Chiefs vs. Patriots Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.
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8 dic 2019






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Eeds Ssxv
Eeds Ssxv Hace 6 días
Remember when the Chiefs sucked? Look at them now! (2008, the year Tom Brady went down by Bernard Pollard, 2-14. 2019, victory on the road over the Patriots, Super Bowl LIV champions)
toomanyjohns Hace 6 días
Lol and people say there wasnt bad refing, look at the nkeal harry catch that should've been a td, what about that PI against dorsett? Exactly
Defender Of Jah Most High
Today is the Day!! Lessssfucckkingoo Cheiiiifffs!!
Jj Louis
Jj Louis Hace 10 días
Y’all see how fast tyreek hill caught up with him at 8:07 ? Dang
Lizett Corona
Lizett Corona Hace 15 días
Jajajajajajaja el Brady sentía que viajaba al futuro
Some random Patriots fan
Imagine if someone was playing against the patriots and are denied a touchdown like Harry was, there would've been riots outside of nfl headquarters
Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.
Devon Reaws
Devon Reaws Hace 24 días
mahomes and brady rival.
Aaron Lamarr
Aaron Lamarr Hace 25 días
Brady under extreme pressure he was not stop trying to make him look like superman
AgusCantilVEVO -
AgusCantilVEVO - Hace 26 días
I steal from the pats !!!!!!
Zaki Fachryan
Zaki Fachryan Hace un mes
11:06 Mike Vick in the making lol
Makaveli Hace 15 días
toomanyjohns Hace un mes
Gotta say, not even a patriots or chiefs fan...this game was horribly officiated smh
Meridias Watchtower
Imagine going up against a sufficiently worse off Patriots team and only beating them by a touchdown.
Susan Forrett
Susan Forrett Hace un mes
forreal pat
forreal pat Hace un mes
PHAT PAT. lol lol🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 GO CHIEFS. FREE label
Tyler Morro
Tyler Morro Hace un mes
12/8/2019: the day the AFC’s torch was passed on
nongthip Hace un mes
RIP NFL 2020 season
minus opposite
minus opposite Hace un mes
N'keal Harry denied.. Hard
Jackson Craddock
Jackson Craddock Hace un mes
Oh, you mean the game where the Pats actually beat the Chiefs but Jerome Boger bailed them out? Oh ok lol
narutoshuuppeeden Hace un mes
nope we mean the game where the chiefs whooped the Patriots ass the majority of the game. you guys love playing what if scenarios
africa93 Hace un mes
The non-call on the N’Keal Harry touchdown is one of the most infuriating things I’ve ever seen. Up there with the Saints no-call in the NFC championship game. Whistling the fumble dead was also outrageous, took away another touchdown
Tomrod19 Hace un mes
Chiefs were a drastically better team and without the kelce fumble it's probably a blow out
Tomrod19 Hace un mes
People act like the Patriots would've won, it's not like they took away two touchdowns . You can see the offense giving up after the whistle was blown dead on the fumble. Regardless that's only one touchdown
Mountain View Pictures LLC
Pats should have won this game, coming from a chiefs fan...
SEAN GIMI Hace un mes
Mountain View Pictures I respect u cause I am a pats fan still watching this we need more people like u In this world thanks u made my day
Alexander Alcantara
that only team that can beat the chiefs is the Patriots
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams Hace 2 meses
Today's NFL- Defense wins games, Offense wins championships
Jason Peters
Jason Peters Hace 2 meses
Chris baller_18
Chris baller_18 Hace 2 meses
Patriots got screwed I'm so sick of seeing the refs not making the right calls
CallMe3 Hace 2 meses
2:45 “do we have time to run wasp?”
Josh Animates
Josh Animates Hace 18 días
Oh yeah that is Jet chip Wasp
Steve Clayton
Steve Clayton Hace 2 meses
Great job kc but I could see the refs throwing phantom flags to help the pats I've seen it before
Gregorio Rodriguez
Gregorio Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
Ppl be saying this is payback for before, but tbh if the pats deserved it that doesn’t mean it’s justice it just means bad officiating we don’t want balance in football ties suck so deal with it ok.
