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Cardi B hops in the car with James Corden for a Carpool Karaoke through Los Angeles singing her biggest songs, discussing growing up in the Bronx and the subtle art of ASMR. And James encourages Cardi to get behind the wheel and give driving a chance, which he learns she doesn't really do for good reason.
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18 dic 2018

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Adrianna Mendez
Adrianna Mendez Hace 10 minutos
The way she said “My names’ Cardi” 😂
TheHehe1223 Hace 51 un minuto
Jennie Mitchell
Jennie Mitchell Hace 2 horas
Older man in the Captain America t-shirt, on the phone, so my dad!!!
Xpert Beazt Vlogs
Xpert Beazt Vlogs Hace 2 horas
James: would you mind if We listen to some music Cardi: yes. Me: left confused
province11 Hace 2 horas
Rap has become the worst type of art. Only small handful. And i do mean a small handful have really had meaningfully lyrics. Now crack Head like cardi n nicki are supposed to legends i mean look at this broad. What has she contributed to society apart from singing about moneyz,sex, drugs and materials. How is someone like this even getting attention. Black people need to look at what they look up to. Coz black America has produced some of the worst humans in history in the form of rap stars. Who talk n sing about nothing that has contributed to human development. Africa has some great heroes and great kingdoms like old Egypt and yes old Egypt that built the pyramids were black. And USA just promotes uselss uneducated rappers as great artists. It's an insult to what Africans have achieved over a mellionia Whitewashed history. Cardi and most rappers are corrupt puppet bafoons.
Emma Davies
Emma Davies Hace 3 horas
"My name is Cardi!" "wHaTs YoUr NaMe??" "Cardi😊😊😊😊" I lover her!😂😂😂
Creepy Freek
Creepy Freek Hace 4 horas
*PLEASE do this with Billie Elish!*
Yadira Peña
Yadira Peña Hace 7 horas
James: thanks so much for helping me get to work on time Also James: Gives cardi driving lessons
Susuny Houngbedji
Susuny Houngbedji Hace 9 horas
With the old people was so funnyy!
Ryan Verrezen
Ryan Verrezen Hace 10 horas
Thank goodness she didn't drug and rob him
Isabelle Beauchamp
Isabelle Beauchamp Hace 11 horas
She seems nice here cuz it’s on TV.
Isabelle Beauchamp
Isabelle Beauchamp Hace 11 horas
She has 5 super cars but doesn’t know how to drive, and she also got several platinum singles but can’t rap...
miss understood
miss understood Hace 11 horas
Stay n school kids...anddd... go tell mommy go buy my singleeeee Lmao
Random Gamplay That sometimes happen to be funny
Where’s Nicki Minaj?
Dragon _Girl
Dragon _Girl Hace 13 horas
Oh my god Gunter😂
Javon Howard
Javon Howard Hace 13 horas
Go ahead card,i.get girl ow
Vee Antri
Vee Antri Hace 13 horas
The dance with Gunter 😂 love it lol
Alex King
Alex King Hace 16 horas
i love her so much
Setayesh Gh
Setayesh Gh Hace 18 horas
Cardi: james:bitch
Kennise Allen
Kennise Allen Hace 21 un hora
I love asmr to
Ellery Cole
Ellery Cole Hace 22 horas
She's too used to talking into cameras I think.
Ellery Cole
Ellery Cole Hace 22 horas
Driving comes naturally aft a while babe.
em t.
em t. Hace 23 horas
James : keep saying right Cardi : turn to the left OMG I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂
Anom 85
Anom 85 Hace un día
9:13 Oh Cardi you made me laugh a lot
Miss Jazzlived
Miss Jazzlived Hace un día
This clip is 14:19 minutes long and I'm watching it for like an hour breaking the reply button. Damn I love Cardi!
