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26 sep 2015






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mandalore CZ
mandalore CZ Hace 7 meses
Rebels Darth Sidious - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-x6f2BplYygo.html
Studio Tefałen
Studio Tefałen Hace 19 días
+Mr. Schnitzel idk but he is 100% not a sith.
Mr. Schnitzel
Mr. Schnitzel Hace 20 días
+Studio Tefałen Then what is he? A dark jedi?
Studio Tefałen
Studio Tefałen Hace 20 días
+Mr. Schnitzel kylo is not a sith
Mr. Schnitzel
Mr. Schnitzel Hace un mes
+Patrick Wentzell Kylo Ren isn't that powerful of a Sith....certainly not comparable to Dooku or Sidious.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell Hace 2 meses
Douku sure put up a good fight however if Anakin had not killed him another would have. believe it he would not have lasted against Kylo Ren.
Dr. Otto Octavius
Dr. Otto Octavius Hace un día
Clone Wars: *Does multiple AnakinvDooku fights* My powers have doubled since the last time we met: Am I a Joke to you?
Niek Bergman
Niek Bergman Hace 4 días
Darthmaul and duku ar badass
GRMJ-Leo Hace 5 días
which episode is 6:33 ?
XxWolfstormxX Hace 5 días
I love how plapatine is just watching and his moods are swinging depending on who is winning
HaLucYn *
HaLucYn * Hace 5 días
11:10 Letho 😂😂😂
Mike-613 Hace 5 días
Who would win: Three elite warriors jedi, with the advantage of the surprise attack, invisibility, and tranquilizer weapons or... Some weird old man on pijamas.
Kei 804
Kei 804 Hace 5 días
Mike-613 your comment just made no sense my friend
Hubert Ciesielski
Hubert Ciesielski Hace 6 días
They call me Count the Dook. Cuz i really lov to fuk.
TritonsGuard Hace 7 días
I'm probably going to get a lot of flack for this, but I am actually disappointed with the saber fights in "The Clone Wars" series. They seem snap and stop. When their sabers collide, it is as if all momentum disappears. The other thing that bothers me is the rareness of binds and the near no existence of winding (meaning the fighters keep their blades bound while manipulating their opponent's to make an opening, deflect an attack to the side, or passé). Count Dooku is one of my favorite characters, and his style in the movies was based on winding and parrying and striking precisely. I don't see that here. It's okay if you like it, but I just can't get over those things.
Ernie14656 Hace 7 días
The fact that not only Dooku fought 3 nightsisters that were invisible with his eyes closed while being infected, but with his pajamas on... What a badass
Private Private
Private Private Hace 9 días
Rest in peace Lee
Da Farmer
Da Farmer Hace 10 días
Dooku is lord of lightning spam
Schmidt and Crocket Inc.
Dooku's fight on the Pyke balcony is legitimately the most breathtaking thing in the show. All the quick recoveries, acrobatics, crowd control... It's as if they spent the entire animation budget on him alone.
RaptorG Hace 12 días
Dooku should be able to 1v2 Anakin and Obi-Wan in Swbf2 :P
Nikore Ferelden
Nikore Ferelden Hace 12 días
Count Dooku was a worthy Villian in the Clone Wars. Though him and Sidious fall very far behind when compared to true Sith and the Dark Jedi of The Old Republic. What we see in the Clone Wars is only a fraction of the true menace the Dark Side can unleash.
Ryan GERMANHEAD Hace 13 días
Dooku's second to last duel on Oba Diah against Anakin and Obi-wan is pure bliss to watch man. The choreography, the animation, the background, ect. Everything about it is what makes me love Star Wars.
Andrew B
Andrew B Hace 13 días
"All those years ago on Geonosis"... It was like, what, two years prior? Maybe even less? xD
Alec Wyse
Alec Wyse Hace 13 días
Palpatine was a moron he traded a badass who was at least semi-loyal and one of the best duelists of the clone wars for Hayden Christianson and his while badass asthmatic alter ego Vader who technically blamed himself and Palpatine for Padme's death. If Dooku never died anakin would likely remain a jedi preventing Padme's death and his transition to Vader they would likely raise Luke and Leia in secret preventing the rebellion then the death star wouldn't have been created preventing Vader from seeing his son in pain and saving him like he couldn't padme thus Palpatine would live initiate order 66 with Dooku as his right hand destroying the jedi and securing the galaxy under the empire with Dooku as his second rather than a Vader who despite his inherent dark side allegiance genuinely cared for his son since he was all anakin has left of padme and thus sacrificed himself to save a pure heart like that of his love... Long story short Dooku was a "safer" alternative to Dad Vader
cecilia Moore
cecilia Moore Hace 13 días
He always dusts his shoulders off even tho there’s nothing there😂
cecilia Moore
cecilia Moore Hace 13 días
His fighting style is great, but I never liked him
I Galactarus I
I Galactarus I Hace 13 días
Opress was a beast
Miklo Vadca
Miklo Vadca Hace 13 días
Why dident Yoda want Skywalker to kill dooku
Your Local Gamer Grill Vienna
Dooku pijamas is the best aesthetic ever
FalconX101 Hace 14 días
The sith control everything- Count dooku
Bam Bi
Bam Bi Hace 14 días
You would think that someone would make a suit that was resistant to his force lightning.
