Chris Rock's Opening Monologue

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Host Chris Rock at the 88th Oscars® in 2016.


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23 mar 2016

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anyviolet Hace un hora
"It's not track and field; you don't have to separate [men and women actors' awards]...." Transgender athletes throwing hissyfits and threatening MORE boycotts in 3, 2, 1...
Q Q Hace un hora
So he is complaining because not enough black actors get nominated. But they have thr BT awards and no white people are invited to that. So whose being racist here nor do they allow white people in that black college that is only for blacks. Again whose being racist I say shit the fuk up and find something happy to do
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Hace 4 horas
I mean, it is Chris Rock so did they not expect this?
Margot Wanders
Margot Wanders Hace 18 horas
Best opening ever.
Lootfisk Hace 21 un hora
When your grandmother is swinging from a tree, it's really hard to care about best documentary of foreign short. Im dead
Yeda Yeda
Yeda Yeda Hace un día
They couldn't handle him... LOL!
Michael Cardoza
Michael Cardoza Hace un día
Chris rock calling Hollywood racist. Hollywood calling trump racist. Ironic.
Michael Cardoza
Michael Cardoza Hace un día
Bunch of rich cry babies
chi jiggy
chi jiggy Hace un día
No white people where harmed during the making of this video
youknow whoiam
youknow whoiam Hace un día
3 Asian people were harmed during making this video
kumar madhan
kumar madhan Hace un día
White people's awards lol he nailed it 😂😂
jaime tonche
jaime tonche Hace un día
Chris is an activist. An making scrilla...
Ocean Summit
Ocean Summit Hace un día
Chris Rock destroys Hollywood...lmao
kingoziel Hace un día
How racist of him to imply that blacks are better athletes than whites. Because If that’s true, then there’s a difference in the capabilities of every different race, and that’s a rabbit hole no one wants to talk about
kingoziel Hace un día
There aren’t as many black writers bc for whatever reason, few are willing to pay the price to become one. Just as there aren’t as many Jews playing in the nba
Robert Macleod
Robert Macleod Hace un día
chris is one in a million lov him
T Banda
T Banda Hace un día
This not funny, but funny asf. You did well Chris rock.
wakaba mungai
wakaba mungai Hace un día
Category :Best black friend 😂 Monologue 💯
Wiame Hekmi
Wiame Hekmi Hace un día
Why does Chris Rock sound like he's doing an impression of Chris Rock
Topgun God
Topgun God Hace un día
Liberals are "the nicest white people on Earth"? Have you looked around? Look again.
janice brown
janice brown Hace 2 días
Gmen pg
Gmen pg Hace 2 días
bro 4 hours deep into his Psilocybin mushroom trip .. Floatin' 3:51
Gmen pg
Gmen pg Hace 2 días
2:28 the black cinematographer
Mlungisi Zungu
Mlungisi Zungu Hace 2 días
Genius of Chris Rock
Kizzyy S
Kizzyy S Hace 2 días
“White people choice awards” 😭😭
LJ - Knows Best
LJ - Knows Best Hace 2 días
It's true what he is saying
Maliphresh Hace 2 días
Them Larry the lobster hands😂
App App
App App Hace 2 días
The discomfort is DISTURBING- Darth Vader voice
Baby Irene
Baby Irene Hace 3 días
Way too real for Hollywood Devastating
Da.Real.O.G Hace 3 días
even as a black person, listening to this made me very uncomfortable lol, can't imagine what those people in the audience were feeling.
your mother's favorite.
rocky is a science fiction movie. lol that's hilarious.
sean elliott
sean elliott Hace 4 días
Put them on spot chris
Crazy Canuck
Crazy Canuck Hace 4 días
Here we go with the black victim B.S. again, the 60's again, the poor black syndrome again, etc. It's really getting old anymore. I think blacks are the most racist people around and always are the poor victims. Why did he have to make these awards all about the blacks??? He, for being a black man, sure has a good fucking career and has a lot of money being a poor black victim in America hosting the Oscars, I hope they never call another poor black racist person to host these awards again.??? His whole monologue was Black Black Black????
Discent Mae Goneo
Discent Mae Goneo Hace 4 días
He look so young!!
Joe Moss
Joe Moss Hace 4 días
“The problem with black and white people is that we say black and white people.” - Morgan Freeman
ryannrjohnson Hace 4 días
OMG Chris Rock is so damn funny 😂😂😂
Surrounded byCowards
this guy can't say to the jews to have more blacks in hollywood ...the jews own hollywood, it's their baby ! ***IT'S THEIR CREATION***
pokerpaul1000 Hace 5 días
chris rock comes to the doctor with a frog on his head. the doctor : so tell me whats the complaint? says the frog: well it started with a pimple on my ass
Draken T
Draken T Hace 5 días
Damn, that man has balls of steel.
