Clemson Players React To Winning 5th Straight ACC Title

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ACC Digital Network's Wes Bryant was on the field in Charlotte after Clemson defeated Virginia 62-17 in the ACC Championship. He spoke with Clemson's Justyn Ross, Tee Higgins, James Skalski, and Derion Kendrick about their thoughts and feelings after the Tigers winning another ACC championship.
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CUfan2020 Pitre
CUfan2020 Pitre Hace 2 meses
Can’t play better because you are in the SEC. Don’t play worse because you are in the ACC. I would never base the way I play an opponent because of what league they play in. I would base how I play them on how good they are. Clemson is good. Ohio State is Good. It’s not because of who they play. It’s because of how they play. I would never say that SC is better than North Carolina because they are in the SEC. UNC beat them. That gives UNC the edge.
CUfan2020 Pitre
CUfan2020 Pitre Hace 2 meses
I am tired of the conference narrative. The best team don’t have to be in the best conference. I’m tired of lackluster teams piggy backing off of the better teams. You can be in the SEC and suck. You can be in the ACC and be great.
CUfan2020 Pitre
CUfan2020 Pitre Hace 2 meses
Clemson is great. That’s all. Even if we don’t win it all we are great. I remember a time when dominating the ACC was enough. If this team goes 30-0 and wins it all that will be so crazee. If we lose to Ohio State We are still something
trippieblue 920
trippieblue 920 Hace 2 meses
Tee Higgins sounds like such a chill dude
Ed Cain
Ed Cain Hace 2 meses
Weakest Conf.is One OHIO STATE IS IN ,ONLY 2 TEAMS RANKED From There All Year.
malvoish Hace 2 meses
They got the weakest conference in football....this is not an accomplishment
3 name changes allowed every 90 days
malvoish Oh ok
ProudNavyDad SWO
ProudNavyDad SWO Hace 2 meses
In football? Try again.
Ky Heel
Ky Heel Hace 2 meses
And they will still win the title so maybe ur conference isnt really that good
amutha janu
amutha janu Hace 2 meses
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