Conor McGregor’s best trash talk | ESPN

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Check out some of his best rants from the UFC's Conor McGregor through the years that helped launch him into stardom.

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12 jul 2018






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Comentarios 4 357
Meow Hace 2 años
“who the fook is that guy” will be the greatest line in UFC history 😂
Clappedupcup Hace 7 días
Still is to this day man
Hamswort Chris
Hamswort Chris Hace 12 días
@Tom Jerry surprise mf king is back in rematch is more best
RitsR Hace 2 meses
You could actually use that line in real life when required but make sure you do it with confidence like Connor.
Iain Hace 3 meses
Regardless of how good a fighter he is, I felt sorry for Stephens when the best response he had was "...leprechaun..."
Muhammad Yahya ayas
Muhammad Yahya ayas Hace 3 meses
Just trash talk too much, the real chicken hahaha, khabib said lets talk now! He tap like a chicken.
Arthur Bonin
Arthur Bonin Hace un año
Bleeping the f-word in a McGregor trash talk video is a crime
Joseph Stewart
Joseph Stewart Hace 3 meses
It's Disney lol
Muhammad Yahya ayas
Muhammad Yahya ayas Hace 3 meses
Just trash talk too much, the real chicken hahaha, khabib said lets talk now! He tap like a chicken.
Sujal Singh
Sujal Singh Hace 5 meses
@Emil Degas I got no clue what you mean by that my comment is so old
Emil Degas
Emil Degas Hace 5 meses
​@Sujal Singh obssessed.
Jack No Chill
Jack No Chill Hace 5 meses
What the fook
West Hace un año
the “oh good one” after he said “who the fook is that guy” is criminally underrated 😂
justin aiken
justin aiken Hace 13 días
It was so nonchalant lmao
KennyPanDulce Hace 5 meses
I dont hear it
Mystic Mac
Mystic Mac Hace un año
It's ironic answer for Jeremy Stephens call him Leprechaun 0:48
Ruffynesse Hace 7 meses
This man dreamed of the impossible, manifested it and made it reality. Insane.
Mosaab twice
Mosaab twice Hace 5 días
@Patty Millz my comment? Where?
Patty Millz
Patty Millz Hace 5 días
Saw your comment lol I randomly came to this video to watch it
Mosaab twice
Mosaab twice Hace 5 días
@Patty Millz what ?
Patty Millz
Patty Millz Hace 5 días
@Mosaab twice lol what brought u here randomly too
Mosaab twice
Mosaab twice Hace 5 días
Impossible being what exactly ?
Penny Trayshin
Penny Trayshin Hace un año
The Connor we won't ever get to see again, it was fun and legendary whilst it lasted but now its time to move on. He ain't the same hungry kid from Ireland who just quit his plumbing apprenticeship to chase that one dream of his, he's now the legend who achieved what he wanted and is trying to rekindle that old flame. We love you Connor Mystic Mac Mcgregor 🇮🇪
mdmarcaassport Hace 7 meses
@P Edge easy boy, Connor knows stamina. We are everybody Ali when we are at home
mdmarcaassport Hace 7 meses
@P Edge He was the best until Khabib fight then he lost his prime. You cannot forget that mentally he was the best by far. Now he can surrender and end his career or find the motivation to be the best version of himself again or even better. Some people can be at his best shape with 35/37 years. That say, It is very difficult to achieve thia goal. Its funny when someone call him alcoholic or weak without stamina. Its funny
Robert Joseph
Robert Joseph Hace 7 meses
Pete Santiago
Pete Santiago Hace 7 meses
@jon willard That's typical of a lot of fighters. Khabib did the same thing.
mdmarcaassport Hace 8 meses
He is coming back
adam phillips
adam phillips Hace 3 años
Love him or hate him he’s pure entertainment
Mouneeb Hace un mes
@Ahad Sherjee youre just soft mate shutup
Don Hace 2 meses
@Engram cringe
Muhammad Yahya ayas
Muhammad Yahya ayas Hace 3 meses
Just trash talk too much, the real chicken hahaha, khabib said lets talk now! He tap like a chicken.
