CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Roasted Turkey With Lemon Parsley & Garlic | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay demonstrated how to perfect roasting a turkey.
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10 dic 2018

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Dhairya Vora
Dhairya Vora Hace un día
I want to cook this turkey for my family...oops I don't have one
Thomas Dator
Thomas Dator Hace 2 días
“This pussy is raw, needs some salt, pepper, and some olive oil”
Rhea Fraser
Rhea Fraser Hace 2 días
British lads : ‘keep that bird incredibly moist’
Cornelius Tacitus
Cornelius Tacitus Hace 3 días
First you do a little coke. Then you can cook.
WenHuan Lin
WenHuan Lin Hace 4 días
The real question is who is watching in 2019
dominick strain
dominick strain Hace 4 días
My God his family is so damn lucky!!! That was amazing to watch, thank you for sharing your secrets with the masses Mr. Ramsey, I love how you don't try to keep them all to your self, again bravo
handello Hace 5 días
Gordon the kinda guy who injects olive oil into a vein to get the day started.
tyler vessell
tyler vessell Hace 5 días
Who tf doesn’t eat the turkey wing?
Wasem Zahr
Wasem Zahr Hace 5 días
Bird: your fucking up my anatomy
Anthony Nudalo
Anthony Nudalo Hace 6 días
I'd pay 100 dollars for that bacon alone
Carter M.
Carter M. Hace 6 días
Can I go to Gordon's for Christmas?
Tony Kim
Tony Kim Hace 6 días
I cooked this and damn does the gravy and turkey taste good
Melody Pond
Melody Pond Hace 7 días
I want a shokugeki between souma (from food wars or shokugeki no souma) and Gordon Ramsey
ImNumbInside421 Hace 8 días
This is food porn
michael88h Hace 8 días
He even outs olive oil on butter.
Indonesian Hero
Indonesian Hero Hace 11 días
Fuck pork eater, im muslim and fuck Christmas, allah akhbar!!!!
BeardedDanishViking Hace 12 días
I don't get gravy in the UK. Consistency is like soup :S
RoboRuby Robotics
RoboRuby Robotics Hace 13 días
0:08 Bon Jovi: Oh Oh Gordon: We’re half way there Bon Jovi: Living on a prayer
Mega Bucks
Mega Bucks Hace 13 días
rest that turkey for long long thyme
Ray Hace 13 días
Smelling 3000 calories of butter Gordon: *adds herbs* That smells incredibly light.
He is grabbing a turkey like he is grabbing an ass.
Brody Hunter
Brody Hunter Hace 15 días
Every time it shows the ornament he’s doing another line
Hollyoakes Episodes
Hollyoakes Episodes Hace 15 días
He’s fisting the chicken 😂😂
Spencer Brown
Spencer Brown Hace 16 días
I want to eat that bacon more than anything else.
arakis74 Hace 17 días
Gordon Ramsey going down on his wife "The smell is incredible "
arakis74 Hace 17 días
"Keeping that bird incredibly moist!" 😂😂😂
Joseph Bloch
Joseph Bloch Hace 17 días
Looks amazing, but oh the way he cuts that turkey breast makes me want to weep. Slice along the bone, taking the breast off, and then cut into slices!
Corporal Wolf
Corporal Wolf Hace 17 días
Next turkey I kill. I’m trying this
Daisy Hace 19 días
9:31 jack : I will eat all the turkey
Hmarpa channel
Hmarpa channel Hace 20 días
The background music played. We also have same music in our language chirmast song isn't it
Alexandria Garibay
Alexandria Garibay Hace 20 días
Watching him take an onion out of the turkeys ass made me moist with olive oil ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Morpyoto Hace 23 días
Jesus fucking Christ the first 3 steps are to start with 2 whole sticks of butter, then to put salt and pepper on them and drench them in olive oil. You’re going to have a bloody heart attack.
Morpyoto Hace 23 días
And then he adds bacon for the love of god
Muaz Kabir
Muaz Kabir Hace 23 días
Imagine a camera guy walking around your dinner table while the whole is having Christmas dinner
Tyler Blandin
Tyler Blandin Hace 24 días
Do we know if that bird gave consent to any of this?
宇宙不思議な Hace 19 días
anna garcia
anna garcia Hace 24 días
Hi Chef Gordon! I may not taste how good your dish but I can see how good you are in dancing while cooking...
naqshbandi sulaiman
naqshbandi sulaiman Hace 25 días
The living legend
Quý Đạo Nguyễn
9:32 Jack: Nice!
