Comedian Breaks Up Family Drama During Show

Drew Lynch
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Comedian Breaks Up Family Drama During Show
And then it gets weird.
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Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella.
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A super cute guy with his average-looking dog.
Intro animation by Tony Celano of Tomorrow's Nobody

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Stand up comedian Drew Lynch from America's Got Talent and his service dog Stella vlog about stories from their day to day life. He has a stutter, she has captions.
Join us for new episodes of Dog Vlog every Monday and Thursday, and our animated comedy "Therapy Dog" every other Saturday!


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9 jul 2019

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Comentarios 1 672
Crytal Lynn
Crytal Lynn Hace 8 minutos
Drew: Welcome to Huston baby Someone in the audience: That’s Arkansas Me an Arkansan: LMAO
Faith Corral
Faith Corral Hace 15 horas
Why was a stuffed dog in Stella’s place?...
Sam Saves
Sam Saves Hace 16 horas
damn you're funny. so quick and smart. you were funny when you started and you're amazing to watch now. I'm in awe of your talent. the cubicle joke. wow.
Cecilia Rodríguez
Cecilia Rodríguez Hace 20 horas
Drew is so sexy 😁
Anika Angel
Anika Angel Hace 20 horas
For the first minute I didn't realize Stella
The Kenzo
The Kenzo Hace un día
My dumbass actually thought that was Stella for a bit
ChillYourCoffee Hace un día
I have many crowns. And I'm gay. . . super gay in fact.
Skylar Inferno
Skylar Inferno Hace un día
IpaxPhantom Hace 2 días
3:54 you should have said "Well brush my teeth with a brick and call me shirley" and then add something to the end idk love ya stuff keep it up!
Wisco Hippie
Wisco Hippie Hace 2 días
i suppose you could say that person with the cracked tooth has royalteeth
Carson Johnny
Carson Johnny Hace 3 días
Please drop “Cleveland Birthday Weekend”. That joint fire
Newfy Nate
Newfy Nate Hace 3 días
I legitimately thought that dog was a real, living, breathing dog for the first 30 seconds of the video - I think I need new glasses.
shouto -
shouto - Hace 3 días
_invest in incest_
Daniele C.V
Daniele C.V Hace 5 días
"You were broken and now you are a king"... Thats how the wrote the last season of game of thrones 👌
breanna bernett
breanna bernett Hace 6 días
"You have Male teeth." "Maybe that's why she likes vaginas"
Lily Weinberger
Lily Weinberger Hace 6 días
Cat Rose
Cat Rose Hace 7 días
I already lost it at the “French”....”not French”
Isabelle Huber
Isabelle Huber Hace 10 días
I love this intros
its_just _me
its_just _me Hace 10 días
I love your intros...your adorable😂😂✨
Tehya Sharpe
Tehya Sharpe Hace 11 días
Muk spell that backwards That's what I just did
I chipped my tooth but that's because I fell off a tree and my mouth hit my freinds knee
SplatterCake Hace 11 días
I never New what to say when people asked me who my favourite comedian was... but now I do :))
Cat of Shadows
Cat of Shadows Hace 11 días
O H this explains a lot, I cracked a tooth and I've been very gay ever since...
Fatima 128
Fatima 128 Hace 11 días
what happend to stella
Cloudy Skies
Cloudy Skies Hace 11 días
Happy Early Birthday Drew!! its currently August 6th.
WTliteralF Hace 12 días
The fuck is stella
Mariyah Michelle
Mariyah Michelle Hace 13 días
*is it just me or did anyone else think that was a real dog?*
Zaydah Mee
Zaydah Mee Hace 14 días
Took me the whole intro to realize the dog was stuffed😭
Blank_ Canvas
Blank_ Canvas Hace 14 días
Drew Lynch’s career: Step one: make fun of carrie Step two: ??????? Step three: profit
Jae Byrd Wells
Jae Byrd Wells Hace 14 días
"You were broken and now you own this mouth." That's why I self identify as a princess.
Dr Fooy99
Dr Fooy99 Hace 15 días
I love how he laughs at his own jokes
Sherray Mishler
Sherray Mishler Hace 15 días
Happy late Birthday to You! Man you are just to funny. I been watching you in the mornings and your the best wake up call ever! You and my coffee make my day!
Isla Reyne
Isla Reyne Hace 15 días
The Shelbster
The Shelbster Hace 15 días
He has the cutest laugh I can't Handel this. This here building was built on insest😂 welcome to Houston. *High pitched giggle*
Brianna Banana
Brianna Banana Hace 15 días
It's Alabama not Houston that has incest but still funny
grand island girl
grand island girl Hace 15 días
guess you could say royaltys in her mouth
Alexis Hace 16 días
For 40 seconds I thought stuffed Stella was real and then I got concerned
