Chefs vs Normals: Reviewing High(er) End Kitchen Gadgets

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This week our Chef James and Normal Jamie get a treat as they review kitchen gadgets at a higher price range than usual!
Will the price make any difference to quality or effectiveness? Will James crack a smile?
So much jeopardy. Take a peek at the full collection and comment below to let us know which one was your favourite!
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20 oct 2019






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What Is The Meaning of All of This
*adjusts eyes after taking off blindfold* Nobody: Baz: “Morning”
Naru. Hace 3 horas
That microwave grill thingy could be revolutionary for college students without access to a stove!
Алмазный Пёс
In fact you CAN put metal in microwave as long as it is flat and without gaps like fork and and wrinkles like tinfoil
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
In the words of Alton Brown... NO UNITASKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
barry fuller
barry fuller Hace 19 horas
Have you ever tried an all in one electric cooker ( electric pressure cooker)
Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez Hace un día
35 dollars? What the fuck u can buy an actual grill for that much
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers Hace un día
can you guy do a gadget on electric pressure cookers, like the ninja foodi and the instant pot for example would love to know what you guys think
Jani L
Jani L Hace un día
Nice video, but... Why the frick there's ice in your whisky?!???! If it's really that bad then get better whisky. There is no need for ice, really.....
Graham Cooke
Graham Cooke Hace un día
Try a smoker
mgunter Hace 2 días
No.3: Ham and pickles in a microwave? That'll just dry them out and make them tasteless.
mgunter Hace 2 días
No.1: best for if you want to make veggie chips/crisps that are wider than the vegetable. Could work on potatoes and yams too.
Dylan Bystedt
Dylan Bystedt Hace 2 días
BTW The Norlan glass has gotten rid of that shite copy, and given something more grounded in its place. Along with, what seems to be an explanation and comparison to other whiskey glasses.
Sierra Berk
Sierra Berk Hace 3 días
i’ve never heard jamie sound so british as when he said “it’s whot?” about the sheet maker
Ice Karma
Ice Karma Hace 4 días
... did you guys have an American unfamiliar with British English do your captions?
Mazequax Hace 4 días
"It's whaaat?" I just adore jesting british in disbelief. Also, Mike looks great in this vid.
hetspook666 Hace 4 días
Comparing a ice chilled and a room temperature whisky has nothing to do with the glass. The warm temperature let's the smell vaporise better, and the ice version with no smell will be diluted with water so there will be a enormous difference between the 2.
Arie Heath
Arie Heath Hace 5 días
Honestly just get a glencarin whiskey glass, instead of that other pretentious glass.
Henrik Mathisen
Henrik Mathisen Hace 6 días
Were there ice in that whisky pot? Also you don't taste whisky with fucken ice
Whattatwist Hace 6 días
Man i was thinking all this was crazy expensive but holy hell the pound went down in value i remember when a pound was 2 us dollars
Armani Nguon
Armani Nguon Hace 6 días
Fuck that, it’s expensive.
Markus Wallin
Markus Wallin Hace 6 días
I'd just buy a Glencairn if I wanted a good Whisky glass but that might just be me...
Mark Barton
Mark Barton Hace 7 días
With the exception of James.....the only real Chef in attendance........How often do you guys sit around jacking each other off? Sucking each other off? This channel used to be amazing!!!!! until you let your pride make you think you had any relevance. With the only exception being James! He is awesome and I would love to go to a restaurant he cooked for!
invisiblekid99 Hace 7 días
Great show let down by the fact they use Global Knives. Tut tut lads.
Choppytehbear1337 Hace 8 días
This is so British, I love it.
ziggythebard Hace 8 días
Just saying... the ESvid subtitles are hilarious. "Half a tablespoon for one yolk, maybe?" becomes "Half tablespoonful of man cake, maybe?" Ah, yes... I, too, am a fan of man cake.
Belle Hartley
Belle Hartley Hace 8 días
“Makes whiskey taste better”
Johnny Scissors
Johnny Scissors Hace 8 días
So what was up with the whiskey glass?
christian wolf
christian wolf Hace 8 días
i want that glass
Aspiring Champion
Aspiring Champion Hace 9 días
The fuck is a 'tut'?
