COBRA KAI Trailer #4 NEW (2018) Karate Kid Series HD

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COBRA KAI Trailer #4 NEW (2018) Karate Kid Series HD
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21 mar 2018

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Comentarios 1 321
TheRad S
TheRad S Hace un mes
Looks dumb
Lily Ferrari
Lily Ferrari Hace un mes
No idea why, but this time I'm totally rooting for Johnny! Go Johnny Go!
Quiero verla siiiii
Stevan Alaniz
Stevan Alaniz Hace 4 meses
Back in the game.
Marcelo Godoy
Marcelo Godoy Hace 5 meses
Cadê o Sr myague?
Marcelo Tezza
Marcelo Tezza Hace 5 meses
Manuel Nardin
Manuel Nardin Hace 5 meses
I love marvel movies, sequels also on my favorite. I Always find all movies and serials using boxxy software
Ganikus Hace 6 meses
Want to see that !
Ms w
Ms w Hace 6 meses
He looks exactly the same. Amazing
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker Hace 7 meses
Didn't see this coming
Jonny arcadia
Jonny arcadia Hace 8 meses
I see Daniel is still a prick.
Erika Lubo
Erika Lubo Hace 8 meses
Cuando va a salir la peli😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
legionario italiano
legionario italiano Hace 8 meses
Ederaldo Gonçalves
Ederaldo Gonçalves Hace 8 meses
Isso é sério? Ou fake...se for...muito massa...pra quem cresceu assistindo o verdadeiro karatê kid...com certeza n vai perder essa tbm!
Natalie Rae
Natalie Rae Hace 8 meses
I watched some of it already, and I love it😘
GreenDinoRanger Hace 8 meses
Man, this was an amazing series. I've rewatched the whole thing 5 times now. The wait for Season 2 is agonizing.
daniel Laswell
daniel Laswell Hace 8 meses
They need to leave it alone trying to redo a classic movies when they were young now they're old and only bag Johnny getting is a dime bag for his demtria
Truthseeker Lee
Truthseeker Lee Hace 8 meses
I was very scepticle about the series at first but loved it after watching it. just miss miyagi
greg binkowski
greg binkowski Hace 8 meses
Who's the bigger bully....Daniel ..who brags about kicking someone's ass...and then the bad guy starts a business and Daniel son what's to ruin that. While the bad guy is teaching kids how to defend them self...what are you doing Daniel ehhhh?
Davide Casarelli
Davide Casarelli Hace 8 meses
Wait wait.. Daniel is the bad guy now?
Alejandro Mcnamara
Alejandro Mcnamara Hace 9 meses
Chingadera de película
Mimon Barakacka
Mimon Barakacka Hace 9 meses
We all know a Bully from school ...and we all See him from time to time ...30 years later...and we all loves and found IT so funny that we ve more success in live than He ...haha
*CASH GRAB: THE SERIES!* Lets squeeze a few more drops of blood from this dead franchise.
Joshua Santana
Joshua Santana Hace 9 meses
Esta buenisima ya la vi y viene una segunda temporada
Grow up lads.....hang on. My leg is itchy.
Estuardo Milian
Estuardo Milian Hace 9 meses
wow great!!!
Atmósfera Electronics
Is Not the same without Mr MIYAGI
Jenier1000 Hace 9 meses
É real isso aí??? Se for vai ser massa
Gloria Perez
Gloria Perez Hace 9 meses
More kai
Febo Hace 9 meses
Se ve muy buena.
김쫑쫑 Hace 9 meses
🚨🚨🚨Rising Sun Flag=Swastika🚨🚨🚨 Stop using Rising Sun Flag!! Japan was your enemy.
RumbleHD Hace 9 meses
So the Karate kid series by enjoyable: The Karate Kid 2> The Karate Kid 1> The Karate Kid 3> The Karate Kid (Jaden smith)>The Next Karate Kid???
suck balls
suck balls Hace 9 meses
Mattchew UK
Mattchew UK Hace 9 meses
How do i watch this in the UK? =)
F G Hace 9 meses
Just watched the first 2 episodes. Now I have to buy ESvid red! Great show
Stanford Bridge
Stanford Bridge Hace 9 meses
rising sun flag is japanese nazi symbol understand racist?
jimb Hace 9 meses
Jangus Roundstone
Jangus Roundstone Hace 9 meses
This show is pretty good I’d recommend it even if you haven’t watched the originals (though I would recommend that you watch the original)
Vince V
Vince V Hace 9 meses
2:17 more like a natural elephant goddamn
DarkAlex1978 Hace 9 meses
At least the premise sounds interesting.