Robbyjurs87 Hace 6 meses
@Ahad Sherjee Relegion has 0 to do with race. Hes not a racist.
Poric Crompton
Poric Crompton Hace 7 meses
@Ahad Sherjee khabib assaulted his friend
J-Dawg477 Hace un año
I like how Mayweather is actually smiling and having fun with Conor's insults
Green Planet
Green Planet Hace 13 días
Mayweather was giving mcchicken a false sense of security ... he's had tougher opponents than mcTapper
Mindfulnessorganix Hace 18 días
He knows its all show
DocculusRift Hace 2 meses
I liked how he said he was ready for 12 3 mins at full pace :D
Dylan Hace 4 meses
That was only at the start. When Connor continued ripping into him that smile quickly faded away lol
It'sYoBoiGucci Hace un año
There wont be any other man in the planet ever like Conor Mcgeregor. He's the only one!
miguel martinez
miguel martinez Hace 4 meses
Omar Abdelaal
Omar Abdelaal Hace un año
Conor and Floyd pulled off the biggest scam in sporting history lmaoooo
T.C.E.R Hace un año
@Omar Abdelaal smart man, I’ve been watching boxing and MMA from the time I could walk and training both just as long and I was convinced also along with the rest of the planet😂 Still happy for both though, two legends in their own right and if they could make a few quid and come out unscathed also good on them.
Deezel Hace un año
@Omar Abdelaal facts bro , it was all a plan if your smart u can easily tell. Still it was one of the best sports events ever IMO it was something to remember
Ronnie Epting
Ronnie Epting Hace un año
Now it’s Jake Paul
Omar Abdelaal
Omar Abdelaal Hace un año
@ً First of all both of them had to have known the outcome. I understand that Conor is very confident in himself but he knew that he was not going to beat Floyd. Second of all they had everyone in the world believe that it was going to be a close fight and that they both hated each other. Im telling you right now they probably were hanging out with each other secretly throughout the whole build up . And last, both of them knew it was going to be a win-win. Floyd gets his perfect 50-0 record and conor gets a near 200 million dollar check that hes never seen before
ً Hace un año
Og Hace un año
That fact that he accomplished this much and he told us about it is crazy. He is the biggest draw, he became an Ace of spade among all the deck.
Hannah Tay
Hannah Tay Hace un año
"WHO THE FOOK IS THAT GUY" The simplistic insults always hurt the worst lol
Heath Henderson
Heath Henderson Hace 13 días
McGregor had the world eating out his hands for a few years. Was amazing to witness.
Jimi “Funky cold” Molina
Old Conor had great comedic timing and really knew how to work the crowd. Man probably could of been a stand up comic haha
sobweg sandwidge
sobweg sandwidge Hace un año
Three of favorite Conor quotes: "Who the fook is that guy?" "Ladies foorst" "I would like to take this chance to apologize...to absolute nobody!"
Ariel Partida
Ariel Partida Hace 6 meses
You gotta add "yo wife is on mah dm"
Sumukh Hace 2 años
“I'd like to apologise... TO ABSOLUTELY NOBODY !” 😂😂😂
Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator Hace un mes
@Share Truth He did not say sorry 🤐
mooniex Hace un mes
@T024 14:20
Share Truth
Share Truth Hace 3 meses
Except Khabib, "it's only business"
Muhammad Yahya ayas
Muhammad Yahya ayas Hace 3 meses
Just trash talk too much, the real chicken hahaha, khabib said lets talk now! He tap like a chicken.
JAVA_Cafesito Hace 7 meses
That's how it should be
joey jnr
joey jnr Hace 8 meses
he wasn't lying when he said they all dressed like him, wanna talk like him.. he carried the UFC.. mans a proper showman.. knows how to sell a fight.. he's every promoters dream.
when you go back and watch Conor back in these days it's pretty jaw dropping how his character alone just leveled the entire UFC up. Thats when they truly blasted off into that global spectacle. Even Rousey didn't have that. Not even close. His natural character electrified the sport
Murshid Ahmad
Murshid Ahmad Hace un año
3:14 That transition from screaming McGregor to a calm McGregor was legendary
Angelo TriNidad
Angelo TriNidad Hace 23 días
3:12 it’s annoying when it’s always seconds off
MajorEdward Hace 9 meses
@oke how can a boring fighter be goat
oke Hace un año
@Bumbaclaat cry baby khabib is the Goat
Bumbaclaat Hace un año
@sonia tiwari cause they stay riding khabib as if the dude isn’t a douchebag himself lmfao
sonia tiwari
sonia tiwari Hace un año
@Tonystark1240 why do you bring khabib everywhere man.
