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Happy Chinese New Year!! Celebrating the year of the dog!! From Britain's Got Talent to America's Got Talent, watch all the amazing top dogs tricks auditions and performances right here on Got Talent Global. What was the cutest dog performance for you?? Let us know in the comments below.
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16 feb 2018

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The Suahujr Beast
The Suahujr Beast Hace 21 un hora
My dog is better, he can eat he’s own poop and run after a bird
patrick Rouillere
patrick Rouillere Hace un día
Trop chou miss Wendy♥♡
patrick Rouillere
patrick Rouillere Hace un día
J'adore dog :oui
Be vegetarian
Be vegetarian Hace 2 días
is the speaking dog fake?
Wahiba Wahiba
Wahiba Wahiba Hace 3 días
There is no way that dogs can talk
Nicole Thompson
Nicole Thompson Hace 3 días
5:50 I know that song. The name of the song is Pie Jesu
Juan Jimenez
Juan Jimenez Hace 3 días
Que risaaaaaaaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
KibaMillers Hace 4 días
The 2nd one of the talking dog seems fishy to me
Rebecca Alvarado
Rebecca Alvarado Hace 5 días
i like dogs and birds
Adrane Costa
Adrane Costa Hace 5 días
Mesmo eles sendo tão difícil conseguem fazer esses talentos
Zuzia Chudzik
Zuzia Chudzik Hace 5 días
o my got sweet cute and genius
Salvadora albuen
Salvadora albuen Hace 6 días
I love it😍😍😘
Peyton Bearden
Peyton Bearden Hace 6 días
I love all of these dogs with all of my heart💗💖💕💓💜💛💚💙❤💋💋 i really do i am such a dog lover i love all of these dogs with all of my heart💗💖💕💓💜💛💚💙❤💋💋💋 i love these dog acts
Caröl Vitoria
Caröl Vitoria Hace 6 días
Um destes cachorros me lembraram o meu cachorro que morreu
Matapex Hace 6 días
So good 😱😱😱😆😆
Miguel Bordalo
Miguel Bordalo Hace 6 días
Hannah Low
Hannah Low Hace 6 días
“A no from Mel, Boo!”
Anish Kumar
Anish Kumar Hace 7 días
When thieves come to our home. Dogs:woof !woof! Cats: runs away Dogs are the best
Alexis Licht
Alexis Licht Hace 7 días
barbara F
barbara F Hace 8 días
would watch more but it was to long but I liked the 1st 4th and 7th and the dog catcher when they were friends
Nightmare Wolfs_17
Nightmare Wolfs_17 Hace 8 días
Since when did dogs know what numbers are? Edit: how does the dog hypnotize people
Mbombo Maleka
Mbombo Maleka Hace 8 días
Jose Luis Villabrille
que monoooo
Cassandra Brown
Cassandra Brown Hace 10 días
When she about cry i was about to cry
arman radji
arman radji Hace 10 días
Stuart Bell
Stuart Bell Hace 10 días
I love dogs
Brandon b woods
Brandon b woods Hace 10 días
Most if the time when u see a dog walking on 2 legs it means there abused to do it, i dont think so on here, just saying
Thinh Nguyen Hong
Thinh Nguyen Hong Hace 10 días
Francesco Rosano
Francesco Rosano Hace 10 días
Uau fantastico
Francesco Rosano
Francesco Rosano Hace 10 días
Aurora Lung
Aurora Lung Hace 11 días
can ANYONE explain the talking dog??