Enes Ibrisevic
Enes Ibrisevic Hace 9 meses
This movie sucks
Don Johnson
Don Johnson Hace 9 meses
Daniel is still a cream puff
brindlehorse Hace 9 meses
an insult for sure
Rose That’s me !!
Rose That’s me !! Hace 9 meses
These guys are still in the valley ??🙄
Kevin Robles
Kevin Robles Hace 9 meses
Wasn’t Daniel killed off in The next karate kid
si yo soy si yo soy
si yo soy si yo soy Hace 9 meses
Hell yea bro
Barney stinson's dream came true
Viktor Antevski
Viktor Antevski Hace 9 meses
Barney Stinson was right, Johnny is the hero of the movie..
AnakinSkypeWalker Hace 9 meses
Jonnhy Laurence becoming the sensei of Cobra Kai, he really deserved it!
m Yousefi
m Yousefi Hace 9 meses
2:12 😂😂
Tommy Cease
Tommy Cease Hace 9 meses
Where is will smith's kid?
B Hutch
B Hutch Hace 9 meses
I like the rebirth of this, especially on an alternate platform, gives the true fans some fun .. a bit of nostalgia....
George N Root III
George N Root III Hace 9 meses
So the "bad guy" from the first movie hits rock bottom, has a life altering event, starts his own business, picks himself back up, and this Larusso guy still cannot leave him alone? I hope Larusso gets his ass kicked in this one.
Mike Suarez
Mike Suarez Hace 9 meses
Heatwave619 Hace 9 meses
Remember, kids, Johnny is NOT the villain. Never was.
Alex Ruiz
Alex Ruiz Hace 9 meses
Barney Stinson Approved
Shigematzu Hace 9 meses
Looks fun
Wolf Fierro
Wolf Fierro Hace 9 meses
looks good they should make a full movie out of this
Hype Tutorials
Hype Tutorials Hace 9 meses
Awesome way to do it!! Body bag!!! Sweep the lick!!!
Lone pube
Lone pube Hace 9 meses
The Karate middle-aged man
jason starr
jason starr Hace 9 meses
Daniel seems like the bad guy in this
Lifeisgood Hace 9 meses
First episode is awesome. It shows everyone has problems. Regardless of status.
John Mario Silva Tole
Just Wonderfull
MCVE Hace 9 meses
ismarseven Hace 9 meses
Uncommon Sense Free of Charge
Personally, I hope Johnny kicks Daniel's ass this time.
tsk Hace 9 meses
“She’s a girl.” ouch that hurt
sukatoe Hace 9 meses
damn I'm getting old! LOL it has been 34 years ago!?!?
dtester Hace 9 meses
Actually is Tae Kwon Do. That is what the trainer taught the actors for the first movie ;)
kdog513 Hace 9 meses
FIrst, when does this premier and how much is youtube red? Second; So Barney Stinson was right all along..at first its laughable and then you see that someone else took the idea seriously and did it in a believable way. And now youtube red is getting a whole generation of subscribers based on the strength of this?? Ill never see the original Karate Kid the same now. I'm thinking Daniel will be a douche but then come to his senses about how much of a tart he is and they'll become good friends.
james bond
james bond Hace 9 meses
Johnny Moncivais
Johnny Moncivais Hace 9 meses
Looks good and corny as hell
Marcel Hace 9 meses
No thx :)
wiki spooner
wiki spooner Hace 9 meses
first and foremost the movie is based around johnny. second waste of time if not focused on ralphie boy my idol from the 80's
aloha luigi
aloha luigi Hace 9 meses
The Karate Kid was one of my favorite movies of the 80s. I can't wait to watch the tv series.
Kael Keough
Kael Keough Hace 9 meses
I've never been more worried.
Tan Tan
Tan Tan Hace 9 meses
Gay as the first one.
demoxinil Hace 9 meses
Surely Chad McQueen reprises his role as Dutch!
Dewayne Kearns
Dewayne Kearns Hace 9 meses
Why why why
Johnny Rutz
Johnny Rutz Hace 9 meses
I want Johnny beat Daniel this time lol
Stevie J
Stevie J Hace 9 meses
Let's go johnny
Yourboy 467
Yourboy 467 Hace 9 meses
RuthAnn Naylor
RuthAnn Naylor Hace 9 meses
This looked so good until they started swearing....
John jacobjingle
John jacobjingle Hace 9 meses
Finish him!!