Dan O
Dan O Hace 3 meses
Prime Conor trash talk was unmatched. Will be a long time before we see another run like he had. Everything fell into place perfectly, a perfect storm.
Savage Elixir
Savage Elixir Hace 4 años
will forever be the funniest moment when he said '' who da fuuk is dat guy''
MultiKushie Hace 2 años
When he told Eddie “ shut yur fookin mouf “ lmaooooo
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams Hace 2 años
Iconic meme
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams Hace 2 años
nathan jonson
nathan jonson Hace 2 años
People who try to make a comeback to Connor just embarrass themselves lol
Zenix Goat
Zenix Goat Hace 2 años
Berkani Mohamed
Berkani Mohamed Hace un año
When Conor McGregor was the true Conor McGregor
Nash Evans
Nash Evans Hace 7 meses
He’s a legend man! Win or lose. Boxing or MMA he’s one of the greatest entertainers we’ve ever seen in any sport! People don’t even know how skilled and great he is at his craft! Shits insane! He’s got it all
Mark Evans
Mark Evans Hace un día
*outside the cage:* "i speak the truth". *inside the cage:* "it's only business".
Genjeet Hace un año
lets be real, he’s intimidating during the press conferences, thus he won most of his fights
S dude
S dude Hace un año
he won cause he's a good fighter, not cause of the trashtalk
Remycris2 Hace 4 años
Even If u hate Conor or Floyd u gotta admit those press conferences where historic
SOMALIA Hace 2 meses
nowhere as funny as jones vs dc
mahfoud seraf
mahfoud seraf Hace un año
@Chris Wolff in terms of fighting? are you dumb? Connor would obliterate Floyd in the octogon, stop dreaming
Kure xx
Kure xx Hace un año
@Dharris Most of these fighters are friends behind the scenes they trash talk bcuz it draws more buys
Nicholas Sammy
Nicholas Sammy Hace 2 años
@Kanye East Any source of that Connor got "100 million"?
Athletics00 Hace 2 años
He sure can bring a lot of energy💥🐉
Nepalese Nightmare
Nepalese Nightmare Hace un año
Because of conor Many people started watching ufc. He made ufc more popular ❤️🎉 thanks legend.
Gary Fern
Gary Fern Hace 6 meses
Yes definitely
MajorEdward Hace 9 meses
@The Text Factory nobody knew who khabib was before he fought Conor Khabib fights are gayish
Menace Hace un año
@Tiffany Gelmetti 🤦‍♂️
The Text Factory
The Text Factory Hace un año
Khabib 😂
PCPC Hace un año
Stephan Robert
Stephan Robert Hace un año
I love how Dana is just cracking up laughing at every single one xD
Gurnoor Singh
Gurnoor Singh Hace un año
He knows how to sell a fight.....God level mic 🎤 skills🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Navdeep Singh
Navdeep Singh Hace un año
Loved this man bt money changed everything hope we could have seen more of him.
trickedoutpic Hace 2 años
The best trash talker in the history of SPORTS
tee Hace un mes
@Onside kick to start the second half! nah, who's that?
john Hace 6 meses
Heyy Irish kid I agree he is the best trash talker in MMA but come on in the history of sports it's Muhammad ali even Conor got lots of inspiration from him he even trash talks by getting influenced by him Muhammad ali never talked bad about others family and relegion this Conor speaks mostly shits
Onside kick to start the second half!
Heard of Larry Bird?
