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23 jun 2019






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Preston James
Preston James Hace un hora
Laser beam is using lachys merch
Adam Oldham
Adam Oldham Hace 2 horas
Gilbert vigil
Gilbert vigil Hace 2 horas
Cray is like the guy from fmally guy
Jimmy Sutton
Jimmy Sutton Hace 3 horas
So damn funny’s
xSphizex Hace 7 horas
Best click video! Watched it 10 times by now
Emma Rickerby
Emma Rickerby Hace 11 horas
He's a massive bloke
Gameing in about a month GET READY Yeet
Who knew Cray is gay
lukas Jørgensen
lukas Jørgensen Hace 15 horas
Kath killed someone in fortnite 👌
- s ʜ ɪ ғ ᴛ ʏ -
- s ʜ ɪ ғ ᴛ ʏ - Hace 17 horas
This is video that shows the difference between Lazarbeam and Click CLICK Video: 8 ads Lazarbeam Video: 0 a d s
Vardaesia Hace 20 horas
Have you killed someone Lufu? Lufu: Mentally yes! All the time.
Ian Normand
Ian Normand Hace un día
Did Kath actually killed someone??
Rhys Owczarzak
Rhys Owczarzak Hace un día
Wait is lazerbeam wearing Lachlan’s merch
Lalita Bailey
Lalita Bailey Hace un día
Best channel bin SUBSCRIBED since the first video let’s get it I’m also subscribed to all there channels!
MichaelDeGamer Hace un día
7.2 mil views and 168k likes
August Mosel
August Mosel Hace 2 días
Notice how in every vid there is Lachlan merch.
Lyft_amber 70
Lyft_amber 70 Hace 2 días
“Who’s the dirtiest in click” “HAVE TOU EVER KILLED ANYONE!!!!” Lufu”WTF”
christopher rose
christopher rose Hace 2 días
That's lannans sister
JB-Launchpad-G Hace 2 días
Is loserfruit on cocaine
Kafaldu Hace 2 días
They weren't even attached for half the questions... like this so people know
Nortfite_Beast Hace 2 días
The funny thing is that I'm not a teenager and I'm taller than cray lol
OneRamon -_-
OneRamon -_- Hace 2 días
Sub to OneRamon-_- 💩
sans Hace 2 días
stereojustas Hace 2 días
I now how a lie dtecter works and i am 10
Jayden Barrett
Jayden Barrett Hace 2 días
Have you killed anyone Lazer: runs at speed of light FBI!!!!!!
Waldo 69_420
Waldo 69_420 Hace 3 días
Tanna looks like lannan here 6:52 😱😱
Rocket Anims
Rocket Anims Hace 3 días
Has everyone already forgotten that Kath killed someone..
Kerry j
Kerry j Hace 3 días
Lannan with crazy’s first set of questions Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet no one talks to my sister like that
Frigius Hace 3 días
dont you just love how muselk and lazarbeam are wearing lachlans merch....
Deadgun 76
Deadgun 76 Hace 3 días
You do realise that those things dont really work properly
FortniteFan 78
FortniteFan 78 Hace 3 días
13:20 jesus
The Tomster
The Tomster Hace 4 días
uygcyusgucfs fadiahdis adsiahdiahdia adinjasodjo whos is watching in the yhaer og thy golden pig idoigft yourda momf sucks wat lass thean you
mohamed siraj
mohamed siraj Hace 4 días
Why at 26:06 Elliot's phone is under his butt
HarleyGamer 2007
HarleyGamer 2007 Hace 4 días
I'm literally eating lettuce while eating this and when half is in ma mouth and half is out,then I'm laughing hard,all I can see I flopping lettuce 😂😂
77 potatoaim
77 potatoaim Hace 4 días
HarryGaming _
HarryGaming _ Hace 5 días
Y they got lachlan merch
julian Hace 5 días
the 'have you killed someone' is definitly lannans question
Preston Butcher
Preston Butcher Hace 5 días
I get jape Lannan does not want to live in the house half of the people are streamers
relpow Hace 5 días
Am I the only one that realized that when Tanner asked Lennon if he minds providing for her, he said yes, but she typed in no, and the machine said it was a lie, so he doesn’t mind providing for her
Afeda Taher
Afeda Taher Hace 4 días
Lovelycolt79063 gaming
Lannan is the best beacuse he does has the most subs
Josh Levine
Josh Levine Hace 6 días
Go to 13:37 it’s so funny
Ohhh Yesss
Ohhh Yesss Hace 6 días
@cray it sucks being tall I’m 6’1” and 14 it sucks
Ena Mestry
Ena Mestry Hace 6 días
Do you know who women work? Cray: Yes! How do women work? Cray: ...
Rplay12 Hace 6 días
Marcus is not the Alfa male because he left click
Ryan May
Ryan May Hace 7 días
I call bullshit. Reading a lie detector isn't that easy
Ryan May
Ryan May Hace 7 días
For one thing, you have a lot of data on those charts, and examiners can easily misinterpret them and score them incorrectly, especially if they aren’t that experienced. Taken from theguardian.com/how-to-solve-a-murder-a-detectives-dilemma/2017/apr/17/polygraph-examiner-lie-detector-jon-holland-seattle-countermeasures
Despacito Spider
Despacito Spider Hace 7 días
Lannan is the type of person that would say to a girl..... *“Hi my name is Ben Dover”*
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper Hace 7 días
I think Cray and Tannar would be a good couple
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper Hace 7 días
Cray you’re taller then me!
wavy irish lad
wavy irish lad Hace 7 días
The red bar might as well be yellow
zoom hex
zoom hex Hace 7 días
She killed someone in fortnite
Marie Lobitos
Marie Lobitos Hace 7 días
Marie Lobitos
Marie Lobitos Hace 7 días
Preston Butcher
Preston Butcher Hace 7 días
this is how many click house mates reads tanners mind
Slimey Annihilation
Slimey Annihilation Hace 8 días
Kath is soo nervous
NightmareWinzz Z
NightmareWinzz Z Hace 8 días
Duel Master
Duel Master Hace 8 días
Well at the end of the day we learned a lot Lannan wished that he would do no face cam Cray didn’t quit porn Bazz doesn’t lie Lufu killed someone Marcus thinks he is the hottest in the house And finally Elliott is Elon Musk
Anthony Reyes 64
Anthony Reyes 64 Hace 8 días
Samuel Pruitt
Samuel Pruitt Hace 8 días
So that's what happened to Marcus he didnt move Lufu killed him.
unamedkiller 115
unamedkiller 115 Hace 8 días
I cant believe kath killed someone
Matteo Dimaio
Matteo Dimaio Hace 8 días
Im the world cup and lazabeam is bad at fortnite
Lmauz 21
Lmauz 21 Hace 9 días
When it says lufu has killed someone it means in Fortnite and other video games
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