Cold Pursuit (2019 Movie) Official Trailer - Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum

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Cold Pursuit - In Theaters February 8, 2019. Starring Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum
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COLD PURSUIT, an action thriller infused with irreverent humor, stars Liam Neeson as Nels Coxman, a family man whose quiet life with his wife (Laura Dern) is upended following the mysterious death of their son. Nels’ search for justice turns into a vengeful hunt for Viking (Tom Bateman), a drug lord he believes is connected to the death. As one by one each of Viking’s associates “disappear,” Nels goes from upstanding citizen to ice-cold vigilante, letting nothing - and no one - get in his way.
Only in theaters nationwide by Summit Premiere on February 8th, 2019.

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Comentarios 100
MICRObigman Hace 17 horas
Jeasus don’t fear the reaper
Crystal Burnsworth
Crystal Burnsworth Hace 21 un hora
I honestly expected better from a movie with Liam Neeson. It isn't that great.
SurferDude Hace un día
no cowbell, im disappointed
TheSorrowLand Hace un día
L. Burns
L. Burns Hace un día
Crappie movie ..
YRB #7HX Hace un día
They always after this niggas family😂😂
OldPossum Hace 2 días
So Liam Neeson is just going to keep re-making the same movie over and over and over?
Alex Torres
Alex Torres Hace 2 días
This’s the American version of the Norwegian film “In order of disappearance” with Stellan Skarsgård.
Asayah Ben Israel
Asayah Ben Israel Hace 2 días
Good thing I didn't run into him after his friend got rapped
MobyD!ck 89
MobyD!ck 89 Hace 3 días
0:20 TAKEN
Wayne Keef
Wayne Keef Hace 3 días
To much non-straight crap in it for a normal minded person. Sick people of the world growing ever sicker!
Zebulun OfTheTwelveTribes
...is the movie where Liam Neeson roams the streets looking for a "BLACK BASTARD" to kill?
Johnny King
Johnny King Hace 4 días
Great trailer
Judy McLemore
Judy McLemore Hace 5 días
This was a lame movie. I can't believe all the positive reviews.
Bob Saget
Bob Saget Hace 5 días
Liam has a Jewish wife in this chasing a white drug dealer, it will never be true (the other way around).
nayeem hossain
nayeem hossain Hace 6 días
Cold.pursuit Bluray full movie download bluraymovie2019.blogspot.com/2019/05/coldpursuit20191080pblurayh264aac-rarbg.html
adil adil
adil adil Hace 6 días
Is that a tesla?
Craig Campos
Craig Campos Hace 6 días
next movie: Blood Spot. Henry's dog Spot was hit by a Mexican drug cartels car. Too bad for Mexico. Henry (Liam Neeson) a small candle shop owner in Mexico City avenges his dog's life by wiping out most of Mexico. Play dead or be dead.
Vichenzoo E46 M3
Vichenzoo E46 M3 Hace 7 días
This is a REMAKE! Of, “In order of disappearance” on Netflix. The exact same plot and everything lol. Good movies though, tipa
Tio MGTOW Hace 8 días
The type of movie that, to skip all of the opening romance bullshit, I fast forward straight to the part where the father finds out his son died. Only then do I let it roll on its own.
Jonas L
Jonas L Hace 8 días
taken 4 on ice
Sgt_Bepps Hace 8 días
Is this movie and american rip-off from the norweigan movie Kraftidioten? www.imdb.com/title/tt2675914 I must recommend the original movie, that one is more authentic.
Summer Salt
Summer Salt Hace 9 días
so... is it like John Wick on ice?
SEKAS Hace 9 días
Some of this like the grey,. ( Places, wears, words...)
George Stobbart two T's and two B's
Neeson is typecast into these revenge style films now ever since Taken but this looks like it's going to be great fun!
GANESH DANGE Hace 9 días
action + Liam Neeson is always must watch.
Axel 1312
Axel 1312 Hace 9 días
Since it’s Liam Neeson I watched it, but this one is not worth seeing.
Kaosar Ahmed
Kaosar Ahmed Hace 10 días
All these times we all knew what would he do for his daughter ..... now we are gonna know what he will do for his SON !!!!!
Agree with V.P. Santos Liam Neeson is outstanding, unlike some drooling twits, been to 2 Wars Vietnam 1966, still enjoy Liams' Movies immensely !!,
Sgt_Bepps Hace 8 días
Outstanding? In this movie? I watched 15 minutes and sold the movie. It is so very cheap and does not engage my in any way. The movie will not magically turn to good just cause they poured so many movie stars in it I cant count. Watch the nordic original movie instead.
JJ Evans
JJ Evans Hace 10 días
Liam Neeson looking for the "black bastard". That murdered his son.
lhttp lolita xl
lhttp lolita xl Hace 10 días
Desde que vi esta película e estado teniendo sueños eroticos con Tom Bateman (Vikingo) 🖤 Nalgueandome con sus guantes de cuero negro 🤫😇
Ediafeek Hace 10 días
What is the song of the trailer please ?
shaun B
shaun B Hace 11 días
cant stand Liam Neeson i shall pass.
