Conan O'Brien's DNA Test Stunned His Doctor

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Conan' host Conan O'Brien's uncommon DNA test results shocked his doctor.
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4 feb 2019

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Comentarios 6 093
psmile1 Hace 45 minutos
Pakistan terroristan, no research, sad noobs.
govenmentassassin Hace 3 horas
Conan built like Gru
Lucas de Marchi
Lucas de Marchi Hace 6 horas
This also reminded me of when Conan interviewd Knoxville and he said he was inbred and Conan laughed at him
Lucas de Marchi
Lucas de Marchi Hace 6 horas
Anyone remember the "Conan meets his interns" remote where one of them said that he had a "long stride"
Megan Jones
Megan Jones Hace 6 horas
God he is hilarious 😂
Captain Inconspicuous
Top 10 most ambitious crossover on television history.
phillyhippie Hace 9 horas
2:25 idk why but I thought of mr.rogers n how comfortable he always looked
Hamish Davidson
Hamish Davidson Hace 10 horas
Conan and Cleese should do a new stage show on Broadway “ Silly walks across the pond”
undeny Hace 10 horas
The only real late night entertainer in the US since Craig & Letterman left.
Dennis Leavitt
Dennis Leavitt Hace 15 horas
Conan, the last true late night host not towing that leftist political line.
country city
country city Hace 15 horas
i know i know i know 🙄 coco puff's ur half black 😂 you told us a millon time's
Leti Montes
Leti Montes Hace 17 horas
Just made my night 😂😄
jmiogo Hace 18 horas
Conan’s new getups r way too small.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Hace 19 horas
Smartest inbred in the world.
Lallijohns LalliJohns
Lallijohns LalliJohns Hace 20 horas
Conan i so fkn funny!
ssi1991 Hace 21 un hora
Colbert is good, Conan is great but the deity of chat shows will always be Graham Norton. Absolutely legendary that man.
AnonEyeMouse Hace un día
The DNA bit is bullshit. First, there isn't a lab, for love or money, that gives you a turnaround of a fortnight. Secondly, the haplogroup for Ireland is British And Irish. We're one bloodline, there is no distinction genetically.
Z Mac
Z Mac Hace un día
Conan stole Colbert's show! Colbert is sitting there, boring as ever, being upstaged by the much funnier host.
Toxic Anonymous
Toxic Anonymous Hace un día
He is so ugly holy hell
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow Hace un día
Colbert didn't have to do anything 😂Conan the legend
Cornerstanding Hace un día
It means your inbred! Lol😂😅😌
juicerll Hace un día
this is what happened when you interview a host from another talk show. I thought Conan was the host 😂
T R Hace un día
Oh Coco we love you no matter what!!
TheFatty432 Hace un día
what is with your ear??
Joaquin Alejandro Norambuena Escalona
Conan just gave you 10 minutes of uncut comedy material effortlessly!
B Shemi
B Shemi Hace un día
Conan: The GOAT of Late Night
Tipper Cassanova
Tipper Cassanova Hace 2 días
Wow colbert is terrible. Conan should take his place
Ascent Hace 2 días
“It means you’re inbred.” That’s exactly what I was considering right after he said 100% lol
jeff lambert
jeff lambert Hace 2 días
Thumbs up for Conan Thumbs Down for NPC Colbert.
2Circles Hace 2 días
Just look at that guys mouth, how he flicks his tongue out. Irish are human, this guy is not, therefore he is lying. His real DNA result is 50% human, 50% reptilian.
Stevan Bardot
Stevan Bardot Hace 2 días
9 min was too short, wished it was longer I just love watching Conan.
Am rose
Am rose Hace 2 días
Omg 100 irish lol no wonder lisa kudrow on her dna show was hesitant to tell him his ancestry. He gotta a sense of humur about it.
Theodrick Davis
Theodrick Davis Hace 2 días
In a good way.
Theodrick Davis
Theodrick Davis Hace 2 días
Conan is crazy .......
