Childhood Crushes 2

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29 jun 2019






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SimplyHysterical Hace 2 minutos
this has high rewatch value
Diana Yvette Millan
Diana Yvette Millan Hace 32 minutos
Me, being hella gay and agreeing with the bois: hmmm yes that be tru
Aneida Dietzman
Aneida Dietzman Hace 34 minutos
Me not a weeb listening to this just because it's really funny: I have no idea who that is
Cherry Cream Soda
Cherry Cream Soda Hace 44 minutos
Ok I made a tik tok of "that's rough, buddy" omg!
Reizumo Jaruuna
Reizumo Jaruuna Hace 47 minutos
We can all agree that the Erold and Daidus dynamic is chaotic and god tier. I'd literally wouldn't mind watching them bicker all day.
XC mascorro
XC mascorro Hace 52 minutos
Please watch Harry Potter, I know you’re going to love it.
Cherry Cream Soda
Cherry Cream Soda Hace 52 minutos
Emily: I don't like bad boys that kill their families Me: *puts down knife* well shoot, I thought we could be friends
queen of maniacs
queen of maniacs Hace un hora
Emirichu: wha? Inuyasha? Me: *cough* *cough* mm *cough* mmm no I just nah ✋💀 ...............later: NO BLEACH?!?! that's it unsub going to Daidus
Sonia Martinez-Arias
99.999 percent of this is "EmiLY WhAt ThE F-" 1 percent of this was "OHoHoHohOh"
Bubby Hace 3 horas
I don't think the backflip girl was a dumbass she was just simple-minded and it was so cute
Megan Carlisle
Megan Carlisle Hace 3 horas
Emily said she doesn’t like anyone from Naruto but come on how can you not like Gara
Ethan Liu
Ethan Liu Hace 4 horas
Me finding out anime Emily didn't watch: "Mk, eh'" Me finding out Emily didn't watch ATLA: " WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-... I'm not even goona complain anymore( *Intense Breathing* )."
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory Hace 4 horas
I am male and I like Rias gremory from hs dxd
Abi Perry
Abi Perry Hace 5 horas
" Maybe Emily doesn't like boys that kill their whole family" Emily: In sixth grade I had a crush on Light Yagami
chip Skylark
chip Skylark Hace 5 horas
I need friends like these
Mathis Shifflett
Mathis Shifflett Hace 5 horas
Tiffa. that. is all I have to say
InuHell - 犬Hellちゃん
I rewatched that video three times lmao I totally feel you Emi cuz I'm always triggering my friends the same way with the "WHAT YOU NEVER WATCHED IT OMG" thing but still know the characters by design and stuff :' ) There's literally too much to watch anyway *sobs*
Lolli-poppy Hace 9 horas
i never watched avatar either soooo
Camille Nicholas
Camille Nicholas Hace 10 horas
Erold: That's rough buddy Me: YAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZUKOOOOOOOOOO~ Emily: I never watched Avatar Me: .............................
Tara Ross
Tara Ross Hace 10 horas
Wtf Emily you never watch anything
Watery Hace 10 horas
she stepped over the line when she said she didnt watch avatar.
Demon._. Alpha
Demon._. Alpha Hace 10 horas
Do another video about crushes please :D
uma beeharie
uma beeharie Hace 11 horas
I just came here after watching something really sad, now im happy again :D this is why i love your videos
Chase Novak
Chase Novak Hace 12 horas
Alternate title, “Two perverts scream at girl who’s never seen an anime in her life.”
Lovespinkstuff 7
Lovespinkstuff 7 Hace 12 horas
*A N N A O O P-*
shay and pearl
shay and pearl Hace 13 horas
Woah woah woah your telling me they didn't have a crush on Vanessa from Phineas and Ferb
Sakura is bullsh*t, she was so useless in both the original and shipuden
zzziiinnniiieee Hace 13 horas
I need a boy crush pt. 2 of this HAHAHAH or just the 3 of them again. They're just hilarious together
Mrs Eagles Art
Mrs Eagles Art Hace 14 horas
i dnt know why but i love this video so much
Synd1cateツ Hace 15 horas
5:54 cuz sakura sucks
Chimneybox Hace 16 horas
Erold's laugh gives me life
MC_Name _Iris
MC_Name _Iris Hace 16 horas
The girls and Emily: *Agreeing with each other and getting along* The boys and Emily: *Arguing, yelling at each other and scolding emily for not watching too much anime*
Marie Kandarah
Marie Kandarah Hace 16 horas
I have a GIANT crush on sasket from naruto!