Josh Stixx Fata
Josh Stixx Fata Hace un año
Yeah but McNuggets can’t back it up
Sam 009
Sam 009 Hace un año
Ever heard about Dominic
Wajahat Hace un año
"I'd like to take this chance to apologise... to absolutly nobody!" 😂
There will NEVER be another fighter in the UFC like Mcgregor. Ever. The numbers will remain as the highest PPV of all time
GhouLs Hace 2 meses
Man. He would be amazing in the wwe. Purely for the entertainment valve in this guy.
x_lkz 16
x_lkz 16 Hace 6 días
I love mcgregor happy and can come back to these legendary fights of his, what a goat he was ❤
MrJ🇺🇸 Hace 4 años
Idk why but I lose it every time he calls Eddie “Edward” lol
burned flowers
burned flowers Hace 2 años
Edward is a better name than eddie so hes doing him a favour 😂😂
Trey Hace 2 años
@Connor The Savage very wrong buddy
Connor The Savage
Connor The Savage Hace 3 años
8:00 edward
Hoodie Hat
Hoodie Hat Hace un año
He certainly knows how to humiliate his opponents and put the crowd against them
Arkidonlang Nongkseh
The thing that sets mc Gregor apart is how he is such a classic gentleman, the way he dresses walks and how he carries himself ,no bling bling on his neck just pure class
C L Hace 6 meses
@Arkidonlang Nongkseh have you been on the internet? really classy to punch old guys in the back of the head
Kushal Sapkota
Kushal Sapkota Hace un año
Dont call him a Gentleman mate.
Arkidonlang Nongkseh
@Zxdiac mhmm we're talking about class here and yes I've seen him wear chains but they aren't all over his neck 😂 its an accessory a compliment to his style of dressing
Zxdiac Hace un año
Nah he wears chains
lisa george
lisa george Hace un año
I swear this man is my spirit animal. He is everything I wish I could be.
Thierran Tavakoli
Thierran Tavakoli Hace 2 meses
Props for the honesty
yam sang
yam sang Hace un año
This guy truly knows how to put up a show lol
MH Hace 3 años
I think Floyd Mayweather was the only one who actually understood what Conor was doing with all that trash talk. He was promoting fights by getting people hyped up and it makes a ton of money. Just watch as he is sitting there laughing about all of it. Laughing all the way to the bank!
cømrⱥde 卄Ꭵcc
cømrⱥde 卄Ꭵcc Hace 3 días
@Acehood 19912018 proof please
Paul Hace 2 meses
True, moneyboy always is understood when the money comes.
Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus Hace 2 meses
DUH GOOFY tf u think he was doing
G Martines
G Martines Hace 4 meses
@GETYADOUGHUP no bro conor was a Floyd conor saud he ko ppl and he does it Floyd talk so much trash just to not get a finish lol bro conor miles away from what Floyd was of a trash talker Floyd was more cringe talking bout gonna knock u out but can't do it
Vantablack! Hace 4 meses
@The True Squad he changed it 😂
Blessinsz Hace 14 días
Seeing Connor now is so peaceful, and humbled .. beautiful to see how hungry his soul was .
efjayadi Hace un año
"It's only bussiness" - Conor's last word
Nuno Ricardo
Nuno Ricardo Hace 2 meses
"4 years ago I was fighting in front of 500 people" look where he is today. 💪🏼🔥
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Hace 11 meses
2021 approaching 2022, we always love Connor McGregor, regardless whether he loved or hated.
Jack Hace 2 años
The greatest is “I’d like to take a chance to apologize... TO ABSOLUTELY NO ONE”
Aslan Tabe
Aslan Tabe Hace 2 meses
that was pure gangster
Sato Kenpachi
Sato Kenpachi Hace 2 meses
Khabib: retires Mcsleep: Alhamdoulillah
John Harding
John Harding Hace 2 meses
Muhammad Yahya ayas
Muhammad Yahya ayas Hace 3 meses
Just trash talk too much, the real chicken hahaha, khabib said lets talk now! He tap like a chicken.
Miguel Moreno
Miguel Moreno Hace 4 meses
Nobody humbly accepts his apology.