An Di
An Di Hace 2 días
I'm shorter than conan's legs
belajar menggambar
belajar menggambar Hace 2 días
He remember me with someone look like conan...
fruitmakesucute Hace 2 días
Love Conan so muchhhh
Rafa v
Rafa v Hace 2 días
honestly, i thought Colbert was funny at some point (never as funny as Conan but nevertheless), but now hes just fucking boring, doesnt laugh, doesnt ask interesting questions, seems mildly offended and borde about everything which doesnt make sense, draws weird parallels, cant improvise (after conan danced around and the subject completely changed colbert went "so you dont wear suits" and not in a comedic way either)
Alex Lex
Alex Lex Hace 2 días
Either one is a giant or the orher a midget..
Marie Nimo
Marie Nimo Hace 2 días
🤣 👏 thank you for showing us how to brilliantly make fun of yourself 🙌 Disproportioned body, DNA testing and inbreeding -- wowza 😅-- thanks for showing it's ok to break the cycle, somehow staying relevant with all that wackiness, too!!! 😁
Rylee Clark
Rylee Clark Hace 2 días
last time i checked my facebook friend's list, Conan wasn't my friend.
claudius germanicus
claudius germanicus Hace 2 días
Never knew his legs could get that high
Mary J. Jones
Mary J. Jones Hace 2 días
It means your inbred I’m so dead 😂😂😂 I have a really melting pot in my dna
Mr Zeee
Mr Zeee Hace 2 días
Conan just took over the Late Show. ;D
Jessica Ha
Jessica Ha Hace 2 días
Who can't resist Conan 😍 Irish fever
ÜberVegan Hace 2 días
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m obi
m obi Hace 2 días
love Conan he's #1
cheng Sunny
cheng Sunny Hace 2 días
Colbert might not be 100% Irish, as his Norman-French last name hints some Norman blood flow through his vein, like Irish with Norman surname like FitzGerald, Butler.
Kalana Herath
Kalana Herath Hace 2 días
The "free speech mob" and it's members would be jealous of Conan lol. Even those guys are like 5% black or something
goober4502 Hace 2 días
If you haven’t listened to Conan’s podcast, do yourself a kindness and check out “ Conan Needs a Friend.” Colbert was on it recently and it was transcendental how “missed connections” their friendship is. You won’t be disappointed 🙂
BuddhatheBlackDog Hace 2 días
Steven is awesome in so many ways, Conan is a genius.
RAY C Hace 2 días
colbert is a puppet
utkarsh tripathi
utkarsh tripathi Hace 2 días
best two underrated savage comedians: Conan & Craig
Myleen Lujan
Myleen Lujan Hace 3 días
Conan you're a sexy freakshow, inbred and all! 😂💋😍
Champagne Hec
Champagne Hec Hace 3 días
The two funniest men on Late Night! 😆
Tommy Holden
Tommy Holden Hace 3 días
Colbert looks uncomfortable for the most part. He’s become a total bot - egotistical maniac. Poor Conan just trying to have fun.
Galvanaut71 Hace 3 días
Ministry of silly walks
Sean Marren
Sean Marren Hace 3 días
Conan = goat. Well, the greatest Irish talk show host anyway
S Rowe
S Rowe Hace 3 días
Conan: "I have the legs of an NBA center and the torso of a little girl." Hah! 😕
That dude Joe
That dude Joe Hace 3 días
Im here cause he said he has a penis on his chest. On his show he interviewed Nikki Glaser and said "who has a penis on their chest?" He denied it! Lol found a mistake. Gotta make a fan correction episode.
A Ry
A Ry Hace 3 días
I wish people would stop comparing the two. They're very different kinds of hosts. That's a good thing. And they're friends and have mutual respect for each other. This coming from a die-hard Conan fan. I've been to his tapings and...I'll be baaaack.
Originella Hace 3 días
My DNA is being tested right now and I already know that we're Irish and Scottish (and a bunch of other European countries) but I'm worried that I may have a half-sibling that I didn't know about. That's my biggest fear.
Lance Buttercream
Lance Buttercream Hace 3 días
"A shore bird avoiding an oil spill." What an amazing analogy.
