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Charlie Puth - The Way I Am [Official Video]

Charlie Puth
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Rangadhar Nayak
Rangadhar Nayak Hace 3 horas
We all ❤❤❤
Fun World
Fun World Hace 4 horas
Whats that 12k dislike for?? I dont get it
Nathan Schnneyder
Nathan Schnneyder Hace 4 horas
Mel Gomez
Mel Gomez Hace 4 horas
ThatOneBGuy [TOBG]
ThatOneBGuy [TOBG] Hace 4 horas
I had a dream about him he was some how in my house then he went in my room and said I love then I woke up because he threw up in my dream
Vegetto Xeno
Vegetto Xeno Hace 4 horas
*Me encanta 💜* ♡w♡
Ferdinand Nikhla
Ferdinand Nikhla Hace 5 horas
What ever they say but I love Charli puth
Alex Hace 5 horas
0:26 bill wurtz
Emily Hace 5 horas
This look like a 2005 music video
Alec Chambers
Alec Chambers Hace 6 horas
I did a cover.. 🙂
JBfan33 Hace 6 horas
Alec Chambers wow
Fathahurahmad Al Zuhri
the hottest video of Charlie Puth
•Cantele• Hace 8 horas
This music is so crazy!
Portia Castillo
Portia Castillo Hace 8 horas
at the beginning I thought Charlie was a transgendered boy I’m sorry I’ll go home now 😂😂
Joshua Blake
Joshua Blake Hace 8 horas
Favorite song, and I’ve been listening since he released we don’t talk anymore
Jesse Mick
Jesse Mick Hace 8 horas
Lenny M
Lenny M Hace 9 horas
I always get mixed up between Shawn Mendez and Charlie Pith. The way I remember who's who is by putting in my mind that Charlie is better. Haha
Me llaman ReBe
Me llaman ReBe Hace 9 horas
I love this song too thank you Charlie for enlightening me with your music, I love you 😍😍
ThatOneBGuy [TOBG]
ThatOneBGuy [TOBG] Hace 9 horas
Is he drunk?
Lol Me
Lol Me Hace 10 horas
He looks like a model😂😍
Fat Boi
Fat Boi Hace 10 horas
Who’s in love with his hair style. Oml..
Almaas_55 5
Almaas_55 5 Hace 10 horas
Blue Panahon
Blue Panahon Hace 11 horas
Who came here because of Instalok?
Nelida Soto
Nelida Soto Hace 12 horas
Love your new song
Nelida Soto
Nelida Soto Hace 12 horas
Love your song charlie puth😘
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Hace 12 horas
Why does he remind me of Peta from the hunger games 😂
April Crockett
April Crockett Hace 13 horas
I love your muic
April Crockett
April Crockett Hace 4 horas
I love your music
pushp flower
pushp flower Hace 13 horas
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Βασιλικη Πελοπιδα
I love love love this song ♥♥♥
Hardik-J Hace 14 horas
Aanya Churiwala
Aanya Churiwala Hace 15 horas
Guysss smooth criminal vibes... anybody??? (No hate i love him and his songs)
Emir SERTER Hace 15 horas
Charlie needs collab with Meghan Trainor Again!!
mat danger
mat danger Hace 16 horas
Like if Charlie is the best singer
Maria Choy
Maria Choy Hace 16 horas
I looove this song
Camilo Buenante
Camilo Buenante Hace 16 horas
Demasiado seco ✨
Laura Nicole
Laura Nicole Hace 16 horas
His voice 😍 I did an acoustic cover of this song on my channel, check it out!
Just watch iT E
Just watch iT E Hace 16 horas
Charlie Puth hit a like here and to the Video
BTS A.R.M.Y Hace 16 horas
Love your voice ♥_♥
فلسطين هدروس
Love you 😙😍😍
Byanjana Pokharel
Byanjana Pokharel Hace 17 horas
*Who else thinks that this Acoustic version is better than the original song ??*
Danielle Lake
Danielle Lake Hace 17 horas
He looks cute like if you agree
Ana Paula Juliano
Ana Paula Juliano Hace 18 horas
Aquela música maravilhosa que escuto todos os dias love you Charlie Puth 😍😚🇧🇷🇧🇷❤
Johnny Cantuba
Johnny Cantuba Hace 19 horas
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar Hace 19 horas
ILoveOrios Hace 22 horas
His voice🤤😍
shakemoves Hace 22 horas
Lavazza Coffee :P
yo people if you love charlie puth than go to Charlie puth vietnam and listen to his old songs btw you will laugh realllllyyy hard
Siv Ling
Siv Ling Hace 23 horas
I love your song
NDP zero
NDP zero Hace un día
Who loves Charlie? Ans: we all.😊
Brett Gordon
Brett Gordon Hace un día
Love this song I don't even care it's so damn catchy I can't help it
Jackie Tocci
Jackie Tocci Hace un día
I have an insiders view!
