CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Roasted Turkey With Lemon Parsley & Garlic | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay demonstrated how to perfect roasting a turkey.
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10 dic 2018






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Choptron27 Hace 2 días
Hey now.... I love a great turkey wing... I can see how it can make a beautiful gravy but I’m sorry... I’ll take the high road and use Marcos stock pot before giving up my turkey wing Ramsay lmfao😂
Jaden Lee
Jaden Lee Hace 3 días
Maiwand Hamid - Port Credit SS (2272)
Gordon Ramsey takin a shit: “My god that smells amazing”
Ninjas Onkel
Ninjas Onkel Hace 4 días
How old is this video
Lucio'o'z Hace 5 días
Why are you throwing the wings away??!
ИнфоВойны Hace 5 días
My god, his family is lucky! 🤤😁👍🏻
TheBizarro Hace 5 días
I'm watching this in March..
I'm Confused
I'm Confused Hace 5 días
God I wish I was that turkey
Niki Osmani
Niki Osmani Hace 6 días
It looks like he is fucking the chicken
Meme Vault
Meme Vault Hace 6 días
Just just fisted a turkey
Kaptan Simav
Kaptan Simav Hace 8 días
His foods makes me horny
Tian Moezelaar
Tian Moezelaar Hace 8 días
How much butter does he use
Orange Surfer
Orange Surfer Hace 8 días
Eugene Allen Ricafort
Eugene Allen Ricafort Hace 10 días
Gordon's top essentials: 1. Salt 2. Pepper
Backchain ·_·
Backchain ·_· Hace 10 días
Dis seems VERY sexua- WAIT is that my friend Ralph???
Max Gonzalez
Max Gonzalez Hace 10 días
I think his wife reverse card Gordon
Sunil Shrestha
Sunil Shrestha Hace 12 días
It was amazing chef .i like to make Turkey same like yours chef . My boss will be like this dish ..👌👍👍
Juice Box
Juice Box Hace 13 días
butta peppa salt oail
Ya Jungkookah
Ya Jungkookah Hace 14 días
June non-liberal lapine
I call that a swanson.
Eddie Kane
Eddie Kane Hace 15 días
When you have that accent anything sounds amazing
wrsawy Hace 15 días
The man can freaking cook....
Random. Stuff
Random. Stuff Hace 16 días
How many times did he say this
ChosenOne204 Hace 16 días
Fucking legend
williamle8300 Hace 16 días
"The most important thing is to keep your bird incredibly moist" **Martin Freeman looks at camera**
super man
super man Hace 17 días
Imagine if your dad or mom where chefs bet it would be amazing
Deadpool Hace 18 días
the *bird*
Robert Horn
Robert Horn Hace 20 días
Rest the turkey for 3 hours?! The USDA would not approve.
Zoe Walsh
Zoe Walsh Hace 20 días
*T H E B I R D*
Ania Williams
Ania Williams Hace 21 un día
You had me at bacon and gravy.........
Hhooo Snnap
Hhooo Snnap Hace 21 un día
Bon apitit
1999 Sonny
1999 Sonny Hace 21 un día
This is art!
Boi Man
Boi Man Hace 22 días
7:55 "I want that"
r2012j Hace 23 días
gordon wastes nothing in his kitchen
Nawar Naaoom
Nawar Naaoom Hace 24 días
Turkey is not flavour when you put butter
cov ky1
cov ky1 Hace 24 días
Turkey and bacon flavor gravy hell no
Sphiltic Hace 25 días
Why was the beginning more disturbing to watch than him butchering a boar?
Fiske Hace 25 días
1:31 Casually Shoves an Onion up the Turkey's Ass
Obi West
Obi West Hace 27 días
What I like most is that he cook for the family the type of daddy I want to be.
pantyslack Hace 25 días
Obi West that’s some wholesome shit right there
Edward Irvine
Edward Irvine Hace 27 días
I wonder what the film crew do in the 2hrs waiting
bye bye
bye bye Hace 29 días
The turkey must be glad to die
Your daily dose of Stupidity
but he for got to put THE LAMB SAUCE in the turkey
John Pinto
John Pinto Hace un mes
Gordon Ramsay the type of guy to season his bathwater
0:22 moist
Unknown Biach
Unknown Biach Hace un mes
I thought Gordon needed to go for a piss at the start
Kampfhund Hace un mes
Ah yes, the posh green butter, with parsley.
