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The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie

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8 feb 2019

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Tronald Dump
Tronald Dump Hace un hora
Oh shit. The new Toy Story took a dark turn.
softharriet Hace 2 horas
highkey only want to watch this for aubrey ahhhhhhhhhhh
ItzPuppy Hace 2 horas
0:11 there is no doll that is in that buddi doll package
chim chim
chim chim Hace 3 horas
Ay, solo es Nenuco con cuchillo, hazle caso a strapy patealo .
JJWest Fans
JJWest Fans Hace 3 horas
In part 3 "Chucky's gonna be a bro!" now he's got wi-fi. We can't wait! Popcorn?
We will Takeover
We will Takeover Hace 5 horas
OnLy 90'S kIDs WiLl rEmEmBeR hOw ScArY cHuCkY wAs
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale Hace 7 horas
Darwin Baguio
Darwin Baguio Hace 7 horas
Aubrey Plaza I can't take you seriously. 😂
jojo .1998
jojo .1998 Hace 8 horas
A reboot ? 😕
Jermaine Rodgers
Jermaine Rodgers Hace 8 horas
Chucky is back contact this summer of 2019
G-Mainey Hace 8 horas
Finally a box office quality chucky movie !
Kricia shunti
Kricia shunti Hace 8 horas
It's not a classic and I don't like this shit. I actually like the Chucky stories. But this.... This doesn't even fit his actual story. I'll watch it but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I am a big fan of Chucky, but I can't stand everything is so computerized. Nothing is tookn seriously cus it's all fake and not taken the time to make it look realistic. Chucky was originally scary because they created a moving doll. Now it's all fake. Nothin scary. So looking at this Chucky Fuckn eyes are now big and funny. I feel sorry for the new generation where everything is so fake. Fake butt, boobs, movies, reality shows,etc...
Marian loveles .Marian need
see and share watch on channel marasoiu marian thanks and kisses to!
It's not suicide if I'm already Dead
Another trash movie
Scared Cat
Scared Cat Hace 11 horas
cult of chucky was a disaster. But this... looks like a work of art!
D W Hace 13 horas
ThuầnProducer Hace 13 horas
oh, it from Producer It
no hassle
no hassle Hace 14 horas
bout time Chucky was scary again. Did anyone see that abomination Cult of Chucky?
Sierra Ja Nelle
Sierra Ja Nelle Hace 14 horas
Damn this Andy looks grown AF. Other than that looks Chucky is definitely an upgraded doll. Which could mean even more dangerous than from our 80s and 90s childhood years. A must see for me.👍
Jesús David García Benítez
no se ya es costumbre que las películas clásicas las carguen en la actualidad con la tecnología
Braincube 013
Braincube 013 Hace 14 horas
Why did they give him hearing aids? I don’t see any reason at all.
Dangitdanger I
Dangitdanger I Hace 15 horas
I which they found a younger kid though 🤷‍♂️
Aaron Okemaysim
Aaron Okemaysim Hace 15 horas
oNlY 90s kIdS cAn ReLaTe!!
Norvin Hobbs
Norvin Hobbs Hace 16 horas
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Raja Pamungkas
Raja Pamungkas Hace 16 horas
I think i am weird BUT i never scared with Childs Play movie series, even with Chucky i am not affraid at all.
Atiqa Zaraei
Atiqa Zaraei Hace 16 horas
i thought chucky was a doll this reboot makes him look like a robot
Dangitdanger I
Dangitdanger I Hace 15 horas
Atiqa Zaraei It’s a whole other direction they’re taking they can do whatever they want.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Hace 17 horas
Is this going to be one of those remake where u see chucky at the end of the movie
Naruto Uzumaki And Natsu
Thats when you call Andy
IndigoEmpath Hace 17 horas
I'm ready to see this movie
Carolina Mendivil
Carolina Mendivil Hace 18 horas
Omg I was so scared of these movies when I was a kid 😂
Bennetta Curtain
Bennetta Curtain Hace 18 horas
Lol its a fucking robot comon they don't even make it where charales ray lee posess the doll comon you made a good movie into something fucking slow bad bad bad
Bennetta Curtain
Bennetta Curtain Hace 18 horas
Noting beats old school foreal
Hyper Niter
Hyper Niter Hace 18 horas
Thank u pennywise
troyhampson Hace 18 horas
Oh god leave it in the past where it was good. So tired of these souless remakes :(
ckakalak2 Hace 19 horas
Making him a robot. Big fuck up. Keep the human element
Ewok Da Silva
Ewok Da Silva Hace 19 horas
My generation grew up with chucky. The next generation grew up with toy story. We have way different opinions about sentient toys.
