Clash-A-Rama: Donny and the Spell Factory (Clash of Clans)

Clash of Clans
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A Builder’s son dreams of becoming a Wizard, but gets more than he can handle when he cons his way into a Spell Factory job.
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From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money
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A network connection is also required.
- Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
- Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
- Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
- Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
- Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
- Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
- Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
- Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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9 nov 2018






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PuRPLe ShEP Hace 4 horas
Like I know the truth spell was a close call but what's with the "murder Mystery" part?
Death Studio
Death Studio Hace 12 horas
Just realized a normal builder is gearing up a archer tower shouldn’t the master builder been doing it?
Salih DEMİR Hace 15 horas
my favorite character from pekka hero my favorite barbarian king
Rishant Singh
Rishant Singh Hace 23 horas
Was this a parody of Charlie's chocolate factory
Luckyleen Inos
Luckyleen Inos Hace un día
The sign say welkome
Luis Villegas
Luis Villegas Hace un día
9:38 ghostbusters 2 reference?
Sylvia Voges
Sylvia Voges Hace un día
The new Troop the Wizard Builder
Бравл Бравл
Leo Samonin
Leo Samonin Hace un día
Me: re watched one episode of clasharama Becuase I forgot that it exist. *one day later* My ESvid recommendations for the rest of etirinty: ClAsH aRaMa
A Gamer Channel
A Gamer Channel Hace 2 días
my friend has a youtube Luca scotti and were in a war who has more and views I new views and subs A Gamer Channel by the way,
IGame4FUN :D
IGame4FUN :D Hace 2 días
wtf is this lol
candy Hace 2 días
This gives me charlie and the chocolate factory vibes
Sunny Sanyal
Sunny Sanyal Hace 2 días
Waiting for a movie of coc it will be a great hit
Sandra Granillo
Sandra Granillo Hace 3 días
Chris Afton
Chris Afton Hace 3 días
Hey make more of this and I will promote as youtuber second leading
Erdi Zymberi
Erdi Zymberi Hace 3 días
Anyone else realize that they have a archer queen at town hall level 7 🤣🤣
Alan L
Alan L Hace 3 días
19:15 top 10 saddest anime momments
almond marie
almond marie Hace 4 días
lesson: dont stop your son from doing what makes them happy
why he sleeping in the middle of rthe day
Hudsoon 360
Hudsoon 360 Hace 4 días
Lilterly just like the chocolate factoty movie
Liam Playz
Liam Playz Hace 4 días
This us a great vid please make more!
PurpleDomo Hace 4 días
This is great episode
m.i gaming
m.i gaming Hace 4 días
The builder that fell from the archer tower I thought had no underwear but he had
Ajeesh Vasanthakumar
I love these episodes!
Kristibek Hace 5 días
This entire episode in a nutshell: *Crewmate there is 1 impostor among us*
IT KSK ACCOUNT Hace 6 días
Murderer mystery is a game mAh dude
P1NK_ Rankz
P1NK_ Rankz Hace 6 días
theres a warden on a level 7 buider hall HAHA
Da_Russian2017 Hace 6 días
18:19 how covid really started
Fuzzy pooch Fuzzy
Fuzzy pooch Fuzzy Hace 7 días
3:19 me when I have to go somewhere we’re I don’t want to go
gowtham Krishna
gowtham Krishna Hace 7 días
Rage spell science D(enraged) = d(base)*100
gowtham Krishna
gowtham Krishna Hace 7 días
+130 = d( base) 2.3
hdifheidsk Hace 8 días
mini pekka be like: dont care about the village
Captain Thimble Plays
18:03 kazotsky kick
Rogimnist Rage
Rogimnist Rage Hace 8 días
10:39 the cork said ima head out
rex lascuna
rex lascuna Hace 8 días
シRaz Hace 8 días
Builder is really important isn't it? 👻
F3ver Ru2h
F3ver Ru2h Hace 8 días
Why does 2 cloned pekkas and 2 cloned golems break a bridge while me on the other hand spams Giant Skeleton, pekka, sparky, Golem, and mini pekkas and the bridge doesnt break
Alexis Lingad
Alexis Lingad Hace 9 días
I thought builder should be happy lol
some random guy who lost his Google account
Underaged people in discord in a nutshell
Tree free me knee Didi
I love this episode
Nobiluga Pasalan
Nobiluga Pasalan Hace 9 días
Damn that rage spell doe
BlackLeg Sanji
BlackLeg Sanji Hace 10 días
Willy wonka reference
DarcPika Hace 10 días
Charlie and the chocolate factory but worse
Elham Karimi
Elham Karimi Hace 11 días
Darren Chen
Darren Chen Hace 11 días
why dose the builder sound like the engineer from tf2?
