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[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) 'IDOL' Dance Practice

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2 sep 2018






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Dyylan_Galaxy Hace 17 minutos
How bts dances: How I dance: *wishes to go outside more*
Nur Indah
Nur Indah Hace un hora
I love jungkook
Stefany Pasquali
Stefany Pasquali Hace un hora
Vcs Sam de mas não sei como vcs conseguem cãntar assim vcs são de mas mesmo
oh no no
oh no no Hace 2 horas
Ur dancing skills succ mine are better
Ruby Issitt
Ruby Issitt Hace 3 horas
This is what I think I look like when I dance ;-;
Jeongin x Hyunjin cuddles
All of there styles are amazing especially Jhope and Jimin :D I need THOSEEE
Flor de nit Cusi Tomasto
Q asco da BTS
Richi-Grasoso Hace un hora
AyMaN BeAsT Hace 3 horas
u guys suck my hairy ballsack
Karinka_ NIK
Karinka_ NIK Hace 3 horas
Maay Lang
Maay Lang Hace 4 horas
Where Can I Buy Yoongi's Legs?
My username has never made more sense than now
Nadia Nadia
Nadia Nadia Hace 4 horas
I wish i could be one of bts But i know i never be but i can be better than her i guess
Oussama Nazih
Oussama Nazih Hace 4 horas
Demet Army
Demet Army Hace 5 horas
Kurban olurum sizi yaradana çok seviyorum ❤️🇹🇷
abu anwarrabee
abu anwarrabee Hace 5 horas
Omigad استمرااااااار
Army Br
Army Br Hace 5 horas
Alquem br ?
girl power
girl power Hace 5 horas
They are all do cute and really talented
Dron 7447: BG game
Dron 7447: BG game Hace 5 horas
This is not k-pop this is gei-pop 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
a.s.m.r saratova
a.s.m.r saratova Hace 6 horas
Victoria Tejada
Victoria Tejada Hace 6 horas
Aman Adhikari
Aman Adhikari Hace 6 horas
Bts gotta help PewDiePie now 😁
Aman Adhikari
Aman Adhikari Hace 5 horas
+mohi rezazade because he needs 😂🤣
mohi rezazade
mohi rezazade Hace 6 horas
why ??
Amalia Firmaseri
Amalia Firmaseri Hace 6 horas
Musa Ozcelik
Musa Ozcelik Hace 7 horas
Ne salak insanlarsiniz aq
love jimin
love jimin Hace 7 horas
يمة فديتكم وينكم عرب أثبتوا وجودكم بليزززززز😊😊😊😊
Laləzər Mirzəməmmədova
Fuck you rap monster
Бодя Хахаха
What are their names? 그들의 이름은 무엇입니까?
mohi rezazade
mohi rezazade Hace 6 horas
Бодя Хахаха
+mohi rezazade Thank You!
mohi rezazade
mohi rezazade Hace 6 horas
white pants brown olive shirt is jhope ( also is called hobi , jung hoseok his real name) Red pant , white cap is V ( kim taehyung) brown pants , black shirt and black bucket hat is Jungkook The one in all black ( black shorts) is suga ( Min yoongi) the one with long sleeve white shirt, white shoes and black cap is Jin . Jean and grey shirt is Jimin . black pants and black cap is is Rm . And I would be happy to answer your question ( in case if you have) ,, feel free.