おのた/ΩNOTΑ Hace 15 días
ashipnerd offical
ashipnerd offical Hace 16 días
The Clone Wars was so awesome.
Josué Barreto
Josué Barreto Hace 16 días
I´ve been looking forward to this
Victor Cardenas
Victor Cardenas Hace 18 días
6:05 my jaw dropped
Ryan Urquhart
Ryan Urquhart Hace 20 días
The sith do control everything !
Nickk Watussi
Nickk Watussi Hace 22 días
Where can I watch this entire show?
Magus Magus
Magus Magus Hace 22 días
for an old man he fights really well
MCFoultier Hace 23 días
16:40 "take ´em" 6 stormtroopers against two sith lords, I wonder what their chances were... The Jedi are assholes.
Alec Dorval
Alec Dorval Hace 23 días
Dookus' face at 12:05 cracks me up
Ronald Marcano
Ronald Marcano Hace 23 días
True swordsmanship!
JJ Slider
JJ Slider Hace 25 días
Count Dooku beats three assassins while handicapped and in his pajamas. Bad. ASS
Leon Ibn La Ahad
Leon Ibn La Ahad Hace 25 días
His voice actor is the same one that put the voice to Zeus in God of War 2 and 3.
TheWalker_ Fox
TheWalker_ Fox Hace 25 días
PI Guy
PI Guy Hace 26 días
dookus is a perfact deulist
Kunkell58 Kunkel
Kunkell58 Kunkel Hace 27 días
In the second clip can we atleast appreciate savages pure power with enough training i think he coulda powned more then he already had before his death
LEGO Qui-Gon
LEGO Qui-Gon Hace 27 días
András Fási
András Fási Hace 28 días
My favorit sith #dooku😎
SavagePanda845 Hace 29 días
You left out the scenes from the Clone Wars movie.
A F Hace un mes
Anakin's fighting style is just utter ruthless pragmatism. Perfect for Vader.
Godlygalligan Hace un mes
*savage gets electrocuted for the 1000th time
Idontlikethatshit Hace un mes
Dooku was fuck'n him up with that force lighting
mark moth
mark moth Hace un mes
Thort this was for kids didnt kw much about the extended universe. Been watching all of the law videos the past week. Its fuckn amazing my favourite so far is darth bane. And i always thort the dark side was just evil and i was ment to hate it. Well it turns out funny anuff im a sith lord. And i been repressing it for 39 years. Iv killed 6 jedi in the past week and im looking for an appropriate looking female to be my apprentice. Plz drop me a line by meens of a dark side mind fuck if u keen
my penis is unbelievably small but
i really respect cartoon network for showing death and a little gore on the show, it almost makes up for the cancer gay shit they have on there now
Banana rama
Banana rama Hace un mes
Pyjamas Dooku rules!
Isaac Bahzad
Isaac Bahzad Hace un mes
One of my favorite sith died
Isaac Bahzad
Isaac Bahzad Hace un mes
Sad one of my favourite siths
Elías Suárez
Elías Suárez Hace un mes
Falto la pelea contra Anakin en Tatooine
Mr. Doge
Mr. Doge Hace un mes
Count Dooku you can see in the first one is a badass because his eye sight was gone for the battle and its was a 3v1
GodzillaVHS Hace un mes
Literally fighting with one hand behind his back
ernest 909
ernest 909 Hace un mes
Not worth the effort
Christoff Z. Raymundo
I feel bad for savage because he got electrocuted several times.
ernest 909
ernest 909 Hace un mes
Hes too powerful
Nevermore 721
Nevermore 721 Hace un mes
17:20 thug lyf
GoldenInque Hace un mes
I love that this threatening Sith Lord wears old man jammies to bed.
Devyn Thomas
Devyn Thomas Hace un mes
For being the Count, he sure doesn't do very much counting. You had one job Dooku!!!
Retro Wave
Retro Wave Hace un mes
This teaches you why people call Dooku the Makashi master.
Zyon Goodson
Zyon Goodson Hace un mes
ロンジン Hace un mes
hunter holder
hunter holder Hace un mes
This just makes you realize how cool dooku was
Commander Stone
Commander Stone Hace un mes
When anakin killed Dooku yoda knew that things were about to get bad
Best quote from Dooku... "What sorcery is this?"