Gabriel Keith
Gabriel Keith Hace 8 meses
When I really sit back and observe this... Wow! Conor had a NATION behind him literally. Now this is where it gets crazy. Floyd at the time was well known super-star, a multiple business owner, and multi-millionaire. Needless to say, 1 in every 20 people in the US know who he is. Now, Conor had such an influence in MMA that his personality allowed him to venture elsewhere. So much so he had an arena packed full of his fans over Floyds by such an ammount it even made Floyd surprised. You can see his excitement in this boubt when Conor gets the crowd involved. He shook the whole world.
ElMencho Hace 8 meses
Absolutely a legend.
Theophilus Makazhe
Theophilus Makazhe Hace un año
Conor never stops talking even during and after a beatdown 😂
Josh Hace 6 meses
He was great when he came on the scene just winning and predicting his shots, and was the best trash talker, was witty and funny and exactly what the ufc needed with guys with no personality at all and horrible on the mic…then he got paid, started losing, his trash talk went downhill. It’s like he turned heel
Eden Grace
Eden Grace Hace un año
Conor is a walking reminder of the fact that confidence is calm and collected while insecurity is loud and obnoxious.
Allup hype
Allup hype Hace 6 meses
No chief this is entertainment and you’re hating
nahi Hace un año
After he wins I’ll believe his trash talk again but right now it feels forced and I don’t believe what he’s saying
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas Hace 2 meses
From 2013 - 2018 we witnessed the best trash talker in combat sports history.
John Scott
John Scott Hace 6 meses
"They're all dressed like me!" Conor MacGregor - the first man in human history to wear a suit 😂
KRAGNO - UFC 4 Hace un año
9:48 the best one. OMG "baby we done, conor made us rich" LMAAAAAAAAO
Bruh Josh
Bruh Josh Hace un año
This mans shoulder must hurt from carrying the entire ufc community
Niall Finan
Niall Finan Hace un año
@marcosxfern yes
Alex Hace un año
@marcosxfern bruh say the truth
marcosxfern Hace un año
Not really
Timothy James Raichle
connor brings what people live about fighting. he may not win all the time but his trash talk is so fun to watch
D C Hace 3 meses
"I like to take this chance to apologize...to absolutely nobody! The double champ does what the fook he wants!" classic. One of his best lines.
Brady Galetto
Brady Galetto Hace 2 años
“there’s dressed like me, they talk like me, they wanna be me.” that’s a fact, mcgregor changed the UFC.
C0kE Hace un mes
@J conor talked about khabib and pushed him alot.
Muhammad Yahya ayas
Muhammad Yahya ayas Hace 3 meses
Just trash talk too much, the real chicken hahaha, khabib said lets talk now! He tap like a chicken.
Official oJ_Wayne
Official oJ_Wayne Hace 3 meses
Tito Ortiz could’ve but idk he just didn’t go viral like Conor
Jonathan Andrighetti
@Barney the dinosaur I mean he's putting on an act so after the fights when hes just being himself he tends to be more humble.
Music Power
Music Power Hace 3 meses
McGregor didn't change anything. Made it more popular, I'll give you that. A guy with no heart, chin, ground game, cardio or punching power can't change MMA.
Sumit Hace un año
Coming here after McGregor vs Poirier 3 to relive when the trash talk made sense
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar Hace un año
Just here from conor's latest match hope he gets back into the octagon soon
Falit Sikri
Falit Sikri Hace un año
@Aditya Rawat haa bhai
Aditya Rawat
Aditya Rawat Hace un año
The king will be back ❤️
Hunter Biggs
Hunter Biggs Hace un año
He’ll be back
Lucas McClain
Lucas McClain Hace 7 meses
The Champ Champ post-fight interview: I'll never get over how perfect the timing was when Dana finally handed Conor his second belt..Right as he was delivering the punch line to end the interview.. That has to be the best sports interview of all time, from start to finish it's the most perfect sports interview I've ever seen... A movie writer could write a script about McGregor and people would be like "no way that's too unrealistic" lol.
Absolute Roaster
Absolute Roaster Hace un año
Nobody will ever come close to replicating the man in his prime, believe that.
googzgag Hace un año
There will never be another...he’s literally the Rock of the UFC...same charisma...once in a lifetime personality.
