Conan O'Brien's DNA Test Stunned His Doctor

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'Conan' host Conan O'Brien's uncommon DNA test results shocked his doctor.
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4 feb 2019

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Comentarios 6 946
Daniel Fox
Daniel Fox Hace 3 horas
Colbert's fake laugh sucks
Krumple Themal
Krumple Themal Hace 6 horas
Steven didn't even need to talk, Conan can carry on an entertaining conversation with a corpse..
Lomo73 Tamtam02
Lomo73 Tamtam02 Hace 8 horas
Colbert. Noah. 10. Even Kimmel is better on stage. But Conan on remote is the best.
Mason Salesa
Mason Salesa Hace 12 horas
I have a very short attention span. The only person who can keep me tooned is Conan.
roger komula
roger komula Hace 12 horas
Conan is shit. His entire career comes from being named Conan back in the three network days. Stupid Americans hear a funny name, and he went to Harvard and they feel he must be funny. Stupid ginger.
Tammest ag
Tammest ag Hace 13 horas
What's a "proasper" i don't know the orthography
BeGood 2Me
BeGood 2Me Hace 15 horas
Conan showed up Colbert on his own show.
Olivia Frances
Olivia Frances Hace 17 horas
Brak Hace un día
This just shows how much more funny Conan is than Stephen
TubeNut Nuttington
TubeNut Nuttington Hace un día
This was strange, good, but strange.
Chiang Justin
Chiang Justin Hace un día
Conan is so fucking funny
Walter Sobchak
Walter Sobchak Hace un día
Just not funny. Pathetic.
google Google
google Google Hace 2 días
You have to be inbred basically lol too be 100 percent
JackieBlue1 Hace 7 horas
People don't understand how these genetic tests work. You're matched against a modern population panel. Irish will often be nearly 100% because they are matched against other Irish people. Irish people are one of the few populations that they have specific categories for on dna tests. So whatever admixture is in Irish people today will come up as 100% Irish. If you look at population plots though Irish aren't that distinctive as a population compared to people like the Basques and Finns for example.
Sachini Jayasooriya
Sachini Jayasooriya Hace 2 días
The funniest talk show host and the worst in one room
blub blubbedi
blub blubbedi Hace 2 días
100% irish... like is anyone in any kind surprised?
RaxxTV Hace 2 días
Conan is JUST like Eminem. Once they enter your show, it’s no longer yours.
Will Kehler
Will Kehler Hace 3 días
Why did Stephen just sit there loving and soaking in Conan’s failed joke? He was trying to hold back the smile so hard. Seems unnecessary @ 5:04
Daniel Marticorena
Daniel Marticorena Hace 3 días
thought the doctor was gunna say something about his high penis
Kalyn Griffin
Kalyn Griffin Hace 3 días
Someone get this guy his own show
Bernie Bernie
Bernie Bernie Hace 3 días
8:58, his wife is the most British person ever.
Ronnie U
Ronnie U Hace 3 días
I remember watching Conan back in 95 or so. As a child, I always saw late shows as a grown up thing. But Conan was so over the top and full of energy. Been watching him since.
Vextrove Hace 4 días
Do those legs go all the way up?
Wasim Babili
Wasim Babili Hace 4 días
I am one of your fans.
Wasim Babili
Wasim Babili Hace 4 días
Wassup Conan ✌✌
Enazmi Sey
Enazmi Sey Hace 4 días
I feel like they don’t like each other at all
Chuck Oneill
Chuck Oneill Hace 4 días
Nice walk Conan, shades of John Cleese
Mike Ceebo
Mike Ceebo Hace 4 días
Colbert is the weakest host on TV right now, who is watching this?
John Wayne
John Wayne Hace 4 días
Conan is 100% Irish.
AFears0997 Hace 4 días
He’s a weee penny pincher by the name of Long Legs O’Brian
Rusty Rebel
Rusty Rebel Hace 4 días
I thought Donald Trump wouldn't be president? 😂😂
Parker Brown
Parker Brown Hace 5 días
He look like the villain from up
N Q H Hace 5 días
Why is Colbert's channel hosting Conan's talk show?
Ruby P
Ruby P Hace 5 días
Damn- my family was probably there around the same time as his in Worcester. But alas, they were Italians and Swedes so no immigrant crossover.
clycoo5276 Hace 5 días
that's still 100% Celtic
fool apprentice
fool apprentice Hace 5 días
I mean is it just me or is conan kind of meh?
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave Hace 5 días
What is an Irish???
Maui The Pug
Maui The Pug Hace 5 días
Republika Dugave A Irish Is a Scotsman A Irish painting Is a Scotsman painting a Irish Means Scotsman
Arun Mathew
Arun Mathew Hace 5 días
CoCo is solid gold.
spongebob me boy
spongebob me boy Hace 6 días
His walk reminds me of side show Bob😂😂
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh Hace 7 días
"I look like a shorebird avoiding an oil spill." 😂😂
Oliver Nash
Oliver Nash Hace 7 días
I heard this turd was a woman
Glitter Krazy
Glitter Krazy Hace 7 días
Conan is an Irish name so....
blacksmith bones
blacksmith bones Hace 7 días
He has to pull a Superman lol
Riley_JDM Hace 7 días
Agra Nam
Agra Nam Hace 8 días
I knew this would be awkward. I feel sorry for Conan for having to attend this show, Colbert is such douchebag.
