Clemson's Tee Higgins Dominates In ACC Championship

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Clemson wide receiver Tee Higgins was unstoppable in the ACC Championship game against Virginia and as a result, he was named MVP of the game. Higgins caught nine passes for 182 yards and three touchdowns.
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8 dic 2019






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RON SCHUELER Hace un mes
But the media says Clemson hasn't played anybody. Boston College, Texas A&M, NC, & FSU. You forgot Alabama 44-16
Zykapaz Hace un mes
He got 4 Tds
Zykapaz Hace un mes
I think.
Auxityne Hace un mes
"We'll just double-cover Ross!" [Tee Higgins waggly eyebrows in the background]
SmithN' Wesson
SmithN' Wesson Hace un mes
Damn he is soo good. If he is able to get his speed up a little bit he would be scary good. Thats his only negative is acceleration/speed. Hes not slow but not fast
Boorelly Hace un mes
He's faster than you think. He's a strider. Look at the yard lines when going vertical you'll see how much ground he is covering. That's why he has to come back for balls to make catches (under thrown)
JT Garand
JT Garand Hace un mes
Man he is 6'4 215 and is an elite route runner with the ball skills of AJ Green. He is faster than Mike Williams and Nuk, who are both elite WR's in the NFL. I get he is no Tyreke Hill but speed is not everything
trippieblue 920
trippieblue 920 Hace un mes
He has ridiculous hands and coordination. Speed isn't really his game
walt green
walt green Hace un mes
He makes up for his speed issues with yards after catch. He has an uncanny smell for the end zone. Besides it starts upfront where Clemson has 4 seniors & a Junior anchoring that line. Etienne will more than get his share of yards. You better have your big-boy tackling pants on for him. As for the comment about Ross you better rethink that. Give Lawrence man to man coverage & he will chew you apart. I do have reservations about Dobbins though he is a beast but hopefully we can hold him down & put it on Fields shoulders. It is going to be exciting.
walt green
walt green Hace un mes
There you see it, the most underrated receiver in college destroying the opposition. One of a plethora of weapons on Clemson's offence. I really don't see how or OSU or LSU can even slow this well oiled machine down at all. Don't even get me started about Lawrence & Etienne. Then there's the #1 pass defense & #1 scoring defense. This is a machine. They are not new to the grand stage winning championships in 2 of 3 years not to mention beati ng mighty Alabama to obtain them. As for the other 2 powers supposedly ahead of Clemson I truly hope you believe in prayer because you're going to need it. Tigers forever!!!
407Khmer Hace un mes
Clemson is overlook but to be fair they did not play any elite team this season. Ohio State vs Clemson will be a good close game I Clemson winning it because I don't think OSU can score against Clemson
Tj Adams
Tj Adams Hace un mes
Nobody is stopping LSU either tbh. Clemson and lsu for the ship for sure
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