Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album, Drake Shades Grammys, Soulja Boy Cancels Gucci | Everyday Struggle

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On Monday’s (Feb. 11) episode of #EverydayStruggle, Nadeska, Wayno and DJ Akademiks open the show recapping the winners and the biggest moments of the 2019 Grammy Awards. The crew pays its respect to the hip-hop winners of the night, including Childish Gambino, Drake, Cardi B and more. The trio also debates whether or not the Grammys got right this year, and end the Grammy discussion talking about Drake’s inspirational acceptance speech that was cut off by the Grammy committee. Later in the episode, Ak and Wayno share their thoughts on the situation 21 Savage’s mom faced while trying to pick up her Grammy tickets. According to 21’s co-manager, Meezy, 21’s mom was being withheld from the tickets to the award show until he sent out a complaint via Twitter that eventually resolved the situation. The crew also provides an update on 21’s case against ICE and his current legal status. After this topic, the crew speaks on the Gucci sweater that trended last week due to its racist imagery, and comment on the actions of T.I. and Soulja Boy, who have stepped forward to boycott the high end Italian brand. To conclude today’s episode, the trio share their thoughts on Tory Lanez’s confrontation with up-and-coming Canadian artist Dax. Apparently Tory was not a fan of Dax’s diss record towards him and pulled up in person to ask for an apology from the unsigned rapper.
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Sean Gray
Sean Gray Hace 7 meses
It’s as simple as this. Cardi doesn’t write her own lyrics. Cardi is a pop artist. Hiphop never will accept artists that don’t have a pen game.
Phil B
Phil B Hace 7 meses
Chubb Rock did a song in the 90's called " And the winner is" Talkin about the Grammys. Check it out
Jose Velazquez
Jose Velazquez Hace 8 meses
The Grammys know they fucked up lol shit is a joke
Karl Ditz
Karl Ditz Hace 8 meses
Rappers driving around with gun and none of them shoot anyone....
Karl Ditz
Karl Ditz Hace 8 meses
A light skin dude from canada cant talk about a nigga from compton...
Karl Ditz
Karl Ditz Hace 8 meses
Best celeb album...that shit isnt the best rap album and the world knows it.
JVX Hace 8 meses
It's about who made the labels and Corps the most money. Period. I don't even know why Pusha T got a nom. Who's dyk did he suck for that? Fk a Pusha T. Theres ppl in the hood with more talent than him and no recognition. Fk outtaa here.
Karim Murphy
Karim Murphy Hace 8 meses
Rip young greatness 😪
Nasir Robinson
Nasir Robinson Hace 8 meses
Stop cutting wayno off everytime he starts saying some real shit
Hemi Lyfestyle
Hemi Lyfestyle Hace 8 meses
That's crazy as hell Niki Never Won a grammy but this ho cardi did. Put respect on NIKI name, that bitch can rap, no 🧢🧢
That Foo Jay
That Foo Jay Hace 8 meses
Wayno always giving the "benefit of the doubt" Pick a side mufucka this is a debate show, stand on yo shit
NO ID Hace 8 meses
Nadeska, I'm definitely finna nut in that mouth. DM me. Facts.
DJ SEVENTEEN Hace 8 meses
This whoooole episode is humbling #Everydaystruggle
Get into It
Get into It Hace 8 meses
People that say "oh I don't know if it will materialize" speaking of the boycotts, people always say this and say that. Why can't you worry about you and not want to support a brand that don't support you. It comes down to the prestige of being attached to whiteness (ie money)
KUBBZMUZIK - Download Beats Instrumental
🎙 Depuis combien de temps suivez vous cet artiste ? 👇
Eric Olvera
Eric Olvera Hace 8 meses
travis deserved it
BigKingZeus 92
BigKingZeus 92 Hace 8 meses
Niggas ack said “it’s like a girl u mistreat u you always comeback” and wayno said” idk bout that that sounds personal” lmao 😂
ChildlikeEmpressTV Hace 8 meses
The Fresh Prince won the first rap Grammy ever. It's been downhill ever since. They're clearly listening to different things. With that said, out of all the nominees, I bopped Invasion of Privacy more than any of the other albums nominated. Congrats Cardi. Women win.
