Conor McGregor’s best trash talk | ESPN 

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Check out some of his best rants from the UFC's Conor McGregor through the years that helped launch him into stardom.
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12 jul 2018






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@meow7331 Hace 3 años
“who the fook is that guy” will be the greatest line in UFC history 😂
@TomJerry-cn9gi Hace 3 años
I'm not Surprised matherfocker by Nate Diaz. The only person who makes money with their Mouth is Tito Ortiz's Ex Wife by Chael Sonnen These are The Greatest Lines Ever in The UFC 🥴🔥
Tom Jerry wut tf r u on bout
@hasnainhussain4119 Hace 3 años
Gucci masta who the fook is that guy
@DonnieDin Hace 3 años
Gucci masta he’s not a Conor fan boy. It means he actually knows the sport and has been around before Conor.
@ruffynesse2257 Hace un año
This man dreamed of the impossible, manifested it and made it reality. Insane.
@djbossbongo1764 Hace un año
that’s why I think he changed drastically, imagine the impossible happened i think it can be mind bending
@NickWealthy Hace un año
Exactly, he made his dreams come true.
@mosaabtwice3999 Hace un año
Impossible being what exactly ?
@pattymillz7580 Hace un año
@@mosaabtwice3999 lol what brought u here randomly too
@mosaabtwice3999 Hace un año
@@pattymillz7580 what ?
@bradygaletto7327 Hace 3 años
“there’s dressed like me, they talk like me, they wanna be me.” that’s a fact, mcgregor changed the UFC.
@DuGongggg Hace 2 años
@@LewisG13 no one brought the energy and star quality of conor though
@seismic871 Hace 2 años
And then khabib changed McGregor
@@seismic871 no he didn't im tired of you khabib fans saying that he was always humble the reason why he doesn't trash talk is cause he respects his last 2 opponents
@seismic871 Hace 2 años
@@barneythedinosaur4237 he was always humble lol I'm tired of you mcnugget fans
@@seismic871 heyy im not the hater coming on conor mcgregor videos
All jokes aside, the amount of mental warfare and the conviction he walked with. Miss this mcgregor
@wrinklesack Hace 2 años
The Connor we won't ever get to see again, it was fun and legendary whilst it lasted but now its time to move on. He ain't the same hungry kid from Ireland who just quit his plumbing apprenticeship to chase that one dream of his, he's now the legend who achieved what he wanted and is trying to rekindle that old flame. We love you Connor Mystic Mac Mcgregor 🇮🇪
@hazimsaud5872 Hace 2 años
Khabib did him good😂
@samgoz6974 Hace 2 años
@@hazimsaud5872 nah was floyd not khabib after he lost to floyd and got all the money he was never the same
@othaimcenter5425 Hace 2 años
100th Like BROO!!!! 😀😊😊😊😊
@janishhasheer5548 Hace 2 años
@@samgoz6974 Floyd gave him the red panty night. And he was content for life.
@ohgpsbohgpsb7844 Hace un año
He still is what u on about look at his last fight against proier he was on a roll. And after the loss the line “ ur wife is in me dms baby” he is still that connor
@barrygreene007 Hace un año
From 2013 - 2018 we witnessed the best trash talker in combat sports history.
Connor is good but he's a distant second to the best ever, Ali.
@barrygreene007 Hace 6 meses
@@PATinPattayaThailand Look Ali paved the way for Mcgregor but Mcgregor trash talking was alot more ruthless than his was.
@lukep3022 Hace un mes
As much as I love Connor, Chael is always going to be the greatest trash talker of all time
@barrygreene007 Hace un mes
@@lukep3022 not a notion.
​@@PATinPattayaThailandCombat sports trash talk rankings: C (undisputed undefeated): Chael Sonnen 1. Muhammed Ali 2. Conor McGregor 3. Micheal Bisping
@adamphillips04 Hace 4 años
Love him or hate him he’s pure entertainment
@erlend6338 Hace 4 años
adam phillips u served?
@LoverLikeNoOther Hace 4 años
Erlend Muir yes I’m a prestige master
@ahadsherjee1242 Hace 4 años
Being racist and make fun of some one is never an entertainment . He is just a looser bully guy .
