Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

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"You're ugly!": Avengers: Endgame stars Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER on BBC Radio 1's Playground Insults.
Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart?
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24 abr 2019






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BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1 Hace 4 meses
🔔Hit that reminder bell to see Avengers: Endgame stars Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson go head-to-head in Playground Insults - 3pm GMT, Wednesday 24th April. 👊
Manik Mia
Manik Mia Hace 6 días
Manik Mia
Manik Mia Hace 6 días
k i
k i Hace 10 días
Eminem vs John Leguizamo
Danny Torrance Redrum
Danny Torrance Redrum Hace 27 días
BBC Radio 1 like Scarlett 🤗🤗
klose king
klose king Hace un hora
Gordon Ramsey vs Simon cowell
xX_draxmyface_Xx Hace 4 horas
Contains strong language, go to Australia mate.
Kwiny ANNE
Kwiny ANNE Hace 8 horas
is their a video of simon Cowell and gordon Ramsay insult each other? I mean that would be interestingg..
Janes Fair
Janes Fair Hace 11 horas
Uuuuhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm my god Scarlet is just so damn sexy
bellas user
bellas user Hace 12 horas
Joy Hace 15 horas
I’ve gotta say it. U can cut the sexual tension with a knife
Ebi Toro
Ebi Toro Hace un día
I wish we could see Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston do this
Strawberry Mochi
Strawberry Mochi Hace un día
Imagine Tom Holland and Robert Downey doing this.
Atika Laila
Atika Laila Hace un día
Chris is so hot that i dont care what hes wearing or not wearing so i was amazed she picked on his cardigan
Kurt Metrose
Kurt Metrose Hace un día
So much lust!!!
rishav kumar dubey
rishav kumar dubey Hace un día
How about Gordon ramsay and Simon Cowell??
ExTremeHYPE Hace un día
Scarlet yo hand son
𝕷-𝖃 𝕹𝖔𝖔𝖇𝖘 ✓
Spectacular rap, he’s a tarantula gargantuan, Yeh Angela so i command you to start dancin' part Manson, part Hannibal, part mechanical, Shark throwing animal parts at Scarlett Johansson.
H4KD Games
H4KD Games Hace un día
Scarlett lookin bad asf
Kiran MD
Kiran MD Hace un día
i see cringe
Mitch Smith
Mitch Smith Hace 2 días
They've definitely railed one another.
Komikazii Hace 2 días
It’s awkward when they the guys in suits
Ethan Conner
Ethan Conner Hace 2 días
“ Your biceps are like thanksgiving turkeys” Fat Thor Confirmed in Endgame
houseofaction Hace 2 días
black widow has enhanced strength, longevity, healing etc
landon boyd
landon boyd Hace 2 días
Ur ugly
kaerbear Hace 2 días
Do you even know how to spell your own name? 😄😄😄😄 I'm gonna use that one.
Djibril Konaté
Djibril Konaté Hace 2 días
2:37 Chris stretches his hand I thought Mjöllnir was coming
moblacker Hace 2 días
Why can't Brie be fun like this.
liewi fidell
liewi fidell Hace 2 días
what the hell is this buts its funny
Nabil Uddin
Nabil Uddin Hace 2 días
when somebody tells a lame joke me:- 0:57
ツGogo Yeah
ツGogo Yeah Hace 3 días
Chris pat vs chris hemsworth
Wins cleir08
Wins cleir08 Hace 3 días
its supposed to be loki
ilkovic Hace 3 días
Wow, did not expect it to be all that bad and cringy
ReCall Hace 3 días
Me to Chris Hemsworth: You are a bad actor who can only play a single role, all the roles you choose end up being someone's brainless idiot... when you leave your comfort zone, your spoiled child's face makes it pathetic and unbelievable It's surprising that you don't show up in Terminator Dark Fate, But you will surely appear again to be the jester in some other remake.
Keeano Agustiadi
Keeano Agustiadi Hace 3 días
I feel like I'm in the room since they're not recording
Hugh Loftus
Hugh Loftus Hace 3 días
My God u r scum.
KillerSpike 25
KillerSpike 25 Hace 3 días
Butthurt feminist 1:22
Prashant Bahuguna
Prashant Bahuguna Hace 3 días
Nothing is like the kevin n Dwayne one
Ernest Adewoyin
Ernest Adewoyin Hace 3 días
These two people are literally like the nicest people on earth lol lovelogo.store
Emanuel Severino
Emanuel Severino Hace 3 días
this turned awkward
Trendy Golbin247
Trendy Golbin247 Hace 4 días
Thor: Do you know how to spell your name Black widow: that was so mean 😭
jamey foxton
jamey foxton Hace 4 días
Hey, Chris Hemsworth may be in my Film School Grad Project! Video on my channel - Please support the cause!
Chris is the guys, guy, seriously he's everything you could want in a man, the only critique is his mural that he got done at his house.
Ausbeth Ajagu
Ausbeth Ajagu Hace 4 días
i would pay to watch gordon ramsay vs simon cowell
Sarah Sanchez
Sarah Sanchez Hace 4 días
Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans should do it together
peggy carter
peggy carter Hace 4 días
Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.
Breaking The Box
Breaking The Box Hace 4 días
Scar:"I love your biceps I'm sorry." Chris: "I think you're really smart." Scar: "I don't love your sweater though but I love your biceps."
Breaking The Box
Breaking The Box Hace 4 días
"It's cause I don't know how to spell." 😂
Breaking The Box
Breaking The Box Hace 4 días
3:34-3:49 These two are hilarious together. 😂 I don't care what anyone says. "Did you know your beach umbrella would be your pants." "Did I mention you're really ugly? Cause EVERYbody's been talking about it." 🤣
William Winder
William Winder Hace 4 días
The greatest insult. Mispronouncing her last name.
ALLY S Hace 4 días
This was probably the best playground insults. Not a second of hesistation
Theoretical Hace 4 días
what a prostitute
Breaking The Box
Breaking The Box Hace 4 días
Scarlett is fucking hilarious. She just jumps right in and calls him ugly then her unapologetic face at 0:45. The faces she makes and her responses kill me. 4:05 fucked me up 😂😭 1:46 was funny. She was like what does that Black Widow have to do with anything? 😂 And Chris backtracking and getting scared is the icing on the cake. 😂
Theoretical Hace 4 días
"Biggest movie of the year" what a joke
RADIN SYAH Hace 4 días
Errr insults leave the room when you do? That means they stick and you bring ‘em with you 😆
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Hace 4 días
His voice is deeper than the Mariana Trench Wtf
Addy Sadsarin
Addy Sadsarin Hace 4 días
No one: Not a speck of dust in the corner of my closest: Scarlett Johansson: *dO yOu kNoW HOw uGLy yOu ArE?!*
Sumit Raut
Sumit Raut Hace 5 días
What If....
Ban Syiemlieh
Ban Syiemlieh Hace 5 días
Chris is a very intelligent man😁
The Notorious
The Notorious Hace 5 días
James Rupert vs Brie Larson.
MannyXj1 Hace 5 días
If you compare the distance they are sitting from each other in the beginning of the video vs the end, they're actually sitting much closer. Their body language betrays the tension BBC Radio is trying to force upon them.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith Hace 5 días
I'm sorry white people can't snap.
Karina Rodriguez
Karina Rodriguez Hace 5 días
They’re sitting so close together
Keanu Singh
Keanu Singh Hace 5 días
She rele likes him🤣
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