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Kathie Lee Gifford (Kristen Wiig), Tom Hanks, Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) and Burt Reynolds (Norm Macdonald) take on Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell) in a new round of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" [Season 34, 2009]
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12 sep 2013

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Comentarios 3 698
YMIINAR Hace 4 horas
I almost peed my pants!
Scott White
Scott White Hace 6 horas
well this did not age well
Eduardo Corrochio
Eduardo Corrochio Hace 6 horas
Okay, Tom Hanks killed in this as a complete dolt, and I lost it at "Catch These Men".
97warlock ismyname
97warlock ismyname Hace 7 horas
Everybody likes Burt Reynolds , That dude was making cool movies back in the 60s even ,
Ian Morris
Ian Morris Hace 10 horas
Still makes me laugh that Burt Reynolds has "Turd Ferguson" as his name when the camera pans out.
yesorlando05 Hace 14 horas
The guys are good, but the gal playing Kathy Lee has to be the worst actress/comedian I've ever seen. So cringe worthy.
Satan'sOnion Hace 2 horas
Oh, you're an idiot my friend.
saihil s
saihil s Hace 15 horas
I laughed till my chest hurt at catch the semen
Riko Saikawa
Riko Saikawa Hace 16 horas
Tom Hanks is funny
cole schubert
cole schubert Hace un día
I like watching stupid people play jeopardy it makes it so much entertaining.
Alfonso Munoz
Alfonso Munoz Hace un día
She's so much more likeable than the real Kathy Lee.
T Hace un día
whoever that bitch was she aint funny
Extreme Yumnam
Extreme Yumnam Hace un día
Kathie Lee sucks 😒
CaelanTysker Hace un día
back when SNL was funny
Aymen bahloul
Aymen bahloul Hace 2 días
this is really not funny... at all.
DomCo Direct
DomCo Direct Hace 2 días
In Living Color was way funnier than this Commie leftie garbage, they made fun of everyone left and right with class on that show.
Christopher Foreman
Christopher Foreman Hace 3 días
It was funny but the kathy part wasnt in fact it was a little annoying.
Christopher Foreman
Christopher Foreman Hace un día
@murrfeeling I don't remember her that well and I get they're supposed to exaggerate but seems like she probably over did it.
murrfeeling Hace un día
So... accurate?
PJTuri Show
PJTuri Show Hace 3 días
5:40 She has a point...
Pål Abrahamsen
Pål Abrahamsen Hace 3 días
She is a walker..a street walker..
Joe Dazey
Joe Dazey Hace 3 días
I have seen a doctor speak in to a lectern mic before, so...
Steve Still
Steve Still Hace 3 días
Who plays Kathie Lee? Was that Jennifer Anniston?
j3wpb Hace 3 días
Only Tom Hanks can call back to a past SNL skit.."Sibilance..Sibilance.." Hilarious.
MrShiffles Hace 4 días
Hammond's "Connery" mama jokes still kill me XD
jack william
jack william Hace 4 días
Sean is the best in this show
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick Hace 4 días
Seriously, how many times have they used "Potent Potables"? Has to be up there
Dre Ray
Dre Ray Hace 4 días
Famous chinamen! LOLOLOLOL
Cj Senanayake
Cj Senanayake Hace 4 días
Wow tom Hanks looks real.
Dave Michael
Dave Michael Hace 4 días
Its luke lirot.. lol
Brandon Wilks
Brandon Wilks Hace 5 días
Gawd that Kathie Lee impression was terrible.
Hank J. Wimbleton
Hank J. Wimbleton Hace 5 días
So... when is the funny stuff supposed to start? edit: oh, its when norm macdonald shows up
icediamonds Hace 5 días
I fell off my bed laughing at this skit XD
jmscoopy Hace 5 días
Hahaha sooooo funny HA HA HA HA HA Ha Ha ha......ha......
Jerry Hace 5 días
Jerry Hace 5 días
Steve_ En
Steve_ En Hace 5 días
Why is Hammonds Connory makeup and wig so shit in this one?
alph adude
alph adude Hace 5 días
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore Hace 5 días
Love the way Connery has no facial expressions.
Paul Russell
Paul Russell Hace 5 días
Gosh. American humour is so funny
Michelle Hunter
Michelle Hunter Hace 5 días
I never found Kristen Wiig funny. What do people see in her?
Lajko 666
Lajko 666 Hace 6 días
If Trump is winning, there will be spaceships with dinosaurs landing. Yes, mr. Hanks, we all know this scatch isn´t an act.
Edward Gaines
Edward Gaines Hace 6 días
5:45 Caught in a plastic bag? Huh? 😂
puttputt524 Hace 6 días
Tom Hanks has so much range as an actor. I’d watch him do stand up comedy.
