Cardi B Look-A-Like, Mayor Allison Madison, Speaks Out About The Viral Meme | I Went Viral

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After she became the first African-American and first female mayor of Mound City, IL, Allison Madison took the internet by storm thanks to her resemblance to Cardi B.
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13 mar 2019






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Comentarios 80
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young Hace 12 días
She look like she could be her mom in a sense.
Talkindurinthemovie Hace 13 días
Shes so sweet I love her
Devonna Revell
Devonna Revell Hace 23 días
Mayor Allison is a beautiful lady and has a wonderful family!!
kenn d011ie
kenn d011ie Hace 23 días
Oh nvm I saw
kenn d011ie
kenn d011ie Hace 23 días
What did CARDI b say ?
Royce Dawkins
Royce Dawkins Hace 28 días
Riri Gurl
Riri Gurl Hace 28 días
You can’t compare this women to cardi b first of all this beautiful strong black women has class
Noir Lily
Noir Lily Hace un mes
Kulture looks like her daughters 😜😜😜
trimma skipper
trimma skipper Hace un mes
The saying is everybody has a twin
trimma skipper
trimma skipper Hace un mes
They do favor and she looks great for her age...stay blessed
Brittaney Paylor
Brittaney Paylor Hace un mes
She look like cardi b a lot omg
sky blu
sky blu Hace un mes
Omg dis a real person?? 😲😲 This whole time I thought it was cardi b photoshopped to look old lmaoo😂🤣😂 she seems lovely
Shauna Overton
Shauna Overton Hace un mes
I don't think Cardi was being as disrespectful as other people.. I mean she's younger with people saying she looks like a 70+ yr old woman granted the Mayor is nice looking and a very sweet spirit but I understand Cardi's reaction and she did agree they look like kin folk lol
Shauna Overton
Shauna Overton Hace un mes
They should have shown the old Cardi B that would look more accurate..
luhh jadah
luhh jadah Hace un mes
allisons nails 😍😍 .
Dinah Judah
Dinah Judah Hace un mes
Her husband looks like Offset in 40 years..
L Marshell
L Marshell Hace un mes
She looks like Cardi moma
Kathy Wiggins
Kathy Wiggins Hace un mes
Cardi better pray she looks like the mayor at 70
Mykayla G
Mykayla G Hace un mes
They laugh alike that’s why I clicked
M.S.C ISLAND Hace un mes
She could actually pass as cardi B mom.
laylay beautiful
laylay beautiful Hace un mes
Funny, Cardi is into politics now. She should consider reaching out to this lady. They probably would make a great team. The lady said it was cool to be compared to Cardi. This was really cute to watch. The End!!!!!
Mouad pl
Mouad pl Hace un mes
Please what does mean "went viral"
Jay WhoLovesEveryone
Well, Cardi has a new nose & face now so....wait another few months or so and this video won't be relevant anymore...sad
Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C
What a WONDERFUL woman!😃 I think being a mayor, mother and wife, must be INCREDIBLY challenging!👩🏽‍💼
Wassup Hace un mes
Cardi look like her😭
Christian Jones
Christian Jones Hace un mes
Little by little Cardi B. is getting more politically involved. I saw a blurb on some news outlet recently that was complementing Cardi B. for stepping up whenever she witnesses an injustice, She just very well may run for some sort of political office in the future. I'd hope this lady would still be around to witness it.
Nicole Raheem
Nicole Raheem Hace un mes
Biiiits. I forgot about this lady. In the thumbnail, I thought she was Raven Symone's ex coworker and boyfriend, ORLANDO BROWN, being silly again.
Opulence 1111
Opulence 1111 Hace un mes
Mayor Allison is a beautiful woman with a great spirit.
Opulence 1111
Opulence 1111 Hace un mes
They share the same nationality (distant cousins) Everyone has a percentage of indian , white , african , or asian blood. We're all mixed race . But we're all are of God's creation of the Human Race. Even though some humans have a percentage of other species demons , animals , due to "Splicing".
Connie Cox
Connie Cox Hace un mes
cardi B does look like her
La reina de Sinaloa Y Jalisco
If ya seen on my block and yah know abuelita 👵🏼 she looks like Cardi b 2 if ya know wat I’m talking about yah know
Cris Is A Virgo
Cris Is A Virgo Hace un mes
IS SHE CAME OUT FROM CARTOON CUZ YAS SHE SO BRIGHT,HAPPY AND CHEERFUL😍 i mean she really does act like a mayor from cartoon world
SIMPLY ANGIE Hace un mes
It’s the nose,,,that’s ALL.........❌❌
Deshawndre Twitty
Deshawndre Twitty Hace un mes
They really do look alot alike though 😂😂
Jay Hace un mes
She look more like Celia
Queen Bee
Queen Bee Hace un mes
IDK what Cardi is salty for... she looks JUST LIKE this woman!!
Koii22 Tuipulotu
Koii22 Tuipulotu Hace un mes
Who els watching this during ‘CaaarrrowNaaa’ VaaaiiiRusss!!’
