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Learn how to make a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! I love NY-style thin crust pizzas, but once in a while I also like to enjoy a sloppy slice of deep dish. So much, stuff. Visit foodwishes.blogspot.com/2018/01/chicago-deep-dish-pizza-or-pizza-as-we.html for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Chicago-Style Pizza!

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Food Wishes
Food Wishes Hace 8 meses
Check out the recipe: www.allrecipes.com/Recipe/263611/Chicago-Deep-Dish-Pizza-2/
Mark Burch
Mark Burch Hace 3 meses
You don't know anything. You should try Texas style pizza. 🙂
doctorx0079 Hace 5 meses
7:15 #ForkDontLie
1o1beauty Hace 5 meses
Dang this makes me hungry
xevious2501 Hace 8 meses
Did you ever do a authentic new york pizza? No im not talking about those "fancy pizza places' Oh heck no.. Im talking about the classic cheap but great newyork slice!!! with the cheap paper cup of fruit punch, YOu know!! those slice joints that you buy one slice with a drink, and realize one slice just wont cut it, your chomping on two slices before you leave.
sid viscus
sid viscus Hace 2 horas
*every time chef john says to let something cool before you cut it* "but i didn't"
Lindsey Barrow
Lindsey Barrow Hace 6 horas
That can’t be pizza. It looks more like soup.
Robert Reid
Robert Reid Hace 19 horas
Form this Backintoadough whichtakes a couple ofhours. Why is your annunciation all over the place?
Colin McDonald
Colin McDonald Hace 21 un hora
Don't forget.. In Chicago, deep dish method is the 2nd " Chicago Style" since only 1970 or so. Chicago Thin Crust ( Tavern style) goes back at least to when the greatest generation were kids.. It is the true Pizza in Chicago. Deep Dish is more of a special treat. You nailed the crust on this by the way!
Noah Halloween
Noah Halloween Hace 5 días
The Purd Hapley Show
Tim Brady
Tim Brady Hace 6 días
That looks delicious 😋
Clay Hall
Clay Hall Hace 7 días
I came for the recipe and stayed for the comments lol
Christopher Linares Adriazola
You could voice a dog in a Disney movie
Daniel O'Donnell
Daniel O'Donnell Hace 8 días
Chicago deep dish is an actual pie. New York is just a gigantic thin crust pizza with sweet sauce. Chicago wins
John Caporale
John Caporale Hace 8 días
Raw sausage? Really?
Sean Harris
Sean Harris Hace 10 días
I really appreciate your recipes and videos. Have tried several and each and every one turned out really well! Thank you! May I make a humble suggestion , listen to one of your videos fully and listen to the cadence of your voice...it has a repetitive pitch that makes it distracting when trying to follow along. Maybe practise not rising the pitch of your voice at the last few words of each sentence...it would sound more natural. Just a suggestion. Again thanks for all of your time and effort in this videos.
David Brooks
David Brooks Hace 12 días
Was that enough tomato sauce it looks like there was barely any
Lee Rozzelle
Lee Rozzelle Hace 12 días
listening to you speak makes me want to kill myself.
Mark Omaiski
Mark Omaiski Hace 13 días
This is an abomination not a Pizza :D
RagingDemon1018 Hace 15 días
Hey im not crusty :(
Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson Hace 16 días
As I person who has no attachment to either styles I love both equally for different reasons
Angela J
Angela J Hace 18 días
Cant beat NY pizza... mind you, I did grow up in NY lol
easybullet3 Hace 18 días
loving your sarcasm... but i'm left curious if you actually talk like this in daily conversation.
Stephen Schulz
Stephen Schulz Hace 19 días
NOW you are talking. MUCH better than NY or the cheap sister Detroit Pizza.
John Jackson
John Jackson Hace 21 un día
you would have 5 million views without the voice inflection.
J Fava
J Fava Hace 21 un día
I can’t listen to the voice...
Kevin KIrby
Kevin KIrby Hace 22 días
Made this pizza (one with sausage and one with pepperoni) for my family at the beach last week, it was absolutely delicious!
Mikayeel B
Mikayeel B Hace 23 días
I like how he changes his voice tone while he's talking
cameron stephen
cameron stephen Hace 24 días
Ny style is kinda salty yk
Steven James Porter
Steven James Porter Hace 24 días
Why are you singing?!?!?
EJ Runyon's Bridge To Story
Can you make one of these but use the Berkeley, Zachary's Pizza ingredients for their Chorizo Deep Dish? Mexican chorizo sausage, fire-roasted diced green chiles, Monterey Jack cheese for some of the ingredients in this recipe here..