Tanashinicy Chokesh
Tanashinicy Chokesh Hace 18 horas
Actually i recommend ummmm Haikyu its a volleyball mens and MHA
Nylo Xyloto
Nylo Xyloto Hace 18 horas
10:26 yep I'ld kill for Itachi
Moth Hace 19 horas
nahw im here for Rock Lee All the way haha
Mr .Potato
Mr .Potato Hace 20 horas
Tan Girl with white hair...allow me to precent Miruko from bnha
Jessica May
Jessica May Hace 20 horas
It went from laughing super hard to super quiet and chill...... This is what I mean: 15:36 notice the difference?
Jessica May
Jessica May Hace 20 horas
One loves older sisters One loves furries One didn't watch any XD How cool....
Derpy Gamez07
Derpy Gamez07 Hace 20 horas
Watch fuckin Harry potter
Lucid Hace 21 un hora
DEAD!! 😂😂😂😂
raid 4354
raid 4354 Hace 21 un hora
Android 18 lover forever
Emilio Aguilera
Emilio Aguilera Hace 22 horas
I'm glad to know that I'll never be to old to have anime crushes
Isaac Shadow
Isaac Shadow Hace 22 horas
Emily: The last strawbender
89ers Hace 22 horas
Kallen got them big anime t*****
Gali ent
Gali ent Hace 23 horas
dildo_swaggins Hace un día
Sakura suck bruh! She suck! She useless!!
Aubrie Mercado
Aubrie Mercado Hace un día
Sailor Jupiter was also my fave xD I get rekt by my friends for it tho xD
SasparillaGreg -
SasparillaGreg - Hace un día
You know your in for a treat when one of the first things you hear when watching the video is "I"M NOT A FURRY"
Alexis Alonso
Alexis Alonso Hace un día
90% of this video is Elrod and Daidus screeching into the mic
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga Hace un día
I didn't watch Avatar. *pause* WHAT THE FU__
Ginger Productions
Ginger Productions Hace un día
"All Disney princesses are pretty hot" Me, seeing Vanellope: "FBI OPEN UP!"
Picklebobpie Hace un día
Think of how many wishes they could have saved if they gave Krillen immortality
Picklebobpie Hace un día
You can never go wrong with android 18
Picklebobpie Hace un día
Picklebobpie Hace un día
I liked akaya from witch craft works Although you can’t really complain about mizuki from “Baka and test” (IT NEEDS A THIRD SEASON”)
kyndall Croker
kyndall Croker Hace un día
I love that chunibo girls older sister she a bad girl
Gregory Stone
Gregory Stone Hace un día
do yall know sao
Donuberry Hace un día
Bro coming back to this after emirichu basically said her and daidus were dating 👀
EmmaThee Bree
EmmaThee Bree Hace un día
wAit wHa when-- 👀
Joshua Mohlman
Joshua Mohlman Hace un día
11:11 Guess Daidus likes THICC girls too
kiro meco
kiro meco Hace un día
this is my to go video when i'm sad i love this banter
Wolf Drdraco
Wolf Drdraco Hace un día
bleach was boring
Brianna Chen
Brianna Chen Hace un día
rwrlrr Hace un día
idk who android 18 is but WHAT IS THAT FOREHEAD I-
Armando Gonzalez
Armando Gonzalez Hace un día
What about demon slayer characters??????
Afia_Productions_ :3
*When Erold said "The boys in there are so pretty!" Reminds me of what my mom is gonna do in the future of my arranged marriage*
z S
z S Hace un día
Anime bitches I look at tits
Ronin O'Malley
Ronin O'Malley Hace un día
This is why you binge watch every single anime before you have a conversation about it.
Raquel Orea
Raquel Orea Hace un día
I'm the only that thought that eroldhistory... his laugh... sound like the laugh... of J-hope of bts... I'm the only?? Ok :)
Triple Mcflubble
Triple Mcflubble Hace un día
( 12:08 ) the look in her eyes as she pains them with her lack of watching shows, pure joy as she breaks them down
Victoria Donald
Victoria Donald Hace un día
Jessica Rabbit, Mulan, and the female soldier off of Wreck It Ralph though
We don't want to talk about the uhm...finger nail scene...it's a little...uh...
LoZfan59 Hace un día
Part 👏 3 👏 with 👏 CDawgVA
gαcнα мαηgσ
gαcнα мαηgσ Hace un día
i like how the sequel has more views
Syon's Corner
Syon's Corner Hace un día
It took me 10 months to figure out that the bleep sound to cover up erolds curses was Senko-san squeaking
Brianna Machcinski
Brianna Machcinski Hace un día
I agree sakura was more useful then hinata. And he was right about hinata being more useless than sakura, she can fight alright. But that's all I can say, her only lines are "naruto kun"
Deking Patat
Deking Patat Hace un día
i can watch this video over and over again
Onion Hace un día
This is literally the 6th time I’ve watched this
scaly raptor 1944
scaly raptor 1944 Hace un día
scaly raptor 1944
scaly raptor 1944 Hace un día
Ok.... May from avatar. Oh and inkling girl from splatoon Edit: oh and Toff
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