Cinematic: "Safe Haven"

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Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.
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15 may 2019

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Arnold Rosa
Arnold Rosa Hace un hora
Looks like he turned Doomhammer into an axe or merged it with Gorehowl. That would be awesome, to remind him of his mistake. It should be called Doomhowl.
Amit Dwivedi
Amit Dwivedi Hace 6 horas
When will this be released
Justin Reed
Justin Reed Hace 9 horas
I am going to use that next time I aggro. OMG Noob you aggro the whole raid and they followed you. I followed them.....
Tommy ‘s YouTube account
Thrall stopped being a good character when he cheated during his fight with garosh in wod. The fight where you arent supposed to use magic.. and then garosh started winning and thrall started throwing lava bolts and earth stuff at him.... Yeah i dont like that thrall....
Demon Joker
Demon Joker Hace 20 horas
League-Anime Warcraft-Movie
Aidan McLaren
Aidan McLaren Hace un día
Does the part where Thrall stops sharpening to meet Saurfang remind anyone else of Shawshank Redemption?
Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh Hace un día
It looked that deadpool attacked hulks
Rune Bråten Lundberg
I would pay HELLA money to watch an animated movie of warcraft in this quality. I`d have the best time of my life, ever. Period.
Ajongafac Josiane
Ajongafac Josiane Hace un día
Plz is this a continuation to warcraft???
P F Hace 2 días
How did thrall grow his hair back
FatherHeathen Hace 2 días
Stopped playing at the beginning of Cataclysm, when it began to feel like a linear, watered down treadmill.
Jokers Wild
Jokers Wild Hace 2 días
WoW has been my broken home since i started playing, ah the stories, being part of it all, through its ups and downs i want to go back.... but i can not.
irij Hace 21 un hora
Jokers Wild You can in 2 months when Classic comes
Troy Wehr
Troy Wehr Hace 2 días
Yo! Did anyone else notice that axe looks strangely similar to a certain deceased Tuaren Chieftains halberd.
Thorbjørn Christensen
All hail the banshee queen!
Zenix Kirin
Zenix Kirin Hace 2 días
Really would love to see a animated movie from blizzard. Everyone does.
Abodar Hace 2 días
Why the name safe haven reminds me of the maze runner movies
TReXcuRRy Hace 2 días
sam asl
sam asl Hace 3 días
All these traitors to the horde deserve nothing but death!
manoj joshi
manoj joshi Hace 3 días
I'm ashamed of myself! Been into Warcraft franchise since 2004 and only now realized that thrall is the only orc with eyebrows
Thomas Bjerke
Thomas Bjerke Hace 3 días
Yes you ar. YOu will save teh wow :))
José Miguel Martínez
0:57 big glitch on the depth of Thrall's feet/rock that appears to be closer
Alper boz
Alper boz Hace 3 días
Thrall be like: "something need doing?? WORK WORK!"
luedriver Hace 4 días
why movies about video games aren't made like this I will never understand...
bulletcat139 Hace 4 días
..About time.
Irman Ariff
Irman Ariff Hace 4 días
Thrall - Brad Pitt of the Orcs
free thinker
free thinker Hace 4 días
message to blizzard make sure everything related to message signal interrupt and message signal interrupt extended ( wichever concern your various system) is properly set in the regedit or whatever! isr suck you dont want to default to that without knowing it ! it will cripple the best system in the world. keep up the good work . why i mention this? i plan to come back for classic wow . so i put the gamer odds in their favor by doing this . open world is fun only if it works
Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard Hace 5 días
I rewatched Sauerfang snapping that rogues neck like 8 times
Xitan M
Xitan M Hace 5 días
Your cinematic are amazing
Jed Dagot
Jed Dagot Hace 5 días
everyone must stop playing and force blizzard to make a movie!
Prince Tiger
Prince Tiger Hace 5 días
Think thrall will die and join his family ,get a warriors death
Alan Wang #36
Alan Wang #36 Hace 5 días
It not easy being green.
_ LejøsDeEstarBien
_ LejøsDeEstarBien Hace 6 días
Se prendio esta mierda! 😂😂😂
Tamás Zatykó
Tamás Zatykó Hace 6 días
hmmm not bad but its be more epic schene when he picking up Gorehowl.
irij Hace 3 días
Tamás Zatykó Thats Durotans axe.
Tamás Zatykó
Tamás Zatykó Hace 4 días
@Fel Master i know that :) i know its a new weapon, but shame, Gorehowl be more epic looking and maybe a little cool story element going on. Thrall feel guilty and honor hes friend grom to cary that mighty weapon. Little unworthy thor referenc. Knowing that Metzen is a Thor fan :)
Fel Master
Fel Master Hace 4 días
That's not Gorehowl, it's a completely new weapon.
Broken Pieces
Broken Pieces Hace 6 días
Getting major flashbacks to the film.