Mr. 168
Mr. 168 Hace 5 días
I love him so much.
Mr. 168
Mr. 168 Hace 5 días
I like him who like he ? Is like to me.
Zeph Hace 6 días
Not funny and we all should be taking names at all these people who laughed.
Chris Ortega
Chris Ortega Hace 6 días
This is true comedy y’all . Alienating the audience with truth bombs, and still have them giggle out of guilt 🤣
Daniels Iroh
Daniels Iroh Hace 6 días
Can't stop loving Chris Rock. One of the best oscars opening of all time!
Jamie Finn
Jamie Finn Hace 6 días
This is how you do an opening monologue. I've seen it several times because it's brilliant. But it deals with a real issue, to the people who are the issue, makes good honest points and is still funny. Perfect Chris, nailed it.
Ardel Hace 7 días
talking zebra
Ryan Meursing
Ryan Meursing Hace 7 días
He killed it.
hunkydorian Hace 7 días
One of the best performances by anyone ever.
Mahlercougar Hace 8 días
I LOVE Paul Giamatti! I loved him in The Illusionist,The Negotiator, Saving Private Ryan. Hes such a great , likable actor
Sckrilla Illa
Sckrilla Illa Hace 8 días
Chris is the worst GREATEST comedian ever!😂😂😂 SALUTE u pookie! U are a God! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-dTLxBmb2hUo.html 💪😇👊
slimbo denero
slimbo denero Hace 8 días
Sad you mfs dont see what i see
Leonardo Gomez Clears Gomez
People WHO waited for BARACK OBAMA and Donald Trump in WHITE HOUSE. Where you are ? 2019 or Almost 2020 Damn it.
harvey jennings
harvey jennings Hace 8 días
Whooo... tf did he write this material for? He simultaneously made both people who boycotted the Oscars and people who attended it uncomfortable.
Theo Redd
Theo Redd Hace 8 días
50 times watching this... can't get enough of it!😂😂
darkness8798 Hace 8 días
This is so great because he mentions who give a fuck about a cinematographer, and right at 2:27 the cinematographer drops his shot it's such clever multilayered joke
TahitianTreat Flavored BabyBatter
Rock was able to do the job Black folks didn't want him to do and still make Black folks happy for him via his creativity
Nour Mahla
Nour Mahla Hace 8 días
Llama Pajama Music
Llama Pajama Music Hace 9 días
2:26 what’s up with that random shot?
8:30 Black Panther
Riz P
Riz P Hace 9 días
Chris has a problem with race and yet he keeps bringing race up in every single act he does. He also has the most annoying voice when he talks.
Doyeon Hace 10 días
Kilumo Ngullie
Kilumo Ngullie Hace 10 días
Black and white.you are races too.
UGUE LOVE Hace 11 días
5:30 the answer of all questions.
Jon Lewis
Jon Lewis Hace 11 días
ok, I'm going to say this one thing. I love Chris rock, I know he's a legend and respected as a comedian for decades ok. But....at 8:26 into his monolouge he had a brain fart. When he said that black people are not getting opportunities to be nominated for academy awards he lost his audenince including me. Everyone in Hollywood is given the opportunity to graze the big screen and letting their talents be witnessed by all. if he doesn't like the few who are the selected honorees of the award than oh well. I've seen Chris rock sell out and induce raucous packed shows FILLED with white people. it's not about your skin colour, it's about what you project to the audience undern it.
B B Hace 11 días
chris you are the best!!! still today one of my favorite 2019
Sh Savior
Sh Savior Hace 12 días
@1:42 that black guy liked that shot
Yorgelis Angulo
Yorgelis Angulo Hace 13 días
People talking about the crowd getting uncomfortable. C'mon guys that is the botox.
Rely Muffen
Rely Muffen Hace 10 días
Dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Charlie conustedes
Charlie conustedes Hace 13 días
I wish someone would just unload on these Hollywood liberals and expose them for the child raping hypocrite racists they are
L Tella
L Tella Hace 14 días
Chris Rock: 4:31 "ITS NOT TRACK AND FIELD" Cici Telfer: Looks around nervously
adam heeley
adam heeley Hace 14 días
Chris Rock is the funnest man alive. He was born to kill with words.
FORC3OFX F3AR Hace 14 días
If he couldn’t talk about race, he wouldn’t talk.