Paul Polpiboon
Paul Polpiboon Hace 9 meses
Johnny became a good guy at the end of the film, and Mr. Myagi "saved" him from his Asshole teacher in the begining of the sequel. Here Johnny continues to stay the good guy that he became but being so in a world of sensitive wussies where everyone gets offended, and you need a little Cobra Kai EDGE to put people back in shape! It's a great theme, very hyped for it...The only problem with this is they made Daniel into a bad guy jerk off????? I mean Mr. Myagi taught him better than that! Daniel has such honor+heart there's NO WAY he'd end up a car sales men! A principle of a school, yes. Mayor of a town, yes. Some sort of charity or humanitarian work, even sensai of a dojo. Or maybe he becomes a chef of a small sushie shop making people very happy. But car salesmen, not a million years. They made Bruce Lee into a jerk (and Lee is a REAL person, and a REAL Master, thus sabotage of character) and now they made Larruso a jerk. But the Johnny part is awesome!! Another disappointment though is why ESvid? Karate Kid is WAY bigger than that, Will Smith made a million dollar budget off the name alone. How this is youtube and not a big giant network doesn't seem respectful.
DarkAlex1978 Hace 9 meses
Yeah, is possible.
Paul Polpiboon
Paul Polpiboon Hace 9 meses
DarkAlex1978 :lol! good one haha. Altho there might be a point there...Mr Miyagi owned that lot of cars, and a life changer moment was when Miyagi gave him that yellow classic, he confessed Miyagi is his best friend! I guess it's possible Daniel views that was a wonderful gift so he wants to give that feeling back to the world..?
DarkAlex1978 Hace 9 meses
Well maybe he waxed so many cars that he became obsessed with them XDXD
Fox Box
Fox Box Hace 9 meses
Pat morekka has to be turning over in his grave
Shar Blades
Shar Blades Hace 9 meses
I here for this!!!!!!!!!! 🐍
Deanna Cauley
Deanna Cauley Hace 9 meses
I loved the original Karate Kid in fact I actually liked all three of them then much care for the remake with Will Smith's kid I liked it it just didn't have the same feel as the others know but this one looks like it's going to be great it looks like it's going to be more of a comedy I can't wait to see it
Lazy Maniac
Lazy Maniac Hace 9 meses
It was a popular movie back in the days for kids mostly...I watched it probably 100 times...will I see this one?...probably not...like I said a good kids movie..now Im a grown ass man...the movie is goofy
Christopher Ramirez
Christopher Ramirez Hace 9 meses
Helll yeahhh✊🏼😂
CD Hace 9 meses
Daniel Larusso will DESTROY Johnny...
Jon Hank
Jon Hank Hace 9 meses
Daniel was the bad guy. Johnny is the shit
Branking302 Hace 9 meses
Benjamian Hausmann
Benjamian Hausmann Hace 9 meses
mr myagi should workd in cobra kai dojo from start daniel not deserv the essence of karate at all
Fuck You
Fuck You Hace 9 meses
Fuck larusso
CapitalCrow Hace 9 meses
I'm not so sure about an asshole like johnny teaching kids, but at least Daniel-San will teach him a lesson from what it look likes
Jeff Bingaman
Jeff Bingaman Hace 9 meses
The car salesman is a d🤬k. He should have tires stacked in and over him. Maybe that's how it ends by Johnny stacking tires over him. And the dealership doesn't know Daniel got beat up and thought he started a promotion on screaming stacked tires, to draw attention to the dealership. They make a commercial of the stack of tires as Daniel is inside screaming. And trying to explain that he's inside the tires and how he got beat up by Johnny and how it's not funny but could you get these tires off of me. They laugh and laugh of how Daniel made the tires talk like he did. They say it's a brilliant idea of which Daniel has apparently taken a vacation to make the commercial more realistic. And the commercial airs with what can he heard of Daniel telling everyone that Johnny beat him up. And instead of standing there tsking selfies of yourselves with the tires. To at least throw food in the tires so he could eat. More laughter insues as the crowd applauds the genius of the idea of screaming tires. People flock to the dealership and stand next to the stack of screaming tires taking selfies and the commercial goes viral. And people on vacation go out of their way to take their pictures with the screaming tire promotion. Everybody laughs and laughs not realizing smart a🤬s Daniel is dying inside the tires. Then Johny sees the commercial and realizes that Daniel is still in the tires after a month. So the next day when it's real busy he goes to the dealership and knocks over the tires and pulls Daniel out of them. Saving his life. Daniel spits on him and tells him he'll get even.
HEERO Yuy Hace 9 meses
Old White Face a Target
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