Jamie YouTube
Jamie YouTube Hace 25 días
The camera man should be at home with there family
Danny Young
Danny Young Hace 25 días
Gordon Ramsay's You're the Best . I'd really Enjoyed watching your cooking . Thank you for Sharing your Recipei xoxo
Vijay Luhan
Vijay Luhan Hace 27 días
Watching Christmas Turkey videos in May 😂
just a normal life
just a normal life Hace 27 días
He carries olive oil , salt and pepper in his emergency backpack
work desu
work desu Hace 29 días
I felt weird when he was putting the blackpepper into the turkey 😅
Jacob Games
Jacob Games Hace 29 días
Me: sets fire to whole kitchen Gordon: just add a bit of olive oil to increase the flavor of the smoke
WaTeR LeMoN Hace 29 días
Kaki Like Video Malaysia
It's " RAW "
supreme2005 Hace un mes
I’ve made this two years in a row now. I use less lemon, and it comes out so good. Baste every half hour. The most moist turkey you’ll ever have
Cyronn Enriquez
Cyronn Enriquez Hace un mes
Damn 2:20
HundoGoated Hace un mes
Earthquake: Gordon Ramsay: lightly season it with salt and pepper
Thejus Thomas
Thejus Thomas Hace un mes
Nobody: Gordon Ramsey: Beautifull......
EXE KonatDonut
EXE KonatDonut Hace un mes
Gordons like having a seizure
Jay Ahmed
Jay Ahmed Hace un mes
Gordon really likes seasoning his bird 😏
SunshineLaw Fan
SunshineLaw Fan Hace un mes
This poor turkey is host vehicle for a pound of butter and cup(s) of oil. Don't overcook your turkey. No grease required - it will be just fine without it...
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay Hace un mes
SunshineLaw Fan turkeys dont have alot of fat in the breasts so you need it
M .Z
M .Z Hace un mes
0.01-0.10 ( dancing gordon and a touch of salt and pepper )
Meme Vault
Meme Vault Hace un mes
I never thought i would see someone molest a chicken
Daniel Manning
Daniel Manning Hace un mes
Am I the only one that thinks he straight fucked up that bird? You should never stuff it you can get the same aromatics from simply putting it in the pan it causes you to have to keep you turkey in the oven longer and will make dryer meat period. The butter is a good strategy the bacon is stupid it's called you cook it 2/3s breast side down in a roasting bag then flip it up last 1/3 and open up that bag and you are good to go with perfect brown crispy skin nothing burned and the world's most moist turkey ever especially if you REALLY PREPARE unlike what Gordon told you. You need to brine your Turkey. So much was wrong with this. Good Gordon you are a wanker with a turkey just saying
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay Hace un mes
GsPilotXR skurr skurr
He’s kids have to understand how lucky they are, I’m not talking money
Pure Gecko
Pure Gecko Hace un mes
He’s a food genius
atom craft992
atom craft992 Hace un mes
He is shoving veggies into that birdies ass ExTRA ThICC
atom craft992
atom craft992 Hace un mes
the birds ass is SPICY!!! Heh
John 23
John 23 Hace un mes
when he said he was gonna show me how to "keep that bird incredibly moist" and then started cooking, I got genuinely disappointed.
Ferzen Melodias
Ferzen Melodias Hace un mes
rip to those fasting people
King Gook the Autistic king ewgewgwegwe
Salty vegans downvoting.
terp02Andrew Hace un mes
Watching a Christmas recipe...in the middle of May. Perfect.
Ethan Quirk
Ethan Quirk Hace un mes
terp02Andrew when else should we be watching this?
NOT A HUMAN Hace un mes
I think gordon can taste a lava
pp dito
pp dito Hace un mes
iiyyywww.. disgusting
Jonas Varberg
Jonas Varberg Hace un mes
Gordon Ramsey coock a perfect pasta. Watch and learn @t
Jonas Varberg
Jonas Varberg Hace un mes
Gordon Ramsey coock a perfect pasta. Watch and learn @t
Jonas Varberg
Jonas Varberg Hace un mes
Gordon Ramsey coock a perfect pasta. Watch and learn @t
Mauro Sciaccaluga
Mauro Sciaccaluga Hace un mes
It looks dry...
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay Hace un mes
Mauro Sciaccaluga he rested it
Mauro Sciaccaluga
Mauro Sciaccaluga Hace un mes
How do you know?
