Cardi B - WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion [Official Music Video]

Cardi B
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Cardi B - WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion
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Atlantic Records
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson / OverScene LLC
SVP / Head of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert

Prod Co: Boy in the Castle
Director: Colin Tilley
Creative Director: Kollin Carter & Patientce Foster
Exec Producer: Jamee Ranta
Producer: Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography: Elias Talbot
1st AD: Ev Salomon
Editor: Vinnie Hobbs

Choreography: J.K. Creatives, Inc.
Choreographer: JaQuel Knight
Assistant Choreographers : Darina Littleton and Ashley Seldon

Styling: Kollin Carter
Styling Asst: Jennifer Udechukwu
Hair: Tokyo Stylez
Makeup: Erika Roman
Nails: Jenny Bui (Nails on 7th)

Styling: EJ King
Hair: Kellon Deryck
Makeup: Megan Thee Stallion
Nails: Coca Michelle
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Comentarios 60
Bisho Khan
Bisho Khan Hace 5 horas
The song is lit 🔥 I was enjoying it til.....Why is Kylie a part of this song?! the karjenner clan ain’t done good for no one but themselves 😒
Elaine Alves de lima
Kylie Jenner maravilhosas as♥️
Lo La
Lo La Hace 5 horas
Yall need to replace ugly kylie with Black Chyna
Life as cece !
Life as cece ! Hace 5 horas
Y’all talking about Kylie but look at cardi hair when Kylie walked in😩💕!!
EYES Hace 5 horas
The fact that they got other famous people and singers in this is just **WAW**
IvanYvienen Hace 5 horas
Nobody: LA ROSALÍA 😦😦😦😍
liseth salazar
liseth salazar Hace 5 horas
Waoo! solo puedo decir Waoo! Diosas
B-Actions Hace 5 horas
make sure you all go check out my reaction to this!!
Lord Zeus
Lord Zeus Hace 5 horas
Never realised I could go 4 minutes and 12 seconds without blinking.
liliana medina
liliana medina Hace 5 horas
Ouaili Lydia
Ouaili Lydia Hace 5 horas
Clip vulgaire c'est choquant et réducteur pour la femme ça influence les adolescents je ne comprends pas comment you tube autorise ça
serenaxolol Hace 5 horas
Kylie be like RiSe AnD sHiNe
Laura F Gold
Laura F Gold Hace 5 horas
Love it 😍
Jose Melendez
Jose Melendez Hace 5 horas
Meagan killed this....better than cardi
Lou Lou Townsend
Lou Lou Townsend Hace 5 horas
Hold on am I a lesbian my gawd 😍
Федор Колесник
Ну как, кто здесь ради сисек?
Atticus McFly
Atticus McFly Hace 5 horas
Ida Smalls
Ida Smalls Hace 5 horas
This is wak !
Roberto Cazarin
Roberto Cazarin Hace 5 horas
La rosalìa presenteeee eso matadoraaa!!!
collin marchand
collin marchand Hace 5 horas
Typically nasty and disgusting Don't follow the whores of mystery Babylon
Eduardo Trespalacio
Eduardo Trespalacio Hace 5 horas
Like si viste a rosalia
John Doe
John Doe Hace 5 horas
I don't understand the appeal.
marg hearts
marg hearts Hace 5 horas
bruh lowkey, people on tiktok hating for what? this song is kind of dry than her other songs imo but y’all hating for what?
Jennifer S
Jennifer S Hace 5 horas
LOL 😆 so incredibly awful I couldn't listen or watch the whole thing... no talent, just implants and annoying voices!
Vatsala dessy
Vatsala dessy Hace 5 horas
P. Michael
P. Michael Hace 5 horas
Caccona cacca
Ahmed Farah
Ahmed Farah Hace 5 horas
Dont lie like if you have been afan of cardi b before 2020
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie Hace 5 horas
Let me get this straight please So Normani is Megan's daughter, sister or what please help 😂
Sakina Azieva
Sakina Azieva Hace 5 horas
sosii100 Hace 5 horas
Like why always music video with asses & naked body gets a lot of views ? like why ?
Araceli Aguirre
Araceli Aguirre Hace 5 horas
I thought she was gonna say “raise and shine” 😂😂😂
BLVCK Hace 5 horas
1:47 who?
Dena Love Dalt
Dena Love Dalt Hace 5 horas
I got so excited when I saw Normani, I was like GET ITTTTTT
Stefan Holmes
Stefan Holmes Hace 5 horas
A random person that likes this will be a billionaire someday
Taylor Samariya
Taylor Samariya Hace 5 horas
Tbh KYLIE and NORMANI were the best parts
Hitein Rao
Hitein Rao Hace 5 horas
Get rid of Kylie Jenner
Noah Giggee
Noah Giggee Hace 5 horas
Welp! There’s some whores in that house
Arian Sharifi
Arian Sharifi Hace 5 horas
What if my mama find my search history?😂❤
Wellington nobody
Wellington nobody Hace 5 horas
Chamaram minha ex pra participar na parte que elas estão deitadas no chão, que de tudo certo pra ela. Fiz uma paródia do SIDOKA da música QUADRO da uma olhada lá quando terminar de ouvir esse som. 💣💥
Dead Soul
Dead Soul Hace 5 horas
Why the hell kylie is here , it was sogkld until she came
Kxng Thought
Kxng Thought Hace 5 horas
Almost busted a nut watching this😂😂😂 had to hurry and turn it off smh
Swarna Shrivastava
Swarna Shrivastava Hace 5 horas
Hail fort queen Kylie 🔥
LifeOfCarly Hace 5 horas
1 milli views every hour. Yass queen
Ofthe Consortium
Ofthe Consortium Hace 5 horas
This video is literally getting 1 Million views per hour!
gus terrell
gus terrell Hace 5 horas
Bitch yaaaaas
Daddy Chili
Daddy Chili Hace 5 horas
Was that rubi rose-
Niah Imani
Niah Imani Hace 5 horas
I thought Kylie was finna rap
Tree of Life
Tree of Life Hace 5 horas
offset be like damnnnnn
Laquell Adore
Laquell Adore Hace 5 horas
And this is what our children is watching and listening to wow right on parents keep up the good work
Awk Boyy
Awk Boyy Hace 5 horas
*B I N O D*
Luciano Rodrigues
Luciano Rodrigues Hace 5 horas
i want hisokas kids in my mouth
Cardi made there outfits shitter than hers and there cute but still Megan could’ve gotta better outfit for the white lion part
#time with Princess
#time with Princess Hace 5 horas
It’s the video for meee ❤️❤️
Nia B
Nia B Hace 5 horas
kylie jenner to the foyer 🗣🗣
Aidan O'Neil
Aidan O'Neil Hace 5 horas
Meg yet again carries the whole song
hehe YEap
hehe YEap Hace 5 horas
something cool
something cool Hace 5 horas
saweetie should’ve been in this instead of kylie 💯
Cazz Cazz
Cazz Cazz Hace 5 horas
Very entertaining video. The song is to strong for my ears. However, they are beautiful young ladys, black young ladys that know all to well about being strong, because they came from a strong women. good luck ladys. Im just not into hearing about fukn a dick and all of that. lol
Lil Henso
Lil Henso Hace 5 horas
Im the only boy to come here for the 808🕺🏾
ATM WISKEY Hace 5 horas
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