Daniel Choi
Daniel Choi Hace un mes
How much butter does this dude use every year?
TGAgaming Hace un mes
Gordon: today I will be breathing. To do so, season the air with salt and pepper, to bring out the fresh flavour of the nitrogen and oxygen. Next, olive oil. Drizzle the air with the golden liquid, just a little bit to just heighten the crispiness of the carbon dioxide *empties barrel of olive oil*. Done. One atmosphere of air, ready to breathe. Mmmm. Beautiful.
Kitten Playz
Kitten Playz Hace 10 días
John Apple
John Apple Hace 10 días
*SMACK* "beautiful"
Coolgirl118 #GD
Coolgirl118 #GD Hace 10 días
Tcj333 Hace 23 días
Today we'll be making the most amazing water. To start, you're going to give it a light seasoning of salt and pepper. Then you're going give it a splash of olive oil, to keep the flavor in. Beautiful. Add in some basil and reduce. Let the water rest for about 2 hours and serve. You can even do this the day before, just cover with tinfoil and refrigerate.
Edge Rated R
Edge Rated R Hace 25 días
Lmfao. Very underrated comment.
BEAST gaming
BEAST gaming Hace un mes
Oh this guy will have great future in cooking he should try for cooking competitions
Xin an Xiaoyang
Xin an Xiaoyang Hace 3 días
Jason Rogers it’s a joke
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers Hace un mes
Are you serious or are you just making a bit of a joke?
MK Unicorn
MK Unicorn Hace un mes
Christmastime with Gordan's family must be amazing
Tom B
Tom B Hace un mes
Right gordon we want it to rest so it will absorb its juices but it won't do that if we remove it from its juices like you did
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers Hace un mes
+Tom B I'm a chef and have spent about 10 years in professional kitchens. 20+ years in total devoted to the craft. So let me try to explain this to you. (And I can't believe that it even has to be explained to ANYbody.) Think about it, even if you left it sit in there, how would the top of the bird absorb juices sitting in the bottom of the pan. I PROMISE you, you can go ahead and leave it sit in the pan and the half inch to inch of liquid sitting in the pan will NOT be absorbed by the bird, no matter how long you leave it sit in there. A turkey (as a whole) is not a sponge. When we talk about meat resting to let its juices reabsorb, or redistribute, we're talking about the juices spread throughout the meat that have been brought to right beneath the surface, so that if you were to cut into it while hot all those juices would flow right out leaving the meat much dryer. It does NOT mean to literally let the meat (poultry, beef, or otherwise) absorb the juices in the bottom of the pan like a sponge. It never means that, it never has. lol Did you actually think that if you left a turkey in the pan it would suck up all those juices all the way up to the top of the bird?
Tom B
Tom B Hace un mes
+Jason Rogers yes it is you. What juices is it referring to then. Absorb its juices... That's what its juices are. The pan drippings. You clearly aren't a cook.
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers Hace un mes
Dude, that's not referring to the juices in the bottom of the pan. lol
AppPpLe Apple
AppPpLe Apple Hace un mes
When u cut the chicken it looked flavor less to me
Matthew Snart
Matthew Snart Hace un mes
1:04 “that smells incredibly light” (sniffs one metric tonne of butter & oil)
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers Hace 22 días
Master Yeet
Master Yeet Hace un mes
Why is Gordon Ramsay sticking his hand up a turkeys ass?
Buğra Kaynar
Buğra Kaynar Hace un mes
As bayrakları as as as
dimi terzov
dimi terzov Hace un mes
''Keeping the bird, incredibly moist''
ImChrisHansen Hace un mes
Chronx100 Hace un mes
I think I would actually kill someone to eat this. It may be worth it.
ARMY X BLINKS Hace un mes
Luckiest people: The people that tasted Gordon Ramsays food
BarryFrench Hace 22 días
I'd say the blokes who've shagged Rachel Riley are luckier...just!
SoundlessEcho Hace un mes
9:32 I could tell what he’s thinking... “Nice!”
