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11 feb 2019

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Maximus Doggys
Maximus Doggys Hace 17 minutos
her videos keep getting more and more vulgar
ii CoversByEllie ii
ii CoversByEllie ii Hace 25 minutos
Emma get at Andre swilley he likes uuuu
Meara Chodnicki
Meara Chodnicki Hace 27 minutos
Who told this girl she’s funny
Frances Felix-vasquez
Frances Felix-vasquez Hace 41 un minuto
I like to eat serrarno peppers with salt and lime juice 😂 #JustHispanicThings
Crazy Pineapple
Crazy Pineapple Hace 49 minutos
I love how there's no background music or anything
Music Man
Music Man Hace un hora
Imagine actually liking this bitch
kaitlenx Hace un hora
i can smell her through.ew.
Hannah Ry
Hannah Ry Hace un hora
tbh i wish emma would use the platform she has differently. i dont wanna hear stories about how ur mailroom lost ur mail i wanna hear about the real shit happening in her life like what its like to be so young and have to be an adult immediately and having all this media attention and the struggle to follow up on ur recent internet fame by creating new content...idk just some ideas/topics i would be interested in hearing about as a person who has been following emma since she reached the brink of youtube fame. still obviously love/support her i just think shes trying to produce what she thinks people want rather than the truth of whats actually in her head. i subscribed to emma originally because i like how she authentically transferred what she naturally had in her mind to her youtube channel. thats what i think people mean when they say they miss her old stuff. JUST BE YOUR HONEST SELF EMMA!!!
Jules 2
Jules 2 Hace un hora
we want more sister squad collabs
Alpacarie Hace un hora
So Ethan likes this?... 🤔
Dag Wood
Dag Wood Hace un hora
God I wish I was your uncle
Asiti Kaya
Asiti Kaya Hace un hora
Ethan likes this..?
What do u want?
What do u want? Hace 2 horas
I love how people give her shit for not showering but shane no its okay
Laurel Justison
Laurel Justison Hace 2 horas
cook with Emma: a gourmet meal???
MightyZee Hace 2 horas
THIS is the Emma I love
What do u want?
What do u want? Hace 2 horas
Upload I miss u
Jordan Alex
Jordan Alex Hace 2 horas
u never upload
What do u want?
What do u want? Hace 2 horas
Megan Berry
Megan Berry Hace 2 horas
Did you find the package eventually? :o im left in suspense here :p
frootygroovin Hace 3 horas
i can’t believe y’all let this meth head think she’s funny. i’m never forgiving you guys.
Bodour A
Bodour A Hace 3 horas
youre a fucking legend
Olivia from bolivia
Olivia from bolivia Hace 3 horas
I love the slide in the beginning
Lara Mauduit
Lara Mauduit Hace 3 horas
i would love to see one of emma’s videos unedited!!
Sarah Maitland
Sarah Maitland Hace 3 horas
re- commenting this cause it needs to be seen "Jeez why is everyone in the comments being so mean like let Emma be Emma"
VALERIE CANO Hace 3 horas
bring back cooking with emma
Dinosaur Whale
Dinosaur Whale Hace 3 horas
Thank you.... ETHAN 😂😂 I died
Bayley Key
Bayley Key Hace 3 horas
I fucking love these videos so much. Pls make more. I wouldn’t mind if they were weekly.
E Ray
E Ray Hace 4 horas
I thought you were actually going to throw up for a sec! Have you ever puked on video? I'm sure some wouldn't like to see that, but some would love it!
Love ToDance
Love ToDance Hace 4 horas
0:07 im already laughing its been 7 seonds
Grace Scott
Grace Scott Hace 4 horas
Do another cooking with emma
EvieWDW Hace 5 horas
Thank you..eThAn 🙃
Makeup Obsessed
Makeup Obsessed Hace 5 horas
Ewww I hate you Emma!😡
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez Hace 5 horas
there not even that hot wtf 💀
your local p!atd hOe
2:32 bet you really regret doing this video
cherries Hace 5 horas
that hoodie would be cuter if it was white, periodt
viceversa Hace 5 horas
I wanna have this Shirt
Oli Asmr
Oli Asmr Hace 6 horas
Postman Pat: Hey, why are you getting your post now? *EmMa* :Idk, why am I? Postman Pat: Idk, why are you.??! *EmMa* :Jee you don’t need to know this anyway! Postman Pat: Why aren’t you taking all of your mail? *emma walks to the elevator crying even tho she needs to go to her car* P.S. I love you this was just too funny 😂💗
Christa J
Christa J Hace 6 horas
i miss the oLd EmMa
PlutoPizzas Hace 6 horas
Yes i need more of these!
romicnan Hace 6 horas
bro wash ur hair love u the most tho
AAmeed Hace 6 horas
yaaaas...do it more!!
