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Carbonara has been the subject of some severe bastardization here in the states, where we regularly eschew Italian tradition in favor of garlic, bacon, and green peas for some reason. Today we're doing both the old-school and illegitimate versions of the hotly-contested dish, both of which deserve their place in your grandmother's handwritten recipe cards.
See those chefs tear me apart here: esvid.net/video/vídeo-bnZ_70XyVAk.html
Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
Traditional Carbonara shopping list:
1/2 pound guanciale (can substitute with pancetta)
3 large eggs
1 egg yolk
4 ounces of cheese (Pecorino Romano or Parmigiano-Reggiano)
Ground black pepper
Spaghetti noodles
Modern Carbonara shopping list:
1/2 pound thick cut bacon
Parmesan or Romano cheese
3 large eggs
1 egg yolk
Ground black pepper
1/3 cup starchy pasta water
Bucatini noodles


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Binging with Babish
According to my 23andMe, I'm 10.7% Italian, so...pretty much an expert here.
SolidShroom Hace 6 días
comedy gold.
AndrewYang for2020
AndrewYang for2020 Hace 10 días
*classical american*
NoName Hace 10 días
Still burning ,he! 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Vincent
Michael Vincent Hace 11 días
Make sure you commit no violent crimes Babs....they have your DNA now
Ivan Šušak
Ivan Šušak Hace 14 días
@Rafael Garcia well im a fuken 9 year old then. You know how to make it because you grew up with that kind of food. Call me when you make a burek first try.
frank ferrero
frank ferrero Hace 9 horas
there are no 2 versions of carbonara super douche,just the right way!! same goes for alioli (alioli is from Spain,im spanish so i KNOW alioli)no cilantro,no curry no NOTHING!! there is no 2 or 15 recipers for alioli just the ONE!! Anything else is a travesty,just a fancy mayonaise you dumb fucks in the USA came up with.
frank ferrero
frank ferrero Hace 9 horas
butthurt wannabe chef,gtfo dude!! you're a fucking embarrasment.
Jesse Burke
Jesse Burke Hace 14 horas
Anyone who tells me not to put garlic in anything can promptly remove themselves from my life...
Chris Prud
Chris Prud Hace un día
It’s pasta not posta 🤣
janetz1001 Hace un día
Cries in Italian 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Laura vv
Laura vv Hace un día
The subtitles to that video were poorly made, those chefs really weren't that cruel! Plus, they were from Rome... Roman people have no manners, they are used to saying rude stuff without realizing (to the point where Italian tourists often get offended/irritated just as much as foreigners!)
HighBoyz Entertainment
Gettem Babish
Ida Hace un día
I made this a few weeks ago and my grandparents are still talking about it
Nebula Productions
Nebula Productions Hace un día
Davie504 vs Babish would be *🅱️ASS*
Chickepuggies 462
Chickepuggies 462 Hace un día
My mouth watered 😭🤤🤤
Tinkle Ballsniff
Tinkle Ballsniff Hace un día
Very nice job.
D. Parks
D. Parks Hace 2 días
What's crazy to me is that I have never, in my life, heard 2 Italians agree on the best way to make ANYTHING. Pretending there is a single right way to do something is so egotistical you may as well claim to have invented the recipe.
Gavin Burkhardt
Gavin Burkhardt Hace 2 días
this series is going to save me at uni
D D Hace 2 días
Every time I cook Italian food my paranoid imagination tells me that the ghost of my nonna is watching over my shoulder to make sure I keep it authentic, like how she liked things, yes it's the old Italians making us younger Italians carry on with the pedantic cooking behaviour, but every time I make Carbonara I prefer it with garlic. I love garlic in everything! So even Italians don't always stick with the traditional recipes as much as we feel pressured too. It's about individual taste, until your cooking it for the whole famiglia that is and then it's just feast of criticism or love depending how it's cooked, I once witnessed my grandfather throw a plate of pasta in the sink because mum used butter instead of olive oil! No shit lol most often I use both!