Alexia Sims
Alexia Sims Hace un día
0:14 “oh you can say that on tv?” 😂😂😂
Nolan Strong
Nolan Strong Hace un día
Her seatbelt pissed me off
elisia meehan
elisia meehan Hace un día
That looks like so much fun
FeedOrDieTrying Hace un día
I dont remember anything after they started the ASMR bit, i think I fell asleep
Lilly Chorn
Lilly Chorn Hace un día
They should have blurred the licence plate
Tomy Spalati
Tomy Spalati Hace un día
STFU ..let her rap!!
Tomy Spalati
Tomy Spalati Hace un día
Why the fuck the guys has to over voice her?? the thing is SHE has to be rapping Alone!!!
Luke Gill
Luke Gill Hace un día
Little known fact: she drugged and raped him at a red light after the camera turned off
Cody Jones
Cody Jones Hace un día
Lol she so funny and way better than Nicki
Felix Assan
Felix Assan Hace un día
now this was fing entertaining, lov you Cardiii!!!!
Tegan Gallardo
Tegan Gallardo Hace un día
My baby cousin love bags in the coop
Jesus First
Jesus First Hace un día
It's also handy when a Amazon package comes 😭🤣🤣
Joahn London
Joahn London Hace un día
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez Hace un día
6:07 when she screamed dat shit had me dying
Yamilet Sarai
Yamilet Sarai Hace un día
Lol she killld me she only takes pics of her car
Renee Richichi
Renee Richichi Hace un día
I love the concept of an intern being late and having to tell their boss "I'm so sorry, I was stuck behind Cardi B and James Corden singing money at school children.
Audrea Alanis
Audrea Alanis Hace 2 días
When james said "it's also good for Amazon packages" *cardi's mind* I only order Gucci and all the expensive stuff
Marlluyz Hace 2 días
if someone sees her, tell her that I love her a lottttt, Okrrrrrr.
Emily Tam
Emily Tam Hace 2 días
4:57-6:20 MEEEEE!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Jazmin Martinez
Jazmin Martinez Hace 2 días
She’s honestly the best 😂 you having a bad day just go watch Cardi lol
Gymnast Delaney
Gymnast Delaney Hace 2 días
13:23 😂
Peach Child
Peach Child Hace 2 días
Cardi in business like clothes or professional makes me respect her even more. Y’all can’t hate on her her attitude is rareeee different type of ratchet
Katie Ward
Katie Ward Hace 2 días
James messing up so many lyrics 🤣🤣🤣 still love him though
Philip Branck
Philip Branck Hace 2 días
Cardi my baby
Awesomesauceer Mikhy
Stanky Hoes
Stanky Hoes Hace 2 días
Team nicki
marianne niuman
marianne niuman Hace 2 días
Am in love of this woman
Jamie Fitz
Jamie Fitz Hace 2 días
That taxi driver was right not knowing Cardi
Jaheem Wilson
Jaheem Wilson Hace 2 días
She's pretty 😍 I love both Nicki and cardi b💕❤️
randiparis Hace 2 días
Stripper,... now i understand,..shame
randiparis Hace 2 días
sorry,. dont like her,..
Nneka Leblanc
Nneka Leblanc Hace 2 días
I love ❤️
Nneka Leblanc
Nneka Leblanc Hace 2 días
I love ❤️
jimboh1985 Hace 2 días
Can you ask cardi why she says balenciagas in her song I like it like that
Lashae Harvey
Lashae Harvey Hace 2 días
Cardi b
Devinn Hace 2 días
Cardi - I just had a baby and this how I lost weight 🤣
Steve Pittman
Steve Pittman Hace 2 días
Cardi hey! skrtttttt
Lindiwe Nhlabathi
Lindiwe Nhlabathi Hace 2 días
Cardi be careful
Elleazar Wibowo
Elleazar Wibowo Hace 2 días
Next time nicki minaj please
Kean_u Hace 3 días
“My name is CARDI...”😂
Ryann Chaney
Ryann Chaney Hace 3 días
I am died cardi you funny
J. Morrison
J. Morrison Hace 3 días
Old guy probably thinking HA! Viagra my ass ...what's that?