@sethcory9653 Hace 4 años
Ahad Sherjee when was he racist your just being soft like a lot of people these days🙄
@ahadsherjee1242 Hace 4 años
@@sethcory9653 he made fun of khabib and make fun of his religion and said him terrorist for no reason isn't that clear to you for him being racist.
@googzgag Hace 2 años
There will never be another...he’s literally the Rock of the UFC...same charisma...once in a lifetime personality.
The rock? The juiced up dude that does that eyebrow thing? Lmfao
@imhungry2387 Hace un año
Ronda Rousey also
@amdacool1101 Hace un año
@@imhungry2387 she chickened out and went to the WWE
@FTB-ns2ze Hace un año
@@ThePrinceofallsayain yea the rock… you know the guy that’s accomplished a lot more in life then you have. That’s guy he is talking about :)
@RAM-A-NATHAN Hace un año
@@FTB-ns2ze What is the rock even famous for he's done nothing
@soundslikewest Hace 2 años
the “oh good one” after he said “who the fook is that guy” is criminally underrated 😂
@kingofhaters Hace 2 años
It's ironic answer for Jeremy Stephens call him Leprechaun 0:48
@alphakennyone8 Hace un año
I dont hear it
@cssmith0020 Hace un año
It was so nonchalant lmao
@matthewuzamaki3510 Hace 7 meses
Cause ik he was even more pissed that didn’t faze him
@placebojesus5652 Hace 5 meses
It’s sarcastic not ironic
@dano1307 Hace un año
Prime Conor trash talk was unmatched. Will be a long time before we see another run like he had. Everything fell into place perfectly, a perfect storm.
@thyagolopes3020 Hace 3 años
The best run in history of MMA. Man took the world by storm
@hold1n103 Hace un año
then didnt defend a belt ..
@rickyjames4228 Hace 11 meses
He lasted as long as I put food in the microwave. Alot of talk funny entertaining but his name Notorious ( Biggie ) and way he dressed when he came out ( Coogi sweaters Biggie again ) trash talk ( Ali the originator ) come from the brothers facts hes an Irish boy with character they got banter I personally know guys like him if you cant handle their jokes your done so when he came to USA alot wasnt ready for that it was new especially from white guys lets be honest.
@veracity5977 Hace 10 meses
We can all admit that ufc is boring asf without him
@harryisamuggle Hace 3 meses
Umm I know of him only because of Khabib.
@melonsmasher8252 Hace 3 meses
​@@harryisamugglewe all knew khabib because of mcgregor
when you go back and watch Conor back in these days it's pretty jaw dropping how his character alone just leveled the entire UFC up. Thats when they truly blasted off into that global spectacle. Even Rousey didn't have that. Not even close. His natural character electrified the sport
@Jack-tm7mb Hace 3 años
The greatest is “I’d like to take a chance to apologize... TO ABSOLUTELY NO ONE”
@JeBronLames965 Hace 3 años
It’s so great I made it my senior quote
@tavoryt4239 Hace 3 años
The double champ does what the fook he wants😂
@traymaq73 Hace 3 años
who the fook is this guy??😄
@austinharrison1205 Hace 3 años
It’s one of the greatest moments in sports history
@itsyoboigucci7578 Hace 2 años
There wont be any other man in the planet ever like Conor Mcgeregor. He's the only one!
@zeesher Hace 3 meses
Joker ?
@David-vg8lx Hace 18 días
@j-dawg4774 Hace 2 años
I like how Mayweather is actually smiling and having fun with Conor's insults
@RoflJoker1994 Hace un año
That was only at the start. When Connor continued ripping into him that smile quickly faded away lol
@SomeRandomGuy121 Hace un año
I liked how he said he was ready for 12 3 mins at full pace :D
He knows its all show
@greenplanet7767 Hace un año
Mayweather was giving mcchicken a false sense of security ... he's had tougher opponents than mcTapper
@@RoflJoker1994 Connor smile left too after the ninth round 😂😂
Old Conor had great comedic timing and really knew how to work the crowd. Man probably could of been a stand up comic haha
@Og-tz6cm Hace 2 años
That fact that he accomplished this much and he told us about it is crazy. He is the biggest draw, he became an Ace of spade among all the deck.
