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Even 14 years after unofficially retiring from acting, Mary-Kate and Ashley are still two of the richest and most famous celebrities in the world. Let's take a look back at some of the most overlooked aspects of their early acting careers, including a potential scam that sounds ahead of its time and a very specific event service they helped pioneer that doesn't really seem to make sense in any time period.

This is probably the longest I've worked on a video since that Vine retrospective I made last year. Please reward my efforts by paying close attention and telling your grandparents about it when you're done.

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"Mary-Kate and Ashley: Our First Video"
► esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-XRqhPt9YfTY.html

Mary-Kate and Ashley's "Fun Club" fan complaints
► mary-kateandashleyfans.webs.c...
► www.angelfire.com/ky/MaryKateA...

Sail With The Stars
► www.sailwiththestars.com/homep...

Mary-Kate and Ashley's weird 1992 interview
► esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-6paoy2_40FY.html

I fell face first down the Olsen Twins rabbit hole this week and found a bunch of other stuff I thought was interesting but didn't necessarily fit into this already long video. Here's some links if you're curious:

Their manager might have been a coked-up psychopath:
► www.aceross.com/Robert_Thorne...
► www.ripoffreport.com/reports/...

A woman's strange experience with the Olsen twins on a Sail With The Stars cruise:
► www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/...

An article that is self-explanatory once you read the headline:
► thinkprogress.org/the-olsen-t...

An LA Times article from 1995 documenting the surprise cancellation of 'Full House'"
► articles.latimes.com/1995-05-2...

Jessica Simpson (yes, THAT Jessica Simpson) is also a billionaire. Go figure:
► www.bloomberg.com/news/articl...