Phantom Girl
Phantom Girl Hace 16 días
He’s so cute and his laugh is like one of the hyena’s from lion king
Eclipse538 Hace 16 días
Oh yeah, I remember inquit watching because I was super sad about stella. Made me decide to spent much more time with my doggo. Ugh 😑 sorry shes gone
Ella Ramos
Ella Ramos Hace 16 días
Dee Yo
Dee Yo Hace 16 días
first cousins bank is fucking brilliant lolol
Dee Yo
Dee Yo Hace 16 días
invest in incest
Completely Happy
Completely Happy Hace 16 días
OMG ON THAT NEW YORK THING AAAAA I SAW UH UM BOOK OF MORMON GIF- LIKE YES. I got a feeling... that you could be feeling... a whole lot better than you feel today..
ComicalOrange Hace 16 días
Holy fuck, I haven't laughed so hard in awhile with the "if I crack the tooth's on my face, I get more pussy on it". I choked on my spit, good shit broski.
my chemical fall out
my chemical fall out Hace 17 días
Doctor:you lost a tooth. You must be gay Me: that explains why I'm gay. Thanks doc!
Ophie Pecze
Ophie Pecze Hace 17 días
Still waiting to find out what happened to Stella. The toy is cute but not real. "Invest In Incest." I don't know, could always be a porno company..
Cash Taylor
Cash Taylor Hace 17 días
Layla Hace 17 días
The way he cracks up at himself is adorable
Leonor Goncalves
Leonor Goncalves Hace 17 días
you should do a show in wales!!!!!!!
Ali Mickoly
Ali Mickoly Hace 18 días
I want to go to one of his shows he is so funny
Beologe Hace 18 días
my face hurts because of laughing :o haven't had it in a while. you are awesome.
xxBeauty IsMyHappinessxx
Where’s the real Stella? :(
Cooper Vlogzz
Cooper Vlogzz Hace 18 días
Come close to Columbus Mississippi
Pope Hace 18 días
That was funny as fuck...
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell Hace 18 días
Dude your good God givin ability to make others laugh. And so quick with the jokes when you get off center
Aseason4Player Hace 18 días
alejandro avila
alejandro avila Hace 19 días
TheDevilDuck Hace 19 días
If cracked teeth gets you more vagina. Im getting my dads hammer, cause time to lose my virginity😂
Rose Dewitt
Rose Dewitt Hace 19 días
I love his laugh 😂
Tasha K ASMR
Tasha K ASMR Hace 20 días
Your stand up is actually funny. I haven’t laughed like that at a comedian in a long time
Cookies124FC Hace 20 días
I swear Drew is amazing, his laughter is fucking contagious
Janna Lawlor
Janna Lawlor Hace 20 días
Omg. I live in montreal, and hope I can see you at JFL. What show are you performing in?
Haytite Gaming
Haytite Gaming Hace 21 un día
Hey Drew, have you ever considered coming to vermont? Because if you are you can count me in
Cassy Estrada
Cassy Estrada Hace 21 un día
Come to Utah
Jelly _Lord
Jelly _Lord Hace 21 un día
Catherine Gorenz 1247
Catherine Gorenz 1247 Hace 22 días
Carter Macarages
Carter Macarages Hace 22 días
What heppend to stella
Chuccy Sierra
Chuccy Sierra Hace 22 días
Satanic Turtles
Satanic Turtles Hace 22 días
watching drew crack up at his own jokes is my new favorite thing in this life
Sparkz NaTion
Sparkz NaTion Hace 22 días
First cousins bank 💀😂
Chris And James Family
Me: WELCOME TO HOUSTON BABY , THIS BABY WAS BUILT ON INCEST!!!! Samantha: Why.... Me: At Least Monika Is Not Related To You Samantha: Still Me: It’s Funny As Hell I Can Say That
Face Hace 22 días
I wouldn't say that's family drama but still enjoyed the video xD
MysteriousNinja Hace 23 días
I don’t laugh often... but when I do, it’s because Drew Lynch told a joke
Jake Toth
Jake Toth Hace 23 días
French. Not french
•Vianca• Hace 23 días
*this here was built on incest*
okay i keep seeing comments about stella. WHos Stella?
Are you going to Seattle anytime soon?
leftvsright studios
leftvsright studios Hace 23 días
How can one man be so damn funny
Karan Goradia
Karan Goradia Hace 24 días
Hey come to India
larry or Sticks
larry or Sticks Hace 24 días
Too funny brother wow LOL😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Cedrick Rice
Cedrick Rice Hace 25 días
The Carrie bit got me😂😂
drip Hace 25 días
Omg I was wondering what this guys disability was so I looked it up and he was hit by a softball and had a concussion and a hurt throat SO NOW HE STUTTERS AND HIS DOG HELPS HIM LEAVE STRESSFUL SITAUTIONS. I’m fucking dead what has this world come to, this guy is claiming to have a disability and using it to make his overly gay self deprecating persona seem funny and appealing but I’m sorry people had way tougher lives and don’t claim a disability and use it as a catalyst for success in a dieing industry
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