Vanilla Thunder
Vanilla Thunder Hace 9 días
The background music slowly turns me into a dull man.
Austin Jurgle
Austin Jurgle Hace 9 días
"It makes whiskey taste be'er" I mean, at the end of the day, that's all that matters, no?
The Aura Tree
The Aura Tree Hace 10 días
After watching the last 15 seconds of this video, I have decided against going to sleep tonight...
Darquez Hace 10 días
4:59 Mike: “Lookin good” Auto-captions: “Fuckin’ did it” For once I think they were more correct than what was actually said 😂😂
PetitGlace Hace 10 días
So lucky for me these Norlan glasses in the US are about 20quid cheaper. And I just bought them for my.husbands birthday. So here is hoping he likes them!
Brando Hace 10 días
The first item might be good if you're keen on making sushi and want to finely julienne some vegetables without the learning curve of sheeting with a knife. I especially prefer doing that with things like cucumber where you don't want the seeds and it's easier to chop than a bunch of stacked planks.
billiondollardan Hace 10 días
tf is tut?
CaliMeatWagon Gaming
CaliMeatWagon Gaming Hace 10 días
Microwave is actually the healthiest way to cook food. But do to the lack of external temperature it's extremely difficult to get a good texture, which is the biggest contributor to taste. That device is very interesting.
Bianca Malan
Bianca Malan Hace 11 días
Mat Hace 11 días
i live in a van and i have that grilled cheese maker thing and its a fucking GODSEND i love it to death i would pay 100 $ for it
Rev Jonathan Wint
Rev Jonathan Wint Hace 11 días
40 pounds = 80 to 120 dollars
Alex Perkins
Alex Perkins Hace 11 días
As someone who bought the original Norlan glasses it truly makes spirits taste better....about to go buy the black set now...
Jean Charles Navet
Jean Charles Navet Hace 11 días
Betty BS since 1956 ... The Swiss super market brand Coop own it , canned food from China and plastic gadgets from China is what this Coop thing is doing best ... most of Betty food ingredients are from China or worst from reading there labels btw ... The microwave grill I got for 15 euros in a shop in france but can't remember which one .
Blizardstar1200 Hace 11 días
The microwave griddle is excellent as someone in a university dorm with no access to a proper stove that sounds wonderful. God I miss making my own grilled cheese.
TheRealRose Hace 12 días
Please do more kitchen gadgets!
Tyler Camp
Tyler Camp Hace 12 días
It was the shape of the glass not it’s looks. Look up “tulip whisky glass” and it does the same thing. It really just funnels the aroma
Carlton Bell
Carlton Bell Hace 13 días
Captions on 4:58 .....
Rustled Jammies
Rustled Jammies Hace 13 días
The microwave griller thing was the best one. Bit steep though, a tenner, maybe a score would be better!
irlrp Hace 13 días
They should've tried drinking the whisky out of a regular ceramic mug for comparison, i'm really interested :p And i often drink from a mug, lol !
exetipper Hace 13 días
Where can I get the microwave thing?!! Online link??
Philip Van Vaerenbergh
Just buy a Glencairn!
Alvis F
Alvis F Hace 14 días
The redhead looks like toby from the office us
1996 Toyota Camry
1996 Toyota Camry Hace 14 días
That mayo thing would make a dang goo whip cream
Cassandra Douthett
Cassandra Douthett Hace 14 días
I need more kitchen gadget videos!!! There is wish, Amazon, the internet in General!! Lol
Tony Miller
Tony Miller Hace 14 días
So wait, what does the whisky glass do? I watched 3 times and all I can make out is it has stacked mirrors on the inside. Is that right?
leon2356 Hace 14 días
How about "Chefs review foreign kitchen gadgets". The Japanese have some crazy kitchen gadgets, and I am sure you could find some other wacky gadgets from all over the world.
SoSickRick Hace 15 días
What I've gathered is the UK as seen on TV market is way more expensive than the US
Brett Ellison
Brett Ellison Hace 15 días
IDK "are you ready for some quality gadge" sounds sort of erotic
ZSandmann Hace 15 días
The grill is $41.70 US on Amazon :(
James Freeman
James Freeman Hace 15 días
Not a single personality between them.
thegoodbadmusic Hace 15 días
The gadget itself scares the Ebbers out of me.
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