Conan O'Brien's DNA Test Stunned His Doctor

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'Conan' host Conan O'Brien's uncommon DNA test results shocked his doctor.
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4 feb 2019






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Comentarios 6 707
The Enigma
The Enigma Hace 46 minutos
Now we know where side show bob came from lmao look at those legs
Lenny the burger
Lenny the burger Hace un hora
sounded like i was phasing into reality at the start there
Sage 888
Sage 888 Hace un hora
Conan is the Truth! 💪
DOUJIN TAMER Hace un hora
Conan is the only funny and genuine talkshow host
Kisseri Gimbot
Kisseri Gimbot Hace 2 horas
So honest love Conan, no wonder he is such an original thinker lol
5thcorps Hace 2 horas
Conan is on another level, a level that Colbert couldn't see from the Empire State Building.
evilazulan Hace 2 horas
He's a master at storytelling, the true king of late night and one of the greatest comedic minds of our time!! Love you Conan!
abbie Hace 2 horas
Gio Productions
Gio Productions Hace 3 horas
Conan is a goddamn legend 🦵🏻 🦵🏻
Sausage4580 Hace 6 horas
Crazy. CRAZY, I never thought I'd see him on the other end of the desk
Trey Best
Trey Best Hace 7 horas
I love Conan and have been to live tapings like 10 times but I despise Stephen Colbert... I'm conflicted.
NPC MAN Hace 7 horas
I have been an avid fan of Conan for 20+ years and I always knew he was the most Irish Irishman on the Earth...feels good inside hearing the proof. 🤣
The Oceanic King
The Oceanic King Hace 9 horas
Conan's hilarious, but that tie bar is too big for his tie and it bugs me
Asher Z
Asher Z Hace 11 horas
Same re torso lmao
Ella Popita
Ella Popita Hace 12 horas
I want Conan to be my granddad
Jon Loc
Jon Loc Hace 13 horas
Funny Conan said "no one woos Worcester" because I've heard people ironically call it Woo-town. And I'm pretty sure there's a Woo-sta Pizza or something along those lines
Jesse Sugarman-Weir
Jesse Sugarman-Weir Hace 13 horas
I feel as though as a half Ashkenazi Jew, I can't really relate to the shock of learning I am inbred; it's something we have all known for quite some time, and we just have to live with it
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood Hace 14 horas
Yahya Naseem
Yahya Naseem Hace 17 horas
Conan is more insecure about his body then KD is about the media and Lebron.
michelle Hace 19 horas
conan is 100% always on crack
Lou Skunt
Lou Skunt Hace 19 horas
If there was any justice in this world, conan would be hosting the tonight show and jimmy fallon would be a waiter at olive garden
evilazulan Hace 2 horas
Totally agree. I can't believe Fallon has a show, he is completely talentless
Rebel Records
Rebel Records Hace 21 un hora
Conan came to Steve's show and did a monologue the entire time while Steve just sat there dumbfounded 🤣🤣🤣
I Tieulent
I Tieulent Hace 21 un hora
I couldn't stop laughing 😂
Edgar Hace 23 horas
Conan took over the show and the crowd lol For a long moment there I thought I was watching his show instead. lol
Lauren Told
Lauren Told Hace un día
I love Conan
Ali Harajli
Ali Harajli Hace un día
Keep up the b12? Lol this guy dont know what his vitamins are.
Dilek Sen
Dilek Sen Hace un día
Conan is the funniest of the bunch, but has the worst guests. WhYYyY
Dilek Sen
Dilek Sen Hace un día
Not B12 Colbert, Vit D. He said Rickets not Subacute Combined Degeneration... c'mon
Novalium Company
Novalium Company Hace un día
It feels like Conan is hosting the show.
Gatecrasher Hace un día
When did Stephen Colbert totally give up?
⟨ Your Name ⟩
⟨ Your Name ⟩ Hace un día
I never saw a guy who is ashamed to be tall as fuck, I'm a 14 y/o 5,3 boy, and there is one red head in my school and he calls me midget
Maneez KHD
Maneez KHD Hace un día
It's the conan show
Mityah Hace un día
This host is so lame compared to Conan.
Frank Carter
Frank Carter Hace un día
Look, a late night host doing better than the supposed late night host interviewing him on their own show. Because ones an actual comedian & the other is a political mouth piece for the "orange man bad brigade."
BetrayYourSoul38 Hace un día
Conan is perfect for late night, made for it, Colbert, you were beyond it, know you are a hack. Yay.
Stephanie Jiles
Stephanie Jiles Hace un día
I just learned the inbred thing myself. I was watching leather jacket guy from the try channel and he did a test too. He is 💯 percent Irish too.
Stephanie Grigsby
Stephanie Grigsby Hace un día
We need leather jacket guy to meet Conan
Diego Cromo
Diego Cromo Hace un día
So hilarious. Not.