Kyler Mock
Kyler Mock Hace un mes
Salt and pepper? I put that shit on everything.
sorenman1 Hace un mes
Such potentials to be made into a Salvadorian sandwich
Just ME Onlyme
Just ME Onlyme Hace un mes
Thank you Gordon!
Leviathan Hace un mes
Anyone know the name of the song in the background?
Amy Inker
Amy Inker Hace un mes
Who here likes to eat the turkey or chickens butt.
Amy Inker
Amy Inker Hace un mes
Allways cook mine the night before and prep was up till about 2.00 prepping xmas eve gone.
Clergis Gaming
Clergis Gaming Hace un mes
He made butter look like a 5 star meal
Hannah Altmeier
Hannah Altmeier Hace un mes
I want a shirt that says 'onion in'
JayJ TV Hace un mes
Gordan the type of cook to drink a bottle of olive oil before he goes to bed
Masked Horse
Masked Horse Hace un mes
10 minutes of Gordon playing with a turkey.
Masked Horse
Masked Horse Hace un mes
Is anyone else getting some unwanted vibes when he holds he turkey or is it just me?
George Soto
George Soto Hace un mes
That shit look cold af gravy all watery lol 😂 don’t leave a brit to make thanksgiving
George Soto
George Soto Hace un mes
That turkey looks fake as a muthafuker
Stefon Johnson
Stefon Johnson Hace un mes
David Gilmour
David Gilmour Hace un mes
Damn the budget of the show must have been sky high with all the coke they bought Gordon and the cameraman
patrick jmencalis
patrick jmencalis Hace un mes
he is on coke ?
J 9
J 9 Hace un mes
I get discarding the fat after cooking but surely there’s juices to put into the gravy. Why use chicken stock? Otherwise the turkey in my fridge defrosting will be cooked just as the video shows (except for white pepper instead of cracked black pepper, and some sage and much less rosemary - I find a little bit of rosemary goes a long way)
Prishey Zeas
Prishey Zeas Hace un mes
Does this work with chicken as well.. Haven't tried turkey yet. 🤔
Brad Setzer
Brad Setzer Hace un mes
Absolutely stunning. Gorgeous dish Chef.
shaikh muktar
shaikh muktar Hace un mes
Why does he look like he wants to pee
Creeps MaPasta
Creeps MaPasta Hace 2 meses
Gordon must be desperate for a piss, jumping around all over the place.
Mathew Pascazio
Mathew Pascazio Hace 2 meses
Nice music, especially the silent night arrangement. Beautiful!
Brian Hace 2 meses
Juan Raphael Aguillon
It doesn't look like a million dollars it looks better than my whole life and body
Aqil Mirza the Sad Person
what if you serve that for a family
nnyspain Hace 2 meses
Love these videos but the camera makes me fucking dizzy, stop moving around so fast lol i feel like I’m on a food rollercoaster
Luke A. Ward
Luke A. Ward Hace 2 meses
Totally overcooked. I did exact same recipe, exact same bird and weight. I took it out 1/2 hour early than GR said and it was still overdone. Total Gordon fail. Not doing it next year. Sort your timings out Ramsey
SenseofDeath Hace 2 meses
will feed 8 people or 1 hungry me.
stefano timbas
stefano timbas Hace 2 meses
That turkey is a bitch
Wandy Saldana
Wandy Saldana Hace 2 meses
I love all your cookings
Waiyong Yong
Waiyong Yong Hace 2 meses
you should hire a new camera man
Caecilia Aguira
Caecilia Aguira Hace 2 meses
this should be on pornsite
76allal Hace 2 meses
At the beginning I placed turkey at 220 degrees for 15 min and it still was whitish without any sign of crisp comparing to Gordon’s turkey that looked crispy
Nawar Naaoom
Nawar Naaoom Hace 2 meses
How to put butter inside skin turkey i never heard that
Snezzy_Official Hace 2 meses
Grandpa kitchen is better than gordon Ramsey Subscribe to pewdiepie
Twitch Ri0tz
Twitch Ri0tz Hace 2 meses
My mom followed this it was marvelous
Gengar Danny
Gengar Danny Hace 2 meses
I’m an a teenager and I made my family Christmas diner it was amazing
H ellion
H ellion Hace 2 meses
Rocco.cost Hace 2 meses
So beautiful food really brings the family together especially during the holidays
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