Sw Hace 20 horas
How the fuck can you make a child’s play without brad dourif and a 13 yr old with a chucky doll? Come on.... this is gonna suck!
Aki Roth The Male Amy Rose
Yes, I can’t wait!
Dark - Knight
Dark - Knight Hace 21 un hora
Doesnt look like a reboot
Dino Cinciarelli
Dino Cinciarelli Hace 21 un hora
Hey Chucky can you have dinner with Pelosi.
Anne Chan Kawaii
Anne Chan Kawaii Hace 21 un hora
Ai credo,pq eu to aqui????
TG Videos
TG Videos Hace 21 un hora
Chucky, more like Chunga’s
alentad Hace 22 horas
I feel good about this
Shannon_płæýž wow
Shannon_płæýž wow Hace 22 horas
I went to a place that has chucky
Raphael Robles
Raphael Robles Hace 22 horas
I’m just psyched to see how crazy the deaths are. I want this movie to be hella wacky.
Edg8 -eddylikescake
Edg8 -eddylikescake Hace 22 horas
Stop with the reboots
Isabel Garcia
Isabel Garcia Hace 23 horas
I swear if he has a little bitch voice...
JOHN KWIGWASA Hace 23 horas
Robot chucky
Tipmonster Hace un día
Kid looks too old to be playing with dolls
Baysadacat Hace un día
Best friend I don’t think they would kill everyone
Kody Krawczuk
Kody Krawczuk Hace un día
Sons Of Atlus
Sons Of Atlus Hace un día
another remake come on
Kid 12
Kid 12 Hace un día
Im just wondering in chucky still curses
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson Hace un día
Am I the only one that hears chucky screaming in the music after the trailer?
Julia Curtis
Julia Curtis Hace un día
Don Mancini has left the chat.
LittlezombieRocker Hace un día
Mehhh maybe it will be good once the movie is out but so far they have to go further to impress my ass. Idk how I feel about this trailer... to me it felt weird seeing the kid open the box and a laser scan his face. Don't tell me now that Chucky is going to go all futuristic robot on us?! And man I am going to miss the old voice of Chucky. His laugh is what gave me nightmares as a kid.
A normal Guy
A normal Guy Hace un día
No please no not him again
Barney Powell Birch
Barney Powell Birch Hace un día
I’m confused, Chucky comes across as some robot doll thing and he’s given as a gift to a 14 year old, Most 14 year olds don’t play with dolls..
it's steven NOT steve
Can't wait!
PhoenixTool Hace un día
Dead meat coming in hot for the kill count
MitsubishiEvo10mr Hace un día
Fucking garbage
Justin Valdez
Justin Valdez Hace un día
You can hear Chucky talk around 0:30-0:31 seconds
Brayanproultra 1
Brayanproultra 1 Hace un día
Oh helll naw
LaPorscha Rodgers
LaPorscha Rodgers Hace un día
I don't mind remakes, I just hate when they're so soon... Like remakes of movies that came out like 10 years... This isn't too soon BUT the Cult of Chucky came out not too long ago, so (if they are done with it) they literally just finished the franchise
Collector Hace un día
What's the name of song I recognize it
Little Mouse
Little Mouse Hace un día
Aaaarooo! I'm so excited to watch chucky in the theater!
Grifo Mode
Grifo Mode Hace un día
How long till this movie gets a virgin fandom like It(2017)?
0:32 I realized that this could be aunt Maggies death.