Patricia Fierro
Patricia Fierro Hace 12 días
Adimas Hace 13 días
Charlie and the chocolate factory reference?
Jangmo o
Jangmo o Hace 13 días
Emmett Bassett
Emmett Bassett Hace 14 días
Um physics failure
: 0
: 0 Hace 14 días
4:25 did my man do a jut-
Expo Marker
Expo Marker Hace 14 días
3:07 miners met in the basement 3:22 that is a face of a wanted man
tiko a
tiko a Hace 14 días
it welcome
tiko a
tiko a Hace 14 días
Y dose the flag says wolkome
tiko a
tiko a Hace 14 días
Can you make more of this vedos
themation gd
themation gd Hace 14 días
What mini pekka 2020
Marin 2.0
Marin 2.0 Hace 14 días
I have two things about this episode 1)how the tower is at level 8 and it has already been gear up 2) and thats whi the building looks different only when it ends its upgrade timer
Noah Phillips
Noah Phillips Hace 14 días
More Clash-A-Rama please
Nathan Ouwehand
Nathan Ouwehand Hace 14 días
Why did i see a miner in the town hall
gowtham Krishna
gowtham Krishna Hace 15 días
Vito Blazinic
Vito Blazinic Hace 15 días
This is like the chocolate factory
Harsh Channel
Harsh Channel Hace 15 días
Donny bbooooo it should be bonny
Harsh Channel
Harsh Channel Hace 15 días
It was not a good name for a builder Donny,s name should be bonny
Hok Him WU
Hok Him WU Hace 15 días
Doesnt gearing up require OTTO BOT or master builder? DUH that doesnt make sense lOL
SANDY_MAINVGX _BS Hace 16 días
Viewo Plays
Viewo Plays Hace 16 días
Every time you use a spell, a builder pretending to be a wizard gives you a spell in 0.5 seconds, now that epic If I’ve seen epic!
Femke van kranenburg
Femke van kranenburg Hace 16 días
TheMainVerse Hace 17 días
Builder Dad: Once a builder starts a job, he doesn't stop. *Donny and Builder Dad eats lunch * 14:35
Aaron Solis
Aaron Solis Hace 17 días
Who thinks the wizard in a white suit looks like Kernal Sanders
Esakki Muthu
Esakki Muthu Hace 17 días
Charlie and the chocolate factory.
Rip5602 Hace 17 días
A miner is not in the basement it said miners must be in the basement for meetings
Zachary vlog
Zachary vlog Hace 17 días
It was making a reference to willly wonka
Guitar Gaming42
Guitar Gaming42 Hace 18 días
Goblins are the best
Ian Kim
Ian Kim Hace 18 días
Is it.
Kermit Hace 19 días
J Alyaham
J Alyaham Hace 19 días
The dad builder is pretending to be a dart goblin
J Alyaham
J Alyaham Hace 19 días
Lol golem with hair 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣
Luis Petersen
Luis Petersen Hace 20 días
That Valkyrie is hot! Err uh oh wrong site
Dillion APP
Dillion APP Hace 20 días
2:58 *Hog Rider* : I'm sure it won't be long. *Hog* : **Oink** *Hog Rider :* Fine, i'll stand. *Hog :* **Oink** 3:09 *Hog Rider :* **Proceed to take a seat.** 5:22 You can see there is 5 slabs and then turn into 4 slabs.
Playpro Gaming
Playpro Gaming Hace 20 días
Bunglese Hace 20 días
I love when she has a watch and when the builders won't work
SoftLockr Hace 21 un día
Just realized this is referencing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Such a slow poke
Aditi Mehta
Aditi Mehta Hace 21 un día
Back to coc yesss!!
a dorito
a dorito Hace 21 un día
This is like willy Wonka chocalte factory if u didnt know
zNxghtmare Hace 21 un día
Ngl balk kinda bad😳
Dylan Daily
Dylan Daily Hace 21 un día
muhamad aldila hamdani
muhamad aldila hamdani Hace 21 un día
0:56 mini pekka??
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Barb-Wizard(I’m a level 8 Wizard) Giant-guard(I was not donated and battled earlier
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. Hace 22 días
Leslie Clarke
Leslie Clarke Hace 23 días
I hate him
احمد قيمر /AhMeD GaMeR 76
Haktan Boyuneğmez
Haktan Boyuneğmez Hace 23 días
10:08 and that kids is how coronavirus started.
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