Archit misal
Archit misal Hace un mes
his voice is weirdd but soothing
Ora Buffonge
Ora Buffonge Hace un mes
Lol love this video and how he speaks
jaymoney8518 Hace un mes
No one from Chicago claims this as Chicago-style pizza. True Chicago-style pizza is the Tavern-style Thin Crust. You compare NY-Style with Chicago Tavern-Style.
OmDeep Sinha
OmDeep Sinha Hace un mes
he speaks like eminem from his song i will. "'cause y'all are just sons in my eyes!"
J. the Demon Kat
J. the Demon Kat Hace un mes
When quarantine's over, I'm not going to be able to fit through my front door.
Bryan Winston
Bryan Winston Hace un mes
Love this guy but had to watch this with the sound off. That voice thing he's doing the whole time killed me
Camille Keller
Camille Keller Hace un mes
Шикарная пицца, ты молодец!
Kandarp Janí
Kandarp Janí Hace un mes
This tonation is INtolerABLE
We Are Champions!
We Are Champions! Hace un mes
the video is great, but the tone of speaking is frickin irritating
Harlem Wave Cascade
I love these videos! That said, his voice is like a rollercoaster - going up and down in tone, occasionally doing a barrel roll. "If you ARE USING a machine, then MAYBE"... :-)
Will Van
Will Van Hace un mes
Some salt some yeast some sugar. Got it, ill look for the “some” measuring cup thanks.
Daimon Smith
Daimon Smith Hace un mes
Ah yes, conveniently ignore the recipe link in the description ;)
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla Hace un mes
I love both NY and Chicago style pizzas. If I'm on the go, and want to grab lunch, nothing beats New York. If I want to sit down and have a dinner with my family, that's where Chicago pizza comes in perfect.
Nads X
Nads X Hace un mes
Always pay respect to the Don and New York will still love you lol... Keep the awesomeness coming!
DAVAD M DAVAD Hace un mes
FYI, the cornmeal addition is strictly Uno, Due, and Gino's East. NOT Lou Malnati's. I personally think Nancy's was the best deep dish in Chicago when I was a kid but I may be biased. Also, Pequod's of Morton Grove Illinois was a very special pie. New York is best for thin crust of course...but once upon a time, long ago in the 70's, Chicago reigned supreme for Pizza Casserole.
undokat Hace un mes
worst pizza ever
Mush Mmm
Mush Mmm Hace un mes
Chicago’s deep dish “pizza” ingredients bread bowl..... if you need silverware to eat a pizza it’s not a pizza...
Dave Chupp
Dave Chupp Hace un mes
I am salivating! 2 years ago, we took the train to Chicago. We wanted Chicago stile pizza. A local directed us to Pizzeria Uno. The best pizza we have eaten in our lives! I have eaten a lot of different pizzas My dad's pizza was great. I made a really good pizza in my days. I worked for Pizza hut for 7 years. Pizzeria Uno was the best I have eaten. This looks so good. Thank you for the time and effort in producing this video.
19bendunk Hace un mes
Why for heaven sake you talked like this
Jackie Torres
Jackie Torres Hace un mes
i couldn’t watch this video in its entirety because of this guys voice 😳
Calikushsmokin Hace un mes
Couldn't listen to this anymore 🤦‍♂️
Erik Musta
Erik Musta Hace un mes
This guy is the father of the burger king foot lettuce dude
Cain Smyth
Cain Smyth Hace un mes
You talk weirdly. This is how you talk. Just like this. You dont need so many periods. You. Arent. A. Robot.
CTback Hace un mes
Or is he?
Whustle Dilantro
Whustle Dilantro Hace un mes
Are you the wolfe pit
Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor Hace un mes
I believe Jon Stewart dedicated a visual essay to the eternal almost friendly rivalry between these two culinary choices.
Viet Trung La
Viet Trung La Hace un mes
"Deep dish pizza is not only not better than New York pizza, it's not pizza; it's a f*cking casserole"
Neil Stahulak
Neil Stahulak Hace un mes
And whole milk mozzarella not little moisture it will give you that long cheesy stretch
Neil Stahulak
Neil Stahulak Hace un mes
Okay no corn! absolutely no corn goes in Chicago pizza dough. 2nd there is a thin layer of dough that goes on top of all the cheese. There is no sauce inside the pizza it goes on top of the thin layer of dough and then he sprinkle of Parmesan on top. Still looks good!
lf sr
lf sr Hace un mes
Dull, unbearable, terrible, gayish way of narrating! Shiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown Hace un mes
Bread flour, AP, 00? Does anyone have a suggestion or preference on what flour to use?
