día
their right, EVERYDAY IS A MIRACLE!!!
Bulbous Hace un día
Life is worth living again.
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