Jay Rude
Jay Rude Hace 8 meses
Wanyo must be fuccin Jroc nipsey and pusha...tha topic can be about flowers he some how fit them in the topic...shit sad lmaoooo...
Ronald Brown
Ronald Brown Hace 8 meses
I feel offended / I have a CLA 🤣
Christina Dodson
Christina Dodson Hace 8 meses
I think Drake does care about the Grammy because he still submitting his work it's just like for the people who didn't win he wants them to be happy too. I didn't expect Cardi to win this award but I'm happy she won something because her album was good to me. But it's just not the same as a nipsey hustle or j rock album they were hard and hers was more pop rap so u can't really compare they not the same style
jimmymcnulty789 Hace 8 meses
travis scotts new album is horrible daytona is actually good
jimmymcnulty789 Hace 8 meses
next grammy win will be that horrible song about bananas falling on you so get ready
jimmymcnulty789 Hace 8 meses
drake fucking sucks
Dad Isn’t Mad
Dad Isn’t Mad Hace 8 meses
Gucci makes white face sweater. The blacks are angry for not making black face sweater and cries discrimination. SMH
Gdoeniro ClipperGod
Gdoeniro ClipperGod Hace 8 meses
Victory Lap best album of the year period 💯💪🏾💪🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Hugo Goodsell
Hugo Goodsell Hace 8 meses
why didnt ak talk bout fashionnova
Sizwe Moyo
Sizwe Moyo Hace 8 meses
Check out my dope podcast... repping for South Africa esvid.net/show-UCAisfc7HCyQUSygROpamo6A
Fly Motives
Fly Motives Hace 8 meses
DMX went platinum twice in one year didn't he?
HipHopand Her
HipHopand Her Hace 8 meses
Salute all the winners 🏆 however Ak had a great point about Cardi and best rap album. Its like popularity vs the art. Check my 📹
GHDiva Hace 8 meses
Wayne is just too much of a c**n to get it. Black people shouldn’t care about winning a Grammy!!! PERIOD
Damian x
Damian x Hace 8 meses
Wayno trash ! Never speaks the truth ! Onless he don't fuck with the artist fake as hell never speaks bad certain artists & thats why he will always be a poor man's joe budden ! & always got a story for every situation 🤣🤣🤣 someone's lyin
YUNGRISHI Hace 8 meses
"fuck that shit" -Wayno
Teech Hace 8 meses
did he just say rapping is an opinion base sport?
Aveia Woodson
Aveia Woodson Hace 8 meses
Kayne wins Grammy everyone is happy. Cardi wins everyone is mad that she has help 😂. Kanye has Grammy winners that help him write 😁😂 flip flop ass people
-Sir WESLEE- Hace 8 meses
Just wanna say Floyd Mayweather forever a clown for that stunt he pulled, don't care if he win 50 more fights his character is terrible and got straight Yes Men around him
Lol wilidin in the tightest dress- cardi- I love it ✨
-Sir WESLEE- Hace 8 meses
*No hate on Cardi winning, but in no way was her album better than Victory Lap and DAYTONA like foh.....but congrats to her tho the price just went up even more on their asses*
Disciple Deshun
Disciple Deshun Hace 8 meses
(15:37) "Man, Kanye, take off your M.A.G.A hat and start snatching the mic again, and say who deserves these awards Bro"... (LOL)
Disciple Deshun
Disciple Deshun Hace 8 meses
(15:37) "Man, Kanye, take off your M.A.G.A hat and start who deserves these awards Bro"... (LOL)
Disciple Deshun
Disciple Deshun Hace 8 meses
Album of the Year, Yes, Cardi B. Because it really is a good album. Now, when it comes to Rap Album: Should of been 1st Pusha T "Daytona", 2nd Nipsey Hussle
kasheen lee
kasheen lee Hace 8 meses
Wayno gotta be careful talking bout shape shifting they watching
yocampout Hace 8 meses
