Cinematic: "Safe Haven"

World of Warcraft
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Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.
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15 may 2019






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the hacker 100
the hacker 100 Hace 8 horas
That looks like hulk from a difirent universe but your so awesome
Shubham Kharoo
Shubham Kharoo Hace 8 horas
Hulk ancestors😁
MD WASIM KHAN Hace 20 horas
Movie name plzz
Hassan Hace 2 días
All the rogue fighting Saurfang could see was: Parry Parry Resist Miss Dodge 6 Minutes until release
MST Hace 2 días
Thrall's face is so expressive in this video. Brings me to tears.
Shiva Reddy
Shiva Reddy Hace 2 días
Indian Hanuman god
Shiva Reddy
Shiva Reddy Hace 2 días
Noah Youkana
Noah Youkana Hace 3 días
Hey I know no one will see this but when is the new world of war craft movie coming out ? It was so good and I’ve been waiting like five years for a part two.
GGP z Hace 3 días
I followed them" fortunately his not a tauren
Felix Fransson
Felix Fransson Hace 3 días
Imagine the twist if he by accident smacked himself in the head with the wep at the end and got retarded!👍🏼
TopBadge Hace 3 días
Saurfang is a retail player trying to convince a classic player to come back to BFA.
Carson Riley
Carson Riley Hace 3 días
Orc Jesus returns, aka Thrall
Mani Dravid
Mani Dravid Hace 3 días
farmer thenos
TouFast91 Hace 4 días
Mo Diddle
Mo Diddle Hace 4 días
Me to Blizzard "Please, I get it.. could we get a cinematic of a character that actually wants to be in the Horde instead of the Alliance, or even a cinematic about an Alliance characters?" Blizzard, inches from my face "SSSSSAAAAUUUURRRRFFFAAAANNNNGGGG IIIIISSSSSS SSSSSSAAAAAADDDD"
Hari dhoni
Hari dhoni Hace 4 días
Hulk ?
Apachi 150
Apachi 150 Hace 4 días
He's like hulk
hannaa Hace 4 días
beliver trust
beliver trust Hace 5 días
i think hulk 🙄
matthew labanen
matthew labanen Hace 5 días
Finally I found Hulk's family
dada dade
dada dade Hace 5 días
They wonder way we play this game
xcmon3yx777 Hace 6 días
Thrall about to destroy Sylvannas
Yann Folange
Yann Folange Hace 6 días
"You and I...we don't get to hide."
IamKhronos Hace 6 días
I haven't seen anyone commented on it but this is a thor moment. Loses hammer goes for axe.
Ram Chavan
Ram Chavan Hace 7 días
looking like a hulk
민지현 Hace 7 días
Where did his mlojnir go?? And why is it storrmbreaker??
Jorge Molina
Jorge Molina Hace 7 días
Jake Everett
Jake Everett Hace 7 días
I believe that Aggra and their kid are dead, Thrall hesitated when Saurfang asked for where his family was as if it was painful to say they were gone so he settled on saying they were nearby, the state of his home is not desirable like he stopped caring for it as if he was depressed (Any parent would want the their home to be nice so that their children are comfortable and won’t get sick due to an unsafe environment), and that after the assassins were killed he didn’t go or do anything to check on his family because any good father/husband would check considering his life was just threatened and theirs possibly were too, he just picked up his axe and was like “Ok let’s go save Baine and stop Sylvanas”. Plus while watching the cinematic, I got the feeling that Thrall was living there alone just by the way the scenario looked and felt.
captainadventures Hace 8 días
Was Saurfang not born in Outland?
Muddy Boots
Muddy Boots Hace 9 días
Thrall still using a Rough Stone Sharpening Stone... :D
Realm Lands
Realm Lands Hace 9 días
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Juyeob Kim
Juyeob Kim Hace 9 días
Which company is VFX CG of this cinematic?
Juan Manuel Scioli
Juan Manuel Scioli Hace 10 días
Súper meh
ApexPredator1983 Hace 10 días
watt is the song im back ground name of this title pleace
Nick E
Nick E Hace 11 días
The most nerfed class in the game rogue, proof right here we need a buff
Laycos Demir
Laycos Demir Hace 11 días
Do an another movie.
ONE Hace 12 días
what happen? why changed his hammer??
Deixel 07
Deixel 07 Hace 12 días
These majestic cinematics also tell the story of subscription numbers dropping...Maybe you guys should really try out animated movies instead of making games
powerist Hace 12 días
I am pretty sure that Orcs are usually pig farmers. Or being humble in a land filled with building-sized Gronn, parasitic vines, and trench foot for the iron boots.
Godzilla Enthusiast
Godzilla Enthusiast Hace 12 días
For some reason when it said "Azeroth" next to the logo I had immediate flash backs to "Teen Titans"...
Munif A.
Munif A. Hace 12 días
These rogues are noobs. You sap one and gang up on the other. That's rogue 101.
Lousy Shin
Lousy Shin Hace 13 días
2 handed enhancement shamen incoming?
NeoGee Hace 14 días
Watching these cinematics makes me wonder why we needed the film to be "live action"
Bambam Kumar
Bambam Kumar Hace 15 días
Yes tu e.tss
Pablo Fuentes
Pablo Fuentes Hace 15 días
Chris Metzen is back, babyyyyyy!!!
Anton Sjöstrand
Anton Sjöstrand Hace 15 días
I'm not kidding. I could watch a whole movie with these animations. Blizzard should either focus on that or start working on WoW 2.
Artistic Gaming
Artistic Gaming Hace 16 días
2:02 yes you are your my favourite orc in wow
Jean-Paul Faye
Jean-Paul Faye Hace 16 días
Back for another cinematic, I get so excited when a new one comes out... I don’t play Wow tho lol
Freshwater Salmon
Freshwater Salmon Hace 16 días
copy paste of blade runner soundtrack
Azi Poor
Azi Poor Hace 16 días
World of warcraft: bodybuilding for azeroth
NH 27
NH 27 Hace 16 días
WatchUrHead1 Hace 17 días
The amount of money these fools would make if they just made a cinematic universe of just this man like wow wasted potential...
GigglesTheCat Hace 17 días
if they hadn't ruind wow in cata i would still play just for the hordes story but retail is awful (heres to a small sliver of hope they do something crazy with classic like a redesgined cata or take the game in a different direction and abandon retail
Hauntercry Hace 16 días
How did cata ruin wow?
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Prakhar Srivastava
Prakhar Srivastava Hace 17 días
Hulk's siblings
pomo11223 Hace 18 días
Dumbass rogues should have declined group invite so surfang can't follow nor see them.
Suriya R
Suriya R Hace 18 días
Hulk look
Csanád Jakab
Csanád Jakab Hace 18 días
0:15 Maximus! Maximus!
Jeffrey Hendricks
Jeffrey Hendricks Hace 19 días
Thrall's back! I'm freakin' back!
JayVeraLupe Hace 19 días
Did the rogues not see the skull above their nameplates xD
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