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Darren Knight, aka Southern Momma from Munford, Alabama, is the fastest rising comedian in American history. In just a few short months, he has cultivated a massive online presence, accumulating over a half a billion views across multiple social media platforms. Darren takes his persona to the stage, selling out theatres and casinos nationwide. He's been compared to Jeff Foxworthy, as the next star of redneck comedy.


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8 feb 2019






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Jennifer Norton
Jennifer Norton Hace un día
Teen girls??? This must be an older video cause umm....you just described my 7 year old!!! Down to a T!!! And your me in the video. I react the exact same way!!! And yes, I'm 85% sure shell murder me come puberty. Please pray I can at least get outta the teen years alive!!!
PENNY LANE Hace un día
Haha "Cut those eyes at me again" Lol I so love you, My daughter and I Enjoy your videoes so much, Thank you
Michele Hinson
Michele Hinson Hace 2 días
I love him ..his videos make smile and take me out of my on negative world sometimes-...you can't help but want to see more. His voice just is addictive lol 😂😂😂
Emma Harrington
Emma Harrington Hace 2 días
Typical crazy hormonal teenage antics!!!! Love you southern momma
Nancy Foroughi
Nancy Foroughi Hace 2 días
Dont make eye contact!! Omg!!
Brenda Lewis
Brenda Lewis Hace 2 días
Tossn present says he still ain't a wig.
Brenda Lewis
Brenda Lewis Hace 2 días
Which I think,means he can act like a pussy but he can't do,what one does for a woman...in other words he can't not,feel them and she did not,tell,him to,touch,one hare.
Pamela Shore
Pamela Shore Hace 4 días
I had 2 Sisters, my poor parents. We had so many different personalities running around I'm sure it was like living with Sybil.
Jillian The Great
Jillian The Great Hace 6 días
I thought Bethany was a little girl?
Jenni Is Bored
Jenni Is Bored Hace 8 días
laurenmlahrman Hace 8 días
Bill Eichler much?
Nicole Crandall
Nicole Crandall Hace 10 días
If I gave my mom attitude or didn't help with chores it be my ass
COWGIRLBABY19841 Hace 11 días
You should make a video about teenage boys. Because from what I just learned a little while ago teenage boys can be just as Moody as teenage girls if not even worse.
Julie Anne
Julie Anne Hace 11 días
I love you Darren!!!💕
Courtney Pepper
Courtney Pepper Hace 11 días
OMG, giiiirl, my daughter is only SIX!??? 😅😮🤐😢
dal rhoads
dal rhoads Hace 11 días
this is worse than dane cook
Ms. D
Ms. D Hace 14 días
Too true
Sasha Kazmar
Sasha Kazmar Hace 15 días
The struggle is real:)
joym824 Hace 16 días
This is so true about teenage girls!
Lillie Albert
Lillie Albert Hace 17 días
OMG you funny as hell💯
Victoria Martin
Victoria Martin Hace 18 días
Teenage boys are no better
Julia Wilson
Julia Wilson Hace 19 días
Nailed it👍
Amy Mancini
Amy Mancini Hace 19 días
This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I am dealing with a teenage daughter and this is spot on!
Jazzy Mia
Jazzy Mia Hace 20 días
The door part happened in our house and the I brought you in and take you out! I did it one time!
Robin Mayfield
Robin Mayfield Hace 21 un día
Lord this my husband and daughter. We laughed so hard knowing they just like that 😂
Shoshanah8 Hace 22 días
That behavior was not allowed in our house growing up, heck naw.....
Melanie Cravens
Melanie Cravens Hace 24 días
I didn't give my mom trouble she had the fear of God in us and she meant business. Wasn't any teen years she would take your lips off lol
Melanie Cravens
Melanie Cravens Hace 24 días
The teenage years are a nightmare. Where are the joy of being a parent during the teenage years I'll tell you they don't exist
Midnight Fairy
Midnight Fairy Hace 26 días
God reminds me of my 13 yr old lol..
Kelly Kirkland
Kelly Kirkland Hace 27 días
This is my favorite. I'll sit here and watch it over and over. It just never gets old.
Summer Time
Summer Time Hace 27 días
His videos make the world seem safe and small again. Thank you!