@nunoricardo6658 Hace un año
"4 years ago I was fighting in front of 500 people" look where he is today. 💪🏼🔥
@arthurbonin7337 Hace 2 años
Bleeping the f-word in a McGregor trash talk video is a crime
@jadonmuller1576 Hace 2 años
Myyyy god this is soooo trueeeee
@bowskee Hace 2 años
@sushi7207 Hace 2 años
@sujalsingh7871 Hace 2 años
Yup 😂 And thank for telling me he was saying f I thought Conor is n word Not kidding I seriously thought he is saying n word
@fraserallison7891 Hace 2 años
5:52 my favourite voice crack of all time
@ounichaan1440 Hace 2 años
Don’t do that to him lmao 🤣
Feefth round twice
@edwarren1418 Hace 2 años
That was a good laugh 😆
@matthewjames7268 Hace un año
@dewmontain123 Hace 8 meses
"Youve one been to the f🎻 fth." 😂
@MidwestMade1 Hace 3 años
Mayweather was loving that press conference, it was at that moment he knew he picked the right guy to help sell a fight. Outlandish and over the top just like he was. He earned respect from Floyd.
@ethanjiwon5447 Hace 29 días
There will be no other man like Conor in the UFC industry ❤
@hamdiyusuf Hace 3 años
He really carried the UFC for years man. A legend regardless. (edit): holy thanks for all the likes everyone :). Awesome to see.
And he still does
@amalj7724 Hace 3 años
a true workhorse
@k__p4598 Hace 2 años
@calvin2665 Hace 2 años
Even though he lack a bit of skill but still he made the ufc hype for years not even a fan of ufc but he made me watch one...true legend
@Burner355 Hace 2 años
There would never be another conor in the ufc. His trash talk and his ability to bring in so many fans is crazy.
@heathhenderson8235 Hace un año
McGregor had the world eating out his hands for a few years. Was amazing to witness.
@remycris2108 Hace 5 años
Even If u hate Conor or Floyd u gotta admit those press conferences where historic
@denharry1722 Hace 5 años
jeremy arroyo yup
@MrReap96 Hace 5 años
not really he made alot more fans tbh and alot more money in a sport that isn't even his lol
@timskarin4254 Hace 5 años
They got the job done
@kanyeeast4162 Hace 5 años
mukathefreak he made 100 million he didn't make a fool of himself he made a fool of us lmao. He shit talked his way to fighting the best boxer of this generation and getting paid more than any other fighter besides Floyd
@Eric-jp3qm Hace 5 años
mukathefreak conor got fucked up at the end in the match, but Floyd made a fool out of (himself) in the press conferences by saying the same thing at every press conference
@hannahtaybooks Hace 2 años
"WHO THE FOOK IS THAT GUY" The simplistic insults always hurt the worst lol
@dogsquadindia Hace 2 meses
"you'll do what you're told" to chandler recently was cold.blooded
@josejose-je6xu Hace 2 meses
Truth 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣
@yilongmask Hace 2 años
lets be real, he’s intimidating during the press conferences, thus he won most of his fights
@shmonn. Hace 2 años
he won cause he's a good fighter, not cause of the trashtalk
@CarolineMartin Hace 3 meses
@jattiemaye6979 Hace 9 meses
“Break out the red panties” always gets me 😂😂😂
@CarolineMartin Hace 3 meses
That is a classic where the fook did he come.up with that
@Shabla7 Hace 26 días
The best line of all time
@anglojojo Hace 2 años
That part "I would like to apologise to..." is the best line ever, a classic to remember for years to come, everyone really thought he was about to apologise for real lol even me
@NewUserNumberOne Hace 5 meses
He spoke his words into reality. Respect.
@MH-br3th Hace 4 años
I think Floyd Mayweather was the only one who actually understood what Conor was doing with all that trash talk. He was promoting fights by getting people hyped up and it makes a ton of money. Just watch as he is sitting there laughing about all of it. Laughing all the way to the bank!
@caspos1987 Hace 4 años
Matthew Harrington exactly!