Laləzər Mirzəməmmədova
Fuck you bts
Richi-Grasoso Hace un hora
Ha oc
jimin oppa
jimin oppa Hace 7 horas
*قلبي الصغير لا يتحمل خدوني للمشفى او عند جيمين او للقبر اختارو* 🐸💔🌚
jimin oppa
jimin oppa Hace 7 horas
آه قلبي الصغير لا يتحمل💔🐸🌚
Pınar'ın Dünyası
Amira Chumroo
Amira Chumroo Hace 8 horas
Ewww I hate these people so much Idk why people keep going like "BTS,BTS" 0of that's so irritating btw I disliked
Xiao Wang
Xiao Wang Hace 6 horas
+Amira Chumroo at least they can dance and can you? ;)
Amira Chumroo
Amira Chumroo Hace 7 horas
+Xiao Wang I want to because thus is thrash
Xiao Wang
Xiao Wang Hace 7 horas
I mean why disliking? Hate it if you want to, but why disliking, just go your way lmao
BANG TAM BOYS. JIMIN Souza messias
No no may god
Promote Anti-Violence & Anti-Racism
More awesome BTS songs!: DOPE FAKE LOVE (the original, the Rocking Vibe Mix, and the Japanese Remix!) ANPANMAN Airplane pt. 2 Ma City I'm Fine Not Today Baepsae / Silver Spoon Love Maze Save Me Trivia 轉 : Seesaw Go Go MIC Drop (the original and the Steve Aoki Remix!) Waste It On Me Answer: Love Myself Magic Shop Fire
ZOnly 79
ZOnly 79 Hace 10 horas
ZOnly 79
ZOnly 79 Hace 10 horas
해피[상큼포텐] Hace 10 horas
아...슈가옵하 제이홉옵하 넘 좋아ㅜㅜ
Jeon Lara
Jeon Lara Hace 10 horas
العرب وينكم؟
Мухтар Кудас
Sofya Popova
Sofya Popova Hace 10 horas
Кто русский?
Just Me_ Alex
Just Me_ Alex Hace 10 horas
Just Me_ Alex
Just Me_ Alex Hace 10 horas
RM is my absolute favorite
Vicente Gonzalez
Vicente Gonzalez Hace 10 horas
Canal de mierda vale pico chuchetumaree!!!
Richi-Grasoso Hace un hora
Claro que sí crack
Liz LIME Hace 10 horas
Эти нагетсы кошмар отстой и они все демоны они ужасны
Tan Lee
Tan Lee Hace 11 horas
Bts viet tat la bay thang sam
Tays Correia
Tays Correia Hace 11 horas
Vishwamitra Vishwamitra
Hello bts i love your songs very much i want to meet with sir ,please please cai meet with you where ever you will tell i will go there i also know all of yours name first is v,jankook ,jimmi,rap monster etc my name is jim i am 15 years old I have just transferred with my dad in korea please answer i can't replied to v that happy birthday i know that his birthday has gone 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
Kean Aliño
Kean Aliño Hace 11 horas
Can we just appreciate jin's great dancing? ALSO HE LOOOOOK SOOOO FINE AF!!!
An Lể
An Lể Hace 12 horas
Bts=💩 ,ha ha 😊
주니 07
주니 07 Hace 12 horas
한국인 없나용..?💗 오빠들 항상 사랑합니다💗
{아미} 린킷
{아미} 린킷 Hace 12 horas
eğlence tv
eğlence tv Hace 12 horas
Love yuo
김병남 Hace 16 horas
jhope best dancer
кαωαιι_ραѕтєl 99
They are hitting south african beats and gwara gwara.Ayy!!
ARMY BUDDY Hace 17 horas
Connor Elder
Connor Elder Hace 17 horas
Hey flamestar223 its me Doomedpilot from aj. P.s probably won't see this😢
Hoseokie Vroom Vroom
Hoseokie Vroom Vroom Hace 17 horas
J-hope.. I just revived today. And now you're trying to kill me again!