I'm wit Wayno on brands. I buy quality. I do like Raybans but clothes? Bags? To impress and incite jealously? Nah. I can make anything look good. I try to invest my little coins
theboulkev23 -
theboulkev23 - Hace 8 meses
alicia keys can GET IT
Florida-carolina boi
J.cole k.o.d & Big K.R.I.T 4eva is a mighty longtime shouldve won the grammy for rap album of the year. Jay rock- redemption & lupe fiasco-drogus wave, shouldve been nominated. I dont have a problem with invasion of privacy being nominated due to its hits, album sales and popularity. But shouldn't of won. In the 90s, they used to give it to artist like naughty by nature and the fugees and stuff. Wasnt always the most popular albums. Those albums were up against 2pac, snoop,bone thugs etc. Victory lap and daytona and astroworld were all better as well lyrically and full length album. But also artist like nas- it was written & aquemini werent even nominated too. So the Grammys has a long history of getting it wrong! When it comes to the rap category. Need more hip hop purists! Who actually grew up and know the culture as the panel! That's just how I feel as a person who eats,sleeps & lives rap, for 25 years!
Dandre Lewis
Dandre Lewis Hace 8 meses
I'm Still Heated About K.Dot Not Winning Grammy for Good Kid Maad City. MACKLEMORE REALLY NIGGA NEVER FORGET. ....
Brian Zvaita
Brian Zvaita Hace 8 meses
All the other legends timezone wasn't supportive, LUCKY Cardi's has both 'Me Too Movement' and 'Black Lives Matters' under her sleeves, so this doesn't discredits all the legends, just that timing wasn't supportive and amongst the nominees for the Rap Album, Cardi was more popular, we only know more of her material down here in Africa, just that shows how impactful/influential she was and is...
Jesi Awesome
Jesi Awesome Hace 8 meses
Gillah Ville
Gillah Ville Hace 8 meses
This character is talking about folks not from the culture and giving keys to uninsured driver. That's him.🤣
Frank Nino Tv
Frank Nino Tv Hace 8 meses
Check out the reaction on the page I go in deep and Watch this segment on scru on viralhiphopnews esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-RmmkQ9gfWtY.html
Wesley Green
Wesley Green Hace 8 meses
RAP IS OFFICIALLY DEAD...How Cardi b won best album award is a mystery to me.Looks like real talent don't matter in rap anymore.
Mr NoFilter
Mr NoFilter Hace 8 meses
DJ AK you told on 21. I have my proof😎
Gillah Ville
Gillah Ville Hace 8 meses
The word art shouldn't fly out of this character aks face.
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Hace 8 meses
lit ep.
Starr Williams
Starr Williams Hace 8 meses
Fuad Ahmed
Fuad Ahmed Hace 8 meses
Everybody scared and kissing ass. Reality check for y'all pussies kissing her ass. Strippers are winning Grammys? It's wild in the hip hop industry Fr Fr. We just fucked
West Diamond
West Diamond Hace 8 meses
her win diminishes the value of "best rap album" when the heavy weights aren't winning. this shows the voting system is flawed, Macklemore over Kendrick, cardi over pusha?? i guess its still good to be recognized, but we need to stop looking at the grammies like they're the top authority of music.
Shayla Hace 8 meses
I loved her album
J Carson
J Carson Hace 8 meses
No way that Cardi should've won Best Rap Album over Nipsey Hussle!
Shun S.
Shun S. Hace 8 meses
It took 3 mos to record a referenced album. There wasn’t anything on IOP that garnered 8hrs a night in the studio. I’m sorry but it’s an insult to the genre. I would give s song for the win, but not an album. No one has IOP on repeat nor will listen to it 5 yrs from now 🤷🏽‍♀️.
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