Ama no
Ama no Hace un día
im more shocked of that he is the one wrote the simpsons.
Rei 레이
Rei 레이 Hace 9 horas
Ama no right?? but then again it is a testament to his range of comedic ability far beyond his talent as a late night host.
o DarK
o DarK Hace 2 días
Conan needs to dress up as Waluigi for Halloween he already looks like him but he needs the purple and a mustache
M Gueto
M Gueto Hace 2 días
Is Colbert always a dull host or is it just because I am not used to him? He had little to no reaction to Conan
Thomas Newton
Thomas Newton Hace un día
bidmcms3 yeah I mean fair enough, I do think Conan is wayyy funnier and wittier
bidmcms3 Hace un día
Thomas Newton Thomas Newton I see your point, and they may very well be the explanation. I am biased because I think Colbert lost his edge/voice a while ago. But how long does it take to say one word/phrase in reply? Look at the body language; literally backs away from the remark. Conan had time to respond to his own comment, and did so only after Colbert wouldn’t touch it.
Thomas Newton
Thomas Newton Hace un día
bidmcms3 or there’s a set amount of time they have for each segment..... you think he cares that conan said jungle fever? He was on Comedy Central for years....
bidmcms3 Hace un día
He’s such a PC bitch, he said nothing and took it to commercial when Conan said jungle fever. He’s become sooo boring over the years
Wendi Hace un día
Thank you!!!! I was like he's the worst host ever! No reaction,not much to say, Conan had nothing to go off of .still hilarious.
Zero 21
Zero 21 Hace 2 días
How does Conan have sex?
Lotza Pop
Lotza Pop Hace 2 días
Badguy Hace 2 días
Orange man bad.
Kainoa Blackeagle
Kainoa Blackeagle Hace 2 días
I woo Woosta!! Perfect example of Boston shaming Worcester. Get outta hea boi!
Hjwah hh
Hjwah hh Hace 3 días
This lighting makes him look different somehow 🧐
Matt Sena
Matt Sena Hace 3 días
Conan, Stephen and John Oliver would be the funniest late night show TV has ever seen
Diegoscomeback Hace 3 días
So if his wife is a non pure irish woman, dont he feel responsibility to keep his bloodline pure?
RJ De La Rosa
RJ De La Rosa Hace 3 días
I have a snake.
RJ De La Rosa
RJ De La Rosa Hace 3 días
5 votes?
RJ De La Rosa
RJ De La Rosa Hace 3 días
spare time at the studio?
RJ De La Rosa
RJ De La Rosa Hace 3 días
and hell by now i coould probably be out by now
Jordi Danen
Jordi Danen Hace 3 días
My legs never grew that extra 10CM that they needed to look long enough for my torso, like i'm a blocky 5'10 dude. And there's Conan...
Boogie Man
Boogie Man Hace 15 horas
5’10 isn’t short
Samantha Liggio
Samantha Liggio Hace 16 horas
He got all the length we short people lack. 😂
Safaa Lag
Safaa Lag Hace 3 días
Am i the only that thinks he looks like the Joker?
Dan K
Dan K Hace 4 días
I am confused whose show am I watching? Who was the guest?
Fleyk Hace 4 días
He kinda looks like he could be from XVII century or something
Machi Giceb
Machi Giceb Hace 7 horas
+Fleyk ignore the snowflakes
Fleyk Hace 13 horas
+egowinters what's pretentious about it? I'm just used to writing this way. Why does it even trigger y'all?
egowinters Hace 13 horas
Milo Čestmír pretentiousness
Resan Chea
Resan Chea Hace un día
Cuz he's from the medieval era too
Milo Čestmír
Milo Čestmír Hace un día
Fleyk why cant you just type 17. How hard is that to do.
Kota Kidd
Kota Kidd Hace 4 días
Colbert late nite is the shittest late nite show ever
Day23J1k Hace 4 días
So he second person I seen on ESvid that's 100% Irish.
Smooth Moran
Smooth Moran Hace 5 días
Conan is the only entertaining late night host left. Love him! Only time I've ever enjoyed Cobert's show hands down...js
Polar Bear Hero
Polar Bear Hero Hace 5 días
Bullshit! I’m 100 percent Irish according to AncestryDNA with both parents born there from families that have been in Ireland for generations. I have a single line where, granted, most people have a list. I think Conan’s doctor doesn’t do all that many DNA tests like the huge volume done by AncestryDNA to be that surprised. Now the results were initially a shock since my “dad” was German...Oops.