Caitlin Claude
Caitlin Claude Hace 3 días
old man: are you available cardi: uh,sure
Sneha Skaria-Pullamkottu
Why does cardi b try to act so extra.......like ....nah bish
Matthew Fraga
Matthew Fraga Hace 3 días
Why does James drive so slow you see everyone driving past him
hilda alintria
hilda alintria Hace 3 días
She singing Bodak Yellow in Yellow Suit except in Yellow car
hilda alintria
hilda alintria Hace 3 días
0:31 uUWk uWk Uwk uWk
hilda alintria
hilda alintria Hace 3 días
0:35 That's me when singing when hear my favorite song alone except ....her voice
AsHlEy H
AsHlEy H Hace 3 días
Money, is a great song! IDC what anybody says!!!!
I tak nie masz racji
Crush: I really like yellow Me:
PersephoneRising333 Hace 4 días
Cardi is the best
Y3s Its_jada
Y3s Its_jada Hace 4 días
Lmao I love her
gbuk34 Hace 4 días
drugged men and robbed them should be in jail
Luis Silva
Luis Silva Hace 4 días
Cardi is so fun yer then any one i have met I’m a big big fan ahhhhhh!!!!!
Macy Morris
Macy Morris Hace 4 días
How long does James spend memorizing all these lyrics😂😂😂
YaFavv_.lightskin Queen
Macy Morris fr😂😂😂😂😝🤣
Kelly Vang
Kelly Vang Hace 4 días
Why is James Corden so good at rapping and singing!!! 👌👌
Tamia Gray
Tamia Gray Hace 4 días
Yall hater hateing on her but she most pretty woman girl saw and she was made to be like this she dose not to change haters Nick maniga
Kara De Lust
Kara De Lust Hace 4 días
She the cween 🥰🥰👑👑👑❤️
Taylor Lawson
Taylor Lawson Hace 4 días
The Senior Center😂
Dubar Windsor
Dubar Windsor Hace 4 días
0:31 woop woop woop woop im weak
eric oliveira
eric oliveira Hace 4 días
Ele não da nem espaço pras pessoas cantarem nenhuma parte solo vey 🙄
Lightning XIII
Lightning XIII Hace 4 días
What's with the nails?!
Michelle M
Michelle M Hace 4 días
Cardi B is absolutely a likable woman!!!
Jeremy Camacho
Jeremy Camacho Hace 4 días
My name is cardi
Vee Chim
Vee Chim Hace 4 días
Cardi B off the hook!! Lol love her ... She a real G lol
Awdturbine8 Hace 4 días
This is awesome she is so cute
theacebase channel
theacebase channel Hace 4 días
I really want to meet cardi
Kristy Carlson
Kristy Carlson Hace 5 días
She sounds EXACTLY the same in person as she does on the radio!!! I love her voice, her spirit & the gangsta side!!! I was the same when I was little. Just being kids, skipping school & running from the cops were some of the best times!!! Can’t wait for Cardi’s next album! Everything she touches turns into a freakin hit!!! 💖💖
Agape ProjectUK
Agape ProjectUK Hace 5 días
When she opened the window 😆I’ve never listened to her stuff I personally like death metal like exodus but this was funny she talks fast wow
Diana21692 Hace 5 días
She finally got the lamborghini truck!! (If anyone watched her interview with ellen)
Rawan Ayman
Rawan Ayman Hace 3 días
Yes 😂
Crystal Morrison
Crystal Morrison Hace 5 días
Offset watch out that old man wants your wife asap.
Crystal Morrison
Crystal Morrison Hace 5 días
James know all her lyrics oh wow.
Crystal Morrison
Crystal Morrison Hace 5 días
ahin lee
ahin lee Hace 5 días
Nicki Minaj is the best Nicki Minaj is a Queen
Letícia Alves
Letícia Alves Hace 5 días
13:14 LMAO
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