Kamrun Nahar
Kamrun Nahar Hace un día
Who is the girl in 0:03
Kael Richmond
Kael Richmond Hace un día
Coming from a boy He looks HOT (I'm not gay though no offense to gay people I just mean that the chicks gonna dig him)
Nine Tails
Nine Tails Hace un día
Yup that the way I am
Irving Alberto
Irving Alberto Hace un día
jeje putos
Kael Richmond
Kael Richmond Hace un día
Crypti_cal Hace un día
the girl at 0:03 looks like taylor from sunny cult family
Kael Richmond
Kael Richmond Hace un día
Free replay button 0:00
MariaClara Barboza
MariaClara Barboza Hace un día
I love you Charlie Puth♥️
Jonathan Oplas
Jonathan Oplas Hace un día
I love Charlie ever💓💓😘😘
Charlie papasito Puth ❤
Maria Choy
Maria Choy Hace un día
This song is boom means amaaaaazzzing
Kael Richmond
Kael Richmond Hace un día
Whoever dislikes this is a h*e and has no soul
PIper Frock
PIper Frock Hace un día
I got a question WHAT IS THIS CHARLIE esvid.net/video/vídeo-NQNV0yJOkX8.html The Pickle Song By Charlie Puth
finolia nice17
finolia nice17 Hace un día
I love puth😘
Reminton aj
Reminton aj Hace un día
You know why I like him cause his voice and his hair
Rosiene Henriques
Rosiene Henriques Hace un día
Rosiene Henriques
Rosiene Henriques Hace un día
Coisa lindaa
GuitarSinger Hace un día
He´s already a music LEGEND!!
Jessica Schneider
Jessica Schneider Hace un día
that really didn't look like him
Ria Masria
Ria Masria Hace un día
Charlie puth😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
Brooke Colon
Brooke Colon Hace un día
Loved the song! Ur one of my favs! :D
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright Hace un día
Hmm sounds a Michael Jackson beat to me.
Nicole Zihler
Nicole Zihler Hace un día
I love you!
aPerson Hace un día
Bathtub In The Middle Of The Living Room.. I should try that
favored rex
favored rex Hace un día
Potato Amaze
Potato Amaze Hace un día
Shawn Mendez or Charlie puth hmmmm I’m going for the best person I know Charlie puth :D
pinki chan
pinki chan Hace un día
Bts arhreeee
LpsMysticMermaid Hace un día
I replayed this like 20 times already
Mari Jose Duarte
Mari Jose Duarte Hace un día
Charlie te amo
Izzy Unicorns
Izzy Unicorns Hace un día
BTW u are so hot in this video like if u love Charlie Puth😗😗💕💕💕💗💗💗
Suzanne suzanne
Suzanne suzanne Hace un día
I love him :)
manuel gonzalez
manuel gonzalez Hace un día
Alan Dixon
Alan Dixon Hace un día
saurav chaudhary
saurav chaudhary Hace un día
Charlie puth india!
Candy Wolf 12384
Candy Wolf 12384 Hace un día
Candy Wolf 12384
Candy Wolf 12384 Hace un día
Charlie puth Charlie puth how to get married with all those
Candy Wolf 12384
Candy Wolf 12384 Hace un día
Andrijana Zivkovic
Andrijana Zivkovic Hace un día
It's okay to love JB and Charlie🤔😍
Halley Hace un día
J’adore cette chanson ! Enfin, comme toutes celles de Charlie Puth !!! 😍
Its different
Its different Hace un día
hit like if the lyrics exactly suits you
Николай Кохнюк
We dont tolk anymore are better
Kashif Aman
Kashif Aman Hace un día
Who is before one billion views
Nikki Lodean
Nikki Lodean Hace un día
I love this song!
PokemonAssociate Hace un día
I’m sorry
PokemonAssociate Hace un día
Why do you Look like that
DivaOnMsp Hace un día
*He glew up*
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez Hace un día
Me encantan las canciones de charlie
Aarushee Gupta
Aarushee Gupta Hace un día
*first time*: this sucks *second time*: well....not that bad *third time*: you could either hate me or love me, but THATS JUST THE WAY I AMMMMM!
Hoang Thien Thu Nguyen
i love all of his songs
forever young
forever young Hace un día
This video deserves more than 24 MN *_*
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