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I surprise the boys with a fun treat and we try some tricks!
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David Dobrik
David Dobrik Hace 5 meses
All behind the scenes stuff of vlogs on my Instagram: instagram.com/Daviddobrik
Emily Lawyer
Emily Lawyer Hace un mes
Hi David
Emily Lawyer
Emily Lawyer Hace 2 meses
Hay david
Jade Santana
Jade Santana Hace 2 meses
It s funny that David hearts his own comment
Jorge Morales
Jorge Morales Hace 2 meses
U would knew she would have clout
Abby Dudley
Abby Dudley Hace 3 meses
did you just heart your own comment
Zage13 Hace 7 horas
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas Hace 14 horas
That card thrower was on dude perfect for card trick shots
Nexosis Hace 16 horas
too much scotty
Jennifer Hakanson
Jennifer Hakanson Hace 18 horas
I love David's laugh! Its classic.
coolasaJ Hace un día
Poor scotty
Life with Päola
Life with Päola Hace un día
How do u know that David if u said that ur not dating Natalie 😂🤔
Felix Odenthal
Felix Odenthal Hace un día
At 2:52 it looks like Josh is wearing a kippah :)
Ninja Dash
Ninja Dash Hace 2 días
Whenever I get sad I just watch these vids, I go from dying of depression to dying of laughter, I'm not even lying, it hurts to breathe...
Emily Juarez
Emily Juarez Hace 2 días
I just want to point the fact out that David looks like a scared puppy when they where lined up with cups on there heads
Yanni Laurel
Yanni Laurel Hace 3 días
josh : I got a son I got a son 😫
Watch out Watch out
Watch out Watch out Hace 3 días
Jeff looks like John Wick
Maverick Pancake
Maverick Pancake Hace 4 días
The card thrower was an act that came to my middle school 6 years ago
Pingüino Hace 4 días
Super relevant damn Daniel joke in 2019
Ale Hace 5 días
Always picking on Scott 😹😹
I ᗪᖇᗩᗯ TᕼIᑎGᔕ
Has anyone ever realized that David’s vlogs tend to end at 4:20 😂
Theskxinnygrxzzly. Hace 5 días
You recorded on my birthday. Yay
Your cat smell
Your cat smell Hace 6 días
Omg I ship David and Todd ☺️ 3:47
Lola Squad
Lola Squad Hace 6 días
On my opinion Tod is hotter than Jeff
Brianna Gymnastics
Brianna Gymnastics Hace 6 días
Poor scotty😭💀😂
Night Fury
Night Fury Hace 6 días
gabby nair
gabby nair Hace 7 días
josh and scott at 3:42 I cant
Monkeybella 710
Monkeybella 710 Hace 7 días
3:46 David and Todd are my Favorite VS ship
Jess R.
Jess R. Hace 7 días
Did y’all put the baby filter on his face!!
ItsThomasKwan Hace 7 días
0:37 something came out of Jason's mouth
Jimbo Dodo
Jimbo Dodo Hace 7 días
4:10 That’s called a furry
Hugh Hickey
Hugh Hickey Hace 8 días
Damn Daniel
Hugh Hickey
Hugh Hickey Hace 8 días
Damn Daniel
Bhumika Salhotra
Bhumika Salhotra Hace 8 días
david hugging todd makes me so happy omg 😂
Axel Camacho
Axel Camacho Hace 8 días
3:41 part was on ridiculousness
xX_SKILZ_Xx Ixquiactap
Imagin this guy with a ninja star 3:24
I Have No Name
I Have No Name Hace 10 días
I feel so bad for Scotty😭😂
Jillian Lee
Jillian Lee Hace 10 días
I wanna learn how to throw cards like that
iamdangrous 76
iamdangrous 76 Hace 11 días
David stop texting and driving ik you have a self driving car but it’s no excuse
Yaritzy Gonzalez
Yaritzy Gonzalez Hace 11 días
what’s jeff’s last name
Marlee Mateo
Marlee Mateo Hace 11 días
Wait who’s Jeff’s ex?
Gabrielle Reid
Gabrielle Reid Hace 11 días
Cierra Ramirez
Liam Gibbard
Liam Gibbard Hace 12 días
3:49 "Never be on a card-throwers bad side" xD
Ne_akkiey Orange
Ne_akkiey Orange Hace 12 días
Poor Scott
Mike The Gamer_
Mike The Gamer_ Hace 12 días
When David has a cup on his head he looked like curious George
Bela gulyas
Bela gulyas Hace 13 días
Poor Scott
Julia Jones
Julia Jones Hace 14 días
poor todd 😭
Natalie Olisa
Natalie Olisa Hace 14 días
I loveeeeee Dom’s laugh
A D Hace 16 días
Now we know who david was talking about in the video with heath about his friend who was dating a pornstar hahha
A Girl Has No Name
A Girl Has No Name Hace 16 días
jigglycheescake _21
jigglycheescake _21 Hace 16 días
David said natalie has a lot of clout Inner Me: how did he know...