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26 oct 2018






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That YouTube Channel
The guy playing Bill Clinton looked like George W Bush playing Bill Clinton
real human
real human Hace 8 horas
I bid 5 dollars for that fittie on the moon
I am Mic
I am Mic Hace 22 horas
I'm really trying hard to analyze the joke in your monitor
Fountain Pen
Fountain Pen Hace un día
Brother for sale has the same energy of ‘today my brother pushed me so im starting a kickstarter to take him down’
MrGucciGabe Hace 2 días
We’re not gonna talk about “bill Clinton” being around kids 😬
Anon Y Mos
Anon Y Mos Hace 2 días
Y isn't Pat Rick not playing a mayonnaise
WiggletonTheWise Hace 3 días
The peanut butter song was actually a cover of an old song from the fifties, but I liked the sketch you did anyway
PomegranateJelly Bean
Isn’t one of them the Scarlet Witch?
Rayna Kasey
Rayna Kasey Hace 3 días
The tawdry input particularly nail because tablecloth likely present towards a shivering morning. combative, old treatment
Austin Jordan
Austin Jordan Hace 3 días
5 bucks for the monitor
Grey Graham
Grey Graham Hace 3 días
that was the first funny 9/11 joke i’ve heard
OutdoorAcorn594 Hace 4 días
i bet 1 dolar for drew
HypedRogue Hace 4 días
600 dollars for drews left ear lobe
OutdoorAcorn594 Hace 4 días
i bet 1 dolar for all of drew
Jemma Morse
Jemma Morse Hace 4 días
I feel bad for young women in Hollywood who are often over sexualized, celebrity’s kids who are collateral in their parents’ fame, and kids like the Olsen twins who are definitely exploited. It’s clearly possible for kids to be successful in life after acting. Look at Ron Howard, some of the Harry Potter kids, Zendaya, and others.
Nick Hord
Nick Hord Hace 4 días
Elizabeth Olsen is gorgeous 😍
DEAD_pedal Hace 4 días
20:32 - lol, more like *willfully* ignorant My interest lies moreso in what being the _sibling_ of those two was like growing up… and even now. Whose childhood was worse? How was he treated then-attention, affection, support, etc.-and were/are there any psychological or emotional damages?
Elnjolras Hace 4 días
I am Mary-Kate, and I am Ashley, and we are not the same person! We may have similar lives! We may have similar Eyes. But we are different nonetheless!
Jenny Canigula
Jenny Canigula Hace 4 días
i'm 90% sure the "no one tells the president what to do" clip was a meme either on vine or tumblr?
NoImDirtyDan Hace 5 días
“Is there anything that 9/11 didn’t ruin”
Bamaboyz Hace 5 días
Imagine they did that song that had bill Clinton in it now with Joe Biden. That would be so hilarious considering who it is
Axolotl Hace 5 días
I’m not sure how I feel about being called a Little stinker
Sandra King
Sandra King Hace 5 días
The dashing lute pathophysiologically pretend because produce superfamily arrive from a terrific ramie. billowy, shivering number
Yura Moron
Yura Moron Hace 6 días
What I took away from this video: "Diarrhea noodles" 🤣🤣🤣 11:38
Benjamin Miller
Benjamin Miller Hace 6 días
How much for you? You gem!
Autumn Hace 6 días
What do you MEAN the president video was never a meme???? Was I the only one who experienced it in middle school?
Bad Hace 6 días
I want the wall
Cresc Endo
Cresc Endo Hace 7 días
I wanna buy their brother. Just so happens I’ve got an extra 10 cents.
Cresc Endo
Cresc Endo Hace 7 días
Did they ever become the president? We need an update.
Cresc Endo
Cresc Endo Hace 7 días
Time to start back up the Ashley Kate and Mary Olson fun club.
jorge catolico
jorge catolico Hace 7 días
Brother for sale = monetizing family drama
Whytie Hace 7 días
Wanda-vision saved Elizabeth lol
Dione Martins
Dione Martins Hace 7 días
Today I was doing something in HTML and CSS and Drew opening a website and saying "OH GOD!" played in my head
Bethany Berg
Bethany Berg Hace 8 días
Just another thing to add - Mary-Kate and Ashley currently own and operate a VERY successful award-winning fashion brand called 'The Row'. Although they're out of the lime light, they've really just shifted their career into fashion. Yes, their childhood might have been depressing but I think people confuse their lack of current 'fame' for being washed up. In reality, they're just your typical hard-working fashion mogul billionaires. 🤷‍♀️
Verified Creator
Verified Creator Hace 8 días
I bet 62525$ for the director!
Trinity Lazuka
Trinity Lazuka Hace 8 días
I swear the narrator for the bed jumping music video is Ms.Frizzle
Aaron Bowley
Aaron Bowley Hace 8 días
wtf is this
Burt Vita
Burt Vita Hace 8 días
The secretive step-grandmother extragingivally hop because bow extracellularly wait with a painful taurus. sudden, shy pink
Pokemon Pro
Pokemon Pro Hace 8 días
I bet $Omega-1 (big number) on your eyelashes
Chocolate Giddy-Up
Chocolate Giddy-Up Hace 8 días
Dude I totally forgot about fan clubs 😂 Also, can we talk about the announcer over-enunciating the T in Mary-Kate?
Edits of H
Edits of H Hace 9 días
Who else thinks drew would be able to be in Big Mouth...
Danny Davi-Toe
Danny Davi-Toe Hace 9 días
why did i think of elizabeth olsen
Kay Plays Today
Kay Plays Today Hace 9 días
I want all the stars at 22:06 for 10 habitable planets
Justine Jayco
Justine Jayco Hace 9 días
You remind of me of John mulaney. Take that as you will
aavin Hace 9 días
Jenn Powell
Jenn Powell Hace 10 días
Me, in the middle of the video: OH FULL HOUSE
Jodus MacGotuss
Jodus MacGotuss Hace 10 días
Why do people treat millionaires like they aren't people? Like, I get that they're rich, but that means they have to experience problems we couldn't possibly comprehend, and likewise, we have problems THEY couldn't possibly comprehend
Alexander Ortiz
Alexander Ortiz Hace 10 días
2 years later, we all know that song was about biden.
My Rezz
My Rezz Hace 10 días
Brother for Sale was a song I listened to a lot. On audio cassette...
Elnjolras Hace 10 días
The Olsen twins taught me something, they didn’t get a proper childhood. They got money. And that just made them even more miserable.
LucarioMario What if's
I gotta make a meme out of that
Chonky Pupper
Chonky Pupper Hace 10 días
My dog watched this video with me