Sadia Siddiqua
Sadia Siddiqua Hace 11 días
This was a nice one. OMG just finished it and again in love with Liam 😍
داود محمد سلیم
2nd version of Eastwood 😁
Tihomir Pavlov
Tihomir Pavlov Hace 12 días
This "New movie" Cold pursuit is an exact copy of the Norwegian movie Kraftidioten ,made in 2014 , so do your research before you talk about something ,don't asume that just cause it was made in 2019 it's a new moovie. It's just a stolen script from a movie awredy made 5 years ago, how original , huh.Just diferent actors and year, made in english,so people who have never watched the other movie asume ,that this one is original. Watch the other movie then coem back and tell me are there any diferences between the two.
salvador augustus
salvador augustus Hace 11 días
i saw the original and was much better acting , maybe i didnt enjoy the new one because i already knew the story
Remeez Jackson
Remeez Jackson Hace 13 días
Thank God john cena not this movie.Why the Fuck John Cena is the 16th time Champ. Wwe has nobody to work with again right! We sick of this fraud. This man cannot ACT or WRESTLE. Why the Mothercunt people supporting this Man still? He Already ruined an entire generation. We Fed-up of you! And Stop Acting.
Usama Umar
Usama Umar Hace 14 días
ahh shit here we go again
fredfukkinbear kikkinnigass
I'm gonna watch this just because they used "Don't Fear the Reaper" in the trailer.
SMM Gooz
SMM Gooz Hace 14 días
they used it in Supernatural...13 seasons
Andrei Pintea
Andrei Pintea Hace 15 días
It's a rip-off of the movie called Kraftidioten from 2014 which is more rated and with a better production. Lionsgate, you're running out of ideas?
Patrik Rafael
Patrik Rafael Hace 15 días
Liam ​​Neeson love
Free Income
Free Income Hace 15 días
Finally taken 4 released
Shabry Mohideen
Shabry Mohideen Hace 15 días
better watch or he will find me and......
BenBjornsen Hace 15 días
Spoiler alert: Just saw the movie, portrayed as a somewhat sincere movie all the way trough. Ends with a kid driving off alone into the wildernes in a snow storm- the 2 cops in town didn't seem to care- And a paraglider gets eaten alive by a snowplow. Wtf?!
Zuraini Abdul Ghani
Zuraini Abdul Ghani Hace 15 días
Guys.... 1st u mess with his daughter. And now his son? Don't u guys learn a lesson or two?
saurav 01
saurav 01 Hace 15 días
If Liam neeson is in the movie i m gonna watch it no matter what
Deter Bobolo
Deter Bobolo Hace 15 días
Terrible movie same story different camera
Agirae iPotor
Agirae iPotor Hace 15 días
Why do you put the entire movie into a trailer?
Adnan Ali
Adnan Ali Hace 15 días
Liam Neeson??? Yes I'm in!
Iglesia erdadera Tamaulipas
Do no't watch this movie sucks.Bad movie, bad ending, homosexuals kissing in the movie, disgusting. All homosexuals are going to burn in hell and with them those who support homosexuality like lionsgate company. One day all of you are going tu burn in hell.
Amin Amirkhani
Amin Amirkhani Hace 15 días
Is he just a bad father?
gdsmchris Hace 16 días
Liam neeson, same shit, different day
Brian James
Brian James Hace 16 días
I could swear this is a remake of an Icelandic or Swedish film
n3sKi Hace 17 días
The ending was so epic hahahahh
Majoras Hace 18 días
he still has a particular set of skills 🤣
Hannah White
Hannah White Hace 19 días
I loved the Norwegian movie. Let's see if this one is great because i love liam
wiin fiim
wiin fiim Hace 19 días
BEST FiiM ON FONE 🎬 Cold.Pursuit.2019.HC.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO ⏳ 118 min. » Korean SUB. ⚡ HC 🌍 c-v.tv/9278
Squirrel Attackspidy
Squirrel Attackspidy Hace 19 días
So it's Fargo but not as interesting.
Lembu Hace 20 días
Fiona has gone too far!
Alba hawk
Alba hawk Hace 20 días
Based on the 2014 Norwegian film 'In Order of Disappearance'.
Marlon White
Marlon White Hace 21 un día
check out the original version, it's called In Order of Disappearance, starring Stellan Skarsgard
Alvaro Vix
Alvaro Vix Hace 21 un día
720p? Year: 2018 almost 2019, And from one of the best enterprise of movie production?? Nahh Come on 1080p is the law for Lionsgate trailers, i refuse to see this (it's even time for 4k trailers Lionsgate), please don't be shy. 720p never.