@ali101010obeid Hace 4 años
Conor was never going to get inside Mayweathers head! Floyd knew he had won that fight as soon as he signed the contract. No fear
@Dr.stoker Hace 4 años
Matthew Harrington yeah and i guess mcgregor understood his promotion aint working against khabib no respect.. punching old guys now
@SkepticSam Hace 4 años
because they were told before that how they are going to promote the fight..and myweather agreed to it...
@Acehood-pg1zs Hace 4 años
The Mayweather fight was fixed. They literally fooled millions into giving them millions. Of course they're laughing.
@j.benjamin2976 Hace 2 años
Who else misses when Connor was on that huge win streak, we were witnessing history and he was at his best!
@murshidahmad1128 Hace 2 años
3:14 That transition from screaming McGregor to a calm McGregor was legendary
@Tonystark-sg3dm Hace 2 años
All credit goes to khabib
@soniatiwari9986 Hace 2 años
@@Tonystark-sg3dm why do you bring khabib everywhere man.
@aegeanmapping Hace 2 años
@@bumbaclaat3098 cry baby khabib is the Goat
@funnylawre Hace un año
@@aegeanmapping how can a boring fighter be goat
@nashevans3464 Hace un año
He’s a legend man! Win or lose. Boxing or MMA he’s one of the greatest entertainers we’ve ever seen in any sport! People don’t even know how skilled and great he is at his craft! Shits insane! He’s got it all
@deziderziga1484 Hace 7 meses
Man if you look at it closely enough, he is literally responsible for how big the ufc has become. It'd amazing. People should give him more respect. He is the ultimate fighter.
@Candace575 Hace 5 meses
Nah the very first ufc fight was the catalyst
@joeyjnr7139 Hace un año
he wasn't lying when he said they all dressed like him, wanna talk like him.. he carried the UFC.. mans a proper showman.. knows how to sell a fight.. he's every promoters dream.
@savageelixir8800 Hace 5 años
will forever be the funniest moment when he said '' who da fuuk is dat guy''
@jeffzalonka Hace 5 años
Savage Elixir Guy was trying to get that clout and got shat on 😂😂😂😂
Savage Elixir he might be the new king of 145 though after he KOs Jose Aldo
@RondoStyle9 Hace 5 años
Jeremy Stephen's is a fucking killer though. He's 1 win away from getting the next title shot. He is the hardest hitting 145er and its not close
@usingtubes Hace 5 años
you need to get out more
@jamesmasters7567 Hace 5 años
The whole room laughed, even Jeremy Stephens couldn't help it
@tommyb8374 Hace 2 años
Say what you want about conor mcgregor, but the man went ten rounds with one of the best to ever lace up a pair of boxing gloves. One of the biggest fights ever
The thing that sets mc Gregor apart is how he is such a classic gentleman, the way he dresses walks and how he carries himself ,no bling bling on his neck just pure class
@zxdiac8480 Hace 2 años
Nah he wears chains
@@zxdiac8480 mhmm we're talking about class here and yes I've seen him wear chains but they aren't all over his neck 😂 its an accessory a compliment to his style of dressing
@kushalsapkota4155 Hace 2 años
Dont call him a Gentleman mate.
@anasshahid224 Hace 7 meses
Conor McGregor the icon!! The excitement he creates for his fights is next level, from the press conference to the event, his star power and charisma is unmatched, a true global superstar. He truly changed the sport of MMA, helped it grow into a global phenomenon, only one Notorious Conor McGregor 👏👏👏
@Jimbumdum Hace 2 meses
@Jelsanrai Hace 2 años
Because of conor Many people started watching ufc. He made ufc more popular ❤️🎉 thanks legend.
@Starcodefish Hace 2 años
Your right I never watched a UFC fight in my life before him now I watch every McGregor fight his and only his😎
@pcpc9710 Hace 2 años
@TheTextFactory Hace 2 años
Khabib 😂
@menace5802 Hace 2 años
@@Starcodefish 🤦‍♂️
@funnylawre Hace un año
@@TheTextFactory nobody knew who khabib was before he fought Conor Khabib fights are gayish
@TheGeorgemagee Hace 3 meses
We were so blessed to of lived through the McGregor era. It was absolute gold !!!
@trickedoutpic1090 Hace 3 años
The best trash talker in the history of SPORTS
@divyam3351 Hace 3 años
Ever heard of Ali?