Crystal Hace 28 días
You have a lump below your ear on your neck. Just FYI, you should have that looked at.
One Two
One Two Hace 28 días
They're gonna wind up on Dr Phil. Lol!
Mike Dorsey
Mike Dorsey Hace un mes
Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this already but I hope that lump on his neck at the end of the video wasn't anything to worry about.
Chelsea babygirl
Chelsea babygirl Hace un mes
This is reality tho my niece is 13 and she's a moody Judy fr amd that attitude sometime you wanna love on her but sometimes you wanna slap her but she's still a good kid most of the time lol
Genevieve Hace un mes
Lmao! Brings back memories 😂your Awsome Daren!
deneece smith
deneece smith Hace un mes
thank you jesusssss for this vid poppn in my feed omg im crackn up so true so true..ALL OF IT..count me in as a new sub!!!!
LaDazha Ford
LaDazha Ford Hace un mes
😍 🤣 I'm NOT ready. Time please slow down! I don't know how my parents didn't put my outside on the back porch with a cot until I was 18.
Teresa Whetzel
Teresa Whetzel Hace un mes
OMG, I have said and thought some of these exact things
Alisha Murphy
Alisha Murphy Hace un mes
Seen you today thank you so much for making my daughters day and mine!
Heather Parker
Heather Parker Hace un mes
This is 💯. On point!!
Sara Mcgaha
Sara Mcgaha Hace un mes
Don’t you sass me!
Lauren Claire
Lauren Claire Hace un mes
My momma sends me this video every time I start acting up
Olive Dog
Olive Dog Hace un mes
When he said that she might get up in the middle of the night and kill them 😂 “she’s mean”
Mindy mae
Mindy mae Hace un mes
Ommfg he's funny as hell . 😂😂😂😂
Rowdy Jamez Yancey
Rowdy Jamez Yancey Hace un mes
This is the funniest damn thing I've ever seen 😂😂😂😂 I'm from Texas lololol
FadedPegasus h
FadedPegasus h Hace un mes
I'm so sorry I wasn't being rude I was just confused cos I could figure out who you was in Los Mex in oxford
Bethany Hace un mes
My name is Bethany lol You know what's kinda funny is that this was absolutely my mom when I was a teenager lol I was a sassy smartass backtalker. Now, I'm 32, married, have a successful job and am now dealing with the same thing I put my mother through. No,I dont have kids. I'm taking care of my mom who is in the middle stages of Dementia. It is JUST like having a back talking, stubborn, disrespectful, disobedient child. It came back to me 10folds lol ♡
Stephanie Ward
Stephanie Ward Hace un mes
He reminds me of Todd Crisley... Lmmfao... I love him
Terry Braley
Terry Braley Hace un mes
O man my mother took my door off because of my mouth and slamming it lol
Terry Braley
Terry Braley Hace un mes
I was that girl as a teenager lol
Kara Nolan
Kara Nolan Hace un mes
I have 2 teenagers and you absolutely nailed this!!! 😂❤️
Colleen Posey
Colleen Posey Hace un mes
Bethany clearly wasn’t raised by my moms type. My cajun mother is a woman of few words and she made it very clear she didn’t give a damn if we liked her or not! Lol 😂 she hoped we didn’t so we would “get the hell out”. My mom would stare at us with those Emerald eyes that seem to glow like green swamp gas and dare us with ‘Momma ESP’ to cross the line between teenager and stupid. She was always willing to take her bad day out on teenager brain. 😜 Needless to say, me and my sis joined the military and took it out on bad guys. 😂😂
ARedGirl Hace un mes
“I gotta get her looked at inside or something!” HAHAHA!
luvmycatz92 Hace un mes
Love your videos! Saw u in Nashville - too funny! Just a comment ( don't know how to reach YOU) I hope you or your friends have noticed what appears to be an enlarged lymph node under your R ear - at the jaw line. ONLY concerned ... hope you're feeling ok.
alex boydstun
alex boydstun Hace un mes
My mom with my two older sisters 😂 they would fight over clothes and makeup every morning, I was the good kid lol
Cathy G
Cathy G Hace un mes
Hilarious as usual!!
