[Comeback stage] BTS - Butterfly, 방탄소년단 - 버터플라이 Show Music core 20160514

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Emily Lai
Emily Lai Hace 4 minutos
They take things so seriously, it makes it kinda funny. (No hate)
Candy Chan
Candy Chan Hace un hora
Jhope's part "너는 거기 있지만 왠지 닿지 않아 stop" 진짜 멋있어요 😍💛can't stop replaying!!......
Jimin X Yoongi
Jimin X Yoongi Hace 3 horas
meu Deus, que música perfeita
seconeee sketches
seconeee sketches Hace 5 horas
This song is way more sad after reading the webtoon...
mono Hace 5 horas
in songs like this, i just imagine all the members saying this to one girl and she having to pick which one and them having a rivalry.. I'm weird
Demouna Cortez
Demouna Cortez Hace 7 horas
Let me cry over Taehyung's vocals. Thanks.
Aira _chan
Aira _chan Hace un día
Why there aren't many Jin lines? Poor him...
cheonsaAa D
cheonsaAa D Hace un día
I love how the audience screamed during Namjoon's line.
Abigail Torres
Abigail Torres Hace 2 días
This song makes me sad idk why but i love it❤️
Sexy Jimín
Sexy Jimín Hace 2 días
*im a forever fanboy*
La Rakkun :U
La Rakkun :U Hace 2 días
ปอนด์ แล้วไง
jîmîñśjàmś Hace 2 días
we all know who’s playing that guitar at the start🥰
Meliza Mamani
Meliza Mamani Hace 2 días
WOOW!!os quiero mucho BTS SENSEIS!!!!! !!!HERMOSO OPPA!!! I ♥ YOU ^///^♥♥
MR.VZ. Game
MR.VZ. Game Hace 3 días
Christiana Reynolds
Christiana Reynolds Hace 3 días
😍😍😍 jimin and jungkook voice
2019 always flying like buterfly
Mari:3 Hace 3 días
Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook 💜💓💖BTS💖💓💜
Ngan Kim
Ngan Kim Hace 3 días
A đu
just somebody with braces
What a great song
diveth meza
diveth meza Hace 4 días
Soy fiel siempre me quedaré a tu lado aún que venga otro grupo siempre army
June 13 2013
June 13 2013 Hace 4 días
Taehyung looks like a strawberry popsicle
June 13 2013
June 13 2013 Hace 4 días
Bts's prettiest song + prettiest choreography
June 13 2013
June 13 2013 Hace 4 días
Watching in 2019 and woah everyone looks so young
Camilla Luciana Teixeira
Eles só querem me mata do coração me deixa sem ar😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mom and dad at both ends and babies in the middle😁0:30 The guitar part at 0:24 got me shook😱
Chase Barber
Chase Barber Hace 4 días
Loved it all. They all slayed. But, omg Jin's final note had me hit the replay. Music to my ears.
sofeafoz jj
sofeafoz jj Hace 4 días
I'm in love with Tae, i just want to hug him:(
Liên Bùi
Liên Bùi Hace 4 días
Hay quá mấy oppa ơi 😍😍😍😍😍
Amelda Amel
Amelda Amel Hace 5 días
J Ju💝💝💝 Jun💝💝💝 Jung💝💝💝 Jungk💝💝💝 Jungko💝💝💝 Jungkoo💝💝💝 Jungkook 💝💝💝 Jungkook💝💝💝 Jungkoo💝💝💝 Jungko💝💝💝 Jungk💝💝💝 Jung💝💝💝 Jun💝💝💝 Ju💝💝💝 J 💝💝💝
sophie pawn
sophie pawn Hace 5 días
Whoever added the captions *bless you*
Rebecca Hasz
Rebecca Hasz Hace 5 días
Ok so this is just me ranting ,but people are all ways like "But bts lip sincs," and I'm like " But have you seen the choreography and they only lip sinc parts and its not like you could dance like that and sing well at the same time so how is that a valid point hmm."
Isha kundal
Isha kundal Hace 5 días
Jimin’s angelic voice🥰🥰🥰
tepu Hace 5 días
Wow i just found this song by now.. WHERE HV I BEEN
pukutis 1980
pukutis 1980 Hace 6 días
You got autism
May Jeon
May Jeon Hace 6 días
This song is so beautiful and the xpressions while singing this song you can feel the emotions. bts is a true high class performer they can pull any performances and song. So nice to watch them perform. Anyone of them you look its visually great.
Q. ARMY .-.
Q. ARMY .-. Hace 6 días
💜"bạn sẽ ở bên tôi mãi chứ ? " ___đối với tôi hiện tại tôi yêu bạn rất nhiều và tôi mong nó sẽ kéo dài mãi mãi như thế này ____có bạn tôi rất hạnh phúc 💜__
JAY JI Hace 6 días
My forever favorite
Mary Felicita
Mary Felicita Hace 6 días
Can be listening to this song throughout my life ❤❤❤ BTS saranghaeo ❤❤❤❤
kooky BTS
kooky BTS Hace 7 días
الترجمه تجنن😍😍😘😘
Marleny Ureta
Marleny Ureta Hace 7 días
💓2019 💓
Georgie Hsia
Georgie Hsia Hace 7 días
My first and fav song of BTS ♥ Why is the official MV deleted??
mag mag
mag mag Hace 7 días
Let me cry😭😭😭😭🤧
elisa syziu
elisa syziu Hace 7 días
This song makes me cry so bad their voice is just beautiful
Rere syaa
Rere syaa Hace 7 días
Namjoon ❤
yhorhiie cs
yhorhiie cs Hace 7 días
2019 ?
