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I surprise the boys with a fun treat and we try some tricks!
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10 ene 2019







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David Dobrik
David Dobrik Hace 9 días
All behind the scenes stuff of vlogs on my Instagram: instagram.com/Daviddobrik
Latoria Lenee
Latoria Lenee Hace 2 días
David needs Steve-O!!!!!!
Re.-.Gxdly Hace 4 días
David Dobrik Too much scotty
Esmeralda Bautista
Esmeralda Bautista Hace 7 días
David Dobrik too much scotty
Queen Dalida
Queen Dalida Hace 8 días
David Dobrik I love the ex and std jokes lmao
m & j
m & j Hace 8 días
i can’t anymore literally so much love
Abigail Steelkeep
Abigail Steelkeep Hace 17 minutos
No kids for Scott
Ashley Granderson
Ashley Granderson Hace 3 horas
What if his dick really got cut in half though, then what?! No laughing then, huh?! Lol
Sandy Encinas
Sandy Encinas Hace 3 horas
Jeff is so attractive 🤤
Tori DeL
Tori DeL Hace 4 horas
the dog looked so shy my heart just melted out of my body
gabriella williams
gabriella williams Hace 5 horas
erica yadao
erica yadao Hace 5 horas
what did corinna say in the beginning OH WOW I JUST FOUND OUT CIERRA AND JEFF BROKE UP...
Joanna Jones-Coleman
Lola Maur
Lola Maur Hace 9 horas
Daniel looks like how I am, in any social situation
Jess _
Jess _ Hace 9 horas
Jeff & Cierra 💔
Jess _
Jess _ Hace 9 horas
Fuck trish racists ass Donald trump supporting ass
star Benavidez
star Benavidez Hace 9 horas
Poor Scotty he doesn’t get any respect......I want him in the vlogs more!! I love Scotty he soooo funny!! And weird I love it!!
LunarAngel Hace 9 horas
Scott should’ve dropped a dildo. Talk about quality content.
Sara Perez
Sara Perez Hace 11 horas
Dam David, Back At It Again With A Video
Anita Mlem
Anita Mlem Hace 12 horas
*plot twist* At the end of the day Scott's penis actually fell off 😂😂
Leni Cleveland
Leni Cleveland Hace 14 horas
I'm just wondering why they were sitting in the car like that in the beginning
Habibah X
Habibah X Hace 14 horas
Josh: “I have a SON I have a SON”😂
Nothing But Me
Nothing But Me Hace 16 horas
David is the BEST Vlogger. He's inspired me to start make a vlog video. Please support me, check my video and subscribe please.
Tge Infuzion
Tge Infuzion Hace 18 horas
3:44 when Davids cup fell off his reaction was like he just got his results back and they say it's half half he's getting clamydia
Andrico Robinson
Andrico Robinson Hace 19 horas
Hey everybody happy 2019 hope you get this loved this video im going thru alot of shit right now so your videos help keep me from doin something dumb i need these laughs at the end of the day and just keep me and you guys prayers so that i get a on my feet for my sons sake... At least i hope onr of you 🙏
Senkai Hace 20 horas
1:52 Erin's hair is blond?
zack Hace 20 horas
Damn Daniel was cringe
LickmyEGGROLLS Fortnite
LickmyEGGROLLS Fortnite Hace 21 un hora
The guy throwing cards was from my hometown. He was literally at my birthday party one year when I was little.
Y_ Alkhamees
Y_ Alkhamees Hace 21 un hora
make your blogs taller like 7 min
Queen Jocelyn
Queen Jocelyn Hace un día
3:54 OMG Scott David grabs the camera and DOES NOT ask scoot if he is okay 💀💀💀
Judy Hernandez
Judy Hernandez Hace un día
Who is Jeff ex girlfriend?
Sumayyah Story
Sumayyah Story Hace un día
Why is Scotty's back so underappreciated??like damn😩
Creator Content
Creator Content Hace un día
Check me out for Vlog Squad compilations! 😀
Jasmin Mora
Jasmin Mora Hace un día
3:54 josh’s laugh is fucking everything 😂
Cat Ceryance
Cat Ceryance Hace un día
Is no one gonna talk about Carly’s hair????
niko diggs
niko diggs Hace un día
That dog was terrifying, I started crying as soon as I saw it
Anjelique Guzman
Anjelique Guzman Hace un día
His video is 4:20 minutes long. WEED
Megan B
Megan B Hace un día
why is evening so mean to scott
Ahlam Elmi
Ahlam Elmi Hace un día
The faces in 3:41 killed me
CHELSEA Hace un día
Dog: my hooman told me not to talk to strangers
Bennesi Minnehaha
Bennesi Minnehaha Hace un día
Why the fuck wasdavid scared???
Noxix Hace un día
Ayeeee this guy came to my school and signed a playing card for me
Alia's videos
Alia's videos Hace un día
I hate dom
Elijah Jonhson
Elijah Jonhson Hace un día
Just started watching your vlogs and I’m laughing my ass off the whole time😂
Niki Magfirah Febrilla
Oh no. I dont know that Jeff break with his gf?
Miss Kaitlyn
Miss Kaitlyn Hace un día
I wanna know why Jeff and that girl broke up 🤔
Caitlyn Castro
Caitlyn Castro Hace un día
Watch the trick with the speed lowered! Makes it 10x's funnier
Anna Farrington
Anna Farrington Hace un día
Wait..... I know Rick- I literally met him a few times like he came to my school last year and a few years ago I watched him break a world record for card throwing. Cool
Alex Frampton
Alex Frampton Hace un día
I swear David is gay. Yall see how he clings to todd?