TULASI DODDI Hace 17 horas
Wow awesome dance u guys are killing the dance I love it 100/100
Hanifa Vania
Hanifa Vania Hace 17 horas
Garuda Tennis
Garuda Tennis Hace 17 horas
Good Video
ngọc army
ngọc army Hace 18 horas
I love you BTS
Sarah Hace 18 horas
Damn hoseok 😭💖💖
Ivan Mtz
Ivan Mtz Hace 19 horas
Purple Slushii
Purple Slushii Hace 20 horas
I really like Hoseok's outfit
V kimtaetae Bts
V kimtaetae Bts Hace 20 horas
Rare footage suga wearing shorts
it'syowbbb hartyx
it'syowbbb hartyx Hace 20 horas
NO DIVÃ COM MARJORIE Hace 21 un hora
Mais alguém percebeu o esfrega esfrega do Rap Monster com o Jung kook
_AVAKIN EVA CAT_ Hace 21 un hora
Black pink?❤️🖤
zarin subah
zarin subah Hace 21 un hora
now i'm gonna push outta this world if you say jin can't dance.like bish...fuck off
El emperador Empoleon
El emperador Empoleon Hace 22 horas
Awesome Wow
Awesome Wow Hace 23 horas
Y’all that breathing at the end took away what was left of my life
Kim Amy
Kim Amy Hace 23 horas
와 나 왜 홉이 오빠한테서 눈이 안떨어지지ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Rebecca Solomon
Rebecca Solomon Hace 23 horas
I am so in to this song!! I tried to learn the dance!! 😂😂 ♡♡♡ [Rebecca Solomon a.k.a new bts member hehheehehe]
Gacha Girl06
Gacha Girl06 Hace un día
Let's take a look at namkook at 2:52
cupcake bubble gum drop princess
2:50 why is no one talking about this
Jasmine Gracey Sacsac
i've been watching this dance practice for like-------so i've decided to share a huge blessing 2:40 put the speed in 0.5 thank me later
raper star
raper star Hace un día
Wtf what is this
Alejandro Lezama
Alejandro Lezama Hace un día
Putas chinas
Ela é uma boa menina
Allana Silva
Allana Silva Hace un día
Alguma B-Army??
JikookMin is love
JikookMin is love Hace un día
No se si mirar a los chicos o a la entrepierna de Hoseok.
Duda Lemos
Duda Lemos Hace un día
Eu sou sua fã bts
Mohammed Game Over
Mohammed Game Over Hace un día
Make gaming channle
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Hace un día
Tontos de mierda
Edinson Alexis Burga Pangalima
The best
Unique Saia
Unique Saia Hace un día
Jungkook and namjoon 2:50 💀
Unique Saia
Unique Saia Hace un día
2:50 💀
hevelyn Gomes
hevelyn Gomes Hace un día
Artistas !! Incríveis demais , eu n canso de dizer : INCRÍVEIS , INCRÍVEIS E INCRÍVEIS , meus amores !! ❤
تركي 119
تركي 119 Hace un día
❤️❤️Love BTS
Ana Leticia unicórnio kaaii
y love bts
Jubileu SouzaH
Jubileu SouzaH Hace un día
aldist sunnyas pratama
Yuk follow ig gua. watasiwahyo_syj jangan lupa guys. Subcribe my youtube chennel nya. Nanti akan post berita samapi hal menarik dan juga parodi karena apa dengan cara kalian mengsubcribe and like. Kalian membantu chennel saya supaya makin berkembang dan makin semangat saya dalam industri youtube. Ingat subcribe itu gratis gak bayar gak juga pakw sayur kol. Makasih yang ngerasa baik hati. Yb chennel aldist sunnyas pratama...
Jezio JezioYT
Jezio JezioYT Hace un día
Jacobbe Hace un día
Ника Лютен
Ника Лютен Hace un día
Молодцы мальчики :)
lamiaa K-pop
lamiaa K-pop Hace un día
Alma Lolo
Alma Lolo Hace un día
알오말아미너 Hace un día
رح موت كل يوم بتفرجلها مئة مرة 😢😢😢😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Chung Yeon
Chung Yeon Hace un día
와 빡씨다
Japa Souza
Japa Souza Hace un día
*bts this is Jimin amo Jimin* *Alguém br ae*
Japa Souza
Japa Souza Hace un día
*bts this is Jimin amo Jimin Alguém br*
Japa Souza
Japa Souza Hace un día
Japa Souza
Japa Souza Hace un día
Chi-chi 02
Chi-chi 02 Hace un día
0:14 Jimin, Jungkook, And V are low-key dabbing.
[아미]향미 Hace un día
슈가야...내다리랑 바꿀래?
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