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Footage from South Park Season 14 Episode 3. Cartman's favorite restaurant (KFC) shuts down, and its replacement is a store that sells medicinal marijuana.. High Definition, High Quality. Entertainment/Comedy. HD 1080p "Medicinal Fried Chicken" is the third episode of the fourteenth season of the American animated television series South Park, and the 198th episode of the series overall. It originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on March 31, 2010. In the episode, the South Park KFC is replaced by a medical marijuana dispensary, and Cartman gets involved in black market selling the KFC chicken. Meanwhile, Randy Marsh gets a medical referral for marijuana by giving himself testicular cancer, which makes his testicles grow to grotesquely huge proportions.
All rights to Comedy Central as well as Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

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South Park Films
South Park Films Hace 2 meses
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KALUS DJ Hace un mes
The Kentucky fried Cartel🤣
G O D Hace un mes
Shut up you shifty jew
Bobby Hace un mes
South Park Films South Park Films 2019(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Monaco!!) 🔥🔥👀🇲🇨🇲🇨👈👍👍 💯 •• “human rights” 🔥🔥👀🇲🇨🇵🇱🇲🇨👈👍👍💯💯💯 •• “Respect and dignity, 2019?”
Youp Koopman
Youp Koopman Hace un mes
The start of the fcking car ride 😂😂
Robert Torres
Robert Torres Hace un mes
(1:30) My Reaction To My Shows Being Cancelled:
j.kedisi Hace un mes
KFC sucks dick churches is way better, KFC taste like soggy taint dick
ipalicad gpr
ipalicad gpr Hace un mes
You poor bastard
Julius YT
Julius YT Hace un mes
The basement probably smells like gravy and grease
Seth Watters
Seth Watters Hace un mes
I like it when concoel hung tommy and cartman just laugh😂
Whispering Jack
Whispering Jack Hace un mes
"Yeh iz kewl" 😂
THE DISASTER 4 Hace un mes
If KFC was illegal in my state I oughta go to the town hall and argue with them for 23 hours till their head is spinning.
Moses Morales
Moses Morales Hace un mes
I work at KFC
mehrab hossain jarif
Scarface south park edition
Estevanthe2nd Hace un mes
Me when school starts on Monday 1:30
giovanni sarcone
giovanni sarcone Hace un mes
i will tell you one thing dont fuck me eric
Swaffy - topic
Swaffy - topic Hace un mes
He's hit rock bottom
Preditor_Gaming Hace un mes
4:50 he sucks the skin with his nose 5:05 the skin is back
Extreme Gamer
Extreme Gamer Hace un mes
This is why you should never let Cartman join your organization because he will take advantege later on
Aaliyah Petronella mupure
1:18 “move aside”
That Scottish geek
That Scottish geek Hace un mes
Fuck the pope
Mr. tantacion
Mr. tantacion Hace un mes
I'am french la prochaine fois verser version française
Mr. tantacion
Mr. tantacion Hace un mes
or and the KFC
Mr. tantacion
Mr. tantacion Hace un mes
Why Cartman 😅
Mina Ofray
Mina Ofray Hace un mes
Scarface (1983).
Isaac Solis
Isaac Solis Hace un mes
And now I'm going to look up Scarface!
Dee Day
Dee Day Hace un mes
I forget the season, but there waa an episode where one of the moms bought a bucket of kfc, but they all had to help wit the groceries first. Cartman went in the kitchen and ate ALL the skin off all the chicken😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Johnny Charisma
Johnny Charisma Hace un mes
5:08-5:11 and thus the legend of Billy Butcher was born
Jace Hawkins
Jace Hawkins Hace un mes
I'm surprised he didn't just have his mom drive him out of state for KFC.
T_rbo Hace un mes
moblacker Hace un mes
Dont forget beyond KFC he used to make a vegan eat chicken lol🤣😂
AbsoluteMadDog™ Hace un mes
Mommy noooo! *show ends*
Joshua lara
Joshua lara Hace un mes
If I could say something to Eric I would say Do a neck reveal
Marco Gonzalez
Marco Gonzalez Hace un mes
I hate this show
a n g e l x c x
a n g e l x c x Hace un mes
How to watch ur fav episodes in 5 mins
Mc Ren
Mc Ren Hace un mes
This show is so trash now. You cant just make sick sex jokes and say profanity and expect to have a good show. You have to actually be creative.
Summer Paul
Summer Paul Hace un mes
Bye bye Billy 😂
Summer Paul
Summer Paul Hace un mes
“Shut up you fucking Jew”
JesusIsGodAlmightySavior GodJesus
Wow the Colonel SWAT'd his own chicken dealers.
Adhm Salmm
Adhm Salmm Hace un mes
All those for kfc? 😂
Breaski daindigo
Breaski daindigo Hace un mes
Me too
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Hace un mes
This was back when KFC was still worth eating. LOL.
Craig Harvey-Gurr
Craig Harvey-Gurr Hace un mes
1:24 - 1:32 😂😂😂😂
VantaViper I
VantaViper I Hace un mes
Chris Church
Chris Church Hace un mes
screw off your crappy squach soap sux ass
•Peace&Quiet• Hace un mes
No one noticed tommy is a refference to gta vice city
Andrew Burley
Andrew Burley Hace un mes
black people everywhere would be rioting if this happened for real.
Mia Carbello
Mia Carbello Hace un mes
Churches is pretty good lol
nostalgic wiz
nostalgic wiz Hace un mes
Colonel Sosa and Tony Cartman conducting business lol
Ethan the ice cream man
bunnyblood Hace un mes
Girls in the cafeteria: Eww!! Chicken grease clogs my pores! Boys in the Cafeteria: 4:49
No Wifi
No Wifi Hace un mes
This is based on scarface
26babil26 Hace un mes
i mean who doesnt have a kfc addiction? what kind of bullshit is that?
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Hace un mes
I always wondered if Trey and Matt themselves really love KFC or that they just wanted to do product placement because they had a deal with KFC or something? xD
Thomas Luvera
Thomas Luvera Hace un mes
Madvonvanity Hace un mes
well now i crave kfc
I Watson
I Watson Hace un mes
The pope gags were fucking quality!
PC Principal
PC Principal Hace un mes
Cartmann ma boy!
Enjoy! Hace un mes
THAT'S funny shit
RodCornholio Hace un mes
KFC used to taste as good as Popeye's. Yeah, I'm old enough to remember. The smell alone, a block's distance outside the restaurant, was enough to draw people in. Again, I'm old. Some restaurants had a giant rotating "bucket" as outside signage. Unbelievable...but, I'm old. So, the next time you young whippersnappers think you're insulting me by calling me "old", remember...motherfuckers...some parts of my life were better than you'll ever have.
Bella The llama
Bella The llama Hace un mes
Woah there amigo, calm down.
freddie graves
freddie graves Hace un mes
Ok boomer
Lulz For the win
Lulz For the win Hace un mes
OK......yeah, now everything is processed to shit :c and bland :c
Iason Conyers
Iason Conyers Hace un mes
Lol.l church's fried chicken taste like cat shit and then properly said to his mom Fuck you. Lmao. And they killed his mom at the end. Jesus lol
Official Neon Sky
Official Neon Sky Hace un mes
Okay okay i noticed the scarface joke just from the music alone, helicopter secured it for me, lol south park are funny af
Kai Umeda
Kai Umeda Hace un mes
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