Kreamdelacreme Hace 6 días
Idk why I keep watching these.I stopped playing after WotLK lol
Timothy Ogden
Timothy Ogden Hace 4 días
i watch them and i never played
Sky Rasmus
Sky Rasmus Hace 6 días
All these years I wondered what exactly going "stealth" would look like. Is it just supposedly sneaking around behind cover? Is it doing your best not to get noticed. No. It's legit magic. Nearly invisible. Thanks for clearing that up!
zirovanes Hace 6 días
Thrall: u were followed!!!11one Saurfang: no u! Thrall: k Sham & War LFM! PST! Must have raid achievement from pre-alpha
AckPfft Hace 6 días
I haven't played since TBC....looks way too complicated now. lol
Common Sense
Common Sense Hace 6 días
Nah its the same and just as boring
Ku Dastardly
Ku Dastardly Hace 7 días
So what happened to the Doomhammer? For a second there I thought Thrall might accidentally pull out the Blades of Chaos by mistake lol.
Ku Dastardly
Ku Dastardly Hace 6 días
@Murashka Janeb Thanks for the info.
Murashka Janeb
Murashka Janeb Hace 6 días
he gave the doomhammer as an artifact weapon for the enhancment shamans
VoiceOfTheEmperor Hace 7 días
To me, a player since 3.3, this cinematic means so much more than Green Jesus or Our Lord And Savior Chris Metzen. This, to me, is showing how Blizzard Entertainment needs Chris Metzen. If not as a leader, then as a figurehead. Someone to look to in dark times and yes, someone to patch things up if they begin to fall apart. I may be Alliance through and through, but The Horde needs Thrall. Azeroth needs Thrall. But most of all, Blizzard needs Chris Metzen.
0786RICARDO Hace 7 días
I gotta say, this thrall looks like wc3 thrall much more than the other
jattalalay Hace 7 días
Where are they and what tried to kill them?
dumaz12 Hace 6 días
Nagrand. Sylvanas’ forsaken assassins.
Dominic Alvarez
Dominic Alvarez Hace 7 días
So does sylvanas want thrall dead?
Broekje Hace 7 días
Gods those Nagrand tunes take me back.
Ghost Hace 7 días
Been playing Orcs 24/7 back in wc3. Then in vanilla, i have felt and Queen Sylvanas raised me as a Forsaken, and i was never able to cure my curse, not even now after long 15 years. I may be undead, but i will stand with true horde til the end of times. FOR THE HORDE!
DaeDriC LorD
DaeDriC LorD Hace 7 días
Just make your own movie goddamn it ...
skylers C.C
skylers C.C Hace 8 días
Saurfang never use Twitter... He is already following you.
xXAnTiiXx Hace 8 días
Michael Stovall
Michael Stovall Hace 8 días
1:20 talking about the current status of the game #vanillahype
lydia yuna
lydia yuna Hace 8 días
can't someone help me understand that is thrall ? but what axe was he carry in the end ? where was his hammer ?
irij Hace 3 días
@lydia yuna Because when Thrall fought Garrosh and won by cheating, the elements abandoned him, making Doomhammer useless to him. Thats why he gave the hammer to players as an Artifact in Legion.
lydia yuna
lydia yuna Hace 3 días
@irij isn't Thrall a shaman ? why is element useless to him ?
irij Hace 3 días
lydia yuna Thats Durotans axe at the end. And Doomhammer is useless to Thrall after the elements abandoned him.
korey mcintire
korey mcintire Hace 8 días
Clearly shooting for the Jon Snow/Aragorn - Elessar story line I see.
Pabula Hace 8 días
We need a Arthas / Lich King movie, that story line simply the best in Warcraft.
Mijidsamdan Suidaan
Mijidsamdan Suidaan Hace 8 días
Return of Thrall? Is this Mexican drama?
SaltySlinger Hace 8 días
Stupid jokes aside, What's the weapon he's using now that Doomhammer is gone? (generic looking Dreanor axe at the end)Have the Elements abandoned him? He just a plain ol warrior now?
irij Hace 3 días
SaltySlinger Its Durotans axe.
Eric Guzman
Eric Guzman Hace 8 días
Stefan Chirieci
Stefan Chirieci Hace 8 días
Rogaine does miracles indeed,I need to use it too.
Isaac Dare
Isaac Dare Hace 8 días
Oh my god please make a movie, Blizzard
Phil Boelsche
Phil Boelsche Hace 8 días
JUST WHEN I THINK I'M OUT FOR THE LAST TIME (after you know, the last six times I stopped playing) THEY DRAG ME BACK IN. ZUG MUTHAF*CKIN' ZUG.
Revan The No-Life Demon
Hey, its a brainless fanboy. Succ succ brotha
Súng Phun Sơn Anest Iwata
Blizzard is the best in making 3D animated movies :)
Francisco Sáenz
Francisco Sáenz Hace 9 días
Looks more like an Axe than the actual Doomhammer.
irij Hace 3 días
Francisco Sáenz Its Durotans axe
John Parker
John Parker Hace 8 días
naw its still a hammer .. jus gotta hit em with the sides
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev Hace 9 días
I don't get the amount of dislikes. This is arguably the best quality cinematic, why do you dislike?