Kevin Palmer
Kevin Palmer Hace 2 meses
Patriots: I fear no man except de Chiefs in de 2nd quarter
Kevin Palmer
Kevin Palmer Hace 2 meses
Rome Hace 2 meses
Chiefs Kingdom
Chiefs Kingdom Hace 2 meses
Possibly my most favorite game of the 2019-2020 season
Xavier JOnes
Xavier JOnes Hace 2 meses
That is a win vs tom brady in life only okay.
Maximum Max
Maximum Max Hace 2 meses
Is there anyway to watch t full Game?
Mohamadi Mohammed Reza
The Kansas City Chiefs ESCAPED with a win, smh.
kbushfm Hace 2 meses
Sure, N'Keal Harry was in, but what about the block in the back by Edelman that gave him the corner in the first place?
Kurt Heerdegen
Kurt Heerdegen Hace 2 meses
Ok yeah say all you want about how Brady can’t run, but dude he is an absolute Wizard in the Pocket. He makes guys miss and steps up and slings the ball, it’s incredible
Jogomez 92
Jogomez 92 Hace 2 meses
@11:58 “hey tom you f*ck*n suck” 😭🤣😭
SEAN GIMI Hace un mes
Jogomez 92 oh my bad bro
Jogomez 92
Jogomez 92 Hace un mes
SEAN GIMI somebody in the crowd said it listen closely to it lol
SEAN GIMI Hace un mes
Jogomez 92 Bro shut up but but at the same time I agree lmaooo
BroItzYoBoi Leo
BroItzYoBoi Leo Hace 2 meses
Was Sony injured?
Eeds Ssxv
Eeds Ssxv Hace 2 meses
A lot of salty Patriots fans complaining about the refs in this game, but you have always relied on offside and PI calls to get by in the NFL for the past 10 years or so.
Ravor Hace 3 meses
11:08 I had to check the speed of the video 😂
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson Hace 3 meses
At least it’s redemption for the AFC Championship Game
Noah Yousefzadeh
Noah Yousefzadeh Hace 3 meses
I thought the chiefs would blow the lead.
PJ KICKS Hace 3 meses
Mahomes made that pass to Hardman, 2nd and 25 against the Patriots defense iiiiiiiiiiin Gilleeeeette!..."now that's the best a man can get"🤣😭🤣🤣
jason wormwood
jason wormwood Hace 3 meses
Harry had a td and the pats were screwed, you really think Mahomes could ever beat Brady clean? Ha yea okay. Brady is his dad and is still 2-1 against him should be 3-0 with one of them being a playoff win. But no pats got screwed here which lost them their 1st round bye. Disgusting NFL. Disgusting
No Luminati
No Luminati Hace 3 meses
patriots really got robbed from that Gilly Fumble and that harry touchdown.
lamia woithi
lamia woithi Hace 3 meses
chif they cheated
Krypticmydudez Hace 3 meses
SEAN GIMI Hace un mes
Krypticmydudez nah he’s a 6 time super bowl champ what are u?
Michael MACCHIA Hace 3 meses
See guys, this is how you can tell that the patriots didn't deserve their record of 12-4. Almost all their victories were against Cupcake teams like Miami, Washington, and New York (Giants and Jets). But when you guys matched up against the AFC heavyweights like the Ravens, Chiefs, and Texans, they embarrassed you guys.
Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson Hace 3 meses
When I see Brady avoiding sacks when he's surrounded but he isn't very mobile to avoid them so much.
rikevian edwards
rikevian edwards Hace 4 meses
did anybody notice the hand in the corner
ricky raps
ricky raps Hace 4 meses
I was surprised the chiefs defense was sacking Brady without getting “roughing the passer”😂😂😂
Dio Black
Dio Black Hace 4 meses
Never watched this game, I see refs robbed Pats of win.