Karliyah Kapri
Karliyah Kapri Hace un mes
I feel bad that cardi responded like that
Jess Horsfield
Jess Horsfield Hace un mes
How rude of cardi B! She says not to judge others and post about others being mean like girl u did too.... The mayor has more intellegence about politics and cardi wants to be in politics she should be taught by her she knows alot about what she is on about!
QiiNG NUKE Hace un mes
She Looks && Sounds Like Jackie Christie Too! 😭😭😭😂
A E Hace un mes
Their personality is the same. Even their Nose before Cardi got her Nose Surgery
james Barber
james Barber Hace un mes
Why do people get so excited as she mentioned for getting a ton of likes especially if it doesn't translate to money money money
Tai Rodney
Tai Rodney Hace 3 meses
"This is Offset, after she done took him back for the 15th time!" 🤣🤣🤣
Wig Snatcher
Wig Snatcher Hace 3 meses
The fact that Cardi B (whos in her 20's) resembles a 70-year old lady is worrying
no name rue
no name rue Hace 4 meses
This lady does not in any way resemble cardi b. they might have certain features that look alike but she don't look like her AT ALL.
Amy Jallow
Amy Jallow Hace 4 meses
Cardi is nasty and disgusting. There is nothing attractive about her, because of her nasty attitude.
Nelson Betancourt
Nelson Betancourt Hace 4 meses
She looks more like Orlando Brown...
Sesha Session
Sesha Session Hace 4 meses
Cardi just saw her Divine Ray and don't even know it's her own potential being showed back to her
B4Now Hace 4 meses
It is a mans world lol just beacuse she's not in the loop and doesn't know how it is and how mostly everything benefits a man just cause she doesn't compare look at how abortion is illegal she's definitely a sleep with them chicken wings under her pillow.
MICO Hace 4 meses
This is shady ASF
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson Hace 4 meses
And she's a f@$king mayor? I see why the state of Illinois is a state of critical crisis!
SnoohB Hace 4 meses
😁LOVE HER !!! 🖤👑
Foreign Bloodline
Foreign Bloodline Hace 4 meses
Cardi b tru form lol
Zeke Hace 4 meses
The people of color are all connected
Jada Cole
Jada Cole Hace 4 meses
The boy from the thats so raven, orlando brown look like them too
Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
70 years old? she doesn’t look a day over 50
The StormBolt 2020
The StormBolt 2020 Hace 4 meses
t_from_da_LB 1500%
t_from_da_LB 1500% Hace 4 meses
They’re both beautiful & down to earth. She & Cardi do favor & I would like to see her in full makeup to show how much they resemble.
Jalesa Channel
Jalesa Channel Hace 4 meses
And they love the long nails 😍
Forrest Whittaker’s Eye
Ayyy yooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kimlol5 3
Kimlol5 3 Hace 4 meses
HoneY cardi B mom omg
Winter Bleu
Winter Bleu Hace 4 meses
5 seconds in and I liked her! I can tell she’s someone that your spirit will brighten being around.
Nobody guy
Nobody guy Hace 4 meses
Just like cardi b without makeup....sounds like shes just as annoying
Crystal Pau
Crystal Pau Hace 4 meses
Respect and honor. Cardi should be honored to have a such intelligent woman that has the same looks and is intelligent. This woman looks like she can pass for Cardi relative.
Chris Hace 4 meses
Cardi G
Emerald J6 Emerald j6
U women need to shutup
Amanda Sheppard
Amanda Sheppard Hace 4 meses
Good looking family. She seems sweet and likeable
Enlightened Beauty
Enlightened Beauty Hace 4 meses
At least the mayor dont have those huge dark circles around her eyes and mouth like Cardi does. Cardi acting insulted meanwhile the mayor's has a better natural look
JoeJoeGaming Hace 4 meses
They both look like Winslow from cat dog....
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce Hace 4 meses
Wow...the resemblance is crazy 🤣🤣
Star Girl Remi
Star Girl Remi Hace 4 meses
Thought she was a meme , she exists
MellyDatKidd Hace 4 meses
It’s the nose
Santana Simmons
Santana Simmons Hace 4 meses
They ancestors must have been siblings
QueenB Bella
QueenB Bella Hace 4 meses
Cardi b looks like the mayor. Cuz obviously she was born first. The mayor is so respectfuk and cardi.... was kinda rude
Xavier Rainey
Xavier Rainey Hace 4 meses
No way in hell she’s past 60
Melo Melo
Melo Melo Hace 4 meses
Cardi B made her face look her face lmao
Diva '
Diva ' Hace 4 meses
2:57 who the shade!
Net Vu
Net Vu Hace 4 meses
Cardi isn’t all that too me , I mean I have no hate towards her but she isn’t all that cute w/o the makeup lol 🤷🏽‍♀️ makeup , weaves and lashes / SURGERY be making these bitches they need to humble themselves lol but her an cardi do favor !! 😂👌
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