Dave Hace 7 días
I'm drunk
Helena Durst
Helena Durst Hace 7 días
still one of the best SNL sketches
Doomzdayxx Hace 7 días
Tom hanks and the chick were pointless and unfunny. The rest were hilarious.
David Born
David Born Hace 7 días
So Funny...Burt just shows up..and leaves! Tom Hanks is such a funny physical comedian..
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Dan Vaught
Dan Vaught Hace 7 días
Why did Tom Hanks suddenly become stupid? It's kind of a dumb premise since we all know Tom Hanks is an intelligent person. They should've had him play a dumb character... not made him dumb.
Jaxton Lango
Jaxton Lango Hace 8 días
5:14 Can't argue with that logic
Andy Tay
Andy Tay Hace 8 días
And that grave scene must have been thought up by the creators of Mad. Like one of their fold it back covers. Pure genius.
Sk Kidd
Sk Kidd Hace 8 días
instead of the current unfunny SNL, can they just play all the Celebrity Jeopardy clips over and over?
Greg Tyrone
Greg Tyrone Hace 8 días
Kind of a shitty ending considering Alex's days are numbered :-P
Mr Lewis
Mr Lewis Hace 8 días
super funny.
Maximilian mus
Maximilian mus Hace 8 días
I am sad nobody noticed norm.
ltlocus Hace 9 días
God women arent funny
JCV Christianson
JCV Christianson Hace 9 días
I can remember when SNL was funny.
life in general
life in general Hace 9 días
this show, if you want to call it that, should have been put to sleep decades ago. but Kristen Wiig is hot.
Kim Met
Kim Met Hace 9 días
I cant stand Cathy gifftard or tom pedophile hanks
LordOfTheBuckets! Hace 10 días
I hate Norm Macdonald
doylustheboy Hace 10 días
WTF? Why are people laughing? THIS.IS.TERRIBLE.
Petra J.
Petra J. Hace 10 días
"Burt Reynolds" Wait what?? :D :D
Justin Mays
Justin Mays Hace 10 días
Anybody notice how Trebek skips certain categories cause he knows they're gonna screw it up
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Hace 10 días
I will take “ Catch These Man” for 800 ha ha ha Sean Connery
fuctard Mst3kfan
fuctard Mst3kfan Hace 10 días
5:16 "We can't keep playing if you don't let go of the pickle. That's what yer mother said last night." Classic!🤣👍
Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas Hace 11 días
That was not Funny at all. The only redeeming quality was will Ferrell
1FatHappyBirthday Hace 11 días
They should do a spin off of 007 and have Norm McDonald play the part. How hilarious that would be!
Casey Bradburn
Casey Bradburn Hace 11 días
This is epic 😂😂😂
*Lady Voldemort*
*Lady Voldemort* Hace 12 días
Will Ferrell's clueless Trebek vs Darrell Hammond's witty Connery is one of the funniest skit series on SNL ever. 😂😂😂😂😂
*Lady Voldemort*
*Lady Voldemort* Hace 11 días
@Vee Kay Oooh, I'm going to search for cowbell SNL then, thanks for the info. 😉
Vee Kay
Vee Kay Hace 11 días
This one and Cowbell. Best ever
eric martens
eric martens Hace 12 días
Nailed Kathy Lee
Don Lawson
Don Lawson Hace 12 días
That looks and acts actually as Bert Reynolds.
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Hace 12 días
Oh man I haven't laughed that hard in a long time on sean's wager.
anhidric1 Hace 12 días
Best SNL Jeopardy
Grumpy Hace 12 días
Kristen Wiig’s character ruined, I repeat RUINED, this sketch.
Amna Sher
Amna Sher Hace 11 días
how come
Thermal Chill
Thermal Chill Hace 12 días
Naughty Saun Conerey made me laugh to tears . "Let go of the pickle or we can't play anymore "
Tom Doyle
Tom Doyle Hace 12 días
Norm's Burt Renolds is SPOT ON!!!
murrfeeling Hace un día
In what movie did Burt Reynolds act like that? I mean, the impressions are funny, but almost never too accurate on this skit.
flexibleskedule Hace 13 días
Best Tom Hanks impression I've ever seen.
Lucille Bonds
Lucille Bonds Hace 13 días
4D4plus4is4D8 Hace 13 días
Do you think you have enough videos blocked in my country?
GravityLee Hace 14 días
When 007 said he 69’d his mother you can tell its taking everything in Will not to break character
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
Its right after I had sex with your mother trebek....
Stephen Poole
Stephen Poole Hace 14 días
Tom Hanks isn't a comedic actor. He's not funny.
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