Emanuel Voelker
Emanuel Voelker Hace 4 meses
Edelman, diving is typically a pansy act reserved for soccer. Go ahead, show us what the Patriots are really made of.
Emanuel Voelker
Emanuel Voelker Hace 4 meses
What do Edelman and Neymar have in common now? DIVING
pearboii II
pearboii II Hace 4 meses
Patriots fans arent allowed to complain about the refs that's how they got the majority of their rings
Adrian Galvez Noe
Adrian Galvez Noe Hace 4 meses
The Colts, and other teams must be super prowd of beat the Chiefs LMAO
Exotic Wave
Exotic Wave Hace 4 meses
Didn’t Watkins and Gilmore fight
Ulises Hernandez
Ulises Hernandez Hace 4 meses
Mike Evans>Tyreek Hill Read more
Mason Babcock
Mason Babcock Hace 4 meses
All these salty Pats fans forget when the cheifs got screwed over last year in the AFC Championship
Mason Babcock
Mason Babcock Hace 4 meses
@Ryan O'Neill Yeah, that's what I meant to say. It's such an annoying rule because we all know damn well that was an offensive game and almost nothing less.
Ryan O'Neill
Ryan O'Neill Hace 4 meses
Mason Babcock if that’s what u meant then agreed chiefs win that toss they go down and get 6 it’s unfortunate that the toss has to decide such a great game
Mason Babcock
Mason Babcock Hace 4 meses
@Ryan O'Neill I didn't mean screwed by bad calls, I meant by a coin toss in what has to be the stupidest rule ever put in the NFL. That game was just 2 explosive offenses and 2 defenses that couldn't stand a chance, so whoever won the coin toss in OT won the game.
Ryan O'Neill
Ryan O'Neill Hace 4 meses
you can say screwed all u want but the only incorrect call was roughing the passer
K G Hace 4 meses
Defense and ST gave Brady ample opportunities to score more points; multiple turnovers, blocked punt, great field positions. Brady just sucks now and that’s really sad. 😔
kevin ruiters
kevin ruiters Hace 4 meses
Close game. Pats should have won it but they didn't challenge the touchdown......?????
ViBiN2 Anythung
ViBiN2 Anythung Hace 4 meses
they lost all their timeouts herlock
mtrujillo1973 Hace 4 meses
2 things stand out to me when I watch this video: 1.That “fumble” by Kelce wasnt a fumble His damn knee was down 2. That catch and run by N’Keal Harry was a touchdown. The ball crossed the plane...period What is the league going to do about these refs? Seriously...this is horrible. They do it every game...every single game they make some outlandish call and that call ends up influencing the outcome of the game. Receivers get WAY too much leeway and should not be allowed to reach out and push off a defender when the ball is in the air...I see so many plays that are called defensive pass interference when the receiver was pushing off the whole route down the field That is all
Commander Bly
Commander Bly Hace 2 meses
@kbushfm I hope you all know the pats wasted their challenges, which they both lost on
kbushfm Hace 2 meses
Harry only got around the corner because of a block in the back by Edelman.
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson Hace 3 meses
For the second one the patriots don’t have any challenge flags to challenge that play and that’s why it’s play out dead
Lincoln Hace 4 meses
that was 100% a fumble. the controversy was that they called the play dead rather than letting them play it out and then reviewing it
Yabe Nathan
Yabe Nathan Hace 4 meses
u blind he lost the ball before his knee was down
Gitzen Shiggles
Gitzen Shiggles Hace 4 meses
KC made the Patriots defense look like a bunch of walk-ons at Minnesota-Duluth.
ABock4 Hace 4 meses
11:57 You can hear one of those New England lovelies in the crowd. Imagine a Patriots fan complaining about officiating, and actually taking them seriously! I mean, give me a break.
JxrZ Hace 4 meses
If the turtle that beat the rabbit in a race had a name, it would be Tom Brady.