D a n n y
D a n n y Hace 15 días
She said.... maybe 😂? Idk
Crystal K
Crystal K Hace 17 días
David looked like he was a kid that’s is highly traumatized by the Easter bunny when the guy was gonna throw the card to the cup on his head 😂😂😂
Selena Titus
Selena Titus Hace 17 días
Josh:i have a son i have a son Scott:*after he gets hit*ill never have a son ill never have a son
Jannel Jannel
Jannel Jannel Hace 17 días
“who is that” at that moment daniel knew, his life was over
Juliana Peeters
Juliana Peeters Hace 18 días
Josh : I have a son Scotty : I can’t have a son now
MeemsterDuck JJDuckster
I miss Alex, hes not in yhe vloggs anymore I miss him! 😢😢😢😢
Overx 13
Overx 13 Hace 18 días
I like how david and josh is standing at the end when there is cups on their head
oye gbola
oye gbola Hace 19 días
Omg is Scott’s penis ok. Lol 😂
Sage’s World
Sage’s World Hace 19 días
Well there goes Scott’s kids
jake brown
jake brown Hace 21 un día
Trish 2:00 you comedy queen
Meghan Scolari
Meghan Scolari Hace 21 un día
“ *5... 00* “
Music Studio
Music Studio Hace 22 días
03:59 what's the title of music?
Darby Edberg
Darby Edberg Hace 22 días
Josh: I have a son I have a son I have a son Me: ................ ?
Just Another Person
Just Another Person Hace 22 días
*“I have a son,I have a son,I have a son”*-Josh Peck
datchiman 09
datchiman 09 Hace 23 días
And I thought hisokai was fake
Chef Charlie
Chef Charlie Hace 24 días
Give Scotty some respect I mean jeez
Chef Charlie
Chef Charlie Hace 24 días
David hearted his own comment
Chef Charlie
Chef Charlie Hace 24 días
How does David know Natalie has clout... da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ellee Conroy
Ellee Conroy Hace 26 días
kaja 24
kaja 24 Hace 26 días
how does david know that Natalie has "clout"😏😏
Maxxie Hace 26 días
Dumb Dom.....
Janie Lizette
Janie Lizette Hace 27 días
Josh looks like Patrick Star 😂😂😂😂
Dirty_ Goku_7201
Dirty_ Goku_7201 Hace 28 días
Natalie is so fucking gorgeous
Litty Love
Litty Love Hace 28 días
is it just me or did dom look kinda hot in the first clip 🤷🏽‍♀️🥴
mxltdbrains Hace 28 días
todd sounded like a hyena when scott got hit with the card
Hype Godz
Hype Godz Hace 28 días
I watch the good trouble
lion lion
lion lion Hace 29 días
ok, I'm rewatching this and.... when David explained what a clout is, and he said Natalie has a lot of it.... Am I the only one that asked myself HOW DID HE KNOW??? and why is no one talking about this.... I KNOW I SOUND SO DUMB FOR ASKING THIS, and maybe Natalie just tells these weird stuff to David, but idk. Someone help me,
Matt Naylor
Matt Naylor Hace un mes
Ewww Trisha's huge stomach
Chris Szczesiak
Chris Szczesiak Hace un mes
1:40 to 1:50 was the dumbest surprises ever
NShack81 Hace un mes
He was on Dude Prefect
Too Swave
Too Swave Hace un mes
This video has been out for 5 months and I'm just now realizing that at 3:57 there is a card stuck in a wall next to josh
its Wednesday my dudes AaaAAAaaHhhHHh
the doggo looked like me when someone tries to talk to me 😆
Odbal Hace un mes
Cayleigh Mulgrew
Cayleigh Mulgrew Hace un mes
that card throwing dude performed at my 10th birthday party in some shitty hall lmao
Claire BLUE
Claire BLUE Hace un mes
I thought he said "The best car drover"
emily b
emily b Hace un mes
scott always gets shit on the most but he's literally the hottest (second to jeff)
Nick Hernandez
Nick Hernandez Hace un mes
I thought Todd was Alex in the thumbnail I was so excited but then like yeah just Todd :/
Julian Alvarado
Julian Alvarado Hace un mes
How did David know Natalie had clout
Emily Poll
Emily Poll Hace un mes
Pause on 3:46 and look at how dumb josh looks lmao
Jaylin rushing
Jaylin rushing Hace un mes
1:13 what’s the chances that there’s a billboard that says that 😂
Yanet Dirzo
Yanet Dirzo Hace 10 días
Jaylin rushing 7
Ethan Stewart
Ethan Stewart Hace un mes
At 2:05 David is breaking the law ( by texting and driving 😂)
Mckenzie Black
Mckenzie Black Hace un mes
serigo Florence
serigo Florence Hace un mes
How does david know that natieli know that has clout around her pp area
rainbowshot007 Xbox
When did todd become gay?
Haley Mae
Haley Mae Hace un mes
When the saw the good trouble billboard I almost died
Allen Oombash
Allen Oombash Hace un mes
poor scott
Woofy Chan
Woofy Chan Hace un mes
What did scot do to that man to deserve such torture 🤣
Mai Buckley
Mai Buckley Hace un mes
Did u notice when they where all lined up David Starts Hugging Toddy And Holding His Hand ;D
Royal Master62
Royal Master62 Hace un mes
Wish vlogs where longer
Snowy Hace un mes
3:49 I fucking died 😂😂
Destinee Nixon
Destinee Nixon Hace un mes
How he get 12mil subs off 4 min 21 sec vids lmao
tagalongkings Hace un mes
3:45 for some good shit
GS Gerbil
GS Gerbil Hace un mes
3:56 there's a card stuck in the curtain lok
Wen Cover
Wen Cover Hace un mes
3:50 😂 poor Scott
Brittany Vergara
Brittany Vergara Hace un mes
jesus Velazquez
jesus Velazquez Hace un mes
I know u like Todd
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