Val Corn
Val Corn Hace 7 horas
That burrito took your wig
tresha qowsn
tresha qowsn Hace 7 horas
You hair is like I don't give a fuck and I love it😂❤️
Noelle Foor
Noelle Foor Hace 7 horas
You should do a 24 hour locked in the kitchen, or a 24 hour without saying bad words lol
It Me!!!
It Me!!! Hace 7 horas
New video please !! 😁
Nathania Nyedu
Nathania Nyedu Hace 8 horas
I fucking love you EMMA ❤X
Missy Vergara Floria
I always watchh emma. Especially when im sad and having anxiety attacks hshshsh Her vids helps me a lot to not feel alone and be calm ❤ love you emmaaa
Missy Vergara Floria
Having a marathon again hshshshs
Naimah Shah
Naimah Shah Hace 9 horas
is hannah meloche your sister and is reeve andrew and the others your family
nyah kavanagh
nyah kavanagh Hace 9 horas
can u put ur coffee recipe on instagram pls my name is nyahkav_x thank u my bitch
Pink& Peachy
Pink& Peachy Hace 9 horas
Why is everyone obsessed with her?
What do u want?
What do u want? Hace 2 horas
I like her
Billie.eyelash Hace 4 horas
Ugh stop hating weirdo
Your living dead girl
All that "relatable" thing about her is bullshit. Pretty boring content.
Snnnzzz Snnnzz
Snnnzzz Snnnzz Hace 9 horas
YOO I’ve had problems with DHL for so long, I’d always get notifications from them saying they tried to deliver my package but no one was home. After a while it got sus so I checked the security cameras and turns out no one tried delivering any package AND I GOT PLAYED MY A FUCKING SHIPPING COMPANY OVER AND OVER AGAIN
SHooKiE SnOoKiE Hace 10 horas
I got an add for chamberlain university...
Noor Hace 10 horas
6.9 mil subs :))))))) FUCK ME DADDY
Daniel Budik
Daniel Budik Hace 8 horas
No, you're ugly as shit and your kitty is loose, hairy and smells like a dead rat.
DarkXD Formation
DarkXD Formation Hace 10 horas
Antonio Garza X Emma Chamberlain ======amazing
bolu olanrewaju
bolu olanrewaju Hace 10 horas
when I look at Emma so I think about is cheddar cheese and *her hygiene*
Izzy's Life
Izzy's Life Hace 11 horas
Nikki Mia
Nikki Mia Hace 11 horas
I got pink eye from this video
Tastee Squeeze
Tastee Squeeze Hace 11 horas
Can I ask for a request from everyone just pray for my dad he has heart stroke and he has a surgery today I am really afraid to lose him tonight and thanks
Equestrian Maddy
Equestrian Maddy Hace 12 horas
I just watched your last cooking video then found this one lmao
Equestrian Maddy
Equestrian Maddy Hace 12 horas
Yesss queeen
Angelina Rodriguez
Angelina Rodriguez Hace 12 horas
Omg so close to 7mil!!