Cyan Cyclone
Cyan Cyclone Hace 4 meses
Redemption at last
Emmanuel Rivera
Emmanuel Rivera Hace 4 meses
That was a TD, but it was also a block on the back on honey badger. 1st and goal on the 4 yard line seems fair.
Payne Stancil
Payne Stancil Hace 4 meses
Damn. Meet the pass
Erik Torres
Erik Torres Hace 4 meses
Patriots lost
Riich_Anthony Hace 4 meses
That pats oline got absolutely butchered
Maximum Max
Maximum Max Hace 4 meses
Can you please please show the whole game
Matthew Cao
Matthew Cao Hace 5 meses
the pats finally knew how the other teams felt when they get a bad call
Jay Hace 5 meses
This is hilarious. Brady runs for a first down, gets up like yeah we're winning. While all along they are still behind. Then throws to roided out Edelman who can't catch crapp anymore, then flops on the ground looking for a flag. Bye bye Pat's, now u get to look forward to rebuilding a team for the next 5 years.
Terminence 106
Terminence 106 Hace 5 meses
I’m telling you we would of won this game if it wasn’t for these trash refs my god I hate the chiefs and Patrick Mahomes that little runt I hope I see him one day and tell him how much I hate him brady will be back with Tampa and he will destroy Mahomes in the super bowl
Lewscruz Hace 5 meses
How do I do that 2nd play on madden?
Eric meng
Eric meng Hace 5 meses
kc chiefs killing the patriots this game
Eric meng
Eric meng Hace 5 meses
NE defence got to block
Eric meng
Eric meng Hace 5 meses
Tom brady is struggling
Eric meng
Eric meng Hace 5 meses
defence was struggling
Eric meng
Eric meng Hace 5 meses
Tom brady was actually doing well
Caden Zampino
Caden Zampino Hace 5 meses
11:58 listen closely
Blitzy Hace 5 meses
Refs were terrible in this game
Jose Pescador
Jose Pescador Hace 5 meses
New England got screwed big time
Eli Young
Eli Young Hace 5 meses
I hear a man say hey ref your fu*kin suck after the reveal
Scott L.
Scott L. Hace 5 meses
Suck it!
Kyle Larson
Kyle Larson Hace 5 meses
God looking at this I think Bill sabataged tom.i love the pats love the team but I've lived in Tampa 27 years.from ri..I'll always root for new enlandcus of Bob Kraft but really I'm a Brady fan the Patriots sucked.othrt than 85 and 95 both Superbowl losses but in between /92-93 7 wins ...booooo
Zair Morningstar
Zair Morningstar Hace 5 meses
They cheated so hard
Irisheddy Hace 5 meses
The torch has been passed
This game was an apology for all those bad calls that went the Pat's favor during the the AFC championship game last year.
Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh Hace 5 meses
What bad calls, you mean that one roughing the passer called on the same play as a missed pi?
doctadeath2020 Hace 5 meses
11:57 Love the part where Tom Brady is being told he sucks by his own fans. Can we make that a bullet point somewhere on his resume?
• RaccoonPlays •
No they said Edelman not Brady lol
Ben Kerstetter
Ben Kerstetter Hace 5 meses
Why does he scream 41 yards 😂 2:05
Powers3rg Hace 5 meses
11:58 "Hey Tom! You f***ing suck!"
Jay Hace 6 meses
No Pat's this year. Brady should have retired instead of trying Tampa
Carrie Wiggins
Carrie Wiggins Hace 6 meses
go chiefs # 15
imLAGbtw Hace 6 meses
Wait they ran a read option with Travis Kelce... I love football ❤️❤️❤️
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller Hace 6 meses
Refs don’t plays favorites lol
kevin ruiters
kevin ruiters Hace 6 meses
Robbed....Robbed...Robbed....Luckily I am just watching...!
ThatHoustonBoyy Hace 6 meses
Wyatt Moberly
Wyatt Moberly Hace 6 meses
Brady needs to stop relying on Edelman goddamn. They are like 2 kids at my middle school not passing to anybody else.
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