Pete Davis
Pete Davis Hace 2 días
I see scrambled egg at 2:47
Sheriff Industries
Sheriff Industries Hace 3 días
The video where the same 3 chefs made their version, it looked nothing like it's normally served.
Valerie Quast
Valerie Quast Hace 3 días
This is probably the worst thing, but I love adding peas to my carbonara. I just like the taste and texture of the peas with the bacon and egg sauce and noodles. I know, i'm the worst.
diablonrg87 Hace 3 días
Bravo na vera merda
- PWET -
- PWET - Hace 3 días
Vinh Duong
Vinh Duong Hace 3 días
Every time you say "Carbonara" my ears get a little wet. So, like, stop.
Emma Rounsville
Emma Rounsville Hace 3 días
Tried to make this, but with bacon cause I'm a cheap college student lol, unfortunately I didn't kill the heat in the pan early enough, and now I've got scrambled egg pasta! I tried tho
Tinyyellowhouse Hace 4 días
If you haven’t tried it with thinly sliced leeks and bacon, you should. It give a slight onionyness to the dish and pop of color.
Enrico Tiberi
Enrico Tiberi Hace 4 días
Finally somebody who can cook perfectly Italian dishes!!! Greetings from Southern Tuscany, Grosseto!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Andrés Isaza
Andrés Isaza Hace 4 días
Yo got no idea on how to throw pasta into a pot. You should twist so it delicately and perfectly falls all around. I don't think you have to continue moving the pasta it if you already salted the water.
Raj Patel
Raj Patel Hace 4 días
what's with your gay tattoo's? you look like a flaming queen ffs!
Clari Hace 2 días
karlissa kennedy
karlissa kennedy Hace 4 días
What? That makes no sense. Also, mind your fucking business.
ShaQuarn Stevens
ShaQuarn Stevens Hace 4 días
Can you do this with cheddar cheese
Tim C
Tim C Hace 4 días
So because of this video I tried making carbonara for the very first time! I've never even had carbonara before, but this looked delicious. I'm happy to report that production of carbonara was a success, I'm sorry to say that it was not my cup of tea. At least the family enjoyed it though. Keeping binging!
Chuck Scarlett
Chuck Scarlett Hace 5 días
We Malaysian use Prego. As simple as that
Chuck Scarlett
Chuck Scarlett Hace 3 días
Mugilan Rajamohan damn never tried adabi before. I'll try it later!
Mugilan Rajamohan
Mugilan Rajamohan Hace 3 días
Hahaha some use Adabi's sauce
saitojharry Hace 5 días
Teka, bat di nilagyan ng all purpose cream? Ahahahaha 🤣🤣
Sheng Feliciano
Sheng Feliciano Hace 5 días
I made this breakfast pasta tonight for dinner.. its it's very rich
donnie darko
donnie darko Hace 6 días
“My Nona would be turning in her grave” Your Nona is dead mate, go away.
LynksysV Hace 6 días
you still made authentic carbonara wrong......
ASZNEE Hace 7 días
TheHolydruid Hace 7 días
I add cream to my carbonara like a true savage. It's good tho.
Keaton M.
Keaton M. Hace 7 días
Mine came out great!!!!!
Alistair Blaire
Alistair Blaire Hace 7 días
The traditional one looks so good. I'm going to ask the Italian market in town if they have guanciale.
Kat LaBash
Kat LaBash Hace 7 días
Good Lord, I love watching you cook.
OCT POD Hace 7 días
I've made the original recipe and its meh bland and I know garlic is forbidden but it increases the flavor and it helps a lot.
Mi Ti Zu
Mi Ti Zu Hace 8 días
I only came here to say, I am so sick of seeing ads for this.
Vanessa Haugen
Vanessa Haugen Hace 8 días
either way, this looks delicious!
Pete Hace 8 días
5:16 Plate up? Th-that's a bowl sir.