Jordan E
Jordan E Hace 5 días
He doesn't look 100% Irish
Jessica Leon
Jessica Leon Hace 6 días
Conan lookin like Gru from Despicable Me 😂
I Egor
I Egor Hace 6 días
오ㅓ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저거 위 베어 베어즈에 나오는 그 괴물 닮앗잔ㄹ아 ㅋㅋㅋ 와 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
John Fenner
John Fenner Hace 6 días
CBS probably would've given this gig to Conan after Dave retired, but two things prevented that from happening: 1) Conan was already (and still is) under contract with TBS. 2) The concept of Conan O'Brien taking over a show from David Letterman is intellectual property of NBC, lol
Allison Croft
Allison Croft Hace 7 días
Conan & Stephen are the best .....
elzbieta chmielewska
Conan stole the show 100 percent,he is real comedian
Pei Jir Yeoh
Pei Jir Yeoh Hace 8 días
Conan is one year older than him
w9gb Hace 8 días
100% = Pure Bred .... time for his AKC tags.
happybkwrm Hace 8 días
Heck, that's obvious by looking at him.
RobVegasShow Hace 9 días
Best guests will always bring their own story. As a host you can lean back end enjoy the show.
NickyL Hace 9 días
Why get your Dr to do a DNA test? How much he charge for that vs Ancestry and 23andme?
MCES LEX Hace 9 días
"Connan, what's it like man? You went crazy'" 😂😂😂
Seldomsane Hace 9 días
That was one of the funniest interviews I have ever seen!! lol
jp Connor
jp Connor Hace 9 días
Truly a funny man...
Jess Connelly
Jess Connelly Hace 9 días
Worcester is pissed about that comment👊👊👊👊👊
Jess Connelly
Jess Connelly Hace 9 días
Conon the man in any situation
Molly Hin
Molly Hin Hace 10 días
We don't even have lucky charms in Ireland 😅 I think they are an American cereal ? 😁 I always find that funny
papinbala Hace 10 días
my results were 2% Asian 98 European
BluGyal Hace 10 días
Don't get DNA testing people, it's the only unique thing you have that no one else owns. Gov wants everyone to use these stupid DNA testing, that's why they have people like Conan going on TV talking about it.
Lori B
Lori B Hace 10 días
Conan could have belonged to Monty Python back in the day. Ministry of Silly Walks... I laughed way too hard at his walking demo.
SuperZippyzippy Hace 10 días
Conan just stole the show .. Colbert could barely say anything lol
itzamia Hace 10 días
Holy shit Trump wasn't brought up once? Is there hope for late night again?
Rybo510 Hace 10 días
Lived in Worcester for 10 plus years. It iss't Worcester, its Woostah. lol
Conservatism First
Conservatism First Hace 10 días
Conan is hilarious. Perfect comedic timing.
anacp212 Hace 10 días
*naomi smalls voice* what's on the menu? L E G S
D1KHEAD808 Manz
D1KHEAD808 Manz Hace 10 días
Love Conan... The libtard not so much...
HUOGoofballs Hace 10 días
A Silly Walk! Classic!
Eduardo Reyna
Eduardo Reyna Hace 10 días
conan is super funny hes the best
david white
david white Hace 10 días
he needs a crew cut
david white
david white Hace 10 días
I always knew he had Asian & African American/negro in him
Plebes 123456
Plebes 123456 Hace 10 días
Jungle fever
FallingSkies89 Hace 10 días
I’ve got at least a drop from every continent except Antarctica, lol
sideswiped Hace 10 días
the number 1 poster boy for trying to hard
dave h
dave h Hace 10 días
ministry of funny walks
Pierre Doe
Pierre Doe Hace 10 días
Those night chat shows have become so boring that they have to invite each others on each others shows just to make a buzz! Sad, sad, sad.
SimpLee Beth
SimpLee Beth Hace 11 días
bikkiikun Hace 11 días
Looks more like John Cleese doing the Silly Walk.
Xidiga Hace 11 días
Biologicall Africans are the longest limbed people with the naturally tallest people coming from the continent( varying region to region and no africa is a diverse continent minus the arab/europe invaders in the north). Eurasians on the other hand (yes eurasians, Europe and Asia are on the same continent) have shorter limbs in comparison to torso. It always surprises me how stubby eurasian can look beside a sudanese person for instance.. Conan, who ha usual proportions for his continent clealry is a standout making it hilarious how it's "problematic" for him but completely expected for someone, say from Kenya. He'll be seen as not so odd in another continent. interesting how diverse we all are. Bring a John cena or tom cruise built man to a somali get to together and jokes will fly on how stubby they look. Even hearing people mentioning "supermodel proportions" or kpop beauty standard (minus skin color) are just laughable to me since it's flat out your common east african you're speaking of. Guess its flattering to them i guess. Humanity is fascinating😊
Kelvin Ham
Kelvin Ham Hace 11 días
John Cleese silly walk, haha
luhole Hace 11 días
"I look like a shore bird avoiding an oil spill"
Connie Archer
Connie Archer Hace 11 días
we love conan! he's a great and better host than that other host in that other channel...that Fallon guy.
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