Kar Hoe Zenn Ow
Kar Hoe Zenn Ow Hace 9 días
Those rogues think they could come for their dead bodies, therefore worth trying... But who knows if thrall will be stoning there?
UltraRambo Hace 9 días
" Blizzard realizes that that if they are to secure a future of the Wow,they must reach out to the one who led it in the past "
Eben the Dragon
Eben the Dragon Hace 9 días
Ive already played this cinematic like for 20 times for like 2 hours in one day, help
Casey Cooper
Casey Cooper Hace 9 días
Faier20 Hace 9 días
Kane Reynolds
Kane Reynolds Hace 9 días
Happy Green Jesus Day!!
The NeVeR
The NeVeR Hace 9 días
Another Horde Cinematic. Yay. Which is ironic seeing as how it's the ALLIANCE that was attacked by the horde but somehow the focus is on how sad the horde is 24/7.
Boom Shoot
Boom Shoot Hace 9 días
This cinematic is about a wow friend convincing his unsubbed wow friend to get back in
scruppy007 Hace un día
Saurfang: The outside world, it looks good. But this is wrong. Classic WoW is coming and you aren't even subscribed to the beta. Thrall: Lel top kek my bad
Junior Zeezus
Junior Zeezus Hace 5 días
that's literally what happened to me, my cousin kept pestering me about it and now i'm addicted again... FOR THE HORDE!
Eray Keser
Eray Keser Hace 9 días
Saurfang must bea Warchief
Sir Prize
Sir Prize Hace 9 días
Guess Genn was right about "calling up farmers next".
julian hellmich
julian hellmich Hace 9 días
2:48 silly Rouge, going near the warrior in execute range
Константин Светлов
Прям Русь и русские богатыри)
Anton JB
Anton JB Hace 10 días
Its insane how good these are.
Slate-Minded Hace 11 días
Call Saurfang for all your chiropractor needs!
M Yusuf Alifian Official
Came on when war craft part two ...
Zwei Polizei
Zwei Polizei Hace 11 días
Amk döviz çok pahalı.
Cindy Montgomery
Cindy Montgomery Hace 11 días
Thrall: "Honey...?! Where's my super suit...?"
moret25 Hace 7 días
Well, super hammer...
Severedhead Death
Severedhead Death Hace 11 días
so when is the next warcraft movie coming out
Joseph Cole
Joseph Cole Hace 12 días
Why are Saurfang's eyeballs so freakishly tiny compared to thrall's?
Klaas Komvaak
Klaas Komvaak Hace 12 días
Allright, Thrall switched to warrior mode !
제갈공명 Hace 12 días
No it is not safe haven Do u guys have no phones?
ShadowsClaw24 Hace 12 días
AAWWWWW yeah from a casual 'I like cinematic's' standpoint
hashtag Hace 12 días
0:10 mr orc i dont feel so good
Merlyn Hace 12 días
When I see this I think of the movie, what it could have been... if done right :'(
Liam Hunt
Liam Hunt Hace 13 días
I really wished he pulled out doomhammer instead of the axe
irij Hace 11 días
Liam Hunt He gave the hammer to players at the start of legion because when he killed Garrosh the elements abandoned him and the hammer was basically useless to him.
Peter Philipson
Peter Philipson Hace 11 días
It got destroyed at the end of Legion, so that would be a hard to do.
The Sleep Tapes
The Sleep Tapes Hace 13 días
Still ain’t Arthas, still ain’t Arthas
Hauntercry Hace 9 días
Hes dead
Danny A.
Danny A. Hace 13 días
I haven’t played WOW since Lich King and y’all just don’t know how much I wanna play it. But that adult life doesn’t give me any time unfortunately.
Сапа Сапа
Сапа Сапа Hace 13 días
Renier Bernardo
Renier Bernardo Hace 13 días
O gráfico é legal mas o jogo é uma bosta!
Erdem K.
Erdem K. Hace 13 días
Bradley Epstein
Bradley Epstein Hace 13 días
bottom line.... rogues cant kill warriors lol
Theresa Ellis
Theresa Ellis Hace 13 días
I don't think this is Thrall, where's his doomhammer?
irij Hace 11 días
Theresa Ellis It got given to players at the start of Legion because when he killed Garrosh the elements abandoned him and the hammer was basically useless to him. And the power it had left was drained out when we used it against the sword of sargeras.
Carl Crammer
Carl Crammer Hace 13 días
Blizzard should make a StarCraft movie. That would be awesome.
Maxentius Caesar
Maxentius Caesar Hace 13 días
Welcome back Thrall!! Thrall:" ofcourse.. because.. I Am The Warchieft! "
sush1roll Hace 14 días
R.I.P Sylvanas
Gerhardt Schmidt
Gerhardt Schmidt Hace 14 días
Screw The Net
Screw The Net Hace 14 días
Never send two female assassins to do a male assassins job. *smfh * :P
Zack collins
Zack collins Hace 14 días
Is dota hero exist there?
Xen-G MaJin
Xen-G MaJin Hace 14 días
2:50 ork VS assasin instant LOOTed his weps (oO)
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