Jessika Jay
Jessika Jay Hace 9 días
He ain't no 100% lmao
Tavish Hace 9 días
When Conan fucking he has to do push ups above his wife 😂
Connor Baker
Connor Baker Hace 9 días
Why do all your videos involve trump?
ilovegerard1717 Hace 9 días
“Don’t woo Worcester. No one woos Worcester.”
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander Hace 9 días
The Spanish DNA in the British Isles is due to Spanish Fishermen colonizing those islands 4,000 years ago. And another fun fact: the first red head appeared in Spain 10,000 years ago.
Nicholas Towers
Nicholas Towers Hace 9 días
“Conan just took a DNA test, turns out, he’s a 100% that irish”
Tacitus Hace 9 días
Nice! A Colbert segment without any "Orange Man Bad" content.
I Died For This? Productions
That jungle fever line got me rolling what a perfect punchline
Mohamed Ezzat
Mohamed Ezzat Hace 10 días
This dude has marfanoid features!!
M G Hace 10 días
Conan should get a job in the ministry of crazy walks.
AV3R3ST Hace 10 días
he looks like the circus guy from coraline like that xD long legs
rj zander
rj zander Hace 11 días
Die colbert you. Useful tool for the deep state
Mohammad Waheed
Mohammad Waheed Hace 12 días
my dna test came back with the results 100 percent asshole
eLi FILMS Hace 12 días
Colbert has no friends. Dont believe the hype
flirting platypus
flirting platypus Hace 13 días
just quick question about the facts. the lab only have results for the few people that took the test. i don't really get those origins and country localization but obviously conan's whole direct family must share the same result. plus on youtube we can see some people having high close to 100% result .( i think mayim bialek had a strong 98%). and didn't inbred happened a lot in the first communities in usa? i don't understand how the test prove an inbred? i need a dna for dummies
Rob Van Gessel
Rob Van Gessel Hace 14 días
You know, the unsettling reality is that to varying degrees we're ALL inbred. In our ancient past, people knew nothing about biology and genetics, so you can bet that lots of interfamilial procreating went on. The further back we go, the higher the frequency, probably. Even more likely with peoples who were ostracized by their society, forced to go elsewhere, isolating themselves, and building an independent culture from their tribe. Hence, the variable genetic deficiencies we all face, and ya never know which one will pop up.
Darcean Hace 14 días
The only person who can leave an interviewer speechless
Rob Van Gessel
Rob Van Gessel Hace 14 días
Conan...you're INBRED! I don't know what keeps you alive, but I'm THANKFUL for it and I hope you keep going, for a long, LONG time!
Binazir Issenova
Binazir Issenova Hace 16 días
watching this interview after listening to the podcast with Stephen is so wonderful, their bond has become so much deeper after that conversation 💕
Miller Theory
Miller Theory Hace 21 un día
The Irish are not 80-90% Irish. They are Irish. 100%. His statement is quite racist and he should apologize.
Marina Kazemi
Marina Kazemi Hace 19 días
Miller Theory @ Miller Theory why the hell should he apologise? He has every right to say what he wants! Stop being a sensitive bitch!
Chloe Jean-Pierre
Chloe Jean-Pierre Hace 21 un día
conan = gru
conan smith
conan smith Hace 21 un día
I love this guy
Random555 Hace 22 días
Oh dear god. "Conan got jungle fever." I'm 99.2% to 99.8% Irish myself, with a bit of Welsh and Neanderthal as a side-note. This cracked me up.
conan smith
conan smith Hace 21 un día
Dingus Squatford Jr
Dingus Squatford Jr Hace 22 días
Irish isn’t a race tho
sarah Hace 22 días
"that guy's got jungle fever" is the funniest thing i have heard all year
monkeymarino Hace 22 días
He really does have really long legs
ElBoregoNegro Hace 23 días
Coan look like the dude from we r #1 when he started walking like that
Matthew Zaravia
Matthew Zaravia Hace 23 días
Imagine an interview of Conan and Jeff Goldblum
conan smith
conan smith Hace 21 un día
Gurdjiff Original
Gurdjiff Original Hace 23 días
That’s the joy of having supposedly inbred Conan . Sit back relax and enjoy auto pilot.
Joe Cashmore
Joe Cashmore Hace 23 días
I'm a simple bloke, I see conan, I click
Simile, Not Smile
Simile, Not Smile Hace 23 días
4:25 Conan: It's a freak show Stephen: It is
Thomas Rosendahl
Thomas Rosendahl Hace 23 días
Why did Colbert disrespect Conan by let him sit down before he did? He does it a lot and he seems insecure by doing that.
Thomas Rosendahl
Thomas Rosendahl Hace 22 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Bi5PNlEvhzs.html, here is a video where someone explains it in details.
Kennedy Smith
Kennedy Smith Hace 22 días
Thomas Rosendahl what? No, it’s tradition that the host sits down after the guest. Colbert does that every show, and even if he’s a guest he insists the host sit down before him. It’s actually a sign of respect.
Angela Connell
Angela Connell Hace 24 días
LOL Jungle Fever
Brian Bast
Brian Bast Hace 25 días
I cannot wait till next time he interviews Jonny Knoxville
slaughter 21
slaughter 21 Hace 25 días
Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno aren't even near this mans talent
sailor of seven seas
sailor of seven seas Hace 25 días
Conan is unbelievably clever and hilarious- everywhere except his own show
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