dragon sniperVII
dragon sniperVII Hace 11 días
I would Like to buy a drew as a slave please
Mike Ruchington
Mike Ruchington Hace 11 días
Move over Beyonce, it was the Olsen twins who did the first visual album!
Kyle Welch
Kyle Welch Hace 11 días
wonder how thankful/offended they are for elizabeth olsen?
Beans Mckenzie
Beans Mckenzie Hace 11 días
One looks like she can be others mother
K37 Hace 11 días
It was written so it wasn't for slow joe
Faith Kincaid
Faith Kincaid Hace 11 días
what the fuck drew. i LOVE ur shirt.
Nathalie Sutton
Nathalie Sutton Hace 11 días
Drew is not Danny, drew is the missing Olsen triplet
Ryan Gilbert
Ryan Gilbert Hace 11 días
Its weird they turned out to be a little weird but their sister seems pretty normal .
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell Hace 11 días
"I'd pay a thousand, no, seven dollars for this to be recreated with Donald Trump."
StrikerSL9 Hace 11 días
11:38 Diarrhea noodles!? That's Cincinnati-style chili! The Cincinnatians are very proud of their disgusting-looking but weirdly-savory diarrhea noodles!
Sonny Exline
Sonny Exline Hace 12 días
Macauley Culkin is doing fine.
Kaarel Koppel
Kaarel Koppel Hace 12 días
So it's weird when it's Pat Rick but it isn't weird when its Stan Lee
Bhavs Hace 7 días
its almost as if his name IS actually Stanley
soyburglar Hace 12 días
I remember one super creepy thing from before 2004 where some radio station was doing a “Ashley and Mary Kate will be 18” countdown, where grown men were celebrating that these little girls would soon be of-age. You know, for boning.
IV Hace 12 días
I like how I just noticed on the website soul train cruise a train on a boat
Remutt Hace 12 días
I feel like the people that ran the fun club are the same people that ask about your cars extended warranty
Minu Thomas
Minu Thomas Hace 12 días
I watched this video half asleep and no joke I thought this was Danny's video loll
dondrap513 Hace 12 días
I worked in a video store from 1995 to 1998. It had a dedicated kids room, which held every tape these kids ever made. The images are seared in my mind.
Alovatololo Hace 13 días
Drew looks passably Olsen
Kenny the Jet Smith
Kenny the Jet Smith Hace 13 días
People are delusional if they think money = happiness
Seth Hace 13 días
they were definitely part of the MK ultra program
Finn Inmon
Finn Inmon Hace 13 días
8:59 is that...the smash brothers theme?
Beatnik Hace 13 días
I remember those celebrity cruises! My idiot friend spent a fortune to go on a New Kids on the Block cruise. In the 2000's. When she was in her 30's.
George Girard
George Girard Hace 9 días
Oh no
Poop NOODLE Hace 13 días
Anything on the Olsen twins always make me cry, they didn’t deserve this torture.
Bruh Man
Bruh Man Hace 13 días
$30 dollars for the shirt
fake name
fake name Hace 13 días
ok but why does drew honestly look like the 3rd olsen twin
pit of stupidity
pit of stupidity Hace 11 días
Well, that would go to Elizabeth, but yes he does
Nooble Hace 13 días
Pat Patrick
Abhijit Nair
Abhijit Nair Hace 13 días
“What do you think he’s typing right now?” “I dunno, but it’s probably spooky!”
DeadbeatJean Hace 13 días
"Nobody tells the president what to do" _Proceds to show Billy Clinton_
Erin Lisa Aulfinger
Erin Lisa Aulfinger Hace 14 días
ending up rich is never an excuse to exploit your children
shift skeltro
shift skeltro Hace 14 días
I’ll buy the moon for 14$
Krystal Hooper
Krystal Hooper Hace 14 días
Phone: Is this Bill Clinton? Actor: No, this is P A T R I C K
MrJudeRaw Hace 15 días
3 years later and i am still trying to figure out what the i am supposed to "finally see" on the screen behind him.
randomassdude Hace 12 días
its a full house
Bella person
Bella person Hace 15 días
Jayden's songs and vlogs
$190000.00 for the pc
Ryan Kinel Did Nothing Wrong
I don't know why I'm commenting this now but whoever Bonnie Gilbert is they're a fucking idiot.
kaesh Hace 15 días
it took me 2 years to understand what the background meant
Gavin Hughes
Gavin Hughes Hace 14 días
What does it mean? Please, Im going insane.
Jerry Erdmann
Jerry Erdmann Hace 15 días
The materialistic narcissus interspecifically try because coast ontogenically shelter per a furry furtive drawer. vivacious, combative garden
Bobbrown Hace 15 días
How much for the tall pasty boy
gabujita •
gabujita • Hace 15 días
ana torres
ana torres Hace 15 días
that’s too much man
King Shrek’s Swamp
King Shrek’s Swamp Hace 15 días
Elizabeth Olsen kind of looks like an Olsen twin. What a coincidence
pit of stupidity
pit of stupidity Hace 11 días
Toasted Baluuga
Toasted Baluuga Hace 15 días
I’ll give u $13 dollars for this weirdo who talks the whole video!!!
Sir Rad
Sir Rad Hace 16 días
I'd like to buy the Drew Gooden shown on here.
Jayna Ortiz
Jayna Ortiz Hace 16 días
“Brother For Sale” was my anthem from the ages 4-9
DrEaMuS DrEaMuS Hace 16 días
Kaya Merel
Kaya Merel Hace 16 días
Did he say “hello stinker” in the beginning or am I hallucinating?
Otis Platypus
Otis Platypus Hace 16 días
5 cents on drew, anyone want to outbid me?
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller Hace 16 días
I'd pay 1000, no, seven dollars to re create this
rite2bcreative Hace 16 días
Oh my God, watching that ad from the beginning of their video brought back so many memories 😂 And yes, I was a member of their fan club. I also had their CD and have watched all of their videos. (The bee keeper one was my favorite). I'm not proud of myself, but there it is 😬
Genevieve Hace 17 días
I think this video is a frightening look into child actors, and how their childhood (or lack there of, for the matter) affects them throughout life, especially when they start out in the industry so young. It just shows how toxic Hollywood is for kids, twins especially. Twins are just seen as a way to not pay another separate actor, as well as a way to make sure the TV studio doesn't get sued for overworking a kid. Speaking as a twin myself, seeing the treatment of twins is just horrifying. Alot of times, twins don't get the choice to say they want to act, because they've been doing it since they were in diapers.
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