Cold Pursuit (2019 Movie) Official Trailer - Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum

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Cold Pursuit - In Theaters February 8, 2019. Starring Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum
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COLD PURSUIT, an action thriller infused with irreverent humor, stars Liam Neeson as Nels Coxman, a family man whose quiet life with his wife (Laura Dern) is upended following the mysterious death of their son. Nels’ search for justice turns into a vengeful hunt for Viking (Tom Bateman), a drug lord he believes is connected to the death. As one by one each of Viking’s associates “disappear,” Nels goes from upstanding citizen to ice-cold vigilante, letting nothing - and no one - get in his way.
Only in theaters nationwide by Summit Premiere on February 8th, 2019.

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25 oct 2018

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Comentarios 2 177
David Christie
David Christie Hace 5 horas
Fabulous movie, dark, hard, soft, funny.
odiamo tutti
odiamo tutti Hace 6 horas
Liam Neeson + Action mixed with humorous = worth of watching .
Shibinjeevan Jeevan
Shibinjeevan Jeevan Hace un día
Liam Neeson...love from india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳kerala...
Dan Nguyen
Dan Nguyen Hace 2 días
Fiona is a cop now from shameless? 🤣
*Dead* Hitori
*Dead* Hitori Hace 4 días
after taken all his movies been the same
Roman Kasimov
Roman Kasimov Hace 5 días
Why does this guy keep getting cast for the exact same role over and over again?
CrazyTastyHacks Reviews
Gonna be honest... this was not a great Liam Neeson movie. Just watched it last night and was really disappointed. Taken was way better.
Rebecca Logan
Rebecca Logan Hace 8 días
He is just the best dad ever😂❤️
Dirtroad Hace 8 días
I collect pennies....I got 7.86 so far
Joe Snaffer
Joe Snaffer Hace 10 días
This movie was, unsurprisingly, really good.
TU nguyen
TU nguyen Hace 11 días
he a very good actor shinier list
Bone Bond
Bone Bond Hace 12 días
What the name song that i liked?
MikeM0615 Hace 13 días
Lmao from movie ending
Courtney Michelle
Courtney Michelle Hace 13 días
edvin kjellström
edvin kjellström Hace 14 días
This was a wierd movie. Trust me... :/
Dewi Anggraini
Dewi Anggraini Hace 14 días
Liam Neeson...You're Breathtaking!
a nichols
a nichols Hace 15 días
Saw it. Decent, but one of his weaker movies..
arttime timeart
arttime timeart Hace 15 días
This just puts bad ideas in your head. More Counterfeit, replica, duplicated plagerised junk
Samantha Lynn Evans
Samantha Lynn Evans Hace 15 días
dont fear the liam neeson 🤣😘
R. William Comm
R. William Comm Hace 15 días
Great flick! Soon to be a cult classic of dark comedy.
Trolling Vita
Trolling Vita Hace 21 un día
Taken was good
Lee Walter
Lee Walter Hace 22 días
This movie is not on the same level as his previous revenge movies. A little disappointed....
GoldenSagaBR Hace 28 días
I love him since Darkman.
Yes yes yes
Yes yes yes Hace 29 días
When Liam Neeson does you the favor of being in your shitty movie and you fucked it up worst than you initially planned to. What a piece of shit.
Loay Fraih
Loay Fraih Hace un mes
He's all movies are the same
jabbadahuttful Hace un mes
Liam is my dream Daddy ❤️
Ian Rhein
Ian Rhein Hace un mes
It needs more cowbell!
01hondascott Hace un mes
anybody seen Richie? Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?
cHriS BrEEzY
cHriS BrEEzY Hace un mes
This movie is a Joke! talk about jerked off save ya money ! NEXT
Hassairi Melek
Hassairi Melek Hace un mes
This is the worst film liam has ever done😢
folladordeprostis Hace un mes
Nemo Landia
Nemo Landia Hace un mes
Liam Nesson has to be the badguy in John Wick 4!!!!!
Libertatus in Perpetuum
Liam Neeson=total asshole. Makes millions from movies where he uses a firearm to defend the innocent and then in real life slams people who own guns to defend themselves. Total hollywood hypocrite.
Herny De La PiPs
Herny De La PiPs Hace un mes
We need more cow bell!!!!
Nick Currin
Nick Currin Hace un mes
his name is "COCKSMAN"??
Ymeraj Erion
Ymeraj Erion Hace un mes
Tommy Sands
Tommy Sands Hace un mes
one of liam neesons WORST movies!
Daniel Esposito
Daniel Esposito Hace un mes
The last house on the left 2.
jersey boiii Channel
looks like oo7 father and ask the same way in every movie
Follow Ur Heart
Follow Ur Heart Hace un mes
Bad movie, I dont recommend it
Lovely Jules
Lovely Jules Hace un mes
Manning or Elway????....Elway of course!!!
hipdancer24 Hace un mes
Lol + that ending lol😂👌
kenny little
kenny little Hace un mes
The worst fucking flick I've seen in a long time. Unless you're a liberal, you'll cringe at ALL political correctness.
Justino Rosas
Justino Rosas Hace un mes
I'm looking for Richie, anyone know who killed Bobby louvoe
Scoobyxxxsnax Hace un mes
he found them alright
Il Il
Il Il Hace un mes
Jerry Parrott
Jerry Parrott Hace un mes
Worst leiam Nelson movie just awful.
Super Daphne
Super Daphne Hace un mes
Awesome movie!! Even for "those" people. "They" might like it, but please pay for your ticket.
Catharina Lausen
Catharina Lausen Hace un mes
Love Liam Neeson......crappy movie though.
Por Kub
Por Kub Hace un mes
๑:๕๒ น. มีศาลพระภูมิไทยด้วย 🇹🇭
Jerome Martin
Jerome Martin Hace un mes
Is this a remake of that Denmark movie?
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