@divyam3351 Hace 3 años
Mitza Beleaua I'm young I'm handsome and I can't possibly be beaten.
@tqsm64music98 Hace 3 años
trickedoutpic chael >>>>>>>>>> Conor
@blackbird3589 Hace 3 años
I guess in your universe, Muhammad Ali doesn't exist
@karrot4339 Hace 2 años
Who’s here after his loss to Dustin? Man I love seeing this side of McGregor again.
@HK00088 Hace 2 años
Last time he tried that, he got smashed.. 29-0
@karrot4339 Hace 2 años
@@HK00088 ur probably just another Khabib stan that hopped on the bandwagon after McGregor lost. Soon he’ll be 29-Chandler...
@HK00088 Hace 2 años
@@karrot4339 I am a Khabib stan, yes. ; )
@johnhakes1 Hace 2 años
I think McGregor losing to Dustin is a good thing because now he has stuff to prove
@glennmay2330 Hace 2 años
He didn’t seem like himself that fight. Also he has 40 seconds in the octagon in 3 years so... idk
@GoodTimesWithHO Hace 2 años
Conor and Floyd pulled off the biggest scam in sporting history lmaoooo
@jayhenry7248 Hace 2 años
@user-mq6fu6ou4f Hace 2 años
@GoodTimesWithHO Hace 2 años
@@user-mq6fu6ou4f First of all both of them had to have known the outcome. I understand that Conor is very confident in himself but he knew that he was not going to beat Floyd. Second of all they had everyone in the world believe that it was going to be a close fight and that they both hated each other. Im telling you right now they probably were hanging out with each other secretly throughout the whole build up . And last, both of them knew it was going to be a win-win. Floyd gets his perfect 50-0 record and conor gets a near 200 million dollar check that hes never seen before
@ronnieepting933 Hace 2 años
Now it’s Jake Paul
@deezel2919 Hace 2 años
@@GoodTimesWithHO facts bro , it was all a plan if your smart u can easily tell. Still it was one of the best sports events ever IMO it was something to remember
@lisageorge4599 Hace 2 años
I swear this man is my spirit animal. He is everything I wish I could be.
Props for the honesty
There will NEVER be another fighter in the UFC like Mcgregor. Ever. The numbers will remain as the highest PPV of all time
@purwantiallan5089 Hace un año
2021 approaching 2022, we always love Connor McGregor, regardless whether he loved or hated.
@sumuqh Hace 3 años
“I'd like to apologise... TO ABSOLUTELY NOBODY !” 😂😂😂
@CombatCent Hace 3 años
😂 😂 savage
@vinceblas606 Hace 3 años
@itsanewday5219 Hace 3 años
@MrCkntobias Hace 2 años
That's the most badass lines he's ever said imo! Especially in front of a crowd that large
@Just_Tey Hace 2 años
Time stamp
@franthevan65 Hace 6 meses
I miss the prime Conor how he would just walk around with that confidence he won half those fights bf it even started. He was literally the definition of taking my opponents soul
@Candace575 Hace 5 meses
Now he has ptsd about Khabib .
@Waawawiwaa Hace un año
Conor without his Irish accent would not be the same Conor.
@Blessinsz Hace un año
Seeing Connor now is so peaceful, and humbled .. beautiful to see how hungry his soul was .
Conor never stops talking even during and after a beatdown 😂
@mrwayne7900 Hace 9 meses
Like it or not, this dude is the reason i got into the UFC. It’d not have been the same without him.
@mandydixon7335 Hace 4 años
As an Irish person, i can confirm we pronounce three "tree"
@JoeMama-gv2pc Hace 3 años
True dat
@Curlyweed4L Hace 3 años
Us Irish get alllll
@mickmccaff04 Hace 3 años
Naw it’s just dublin people
@shopnilahmed3252 Hace 3 años
No fooking chonce
@Adrian-po7bz Hace 3 años
Love u Irish people
@86madee Hace 3 años
The most heartbreaking trashtalking was to that belt. It even fell was so offended - 11:07
@joseph4500 Hace 2 años
Lol... Good catch dude.. 😂
@thinleswangdus2810 Hace 2 años
He said i create my own belt
@hoodiehat3210 Hace 2 años
He certainly knows how to humiliate his opponents and put the crowd against them
@dc7339 Hace un año
"I like to take this chance to apologize...to absolutely nobody! The double champ does what the fook he wants!" classic. One of his best lines.