Catherine Gomez
Catherine Gomez Hace 11 días
Woooow all the dogs have talent and I like the one thr jump on the circle cooolllll
Penpen Alconaba
Penpen Alconaba Hace 11 días
Unicórnio Games
Unicórnio Games Hace 12 días
Gass Mega
Gass Mega Hace 12 días
You Got talente Hor amei gente
Joy De castro
Joy De castro Hace 15 días
Im a year of the dogg im proud iduno why
Cringe Camp
Cringe Camp Hace 16 días
That hypnotize one looked fake the way they fell and when she said,"When you count," one of the people moved their head
Faith cookie cutter
Faith cookie cutter Hace 16 días
That shizua
Faith cookie cutter
Faith cookie cutter Hace 16 días
Faith cookie cutter
Faith cookie cutter Hace 16 días
Faith cookie cutter
Faith cookie cutter Hace 16 días
Dog fight 🐾🐶🐩🐕🐕🐩🐶🐾🐾🐶🐩🐕🐕🐩🐶🐶🐾🐾🐶🐶🐕🌭🐕🐩🐶🐾🐾🐾🐩🐕🐕🌭🌭🐾🐶🐶🐩🐕🐕🐩🐩🐾🐾🐾🐩🐩🐕🐩🐶🐕🐩🐶🐕🐩🐶🐾🐩
Faith cookie cutter
Faith cookie cutter Hace 16 días
I love you too ❤️💖💗🖤💜💙💝💛🧡💚💌😍🏩💞💕💘💔😻🧡
Faith cookie cutter
Faith cookie cutter Hace 16 días
I love all dogs
Ty Chan
Ty Chan Hace 17 días
Marinalda Assis Ribeiro Bianchini
Oh my God
Silver Play
Silver Play Hace 17 días
otimo video do go talent amei a parte do cachorro falante de mais
Eva Alaev
Eva Alaev Hace 17 días
These dogs deserve the GOLDEN BUZZER
Jackson Ostella
Jackson Ostella Hace 18 días
And the argument is over. dogs are better than cats. PERIOD
Johnny Rojas
Johnny Rojas Hace 18 días
i love it
mini Maja
mini Maja Hace 18 días
BRO HUNT Hace 19 días
And now here's my dog is!!!🤣🤣
Chai Veloria
Chai Veloria Hace 19 días
John Nguyen
John Nguyen Hace 19 días
Dog show
Rubén Tizatl rivera
Rubén Tizatl rivera Hace 21 un día
Sicklez Hace 21 un día
*Savage Twins*
*Savage Twins* Hace 21 un día
this is my first time seeing simon like this he was a tough guy (like it really rough guy) but he says what?? 13:00
Ani Papikian
Ani Papikian Hace 21 un día
Jeff Madsen
Jeff Madsen Hace 21 un día
the first one was so cute it made me cry!!!!
Arlyn Tagadi-ad
Arlyn Tagadi-ad Hace 21 un día
Oh my gosh the first one
Toy Collectors
Toy Collectors Hace 22 días
Vanessa Carrillo
Vanessa Carrillo Hace 22 días
What's ur fav type of dog A)puldles B)piple
Ry Marie Capricorn
Ry Marie Capricorn Hace 22 días
Simon is definitely a dog lover😍
Estefania G
Estefania G Hace 22 días
Wow those dogs are so talented! I wish I had a dog like one of those dogs...😍👍🐶
Tori Clay
Tori Clay Hace 22 días
That so amazing I can’t believe what I just saw unbelievable
Azhraeya Hace 23 días
Sarah is beautiful.
Sophia Reyna
Sophia Reyna Hace 23 días
Haha the talking dog was funny
Monc Chen
Monc Chen Hace 23 días
Opera lady: eeeyaaaayyyyyy Dog: *aawooo awooo awooo* AND THEN THEY WON THE WHOLE SHOW
Hello My People
Hello My People Hace 23 días
Da um trabalhão para treinar o cachorro e não consegue conquistar o botão dorado
Hello My People
Hello My People Hace 23 días
Eles são muito fofos
Sheralle Brissett
Sheralle Brissett Hace 24 días
Their all so freaking funny and adorable😍
Abbey Bevans
Abbey Bevans Hace 24 días
Why was I crying the whole video???
Bree Goodman
Bree Goodman Hace 24 días
this is one of the best things out there!
Emma Kinney
Emma Kinney Hace 24 días
All I gotta say is cute and wowza
Emma Kinney
Emma Kinney Hace 24 días
I cried on the 3rd one just saying
Emma Kinney
Emma Kinney Hace 24 días
Give the 1st dog a golden buzzer!!!!! Oh wow that was incredible and interesting
Annie Arreeratn
Annie Arreeratn Hace 25 días
That dog at the end was giving *EVERYONE* the death stare
Офелия Кузьминых
Я смотрела тик ток а там лисёнок собака сказала мама
petra Nel
petra Nel Hace 26 días
god: so what breed dog? simon: *Y E S*
Musically Unstable
Musically Unstable Hace 26 días
Omg after I watched this my depression went away😂
Gaelpro58YT Hace 26 días
Who’s your favorite judge? Simon Mel B Howie David
petra Nel
petra Nel Hace 26 días
Gaelpro58YT simon mcwoof
Jacqui Ward
Jacqui Ward Hace 27 días
Aubree Aguilar
Aubree Aguilar Hace 27 días
She's like "And what make is Robby?" "Oh yeah he's a 1957 Ford u wanna know what model?" "Nah bro I'm good."
Hatzangah Baite
Hatzangah Baite Hace 27 días
Yes for me
Ratuamanda Malek
Ratuamanda Malek Hace 27 días
My real name is Amanda
Delisa Valentine
Delisa Valentine Hace 27 días
Simon was that actually your your dog
Otaku dz Girl
Otaku dz Girl Hace 27 días
4:16 look at the man 🐸💔
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