AnarchyandAngels Hace 3 días
My daughter is all limbs, she has a short torso but lanky arms and legs. It's so hard to find pants and shirts for her, especially because she's also very skinny. Anything that fits her arms is too long for her torso, it practically goes down to her knees and anything that fits her legs is way too big for her waist.
Kouu17 Hace 3 días
Doesn’t this mean his brothers’ married women they’re probably related to
Joey Bogard
Joey Bogard Hace 3 días
I kinda miss the 1 hour format... He also looks a lot like Dr. Eggman walking with those pants. Truly the gift that keeps giving.
Rc K
Rc K Hace 3 días
Conan is hilarious. 😂
puNktumTV Hace 3 días
everytime i watch these episodes, i skip to 01:00 mark and start watching....
Melanie Medina
Melanie Medina Hace 3 días
Conan is great he always makes me laugh
Matthew E
Matthew E Hace 3 días
Am i the only one here who thinks Conan is not funny
mena94x3 Hace 3 días
Thank you Conan. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time! 🤣🤣🤣
João M. L. Araújo
João M. L. Araújo Hace 4 días
Worcester,MA, very nice city!!! My son is from there!
# Okamoto Akiyo
# Okamoto Akiyo Hace 4 días
Connan is world wide comedian ! He is so funny !! I love him !!!
Cj Moser
Cj Moser Hace 4 días
Luna Trimming
Luna Trimming Hace 4 días
His silly walk reminds me of John Cleese. He and Conan have pretty much the same body and I was instantly reminded of John Cleese in Fawlty Towers doing a very similar walk 😂
Autumn Munden
Autumn Munden Hace 4 días
Oh my gosh his torso is fine 😂
Aesthetic Decision
Aesthetic Decision Hace 4 días
Oof Conan saved your show
dekugoblin Hace 4 días
Conan should have his own show
1Amy4 Hace 4 días
I love how at first Colbert was constantly speaking over Conan - a thing a lot of late night hosts do - but after a while he just... stopped. I almost forgot that he was in there.
Krzychu C.
Krzychu C. Hace 4 días
There should be a "upvote for guest, downvote for Colbert" button under this and Bill Burrs videos
Masakki Hace 4 días
I have the legs of an NBA center and a torso of a little girl. - Conan O’Brien 2019
cristina Hace 4 días
Stephen doesn't even have to prepare question when he calls Conan
Kiki Lang
Kiki Lang Hace 4 días
He is a changling. So is his parents. His grand parents, and so forth.
franz Hace 4 días
Conan is too witty for Stephen. He goes on talking for minutes and minutes and Colbert is like: "Lol haha".
A Dwek
A Dwek Hace 4 días
A comedic genius. That was constructed so well I was genuinely entertained and in awe at the same time. Best person ever #TeamCoco
Martin Klint
Martin Klint Hace 4 días
Conan is the absolute best talk show host. he is so damn funny
-Gemberkoekje- Hace 4 días
Do those legs go all the way up?
BelMegloub Hace 4 días
Oh, Conan. You magnificent beast. Please, be alive forever.
Anthony Badessa
Anthony Badessa Hace 4 días
INBREEDERS! Irish, Scottish & Welsh, that's to CELTIC!.
duffbiker Hace 4 días
anybody else get a sideshow bob flashback from conan walking lmao
milkman bois
milkman bois Hace 4 días
Conan is the last beacon of hope for late night talk shows
Jerry Robles
Jerry Robles Hace 4 días
That was funny
Mike Collison
Mike Collison Hace 4 días
Conan needs to do a comedy special
Voice Muted
Voice Muted Hace 4 días
I bet Stephen is standing on top of his chair to be as tall as Conan
James Spies
James Spies Hace 4 días
Omg Conan just really exposed this guy as being deeply deeply inferior to him as a talk show host. Not even close
ancl87 Hace 4 días
So Coanan having sex must look he is trying to swim the butterfly.
Cristian Gomez
Cristian Gomez Hace 4 días
I fucking love conan
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez Hace 4 días
Anyone else feel like they’re just as funny as Conan but has too much anxiety to act it out as well as he does? Lol
ruffy Hace 4 días
Conan should move back to new york
rawsammi Hace 4 días
Conan for president
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