This guy is still a legend whether he looses or wins lol
@avantgarden2438 Hace un año
But you can't deny how Conor put UFC on the map. Back in the GSP and Diaz time, it was already popular. But when Conor came out, it exploded. Gotta give him credit.
@razieahmed3904 Hace 3 años
His trash talk is so good, you forget the class fighters around him.
connor brings what people live about fighting. he may not win all the time but his trash talk is so fun to watch
@Sikdomeshot Hace 2 años
Connor may not be the best fighter in the UFC, but he is certainly the best trash talker.
@TheGunBarrelKid Hace un año
When I really sit back and observe this... Wow! Conor had a NATION behind him literally. Now this is where it gets crazy. Floyd at the time was well known super-star, a multiple business owner, and multi-millionaire. Needless to say, 1 in every 20 people in the US know who he is. Now, Conor had such an influence in MMA that his personality allowed him to venture elsewhere. So much so he had an arena packed full of his fans over Floyds by such an ammount it even made Floyd surprised. You can see his excitement in this boubt when Conor gets the crowd involved. He shook the whole world.
@stephanrobert5593 Hace 2 años
I love how Dana is just cracking up laughing at every single one xD
@romantk001 Hace un mes
dude is definitely inspired by professional wrestling, it really shows and it’s amazing
@MistaJG Hace 5 años
Idk why but I lose it every time he calls Eddie “Edward” lol
@connoristhatguy Hace 4 años
8:00 edward
@trey7911 Hace 3 años
@@connoristhatguy very wrong buddy
@burnedflowers141 Hace 3 años
Edward is a better name than eddie so hes doing him a favour 😂😂
@jamesxd1016 Hace 2 años
Mc Gregor is and will always be my favorite UFC fighter
@yamsang0__0 Hace 2 años
This guy truly knows how to put up a show lol
@syedarshadali7064 Hace 2 meses
Even after being Irish, his accent is so good.
@Gurnurkular Hace 2 años
He knows how to sell a fight.....God level mic 🎤 skills🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
@voltagetv4908 Hace 2 meses
The guy in the background who stood up and dabbed at 5:36 is such a legend
@jakec8642 Hace 3 años
I love how uncomfortable he makes everyone. Like when Floyd hysterically laughs bc he doesn’t know what to say, same with Eddie lmaooooo
@kevincannon9564 Hace 3 años
Or its just funny to them to
@trump-fv9cb Hace 3 años
floyd laughed because he understood what conor was doing dummy. there was no need to "say" anything. he knew that conor's trash talk was only going to make them both more money.
@TabashiiSC2 Hace 3 años
I think Eddie legit found some of his trash talk funny 😉
@hellohi7417 Hace 2 años
@@kevincannon9564 who’s your fav mma boxer then KEVIN
@heavenlykit9832 Hace 2 años
Floyd was uncomfortable from Connor walking up to him half hard
Three of favorite Conor quotes: "Who the fook is that guy?" "Ladies foorst" "I would like to take this chance to apologize...to absolute nobody!"
@MrBatoloko Hace un año
You gotta add "yo wife is on mah dm"
@noelcampell3837 Hace 2 años
Connor is the man..he deserves all his millions 👏 ❤
@tahyldz_7998 Hace 2 años
As a Khabib fan.. even i miss this Conor😓
@TennoHaki Hace un año
40 years of age will always make me die laughing.
Love him or hate him, but he was the best entertainer 😂😂😂
@daviemyers8299 Hace 3 años
Vibhasheenan Sree he’s back baby
@bobsmith962 Hace 3 años
Was? Well if he loses a couple more times hes done.
@amoghthorave3385 Hace 3 años
He still izz
@calvin2665 Hace 2 años
Made the ufc hype no doubt
@skripture7761 Hace 5 meses
Funniest part is Yoel not knowing how to speak a word of English and he still knew what Connor said 😂
@lucasmcclain3088 Hace un año
The Champ Champ post-fight interview: I'll never get over how perfect the timing was when Dana finally handed Conor his second belt..Right as he was delivering the punch line to end the interview.. That has to be the best sports interview of all time, from start to finish it's the most perfect sports interview I've ever seen... A movie writer could write a script about McGregor and people would be like "no way that's too unrealistic" lol.
