Conan Learns Australian Slang

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Professional voice and dialect coach Gabrielle Rogers introduces Conan to key Australian slang terms like "budgie smugglers" and "root rat."
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18 abr 2019






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Comentarios 8 136
Moritz Singer
Moritz Singer Hace 4 horas
Almost no one from AC/DC was born in Australia
6laderunner Hace 8 horas
holy milf
6laderunner Hace 8 horas
Fan Correction: Brian Johnson, lead singer of AC/DC, was born in England, not Australia! For shame, my good Sheila! (And yes, Bon Scott was the original singer, but that doesn't count because that's not modern acca dacca).
Superchuyito 1195
Superchuyito 1195 Hace 15 horas
120 degrees temperature in australia and Conan doesn't remove the jacket, also that lady is super fine ass milf
enrique gonzalez
enrique gonzalez Hace 16 horas
Conan sounds like a dunmer 😰
Eugene Cheong
Eugene Cheong Hace 16 horas
My high school mate's mum's name was actually Sheila...and we laughed so hard every time when we were at his house and his dad screams 'Sheila...!!! Where's my beer..???'...'Sheila...!!! What's for dinner...???'... Or maybe we were laughing so hard from smoking the wacky tabacky...
George Pulliam
George Pulliam Hace 16 horas
She's a top sheila that one
Oz Oc
Oz Oc Hace 18 horas
I see legs.
CosmicBrain21 Hace 21 un hora
Holy MILF.
Migo Delfin
Migo Delfin Hace 21 un hora
This is hilarious 🤣
rational _
rational _ Hace 22 horas
i love this more than his night show, dont jail me
Orbital Jellyfish
Orbital Jellyfish Hace un día
Omg she’s a beaut
Shivam Abrol
Shivam Abrol Hace un día
2:07 But I did want the fruit
Super G
Super G Hace un día
jeeeeezus croist those thighs 😜
ランイCYBR Hace un día
Haello Govovena
Maximillian Ford
Maximillian Ford Hace un día
Damn.... those legs
Roy Lomeli
Roy Lomeli Hace un día
Still fapping to this!!!
RedHeadRedemption Hace un día
A lot of root rats in the comments
zz Zz
zz Zz Hace un día
Anyone know her name??
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson Hace un día
lady forgot to put on pants.
Abner Pariah
Abner Pariah Hace un día
Yes to the Fosters
impiXXX Hace un día
shouldve said they call burger king hungry jacks
maxxy paine
maxxy paine Hace un día
hike that skirt any higher and it'll be a belt.
Laurie Felsing
Laurie Felsing Hace un día
To phrase the sentiment somewhat more delicately than other commenters, she really is quite pretty, and I'd imagine far more more beautiful than she realizes.
Jimmy Benyoucef
Jimmy Benyoucef Hace un día
Mein Name
Mein Name Hace un día
I am a russian Living in Germany... And I totally Love this Guy!
S0L1NG3N Hace 9 horas
Mein Name hey me too
edwin farias
edwin farias Hace un día
Minute 7:29 your welcome mates
Savage Nectar
Savage Nectar Hace un día
How good is this weather? Great for thighs in the Nuddy yeah yeah na na .
M Viv
M Viv Hace 2 días
So basically sound retarted to sound Australian
Niyx Radeon
Niyx Radeon Hace 2 días
Can an American pls explain to me what the bloody hell Burger King is? I have no idea and on tv I always see people talking about it. Is it like HJ’s?
Peter olds
Peter olds Hace un día
It’s our version of Queen Elizabeth
M Sumanasekara
M Sumanasekara Hace 2 días
It's the same place, we just have a Different name
Legends-of Matty
Legends-of Matty Hace 2 días
Wo wo wo since when do you call burger king burger king it's Hungry jack's is the Australian brand New of burger king
c c
c c Hace 2 días
I’m here because of the click bait for sure
May Joy Palma
May Joy Palma Hace 2 días
Conan to Philippines soon please 😁
It's-All-Happening Hace 2 días
7:30 Whoa Baby!!
Marty Marrero
Marty Marrero Hace 2 días
Damn she was smashing lol
topspinaurelius Hace 2 días
Rooting Roadie for AccaDacca lol! She was very charming
Corvus Crow
Corvus Crow Hace 2 días
Gabrielle Rogers needs to stand up and walk around a little bit so I (er...we...) can see her... ...and jumping jacks...there will be jumping jacks... ;>)
Superchuyito 1195
Superchuyito 1195 Hace 15 horas
I agree she needs to do jumping jacks
Micheal Meyers
Micheal Meyers Hace 2 días
No Burger King in Australia only Hungry Jacks.
Sumitro Barua
Sumitro Barua Hace 2 días
AC/DC are Australian why didn't I know that?!
Marvin W
Marvin W Hace 2 días
In german we call a special Type of beer stubbi. Didnt know we had something in Common.
Zaphot Hace 2 días
We do? In which part of germany do we do that? ;) Which type of beer?
kuyaJ Hace 3 días
Just do more Remotes please
will ben oni
will ben oni Hace 3 días
Australians are scammers too? Dammit
Kev Stone
Kev Stone Hace 3 días
wanker !!
Steven Reed
Steven Reed Hace 3 días
Actually we call Burger King Hungry Jacks
Joy To The World
Joy To The World Hace 3 días
She’s pulling your leg mate, you’re a shocker at our accent, leave it alone or some one will punch your lights out
E-MAN Hace 3 días
This is the first time I’ve seen Jackman age
knj20091 Hace 3 días
Came for her legs. Fell for her eyes
Sophieee Hace 3 días
Kyle ShoeBoi
Kyle ShoeBoi Hace 3 días
It's really difficult..
gryg777 Hace 3 días
So.. You need to speak like a Terminator, right?
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