jemina fiona
jemina fiona Hace 12 horas
hi small youtubers hanging around in the comments, pls sub to me i will sub back just reply 'done' to this comment 💕
becca I guess
becca I guess Hace 12 horas
*your not iconic anymore* *and your not popular anymore so*
Taquisha's Channel
Taquisha's Channel Hace 13 horas
You should make a story time video
Lena Brodowski
Lena Brodowski Hace 14 horas
Emma said “wheat tortilla” isn’t is just called flour tortilla? But not hate and love you Emma
Kelsea Booth
Kelsea Booth Hace 14 horas
14:07 her coffee shoots out from her straw lololol
Kenzie Editz
Kenzie Editz Hace 14 horas
Ugh ily
Kenzie Editz
Kenzie Editz Hace 14 horas
Kenzie Editz
Kenzie Editz Hace 14 horas
Your so entertaining I love watching your videos haha
Kenzie Editz
Kenzie Editz Hace 14 horas
I’ve never ate a burrito but I wanna try one tbh😂
Kenzie Editz
Kenzie Editz Hace 14 horas
I want sum coffee now haha
Kenzie Editz
Kenzie Editz Hace 14 horas
Love cooking with emma hehe:)
Lakeshia Jones
Lakeshia Jones Hace 14 horas
You should talk about why are people hating on you so much. I think that you’re really 😎 Emma
reggiethe roach
reggiethe roach Hace 14 horas
pleaseeeeeeeee bring back ur valentine’s day murch ❤️❤️
Jenna Oliver
Jenna Oliver Hace 14 horas
The gift she was talking about was probably ethans...
Shayla Marquez
Shayla Marquez Hace 14 horas
please help me pleaseee it would mean soo much 😭😭😭 www.gofundme.com/aadxg-mission-trip-to-australia?pc=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=c4b34291f5d142b5ba67f5a69303f924
Gabby Kemppainen
Gabby Kemppainen Hace 14 horas
i miss emma’s old videos☹️🖤
FanTastic FILMZ
FanTastic FILMZ Hace 15 horas
when she hit her head on the microwave both times I dieddddd ( this is my 5th time watching this btw)
Izzy Rasheed
Izzy Rasheed Hace 15 horas
Yessss cooking with EeMmmAaAA
Sam Cook
Sam Cook Hace 15 horas
How does your bun stay up? We the people deserve a tutorial
Lesley Koskinen
Lesley Koskinen Hace 16 horas
Your probably dating Ethan Grayson already split some tea
iconic Hace 16 horas
emma u have (6.9)m subs😏
Stephanie George
Stephanie George Hace 16 horas
Mailman was probably sus that you were stealing mail or something bc he probs doesn’t know you’re a successful quirky teen who is balling and can afford her own la baller ass apt we love thriving Emma 🥴🤪😘
Stav Zachary
Stav Zachary Hace 16 horas
I love the part when you do “me editing:” but if I were you I would definitely not like editing bc you have to already edit your video then go and record the part for that and then go back into the vid and and edit it back in AFTER you’ve finished editing. Anyway ly girl 😘
emily dunham
emily dunham Hace 16 horas
4:44 when you get a full 8 hours of sleep
Dani Marie
Dani Marie Hace 17 horas
Please stay in school kids
Thao’s Vlogs
Thao’s Vlogs Hace 17 horas
L SM Hace 17 horas
I know this is so not related to the video but, I’m so happy that we literally have THE SAME FRICKING BIRTHDAY (May 22) and I couldn’t be happier. Just had to put that out there....
Savanna and Chase
Savanna and Chase Hace 17 horas
I died laughing at the pepper
Archie Thomson
Archie Thomson Hace 17 horas
Love it
Xx OofItsEmma xX
Xx OofItsEmma xX Hace 17 horas
Emma if you ever see this, I wrote the Sister Squad a paragraph on why I love them all, and I sent it on Snapchat 💕
Buttery Productions
Buttery Productions Hace 17 horas
Emma! You can hit 7 million SUBSCRIBERS!!! You got this! 👍🏻
TRASHLEY Spam Hace 18 horas
Sweetie, who is going to tell you that having bad personal hygiene isn't cute?
Jordan Chaffin
Jordan Chaffin Hace 18 horas
Omg you Grayson and Ethan should go camping for a week and do some challenge with it
Madam In Manhattan
Madam In Manhattan Hace 18 horas
Why is she so relatable
Amelia Hace 18 horas
Edwin Gomez
Edwin Gomez Hace 18 horas
I love Emma 🤧😭♥️
Paula Salerno
Paula Salerno Hace 18 horas
omg you are the best youtuber i have ever watched in my life
Emaleigh Hickman
Emaleigh Hickman Hace 18 horas
I bet that's Ethan's hoodie 🤣🤣#ethmaforlife
Unicorn _ Slime
Unicorn _ Slime Hace 18 horas
*coughs* JOANA!!!
Isabelle Lehman
Isabelle Lehman Hace 19 horas
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