Steve Kang
Steve Kang Hace un mes
You obviously hear it all the time but your voice inflections make it difficult to watch and follow. Everything else is so well done.
Sade Phillips
Sade Phillips Hace un mes
I’m a born and bred New Yorker and I prefer the Chicago style pizza.
naya kole
naya kole Hace un mes
Those are “Trump pauses”! If anyone was wondering its effective speech skills
Trayvon Monden
Trayvon Monden Hace un mes
Idk why I decided to looked up a deep dish tutorial, but I did😂💯
The Studio
The Studio Hace un mes
the problem with "chicago style pizza" whether that is thick or thin crust, is that there is no such thing as "chicago style pizza". but but but how can that be? there is no consistency. there is no consistency of crust type and style. there is no consistency of sauce. there IS a NY style of pizza. there may be some variations in the crust. but the crust is recognizable throughout the region. there may be some sauces that are more sweet, more savory, have more oregano or less, but the sauce is recognizable throughout the region. some places use more olive oil, less olive oil, no olive oil (i personally view the "no olive oil" variety as not being real NY style, but . . . Most versions use cornmeal on the board, some don't (again, my personal view is that the "no corn meal" versions are not true NY style. whatevs. no matter. you can go from parlor to parlor across the region and recognize, yes this is NY style. Chicago doesn't have that.
Why does it sound like the narrator is being tickled in the nether regions every sentence?
Lisa Thaviu
Lisa Thaviu Hace un mes
Looks good; needs onion.
MtotheJ m
MtotheJ m Hace un mes
Is this man ok? Ill ask again. Is ThE mAn Ok. All those ending high notes.
UnorthodoxNerdGirl Hace un mes
Each time you end a sentence it sounds like you're asking a question. Please stop.
Perry Kettler
Perry Kettler Hace un mes
How much cheese goes into a Chicago style pizza? Chef John: Yes.
andrew heggem
andrew heggem Hace un mes
Your cadence in the way you speak is brutal dude, this is great video but tough to listen to.
jeremiah fletcher
jeremiah fletcher Hace un mes
Damn good pizza recipe. But I can't stand this guys voice with all the high pitches at the end of EVERY sentence. I muted it and turned on captions.
Perry Kettler
Perry Kettler Hace un mes
Aah, had that too. You'll get used to it.
Shug Howard
Shug Howard Hace un mes
The Bill Nye Science Guy of pizza
Shug Howard
Shug Howard Hace un mes
I don't know about y'all but this shit ( his voice) reminds me of my old 5th grade teacher low key asking the class a question knowing damn well we don't know the answer..... But it doesn't matter anyway becuz she answered herself 🤦🤦🤦🤣🤣🤣🤣😒😒😒
Ronak Kothari
Ronak Kothari Hace 2 meses
We will do this. We will do that. We will have pizza. We are right this way. So we will do this. So we will do that.
Dinobot 989
Dinobot 989 Hace 2 meses
You are very wrong saying that New York Pizza is better. You haven't truly had deep dish pizza until you go to Chicago. I grew up in Chicago so trust me. Giordano's is not good pizza. It does not have a authentic Italian taste. Also what is the deal with sweet pizza sauce savory sauce is so much better. P.S YOUR AN IDIOT FOR THINKING NEW YORK PIZZA IS BETTER!!!!!
rashmika patel
rashmika patel Hace 2 meses
I finally tried this recipe, turned out really great... thank you...
Olorin Mithrandir
Olorin Mithrandir Hace 2 meses
I make my pizza whatever way I want!
Pavel Perez
Pavel Perez Hace 2 meses
So ummm, due to a comedy of errors my oven went kaput and ill have to get it fixed. I have the dough in a ziplock in the fridge, It already rose a second time which yours didnt. Is my dough still good to go in a few days or does the second rise mess everything up?
Freethunder101 Hace 2 meses
Giving extra time to rise develops a more fermenty taste. Which depending on taste preference is a good or bad thing.
surdeep c
surdeep c Hace 2 meses
This is not the way we make it in Chicago, the pizza is first covered topping n cheer with a small piece of dough. Half bake it, And then we add the tomato sauce and back in the oven
bushiseshin Hace 2 meses
dbacksfan2 Hace 2 meses
Your speaking cadence both freaks me out and entices the hell out me
Passionate Patriot
Passionate Patriot Hace 2 meses
I promise never to cast aspersions upon you about your origin in New York. At least growing up moved you to a previously great state, but now.......?
davidaamaya1 Hace 2 meses
Does he sound like yoda
TDBALLN Hace 2 meses
Can you tell me the measurements? You just said add this and that but never said how much 😂😂
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