TURKEYonWH3AT Hace un mes
Kind of strange how strong Dooku was in the dark side considering how calm he always was. Never really see him work up his anger like other Sith lords
M Lau
M Lau Hace un mes
He is more powerful than any Jedi, even you.
Darryl Adams
Darryl Adams Hace un mes
Dooku's smoothness.... .....actually irritates me. #Form2 #Makashi
MorTobXD Hace un mes
11:08 + following WHY didn't Obi-Wan just stab Dooku in the back?? He could have ended it right there... Afterwards Dooku even sarcastically congratulates him :D "Well Done!"
MorTobXD Hace un mes
Dooku is badass ^^
Epik Hell Sword
Epik Hell Sword Hace un mes
I guess you could say Dooku was... AHEAD IF HIS TIME!!! har har har I'll go kms now...
Darth Tyranus
Darth Tyranus Hace un mes
Indeed , the Sith control everything.
Riley Thompson
Riley Thompson Hace un mes
Dooku wears shoes to bed, he must be evil
Yang Xiao Long
Yang Xiao Long Hace un mes
Count Dooku is SO COOL!!! Count Dooku > Darth Vader
mjkalasky Hace un mes
I've been looking forward to this.
Darth Greywind
Darth Greywind Hace un mes
mjkalasky Twice the pride, double the fall...
Manuel Schusterbauer
Ahhh Dooku... the god damn coward
The Bit Gamer 2
The Bit Gamer 2 Hace un mes
Christopher Lee’s voice is soothing
Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute Hace un mes
+The Bit Gamer 2 True.
The Bit Gamer 2
The Bit Gamer 2 Hace un mes
Dwight K. Schrute well he does a good impression of him
Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute Hace un mes
True, but this isn't Christopher Lee.
LuigiBro74 Hace un mes
The heavy lightsaber hum Savage had makes it sound like he's growling in combat
JRGProjects Hace un mes
I just realized how Dooku would make the perfect Bond villain. (Christopher Lee “Man with the Golden Gun) Obi-Wan by contrast would make a great 007 (Roger Moore) Yes we need a Bond-like episode for the Clone Wars...
Murk Tempers
Murk Tempers Hace un mes
The irony of it being dooku vs Anakin, both fighting to be the apprentice under sideous
Murk Tempers
Murk Tempers Hace un mes
The first clip really shows how mastered dooku is with the saber
American Boy
American Boy Hace un mes
if i had the chance i would be Sith but a different kind of Sith >:3
Aris Hace un mes
Can't wait for the dooku pajama skin in battlefront II
Peter Yermishkin
Peter Yermishkin Hace un mes
"Be ready for additional unfriendlies" lol
Pixel Greninja Playz
7:18 It sounds like someone threw a rock at a chalkboard
Chad Fogle
Chad Fogle Hace un mes
The moment you realize he left out season 1
James Norrington
James Norrington Hace un mes
2:03 my favorite part
TanakinSkywalker Hace un mes
Wow like the duel him and anakin had in the novel revenge of the sith
Alexander Richard
Alexander Richard Hace un mes
12:04 and it was on this day that Anakin Skywalker became a Belmont
Demby Abella
Demby Abella Hace 2 meses
10:47 Anakin force chokes Dooku
Martin Daniel
Martin Daniel Hace 2 meses
Dooku, the only one who actually knows how to use a sword in the whole galaxy.
jeremy bennett
jeremy bennett Hace 2 meses
Chyvorn Virakroth
Chyvorn Virakroth Hace 2 meses
Wait s jedi and sith are trained to be good at light saber but not kicking If they can react to light saber why not a kick
Nathanael Heil
Nathanael Heil Hace 2 meses
Ventress' attack was so poorly coordinated. They never stood a chance.
Darth Zoompa
Darth Zoompa Hace 2 meses
God it sucks seeing Anakin come so close to winning but Dooku pulls a trick out his ass and gets away
Commander fox
Commander fox Hace 2 meses
when your bully tries to take your lunch 2:02
Geath Gun
Geath Gun Hace 2 meses
" this is not the way of the dark side ", like he ever knew the dark side, doku is a fool who know nothing about sith , sith always betrayed each other but he said go Sidious, " never, my loyalty is with you and you alone ". Fool
Nathan James
Nathan James Hace 2 meses
Count dooku looks looks like a boss fighting everyone
Sielu Hace 2 meses
anyone who watches this is a nerd on noah sielu (me)
Ӽan-chan җ
Ӽan-chan җ Hace 2 meses
Ventress is eternally cucked
The Galactic Galaxy
The Galactic Galaxy Hace 2 meses
Pajama dooku
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