@arnabshroff5545 Hace 4 meses
Life is too short to argue, just say "Who the fook is that guy?" ~ Conor McGregor
@tahazeshan3790 Hace 5 meses
Conor is like the mischievous kid who doesn't get in trouble cause he is the principals son
@kragno_ Hace 2 años
9:48 the best one. OMG "baby we done, conor made us rich" LMAAAAAAAAO
Conor is the greatest thing that ever happened to the UFC..... Period.... Love em or Hate em... The guy has done BIG things in and out of the octagon.. the entertainment value he brings to the UFC is one of a kind
@karmaoriginal8641 Hace un año
so true
@nabamnagung99 Hace un año
very true
@Paul-uv6mb Hace un año
True but if he was little condol the trash talk would be the best guy in UFC history.
@reflexno2250 Hace 3 años
We need this guy back asap
@CristoSandoval7 Hace un año
And the funny thing is that he used to win the fights but since Khabib he started to miss trainings and drinking, he needs an epic comeback
@ossiaigbedo7223 Hace un año
Nate Diaz’s purse never been paid more than 50k per fight night. The first McGregor fight paid him £620k and the second 2 million just to show, £13 million in total. McGregor changed his life completely.
@bruhjosh3090 Hace 2 años
This mans shoulder must hurt from carrying the entire ufc community
@marcosxfern Hace 2 años
Not really
@0777x Hace 2 años
@@marcosxfern bruh say the truth
@niallfinan Hace 2 años
@@marcosxfern yes
@johnstjohn1987 Hace 8 meses
McGregor came from Dublin Ireland and dominated the Octagon. The dude literally changed the Landscape of UFC. Hate him or like him you cant deny the fact the dude backed up everything he said. What a BOSS. GOAT 🐐
@thebeastballer228 Hace 8 meses
No.. stop it please.
@johnstjohn1987 Hace 8 meses
@@thebeastballer228 How not
@thebeastballer228 Hace 8 meses
@@johnstjohn1987 just because i said so
@johnstjohn1987 Hace 8 meses
@@thebeastballer228 Cry about it
@thebeastballer228 Hace 8 meses
@@johnstjohn1987 No
@austinhagy1710 Hace 4 años
Conor McGregor trash talk is the funniest and most clever shit ever. But without cuss words he just sounds like a drunk Irishman arguing with himself in the mirror lmaoo
@jamessouthall6555 Hace 2 años
When I watch these videos now I notice how fresh McGregor looked and seemed. I feel he's aged dramatically over the last year
@myshare001 Hace 2 años
Money 💰
@cmsoselia Hace 2 años
Money and coke
@taeyunkim4540 Hace 2 años
I love how Dana is just laughing everytime
@MC-fz9bk Hace 8 meses
The only thing that was missing in mcgregors career would probably be the win against mayweather, then he can be on top with the best fighters to ever live but he’s still a legend in my eyes
@errolflynn610 Hace 2 años
Nate Diaz coming out with the Nick Diaz Army and throwing water bottles is a legendary moment
@Josh_you_uh Hace un año
He was great when he came on the scene just winning and predicting his shots, and was the best trash talker, was witty and funny and exactly what the ufc needed with guys with no personality at all and horrible on the mic…then he got paid, started losing, his trash talk went downhill. It’s like he turned heel
@stevecormier1514 Hace 3 años
Just the pure energy and confidence he has. Everything he says is well put. It gets you going. Very hard not to like him
@sluice Hace 2 años
Props to Floyd here, clearly enjoying McGregor’s banter and being top on the mic, but knowing he would smash him in the ring.
@chrisjonamar1444 Hace 2 años
I love how romero is laughing at McGregor trash talk like he really understand it hahaha
@johnscott6960 Hace un año
"They're all dressed like me!" Conor MacGregor - the first man in human history to wear a suit 😂
@mustafakhan940 Hace 3 años
13:28 Greatest McGregor line ever
@ilyasse1250 Hace 2 años
DPR IAN - SKINS (demo) M/V