myhuong dao
myhuong dao Hace 7 días
Haslitt Santizo
Haslitt Santizo Hace 8 días
I love jin
Se Tu
Se Tu Hace 8 días
Nanda Eka Yulia
Nanda Eka Yulia Hace 8 días
That lyrics of song so beautiful like a butterfly 💜
Pemba Kaji Sherpa
Pemba Kaji Sherpa Hace 8 días
This song is soo beautiful I really this song soo much taekook's part is my favourite ❤❤❤💜and jimin's high note ooooooh my god ❤❤❤💙💚 I love BTS sooooooooo muchhh💞💞💞💜💜💜💜💜
Kookie lover
Kookie lover Hace 8 días
The dance moves fit this song P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y
Loc Tran
Loc Tran Hace 8 días
Ha Le
Ha Le Hace 8 días
Bài hát này hay quá mà vũ đạo đơn giản nhưng đẹp lạ luôn muốn nói với các anh nghỉ ngơi một chút được không 😘😘
Kyu UwU
Kyu UwU Hace 8 días
Okay, I'm back here!! Still the best!!!
Terry Lindsey
Terry Lindsey Hace 8 días
THIS SONG DOES SOMETHING TO ME!!!! 😓😢😣💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Bangtan Girl
Bangtan Girl Hace 9 días
when I listen to this song. I start to cry because i remember that in the end BTS will go.
Güneş Min
Güneş Min Hace 9 días
Amazing song amazing stage Best boyband in the world
OUTSiDER * Hace 9 días
A Fan
A Fan Hace 10 días
I literally bought a butterfly pinky ring because of this song Such a beautiful song
kpopislife Hace 10 días
I cried while hearing this the first time. my heart felt like it was squeezed tightly
- s p a c e m i l k
- s p a c e m i l k Hace 10 días
1:13 *gunnah gunnah gunnah* i wheezed
Andreia Ramos
Andreia Ramos Hace 10 días
Jin ❤ Jimin ❤ Tae❤ RM❤ J-Hope ❤ Suga ❤ Jungkook ❤ ARMY FOREVER ❤
lovely littlegirl
lovely littlegirl Hace 10 días
BTS soft fluffy slay
Marleny Ureta
Marleny Ureta Hace 10 días
j-hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope y jungkooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook 2019??
Y.A.N vlogs
Y.A.N vlogs Hace 10 días
won l like this love bts l love you
meilisa aufa
meilisa aufa Hace 10 días
Kim nam joon Kim seok jin Min yoon gi Jung ho seok Park jimin Kim tae hyung Jeon jungkook BTS♥♥♥♥♥
Selle francis
Selle francis Hace 10 días
Han Ryu
Han Ryu Hace 11 días
Just come here after DNA goes to 600M. Coz I feel this song is love song for Army.
M.T. 441
M.T. 441 Hace 11 días
Jimin’s high notes💗
M.T. 441
M.T. 441 Hace 11 días
My heart is beating faster❤️
Mary Diane Kathlyn Briones
I like the choreography
Haya Ismail
Haya Ismail Hace 11 días
Jin. ❤
Chung Ngô Thị
Chung Ngô Thị Hace 11 días
Ani Mary
Ani Mary Hace 11 días
Anybody guess how taehyung voice is holy
Thong Luu Vu
Thong Luu Vu Hace 11 días
Hat hay zo jungkook
Cherlay Villalta
Cherlay Villalta Hace 11 días
But let’s talk about the choreography! Amazing 🦋
Rogie Jimera
Rogie Jimera Hace 12 días
Kim Namjoon 💜 Kim Seokjin 💜 Min Yoongi 💜 Jung Hoseok 💜 Park Jimin 💜 Kim Taehyung 💜 Jeon Jungkook 💜 BTS! 💜
Rogie Jimera
Rogie Jimera Hace 12 días
2019? 💜
Ambar Violeta
Ambar Violeta Hace 12 días
natiikdc Hace 12 días
this song just...makes me feel so many things...the lyrics, the voices accompanied by such a simple yet complementary music. this is art.
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Hace 12 días
This performance is so beautiful. What makes me happy the most is that their vocals are on point and so angelic.
Arhoni Kithan
Arhoni Kithan Hace 12 días
I luv u jin so...so..much ur my everything...
Haya Ismail
Haya Ismail Hace 12 días
Jin. ❤
Haya Ismail
Haya Ismail Hace 12 días
Jin. ❤
Lois Villarreal
Lois Villarreal Hace 12 días
2019 BTS 😍
Abdullah Zeeshan
Abdullah Zeeshan Hace 12 días
Jin is amazing
norliza abdul ghani
norliza abdul ghani Hace 12 días
who love jimin like
Em Ily
Em Ily Hace 13 días
Tae just owns this choreo it looks so emotional but still accurate and on point - I just can’t
buryly Hace 13 días
Just got to know this song by accident. Love it.
Jimin Finally Finds His Jam In My Heart
My all time favorite bts old but gold song 💜
kim tehyung v
kim tehyung v Hace 13 días
Jayashrii Silva
Jayashrii Silva Hace 14 días
2019 still love this song 💜💜💜💜💜
Mary Diane Kathlyn Briones
Jin bias here
сара Върбанова
miss gojes
miss gojes Hace 14 días
2019? Yes
dethuong bvk
dethuong bvk Hace 14 días
2019 ???
Duyên Võ
Duyên Võ Hace 14 días
Poppy Orange
Poppy Orange Hace 14 días
kim phu nhân
kim phu nhân Hace 15 días
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