Childhood Crushes

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Did we name any of your favorites?
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18 abr 2019






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Forever Gacha
Forever Gacha Hace 33 minutos
Who didn't have a crush on Light Yagami before he went crazy
Cyanthia _Volt
Cyanthia _Volt Hace 40 minutos
Victoria Barajas-Miranda
Is it bad that I watch this on a daily basis?
Michael Lazarou
Michael Lazarou Hace un hora
I had a crush on teenage Ben 10. For so long. I also had a crush on Justin from wizards of the waverly place, Harry Potter, EDWARD CULLEN (YEAH I KNOW TWILIGHT IS AWFUL BUT ROBERT PATTINSON IS HOT). Ngl I still have a crush on Robert Pattinson.
Moonstone husky
Moonstone husky Hace 2 horas
I had a crush on Sonic when I was 8, which was 6 years ago. I liked him for 3 months, then had a crush on Tails for 4 months straight after. That's it. Yes, I'm a furry
Aki Gear3015
Aki Gear3015 Hace 4 horas
9:05 you mean the girl was a fan of Blackcat from your old middle school sketchbook video?
Keira Copeland
Keira Copeland Hace 4 horas
Man I'm boring. 2012 TMNT and Hiccup (I've grown up alongside the series and he's just gotten hotter and hotter with each movie) from HTTYD and that's pretty much it. Tom Holland's pretty cute tho. Hehe, Spiderman. Edit: the only reason I'm so boring is if they got a huns, you don't mess wit dem BUNS i.e. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley
Crissy Park
Crissy Park Hace 4 horas
I hope theres a part two. I WISH IM HAVE FRIEND LIKE THEM 😭😭
Ih8lebu Vkookisdabesteu
Why do I feel like the ending music is the lullaby version of boy with luv??
Avocadosaregreat Ò.Ó
Literally everyone from diabolik lovers was my crush xd
Glumbumble e
Glumbumble e Hace 6 horas
Wait. Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask/Endymion . From Sailor Moon. No one?
MattPlays Hace 7 horas
Emily: *names character* Sóley & Kristine: OOHHHH YESS
Grace TheHuman
Grace TheHuman Hace 8 horas
it's the chair ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Luna Playz
Luna Playz Hace 8 horas
When you can't relate..(just a bit)*
The Duke Of Blaze
The Duke Of Blaze Hace 8 horas
7:55 That "I do" with that face really made me think: "Woah, she's thirsty as fuck!"
Sad boi
Sad boi Hace 8 horas
Ok vampire knight anyone
Dank Khann
Dank Khann Hace 8 horas
Listening To This Saddens Me. "I Like Em Taaaaaall" Me: 5'10 :O
Hitagi Hace 9 horas
"he kinda looked like he didn't bathe" he REALLY didn't i don't get why so many girls like him KDJFSJJDJDK i'm into light more cause he definitely showers twice a day and cares about hygiene even though he's lunatic lmaoo
Hitagi Hace 9 horas
and i still love him till this day
Isathesordman king
Isathesordman king Hace 10 horas
I have legolas toy from lord of the ring
Blackfalcon Otaku
Blackfalcon Otaku Hace 11 horas
this is legit me. which is sad because I know I am younger then all you. also why was there a random jimin. new subscriber
Blackfalcon Otaku
Blackfalcon Otaku Hace 10 horas
like literally all of the guys in the video i liked except 3...who i am to lazy to look and see what there names were....the actor...the TV show guy....and the anime with short blond guy with black lines down his face....
Ronaldo Barron
Ronaldo Barron Hace 11 horas
I love spirit it is stil my favirote childhood of all time
Hello fellow internet dweller!
“I am, like, 100% straight...” Me: That’s what they all say! 🧐
RavenclAwesome Hace 13 horas
Since I was 13, I've had crushes on : -Damian (Monster Prom) -Asriel (UT Growthspurt AU) -Lewis (Mystery Skulls) -Junkrat (Overwatch) -Shane (Stardew Valley) -Kazuichi (Danganronpa) -Kirishima (BNHA) BTW, I'm a guy. Sooooooo. . . yeah. Past few years have sure held some... surprises.
Thanos And mha
Thanos And mha Hace 13 horas
Alexis Crooks
Alexis Crooks Hace 13 horas
Bts boy with love for the ending song
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades Hace 14 horas
**Says she loves Roy Mustang** _you are the best person in the world_
Bharat Singh Negi
Bharat Singh Negi Hace 14 horas
I don't know why youtube recommended me this, but really loved the ladies
kayland Hace 14 horas
can anyone hmu with a list of all the animes mentioned in this
EDUARDO Herrera Hace 14 horas
"I think it's becaus he have the most normal hair" Yu-gi-oh 0 kaiba: well.... fuck
Gabi Delgadillo
Gabi Delgadillo Hace 14 horas
Anybody else have a crush on undertaker😳😊❤
Kane of Crimson
Kane of Crimson Hace 15 horas
you liked her cos she was a _horse_
Ruby Izfet
Ruby Izfet Hace 15 horas
Loli Hunter
Loli Hunter Hace 15 horas
The fart at the end made me stop breathing for a minute there
Sòley eva
Sòley eva Hace 15 horas
Name twin!!! Did you guys know that sóley translates to buttercup!
Living is for noobs kill me
Almost all of these men mentioned I have liked
Paige Outland
Paige Outland Hace 16 horas
I like hinata from haikyuu
Paige Outland
Paige Outland Hace 16 horas
When you said Steve I EXPLODED I couldn’t even keep my eyes open for a second 😂😂😂😂
Paige Outland
Paige Outland Hace 16 horas
Alexa Bowman
Alexa Bowman Hace 16 horas
What was the ending instrumental called ?
Alexa Bowman
Alexa Bowman Hace 16 horas
This was so cute
Alexa Bowman
Alexa Bowman Hace 16 horas
Nobody talks about Zatchbell omg . I know this might be weird but i had crushes on Yugiyoh , Lucario and Mew2
David Luo
David Luo Hace 17 horas
You're illustrations are friggin adorable
Hoeseoks Sprite
Hoeseoks Sprite Hace 17 horas
5:09 a sis did jimin dirty haha
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez Hace 17 horas
How did I get here from watching Lancers earrape theme
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez Hace 17 horas
How did I get here from watching Lancers earrape theme
Snow R
Snow R Hace 18 horas
I would love to hear something like this again I couldn't stop giggling ☺️
foofy Hace 18 horas
who else was mad with what happen to rins hair ( rin from fruits basket)
Lime-green! Hace 19 horas
I also love guys with mid lenght to long hair. I love guys with long hair. I like short hair too, but I definetely prefer longer hair
KittenCrafter Hace 19 horas
I have to agree with light and L
Gov.Lee-On Hace 19 horas
These are so good! We need more xD
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