Paul Leadbeater
Paul Leadbeater Hace 15 días
Literally the Rock?
datgeez Hace 22 días
@Tanvir _ u think the rock is more famous than Messi and Ronaldo?? Classic american lol
Tanvir _
Tanvir _ Hace 22 días
@Avant Garden except rock is famous worldwide like ronaldo and messi, highest paid actor.
Tanvir _
Tanvir _ Hace 22 días
@datgeez bro are you a caveman or something? Even old men in 3rd world country knows" the rock".
Avant Garden
Avant Garden Hace un mes
The Rock has got nothing on Conor
Noel Campell
Noel Campell Hace un año
Connor is the man..he deserves all his millions 👏 ❤
Props to Floyd here, clearly enjoying McGregor’s banter and being top on the mic, but knowing he would smash him in the ring.
James XD101
James XD101 Hace un año
Mc Gregor is and will always be my favorite UFC fighter
Jalol Sharafuddin
Jalol Sharafuddin Hace 5 meses
"Dance for me Nate and don't look at my eyes when you dance."😂😂
Jake c:
Jake c: Hace 2 años
I love how uncomfortable he makes everyone. Like when Floyd hysterically laughs bc he doesn’t know what to say, same with Eddie lmaooooo
fleecejohnson Hace 2 meses
@trump2020 lmfao!!!! Yep. Laughing to the bank. Both of em
Muhammad Yahya ayas
Muhammad Yahya ayas Hace 3 meses
Just trash talk too much, the real chicken hahaha, khabib said lets talk now! He tap like a chicken.
AL Hace 3 meses
I think Floyd laughed because he thought it was hilarious that the crowd went crazy for Conor when he is such a weird weasel. Must've been a rush to see so many people follow someone you considder way below yourself.
Callan C
Callan C Hace 6 meses
Floyd was laughing because he knew they were running to the bank. Nate makes conor laugh all the time, is conor uncomfortable then?
Jordan Flores
Jordan Flores Hace un año
My man with all due respect floyd was doin this when McGregor was in elementary school the man conor patterned his out of ring persona after is Mayweather mystic mac is a carbon copy of money Mayweather
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown Hace 4 meses
Although Connor lost to mayweather, you have to respect he went from mma to a professional boxing match. I don’t think Floyd would ever do the vice versa
Secret AgentKay
Secret AgentKay Hace un año
I like how they put the nicest guy in the UFC next to McGregor
Mirisage Fernando Kevin Kaushalya
He needs to be in the WWE man 😂 What a man
RTX MAX Hace un año
Feels bad how Conor changed over the years or more like his real persona came out when he became rich. He helped UFC grow over the last decade. His downfall started after the Mayweather fight and after that everything changed.
Chris Beach
Chris Beach Hace 4 años
Cmon ESPN you can't cut out the cussing lmao. Why even post the video lol
xers Hace 3 meses
@VantaBay you're from Ireland lol walking L
VantaBay Hace un año
USA moment
im not happy about this
Marten Dekker not really though the censorship is to protect children who may watch the show i used children as an example because they aren’t allowed to buy guns and the main reason for the censorship is for kids
Killian Ryan
Killian Ryan Hace 2 años
Chris Beach it’s just video with one long beeeeeeep
im not happy about this
Lord Boltok kids are not allowed to own guns but they are allowed to watch ESPN son
Siam m
Siam m Hace 6 meses
There maybe multiple greats but there will always be one mcgregor. He is the real slim shady.
Chrisjon Amar
Chrisjon Amar Hace un año
I love how romero is laughing at McGregor trash talk like he really understand it hahaha
Paul Murga
Paul Murga Hace 10 días
“Champions should be able to go up and down in weight” Kabib sitting very silently right about now.
Qajik Arzumanyan
Qajik Arzumanyan Hace 10 meses
The best, The one, The only... we love the game because of him Greate sportsman, businessman, smart and funny guy, full of angriness and happiness.
Mandy Dixon
Mandy Dixon Hace 3 años
As an Irish person, i can confirm we pronounce three "tree"
Winning Bigly
Winning Bigly Hace 3 meses
Our Jamaican brothas also pronounce it as “tree” as well 🇮🇪🇯🇲
ShockBass Hace 7 meses
@X D mind=blown
Niall Finan
Niall Finan Hace un año
@MickMcCaff04 no it isn’t are you dumb?!