PrasannaJ Paul
PrasannaJ Paul Hace 21 un día
Does he have any family left ?
Christian Filippone
Christian Filippone Hace 21 un día
1:12 it needs more cowbell (google "More Cowbell - SNL")
Sophia Francis
Sophia Francis Hace 21 un día
Gonna watch it right now I'll find u Liam lol
Naxhije Ajroja
Naxhije Ajroja Hace 21 un día
I don't care if it's a good or a bad movie... It's Liam Neeson playing!
ezra ken
ezra ken Hace 22 días
A few years later some stupid mofo will kidnap his granddaughter and guess what liam would have to say
liquidbrother Hace 22 días
kraft idioten (2014 )
Brevikk Lucas
Brevikk Lucas Hace 22 días
Liam is a great actor while the rest of the actors were fucked up in this movie including the plot. Taken movie is way more much better than this.
Bura LIBYA Hace 23 días
Neeson's son in a Nissan ... rogue
Andrej M
Andrej M Hace 23 días
original is better www.imdb.com/title/tt2675914/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
Buttman Hace 23 días
You think people would have learned by now to not kidnap or kill a family member of Liam Neeson
১ মিনিটে
a Norwegian film copy this film before it's release
北洋提督 Hace 24 días
Next movie will be about his nephew.
Foguete400 Hace 24 días
i wish Liam Neeson would keep killing musliмs, not whites, I don't buy Jеwlywood's "all whitеs are evil, all evils are whitе" story
محمد الحجاجي
I hope u come to muslims country and change ur mind
Anton Chekhov
Anton Chekhov Hace 24 días
Plot is somewhat similar to the excellent Swedish film Kraftidioten with Stellan Skarsgård, but I would not call it a remake. Anyway I'll watch anything with Neeson.
TheLastResident Hace 24 días
It's literally a remake of that movie. The entire trailer can be remade scene for scene with scenes from Kraftidioten.
Lucas Vieira
Lucas Vieira Hace 24 días
Fresh idea
dreamcode dreamcode
dreamcode dreamcode Hace 24 días
already seen the original esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-J1-Fm3xx6gw.html
Toby Sinc
Toby Sinc Hace 25 días
Come on Baby... Pass him a Reefer... Neeson needs to chill out.. Pass him a Reefer
gabeto vera
gabeto vera Hace 28 días
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islamwayy Hace 28 días
To mush revenge he need to start forgiving
The Sage Family Adventures
Great actor and good movie!
Katalin Kucsa
Katalin Kucsa Hace 29 días
He is Best actor
Abdul Mtoro III
Abdul Mtoro III Hace un mes
I love this guy😍
Fritz Metzger
Fritz Metzger Hace un mes
turns out jekyll embraced the monster in him
FinboySlick Hace un mes
The original (Kraftidioten, 2014) movie was great and funny. It seems a bit early to do a remake but they picked a very good cast. Stellan Skasgard is a big set of shoes to fill but I guess Liam Neesons can do it.
Asif Adnan Hossain
Asif Adnan Hossain Hace un mes
Don't mess with old dude,cos he will find you and kill you just he did in rest of his movies.
Great movie!!
Byron S
Byron S Hace un mes
Do yourselves a favor and watch the original film 'In Order of Disappearance' starring Stellan Skarsgard and Bruno Ganz. It's much better.
Miss Mee
Miss Mee Hace un mes
What an actor, looking forward to watching
paulette gooding
paulette gooding Hace un mes
I love this guy movie them.
Chaplain Hace un mes
Dont watch its a waste of money and time. Movie makes no sense and is more of a comedy. They ripped off the story from another movie with exactly the same story just in norway.
Tumelo Edward
Tumelo Edward Hace un mes
Absolutely love Liam neeson never had more respect for him than after he just admitted what he felt all those years ago and understanding it was wrong and sharing it with this putrid self righteous world of hypocrites and fake smiles of smugness and self flattery. Here we have a man of honour who bore his faults to the world and grew from his mistakes, can't wait to this movie. ✊
Seen "kraftidioten".. just a few days ago...
Diel Hace un mes
Ill try to see it. On his last action movies all the actions scenes was with many cuts on the view.. i hate that.. i hope this time the actions part could be more fluid..
Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu Hace un mes
No matter what , I will always watch a Liam N, movie 😍😍😍 never tired of them
Njoroge Hace un mes
Liam Nelson movies are all the same family issue the same story but if find myself watching them even though in know how it will end.
Solomon S
Solomon S Hace un mes
Always the same bullshit
Spaceman Suit007
Spaceman Suit007 Hace un mes
If he kills a Blackman in this movie its going to be a big fucking riot in the movie theater
Sarah McAulay
Sarah McAulay Hace un mes
Liam, you sold your soul. This is not good. You are allowed to contact me. The Lord loves you so so much. Don't be afraid to come home. i.sarah.mcaulay@gmail.com
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