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay Hace un mes
Mauro Sciaccaluga it aint tho
Kazuki Kagoshima
Kazuki Kagoshima Hace un mes
The only murder I will forgive that happen to myself is if I get cooked by ramsay
Fox Animations
Fox Animations Hace un mes
I can wait to sodamize my raw christmas turkey
Janine Lyka Astudillo
Why DOES he always look like he is Holding his pee
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay Hace un mes
Janine Lyka Astudillo 😂
PrettyMoonLady Hace un mes
Im guessing this is in Celsius so you have to convert the temp?
Ethan Quirk
Ethan Quirk Hace un mes
kyoLover20 yeah
Nawar Naaoom
Nawar Naaoom Hace un mes
How to put butter on the skin
Begotten Hace un mes
I wonder if the camera crew get to eat the food he cooks after these
Kent Reyes
Kent Reyes Hace un mes
I love you mr gordon ramsay I love food and good food like all of your foods can, I have some
Tilly Hace un mes
When he mentions degrees, he's going by celcius. So 200 degrees means 400 degrees farenheit. Fyi
in2food Hace un mes
A 5 1/2 pound turkey comfortably feeds 8 people? Not in my house....
Ethan Quirk
Ethan Quirk Hace un mes
in2food well its a British Christmas dinner... it comes complete with an equally sized joint of roast beef, enough roast potatoes and veg to feed twice the amount of people gathered on its own, a crap tonne of pigs in blankets and much more. The turkey is just the centre piece of a Christmas dinner but if you haven’t cooked enough food to feed your family for the next 2 weeks its not a proper Christmas dinner
John Dom
John Dom Hace un mes
Is pepper dispenser is like the eating sound in minecraft
Cassandra Wilson
Cassandra Wilson Hace un mes
Chef Ramsey how come turkey. slices never use in hell kitchen and a meat thermometer to measure all the meat that get destroyed because of undercooked.
Mas Bram55
Mas Bram55 Hace un mes
Royke Mambu
Royke Mambu Hace un mes
If he was my dad i would never leave home
Set Qesu
Set Qesu Hace 2 meses
going to buy a roasting chicken and try these methods post haste.
Gabriel Thu
Gabriel Thu Hace 2 meses
I wish I have a family like you
Hammaas Hashim
Hammaas Hashim Hace 2 meses
5:02 me after summer school
CallOfPundy1192 Hace 2 meses
Lay off the crack Gordon
Jesse Mamuraja Tamijs (L) X.MIA.3 (SMP Santo Benediktus Pahuman)
Roasted Turkey by Gordon 15% Turkey 5% Any flavors 80%Olive oil
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Hace 2 meses
I love watching gordan jamming up a turkeys ass😂
Stephanie Trevizo
Stephanie Trevizo Hace 2 meses
Mmmm you guys should try fried Turkey neck
April Spencer
April Spencer Hace 2 meses
I hadn’t ever thought to use tomatoes. Would Pomi boxed be ok to use, as fresh at Christmas are terrible?
strgg Hace 2 meses
Can this work well with chicken?
Ethan Quirk
Ethan Quirk Hace un mes
strgg only think id think about is the size of your chicken compared to the turkey and the cooking time to prevent drying it out. Flavours would all work the same though
Rodrigo Gatica Rodriguez
Christmas came early this year
TomRob Hace 2 meses
wonder if his kids have ever tasted kraft dinner
Brasspineapple Productions
" I would like to Meet Chef Ramsay some day "
Brasspineapple Productions
@GameBoys Advanced Yes. ..
GameBoys Advanced
GameBoys Advanced Hace un mes
Wouldnt we all?
Rithrius Hace 2 meses
0:22 Something tells me Gordon wasn't talking about the turkey.
Matthew Robertson
Matthew Robertson Hace 2 meses
Is that 220 Celsius for Fahrenheit
Ethan Quirk
Ethan Quirk Hace un mes
Matthew Robertson Celsius. If the cook isnt American, always assume Celsius. You cant even get British ovens that measure Fahrenheit
Oceans_Bae Hace 2 meses
anyone get dejavu at 4:55 ?
Real One
Real One Hace 2 meses
Damn how much coke went into this video
Davashish Bhagirati
Davashish Bhagirati Hace 2 meses
After u eat that greasy pile of shit ...u won't be seeing another Christmas
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay Hace un mes
Davashish Bhagirati christmas is supposed to be the time to get fat af
Niko Hace 2 meses
I hope that turkey was over 18..
Julie Kmec
Julie Kmec Hace 2 meses
Stop making me hungry Gordon! :)
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