MaddieMiran Hace un día
bruh did jeff date maia mitchell or cierra ramirez? holy shit what the fuck man that must've sucked seeing that LMAO
Izzy Comas
Izzy Comas Hace 2 días
pause at 3:45
Trulyjessmarina Hace 2 días
Miguel Mendoza
Miguel Mendoza Hace 2 días
I Felt that 3:49
Melinda Reed
Melinda Reed Hace 2 días
4:10 LMAO WTAF AAAAHHH!!! Is he okay?????!!!!
Melinda Reed
Melinda Reed Hace 2 días
2:46 wasn’t that guy on Shark Tank? Is he famous yet??
Perks Of Being Human
I really hope that when the cameras are off that they treat Scott well. He's such a sweetheart and it makes me so sad to see him get hurt
Kalen Miller
Kalen Miller Hace 2 días
is it bad that at first i thought the guy said "professional CAR thrower"??😂😂😂
Addison Checkers
Addison Checkers Hace 2 días
0:37 what fell out of Jason’s mouth?!?
adriana bakhos
adriana bakhos Hace 2 días
Habibi scott
Amy Wilkinson
Amy Wilkinson Hace 2 días
You should buy Jeff a billboard right next to his ex girlfriends n see his reaction🤣🤣
Kailaa Martin
Kailaa Martin Hace 2 días
I have a son, I have a son, I have a son ahahahaha
okay sis
okay sis Hace 2 días
*i ship Natalie and David💘*
Jessie Hace 2 días
I swear, I was full on contemplating whether that dog was a human in a suit?!
Mariah Flores
Mariah Flores Hace 2 días
The fact that nobody knew who Daniel was low-key makes me mad 😂
Khin A
Khin A Hace 2 días
That dog was like “uhhhhh... wtf? Why are humans so stupid?”
Lauren Greeson
Lauren Greeson Hace 2 días
Hahahahaha David waiting for the card to hit his cup 😂😂😭😭
Brylee Dixon
Brylee Dixon Hace 2 días
I just realized all of his videos are 4:20 long
Jamie Hace 2 días
Damn daniel=modern art
Niemi Sylvestre
Niemi Sylvestre Hace 2 días
God bless
Josh Hace 2 días
Trisha always calls david a fuck lol
burnt chicken nugget
Keyondra Barrett
Keyondra Barrett Hace 2 días
I need a car!
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets Hace 2 días
Where is David’s smiling face in the thumbnail 😭
007 XD
007 XD Hace 2 días
I was drinking apple juice when I saw Toddy put the apple in his mouth and I was like no wonder why this tasted weird...
Marely Espinal
Marely Espinal Hace 2 días
The day before this was published was my birthday so please say happy birthday to me 🎂🎂🎂
Marina Costa
Marina Costa Hace 2 días
Jeff is the ultimate vlog crush
Imma Panda
Imma Panda Hace 2 días
Never fails to make my day omg
xoAceFamilyxo Hace 2 días
lol how does David know Natalie has a rash around her pp area
Shailyn Moncrief
Shailyn Moncrief Hace 2 días
Wait who's Jeff's ex?
Jayda Livingston
Jayda Livingston Hace 3 días
Omg I love ur vlogs ❤️❤️
Felipe Thao
Felipe Thao Hace 3 días
Well that was a Noice trick
Elliese Gordon
Elliese Gordon Hace 3 días
Who is Jeff’s ex girlfriend ?
Mrs Monkeybean
Mrs Monkeybean Hace 3 días
Someone should tell Josh he’s not fat anymore. Lol
Annie Manlai
Annie Manlai Hace 3 días
I love when Dom, David and Natalie are together in the vlogs
Yeah I know
Yeah I know Hace 3 días
0:48 Trisha looked really pretty
《lyn 》
《lyn 》 Hace 3 días
Aww the dog was so cute at the end!❤
Tait Bowater
Tait Bowater Hace 3 días
I love David's vlogs they are freaking amazing anyone agree ?
Savannah Kingston
Savannah Kingston Hace 3 días
CaptainTFireFly Hace 3 días
arleentori Hace 3 días
David, why don’t you get a 15 passenger van so all your friends can fit when y’all go out? 😂
Alyssa Roman
Alyssa Roman Hace 3 días
Lol 😂 please don’t stop being you!!
Infinite Value
Infinite Value Hace 3 días
David Dobrik...you are the most interesting man in the world.
Miss Kiki
Miss Kiki Hace 3 días
i saw it coming for scott😂
Mia Jennings
Mia Jennings Hace 3 días
Do a vlog with hypnosis on everyone
paris Hace 3 días
that awkward high five 3:35 :") toddy went for a double high five but....
Crystal Lopez
Crystal Lopez Hace 3 días
I love you Alex
Osmar Ituarte
Osmar Ituarte Hace 3 días
Cancel Trisha
Rick Smith Jr came to my school one time and it was really cool 🤩🤪
Olivia Davis
Olivia Davis Hace 4 días
Aye, you uploaded this on my bday! Love your vlogs!💗
Georgia H
Georgia H Hace 4 días
What the hell I was actually thinking about the Damn Daniel meme today 1:23
Gabriela Islas
Gabriela Islas Hace 4 días
2:08 how would David know huuuhhhh???
Gabriela Islas
Gabriela Islas Hace 4 días
Any one else notice that David was holding on to Todd when they had the cups not their heads
j. siegrist
j. siegrist Hace 4 días
That was funny!
JJC Productions
JJC Productions Hace 4 días
1:22 “oh” I’m dead
Ruby Tate
Ruby Tate Hace 4 días
Just the way that josh was standing in the line
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