Beth Worrells
Beth Worrells Hace un mes
Somehow I feel like this video was made about me. It literally describes what goes on in my parents house between me, my mom, and my dad and it’s funny but ironic 😂 my dads always like “Don’t cut them eyes at me, Bethany Cheyenne.”
Madison Allen
Madison Allen Hace un mes
@DarrenKnight you should do a drive throu taking to long.
Baba 0'Riley
Baba 0'Riley Hace un mes
Wow !! So right on. Have a stepdaughter 17 and one 15. 17 yr oldhas CP and she helps more than younger one. Her Floors a mess,mall every other day,late for everything,cusses like a sailor,always hungry("I don't like that this week")!!
Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin Hace un mes
Bahahaha. Love it!!!!
mommymode1985 Hace un mes
I shared this with my 12yr old daughter LOL
Kelley Broussard Mackaig
My son is about to turn 14 in a month... And. I. Swear. To. GOD.... I don't know who this kid is - but I used to have this preciously sweet angel of a son who couldn't get enough of his mama - and now I have this temperamental, door slamming, mama-testing, money grubbing, insta-gramming teenaged walking hormone who has taken his place. Lord please help me, and please help everyone else who's raising a testy teenager. 😑
Calk27 Hace un mes
Catherine Stemm
Catherine Stemm Hace un mes
I just dont know why u aren't on a stage somewhere you are hilarious!🤣🤣🤣
Catherine Stemm
Catherine Stemm Hace un mes
+Erica Roscoe he's just too funny..I never get tired of him talking to the fake kids, he's so on point! Freaking hilarious!!!
Erica Roscoe
Erica Roscoe Hace un mes
I am pretty sure that he does. I think he is coming to my area sometime this year. I won't be able to go because I think it is when I am leaving town for 4 days.
Holly H
Holly H Hace un mes
Wow this is surreal because it’s like seeing my own teen years and also my daughter who is now 16 all rolled in one. Awesome
Katelinlmao 38
Katelinlmao 38 Hace un mes
Once I stated that I hated my cousin and my grandma broke the door down and slapped me lol
Crystal Stotesberry
Me and my 2 daughters 👸👸👸😂😂🤪🤪😑😑😩😩🙄🙄
Elisa WVMama'sDogsCatsBunRatties
Cracking up here. My daughter is having the same behavior from her 3 year old and I just sit back and LAUGH
lorie posey
lorie posey Hace un mes
Spot on!!!!!
Sharon Kemp
Sharon Kemp Hace un mes
Them damn teenagers will drive you crazy. When my daughter was 14 years old I knew the shit had hit the fan. I started smoking weed daily. Hell she 31 now and i'm still smoking...LOL
Brenda Watson
Brenda Watson Hace un mes
OMgosh I thought it was only BOYS. My sons were just as hard to deal with, thank the lord we survived the teenage years.
Pepper Corn
Pepper Corn Hace un mes
Cut those eyes at me!!!!!
MidwestMom MaBear
MidwestMom MaBear Hace un mes
Christy P
Christy P Hace un mes
Omg, I have a 17 yr old,, You nailed it
personal convictions
Lmao. Glad I have for boys Lord knows we don't need another one to me thanks for sharing
Rebecca Wagner
Rebecca Wagner Hace 2 meses
I have always had a very close and happy relationship with my two youngest, so iam sure none of that will happen to me right !! WRONG !! I have been very ill this weekend, and was in bed the whole time, all i asked of my 15 and 14 year old sons was to check on. Thats all, come sunday which was yesterday and they still hadnt spoken to me i relayed to them that i was hurt by that, to which my darling youngest yelled from his room because it was too much trouble to walk into my room to talk, that would mean putting down the xbox or phone !! God forbid ! No so my son yelled " I F YOU THINK YOUR DIEING CALL GRANDMA " !! Thank god for a sense of humour, with out it i would have lost my mind, and my son would have lost their testicles !!!!!
Joseph Lassiter
Joseph Lassiter Hace 2 meses
We've got a 15 yr old, 13 yr old, and 12 yr old. All girls. If this ain't accurate. Lord help me. Pray for us y'all.