Vishal Tripathy
Vishal Tripathy Hace 14 días
Best monologue I have seen yet in any show
Carlos Vivani
Carlos Vivani Hace 15 días
Stop speaking black/white people. It’s so annoying. No one in Hollywood nominated nonl-black people because the ‘hate’ them. Hollywood is the most PC place in the world. Jesus.
Daniel Sewell
Daniel Sewell Hace 15 días
They told Chris “don’t talk about race”
unknown matter
unknown matter Hace 15 días
pausing every second when I spot marvel characters
thabang chris
thabang chris Hace 15 días
😂😂 are yall gonna ingore the fact that he said "Rocky is a science fiction movie" ohh God i love Chris.
Mug Numps
Mug Numps Hace 16 días
Ray Charles knew that obummer took sausage up the keester. Phuck demokraps.
Mug Numps
Mug Numps Hace 13 días
@Karen Maples , do ESvid search Larry Sinclair, if you want proof that obummer gave BJ'S to white men. Phuck demokraps.
Mug Numps
Mug Numps Hace 16 días
ESvid search Larry Sinclair if you want proof that obummer gave BJ'S to white men. Phuck demokraps.
Mug Numps
Mug Numps Hace 16 días
Obummer's mammy knew that his father phucked goats in Africa. Phuck demokraps.
Mug Numps
Mug Numps Hace 16 días
How many people remember that obummer's father phucked goats in Africa. Phuck demokraps.
Karabo Ramasilo
Karabo Ramasilo Hace 15 días
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣this comment must be archived as a global treasure, hilarious!
Said Mohamud Said Mohamud
"I can't boycott rihanna's pants coz I wasnt invited there"😂😂😂
Ami Talati
Ami Talati Hace 16 días
they weren't ready for his humor.... he killed it!!
Ami Talati
Ami Talati Hace 16 días
Chris Rock... where is he nowadays?? miss his comedy...
Titanium williams
Titanium williams Hace 17 días
Who else noticed all the voice cracks he had? XD
Azz Gazz
Azz Gazz Hace 17 días
Some in the audience looked really shocked. Well done Chris!
VènØm ĞamînĞ
VènØm ĞamînĞ Hace 17 días
1:12 a joker laughing at another joker ❤️ God damn it... I love Kevin hart ❤️
Andrew Carl Elliott
Andrew Carl Elliott Hace 17 días
That's a brave dude man. The guy stands on stage in a theater full of rich white people ... and all he talked about was black people and made them laugh.
Danny Bare
Danny Bare Hace 17 días
Black victim. Blacks have become much to embolden. Quit pushing the sleeping bear
Meeean Azz
Meeean Azz Hace 17 días
When you're grandmothers swinging from the tree lol You know there wou Shocking but funny lol
susan g
susan g Hace 17 días
I love you Chris but what about other minorities in Hollywood? There is so much more to the racism than black and white.
marvelv212 Hace 19 días
US is a white dominated country. I bet it made racist white people uncomfortable.
ruby sankey
ruby sankey Hace 19 días
only a million subscribvers how pathetic get offyoutube
ruby sankey
ruby sankey Hace 19 días
tim rich
tim rich Hace 19 días
Only chris rock can represent black people in the best way possible.. Thank you chris proud of you 👏
Greg Battles
Greg Battles Hace 19 días
Excellent Chris...excellent i love movies and tv shows but I would love to see someone look like me every now and then in the movies or t.v.
Steven Martin Official
Who here thinks Chris is one of the funniest comedians of 2019? 🔥
Adryan Coughlwalsh-Redbeard
sean elliott Agreed...100%👍
sean elliott
sean elliott Hace 4 días
He is the best stand up comedian I rather watch his stand up than his movies.eddie Murphy has the best movies along with Kevin hart but shiity stand up to me
Adryan Coughlwalsh-Redbeard
Steven Martin Official Yes!!👍😊 he was great. Chris and Ellen best hosts so far.
Harmless Doggo
Harmless Doggo Hace 19 días
Minstrel show?
DoodOo Mama
DoodOo Mama Hace 20 días
Where the hell did the Jussie smollett part go?? They edited that out huh? Lmao
Nova Lovely
Nova Lovely Hace 21 un día
He did a phenomenal job. Hilarious while touching on topics that need to be heard.
CSII Pahoa
CSII Pahoa Hace 21 un día
Chris Rock attacking racism with racism.....very interesting.....
Samuels Alpha_20
Samuels Alpha_20 Hace 21 un día
Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Yea we get it.. The entire video was about racism and Black exclusion.
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