Brianna Hirst
Brianna Hirst Hace 8 días
My husband loved it. We used a fresh black pepper fettuccine from Aldis, and smoked pancetta from our local Italian specialty market. Right before they closed after 114 years in business. :(
Massimo Caligiana
Massimo Caligiana Hace 9 días
You’re funny
Andrea De Nichilo
Andrea De Nichilo Hace 9 días
Did che really seasoned pasta with salt after plating?
CoreyJay Hace 9 días
The second one wasn't even that different. If you really want to make an Americanized carbonara, do it like Domino's. Alfredo sauce, chicken, bacon, mushrooms, and onions. That will make the Italians cringe like they never have before
Carbonara? Nahhh
Franklin Ruiz
Franklin Ruiz Hace 9 días
Love this!
Gabriel Hace 9 días
Okay so how can we trust that THIS is the most traditional version of carbonara? You told us that before and apparently were wrong 👀 Who taught you this totally perfect OG recipe? (I say this with love)
Domyeet 26
Domyeet 26 Hace 5 días
The first one is the traditional recipe -an Italian dude
A_ Lundgaard
A_ Lundgaard Hace 10 días
italian food is awesome when not made by italians.
zee Hace 10 días
serious questions: i dont eat red meat of any sorts, what can i replace the bacon with?
Mathieu Chiasson
Mathieu Chiasson Hace 7 días
I'm in no way an expert on the matter, but if I had to try anything, I'd go for something that has a similar fat percentage (~42%). Chicken skin or turkey skin maybe?
OCT POD Hace 7 días
Jakub Jernas
Jakub Jernas Hace 10 días
Some people think Carbonara has sour cream in it idk why but it's funny xd
Davide Ori
Davide Ori Hace 10 días
I am Italian and I watched it through the end, sorry ;P I have to say that it makes perfectly sense to add some garlic to the American bacon variation. Guanciale (at least the Latium version) is already flavored with garlic which is put in before the aging phase. I might have problems with the amount you put in, but I see also from other videos of you that you really love garlic, so totally approved. With caveats, it is possible to do variations.
Joseph Lau
Joseph Lau Hace 10 días
best and most satisfying way to eat noodles is with chopsticks
Fabio Dragoni
Fabio Dragoni Hace 11 días
I'm Italian and can't stand Italians who criticize other people's recipes. Everyone is free to prepare carbonara as he wishes. Let's try new ideas ffs!
Chita Hitsu
Chita Hitsu Hace 8 horas
except for that french recipe from a few years ago where they dumped onions, bacon and farfalle into a pot, filled it with water and then cooked it. that was just..no...
krazykarl Hace 3 días
Fabio Dragoni yeah I never understood that because every family has "their" way to make something.
Erica Fumagalli
Erica Fumagalli Hace 11 días
you should make the SaLad from Spongebob. Love you Babish.
Bill Kong
Bill Kong Hace 11 días
Everyone bastardizes everyone else’s food. Ever had pizza in China? Not even close. It’s fine. Make it. As long as you don’t try to represent your variation as the real thing.
MrSoundSeeker Hace 11 días
Oh Babish...it was suppose to be a redemption and you couldn't find guanciale. Maaaan, more effort, please. By the way, got a a tip for you. A pan is hot and if you toss eggs and cheese mixture into a piping hot pan with pasta and guanciale you could end up with curds. The tip is: take a bowl, put the eggs and cheese mix into it and then put the hot pasta and guanciale (from the pan) to the bowl. Stir it and tada! By doing so you are using only the temperature of the pasta and guanciale to cook the eggs (you are eliminating the hot pan bottom). Makes the sauce creamy without the risk of overheating the eggs.
jaden sipes
jaden sipes Hace 11 días
hey does anyone know how many this serves? i want to make it for my family in a few nights
Carlos F
Carlos F Hace 9 días
If you’re cooking a pound of pasta and you’re using a pound of bacon that usually feeds 4 to 6 people.
Mythnugget Productions
I made the less traditional version with bacon , eggs, and parm and it was sooooo good, a winner that my family loved!
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