Doggo Hace un día
Hi, we Kaslan introducing your new demonic do.... I mean your new best friend!
Josh Benton
Josh Benton Hace un día
Love this fucking doll my favorite one hi de ho haha
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby Hace un día
I hope this doesn’t mean we won’t see a sequel to cult Also that B tec Andy Barkley looks shite
Trae Love
Trae Love Hace un día
Please, use an animatronic. The original’s animatronic was amazing.
Danny Phoenix
Danny Phoenix Hace un día
That kid looks way too old to be playing with a doll
Worldstar 2213
Worldstar 2213 Hace un día
At 00:53 listen closely and you could hear chuckys voice say Andy
Dominic Mendoza
Dominic Mendoza Hace un día
Not again.
Hamish Vernon
Hamish Vernon Hace un día
New toy story looks good, CANT WAIT!!!! :)))
National Graham Cracker
Oh heeyy.. It's paper boi.
oiman01011010 Hace un día
wasnt there already a remake like a few years ago?
cat Hace un día
cat Hace un día
Holy shit
παναγιωτης βουσαρης
I will take you out chucky!!
Justo Hernandez
Justo Hernandez Hace un día
It's bullshit watch the original
Marsh Mello
Marsh Mello Hace un día
Let's confuse this kids now adays... ;)
Johnlindsey289 Hace un día
From the looks of the trailer, it doesn't look half-bad and as a fan of practical effects, i'm glad they are making a comeback and using practical for chucky And all. I didn't hate this teaser. Which is quite a shocker. I liked it. Yes. It is another horror remake, but I really liked the fact that this teaser really did not give that much away. I liked the song choice and how it was edited, the kid looks like he is pretty decent, Aubrey Plaza in a role like this is intriguing, the lighting in the trailer was nice. I loved the use of reds and blues. And overall the idea behind it I don't mind. It's like Child's Play meets Small Soldiers. And it most definitely looks like it will be a hard R. I liked seeing the bits of practical effects. It is not any worse or as insulting as Don Mancini's last 4 sequels as i felt 3 was the last Child's Play movie for me. So yeah, it looked interesting to me. I was curious about it anyway. So this teaser definitely helped pique my interest. I am still very leery of it but I am going to give it a chance.. This looks something different than the overused Voodoo thing which has been done to death, the AI thing feels fresh just like Small Soldiers or that Funzo episode of Simpsons
BiG LuLz
BiG LuLz Hace un día
Should do Chucky VS Toy Story for over 18s 👍🏻
JoshAintSoCool Hace un día
Dammit dude! Stop remaking shit that doesn’t need to be fixed!
Nello Bxxtch
Nello Bxxtch Hace un día
I don't understand? Is this chucky? Or just another doll like chucky?😅
Naty Nosianova
Naty Nosianova Hace un día
Ja som s toho mala nočné mori
Jj Castro
Jj Castro Hace un día
Damm april ludgate
uh wot
uh wot Hace un día
in this day and age what kind of child would ever want a doll? seems a bit outdated
The legend Brian
The legend Brian Hace un día
If your trying to be a smart ass chucky has always been a robot really🤓
Barely Able
Barely Able Hace un día
A Buddi doll....why not just use the Good guy doll?...are they out of dolls or what?
Silenthitman44 Hace 23 horas
Not allowed
Créme Hace un día
Aww Sh *it*
carl johnson
carl johnson Hace un día
and to think that this shit scared me as a child
Jon Hace un día
Don't fuck with gingers mothrrfuckers lol
Desconhecidinha Hace un día
" From the Producers of 'IT' " *Me* : Holy fuck, this movie will be awesome!
Silenthitman44 Hace 23 horas
Not necessarily
Tymea Rivers
Tymea Rivers Hace un día
OMG I used to LOVE ALL of the chucky movies!!! My fav character was chucky’s bride!
Jay Raiders
Jay Raiders Hace un día
How the raiders coach is looking atvthe nfl and belicheck brady getting old and all these draft picks and cap space😎
Dog Cokkey
Dog Cokkey Hace un día
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