Susan LaCour
Susan LaCour Hace 2 meses
Nicole Crandall
Nicole Crandall Hace 2 meses
Love this video 😂😂😂
Rodeo Queen
Rodeo Queen Hace 2 meses
I always know I can watch your videos to make my day better, and just laugh! I LOVE all of your videos! Heel my only daughter is only 6 and she is like this in some ways already! My 16 year old boy has a attitude sometimes...OH LORD :-D "cut your eyes at me again and see what happens" "did you really just say that bad word".... "I brought you into this world I can take you out"...SO FUNNY!!
Sharon Palmisano
Sharon Palmisano Hace 2 meses
I've always loved southern mama but it seems like the language has gotten out of hand. It seems there's a cuss word in every sentence. I live in the south and never hear it to this extreme and it really takes the humor out of it. That's just my personal opinion. You're still cute as a button, southern mama and I'll miss you. Get that gland checked.
Neka’s Nook
Neka’s Nook Hace 2 meses
This is freaking accurate it’s scary! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣
Cynthia Martin
Cynthia Martin Hace 2 meses
This was me and my daughter from sixteen to eighteen. Oh and my closet was her personal Dept store
VirginiaGirl 66
VirginiaGirl 66 Hace 2 meses
I love it! Teenagers, lol!
109367 Hace 2 meses
This ... is so relatable xD
Rosann Supino
Rosann Supino Hace 2 meses
This is just too funny. Lol!!!
Jaykob Compton
Jaykob Compton Hace 2 meses
Love him. Got a new place I see. Good job!! :) Love ya from va
Kimberly Dunn
Kimberly Dunn Hace 2 meses
We use ta paint each other's toenails!!! HAHA My daughter is in her early 30s now, we didn't go thru 98% of this and me and MY mama?? She didn't bother talkin', she'd just go ahead and knock my smartass clear into the next week, I never even knew what day it was, half the time. (I am exaggerating, of course. My mama was an even-tempered lady and I still got all front teeth to prove it)
Lucretia Varner
Lucretia Varner Hace 2 meses
This is the truth I have 3 girls
takemethere78 Hace 2 meses
I am the parent of a 14 yr old i can totally relate. The door thing and all. All you can do is walk away sometimes. I miss my babygirl so much.The backtalk and all. She is married to her cell phone.
Hollie Bowman
Hollie Bowman Hace 2 meses
I went most of my teenage years with no door 😂
Ty Nickerson
Ty Nickerson Hace 2 meses
"Bethany I need to talk to you about.......OPEN THE DOOOOR!!!!!!!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lisa Mulloy
Lisa Mulloy Hace 2 meses
Anybody get “don’t let your alligator mouth override your hummingbird ass”?
Lisa Mulloy
Lisa Mulloy Hace 2 meses
Been there with my daughter who’s 27 now and here again with my stepdaughter who’s 15. 🙄 I’ve threatened to take the door off the hinges (my dad threatened to take my and my sister’s doors off the hinges, too). The mood swings are horrible!!! Thank the gods for antidepressants!!
Shada Slaughter
Shada Slaughter Hace 2 meses
Not hair bow one😂😂😭😭😂😂just don't make eye contact 😂😂
April Bur
April Bur Hace 2 meses
PLEASE do a PMS skit! I think that's the only one you haven't covered yet on top of the teenage hormones we women can ALL relate!! Love you Southern mama and keep doin what you started out doing with these hilarious videos that hit home all over the US. Comin at ya from South Carolina here. 😃😜
Heidi Britton
Heidi Britton Hace 2 meses
Omg this is how my child's acts
V T Hace 2 meses
U got shorts on under dat t shirt ?! U better put some long pants on , u not gone out side lookin like a street walker .
Kimberly Mclain
Kimberly Mclain Hace 2 meses
He needs to do one on teenage boys. I have 2 of them, a year apart..🤣🤣😂😂 lord help me lol. They are so moody, i say good morning,they get mad. I ask about their day, they get mad. I ask if they spoke to any pretty girls at school, they get really mad lol.. they get mad for me breathing the same air haha. Or I tell them to clean up their room , it's like ww2 all over again. I'm just a mom standing in my teenage sons room looking for dirty clothes, cups, spoons.. 🤣😂
Lori Jordan
Lori Jordan Hace 2 meses
That was soooo FUNNY and so TRUE !!!!😊❤ I really love watching your videos I was laughing so much !
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