Niall Finan
Niall Finan Hace un año
Yes we do
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson Hace un año
lol I noticed
kardistruttore Hace 4 meses
The McGregor of the weigh in with mayweather is really scary, the same monster that conquered 2 belts
CAP Philip
CAP Philip Hace 26 días
I love how at 0:28 even when the guy is talking he doesn’t even turn around to acknowledge him
Haki Senpai
Haki Senpai Hace 10 meses
40 years of age will always make me die laughing.
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia Hace 8 meses
He needs to comeback and start winning again, I miss this Conor
Robert Joseph
Robert Joseph Hace 7 meses
Well We All Wish He Would But That's Impossible Since He Broke His leg Supposely He Has 2 FIGHTS LEFT ON HIS UFC CONTRACT FOR 2022 AND WE HAVEN'T SEEN HIM YET.
Razie Ahmed
Razie Ahmed Hace 2 años
His trash talk is so good, you forget the class fighters around him.
Nitish Jha
Nitish Jha Hace un año
Two things will haunt Conor now - - McGregor Sleep not McGregor fast - pink suit guy
Tahyldz _
Tahyldz _ Hace un año
As a Khabib fan.. even i miss this Conor😓
DEB JYOTI ROY Hace un día
And then Khabib walked into his life and humbled him :D
Broly Eyelash
Broly Eyelash Hace 4 meses
Seriously if i was in the ufc nd fighting him i wouldnt be able to say anything back and just laugh cause this guy cracks me up everytime
Hamdi Hace 2 años
He really carried the UFC for years man. A legend regardless. (edit): holy thanks for all the likes everyone :). Awesome to see.
ShikiFGC Hace 10 meses
@Abdul Basit 🤡🤡
Sathvik Bhaskar
Sathvik Bhaskar Hace 11 meses
@Calvin His skill was enough to run through fw and became champ at fw and lw Plus beat ww like Diaz cerrone
Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit Hace un año
Oh you mean Tapping Mc Chicken
Thomas Mason
Thomas Mason Hace un año
@Y Men race baiting. Ur so cool 😎
ismail0206 Hace un año
Cristo Sandoval
Cristo Sandoval Hace 10 meses
And the funny thing is that he used to win the fights but since Khabib he started to miss trainings and drinking, he needs an epic comeback
Titan Harper
Titan Harper Hace 2 meses
Can’t believe I got to watch all these live and experience his come up insane really
Kaitzer G1
Kaitzer G1 Hace un año
imagine trashtalking so much that they made a compilation of your trashtalk
TheQueenSlayer Hace 11 meses
Connor sure knows how to sell a ticket hes hilarious lmaoo
Marko Stevanovic
Marko Stevanovic Hace 2 años
Tom Hardy would be the perfect actor to play him LOL
Sleeper Hace un mes
I second that
Anima F
Anima F Hace 2 meses
Nice imagination
John Harding
John Harding Hace 2 meses
definitely Charlie Hunnam
KLVY SPEAKZ Hace 3 meses
Taron Egerton as well
Andrew Villa
Andrew Villa Hace 4 meses
Lol na
Naomi Hace un año
“ when I count 🌳, I want everyone to scream “
KaZ Hace 3 meses
Imagine doing conor trash talk video and beeping it 🤣🤣🤣
Josue Omar Timal Vasquez
1:11 even Mayweather's fans screamed 🤣
Gabriel Keith
Gabriel Keith Hace 8 meses
I could keep adding, the level of confidence conor had to stand and yell in Floyds face... Never see that again. We will see another 29-0, we will see another undisputed reign. We will never see this confidence on its prime display again.
Taghreed Alsalmi
Taghreed Alsalmi Hace 3 meses
The one that gets me every time .. "and you act 10" 🤣
L u p i n
L u p i n Hace un año
5:30 my favorite part😂
Cm Punk
Cm Punk Hace un año
From plumber to into great legend🤫🤫🤫🤫 ..respect for conor🤴