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11 feb 2019

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bomatt Hace 34 minutos
I was in pain watching her eat that pepper.
Manuel Cruzal
Manuel Cruzal Hace 10 horas
9:00-9:03 9:04 immediately regrets life choices
Loppa Doppa
Loppa Doppa Hace 17 horas
Thx for the tea session
Rhmza Rtui
Rhmza Rtui Hace 18 horas
القافله مرت اثبت وجودي 🐫🐫#الفافله
Leandro Rodriguez
Leandro Rodriguez Hace 19 horas
I’m a guy, going through a breakup, tryna forget that girl with every muscle in me but it’s tough. But you Emma, you make my days better, you’re so relatable and humble, never give in to the attention or money please. God bless you, you never know who’s watching you !
J L Hace 22 horas
When you said you were just going to eat a hot pepper just like that out of the bag, I was like “damn you’re going to get f’ed up” (I thought they were jalapeños). Then you busted out the Serrano pepper and I was like “you’re going to die”. LOL
Cassie Somers
Cassie Somers Hace un día
8:55 literally kills me like omg
Erika Garcia
Erika Garcia Hace un día
did you wash the chili?!
Erika Garcia
Erika Garcia Hace un día
I’m back once again
sunflower X
sunflower X Hace un día
“Thank You....EtHaN”
Bad Drivers Of Northern Ohio.
What do you use to edit? I love the way you edit 😂😂
LillyBeauty xx
LillyBeauty xx Hace un día
these burritos aren’t out of date I thought they was rotten but they don’t get out of date until September 2018 -published on the 11th feb 2019
enchantress7 Hace un día
I literally never laughed so hard in my life!!! You are the very best!!!!
David Glover
David Glover Hace 2 días
ive never noticed until 04:32am on 20/08/19 that emma chamberlain is very fucking loud. my mom woke up. the volume is 15.
Diego Cedeño
Diego Cedeño Hace 2 días
almond milk does not help
Megan VanderWal
Megan VanderWal Hace 2 días
The mailbox story made me lol even though it wasn’t that funny
Maddison Cole
Maddison Cole Hace 2 días
4:19 *wtf😂*
Raniyah fathima
Raniyah fathima Hace 2 días
" would you still be my friends?" 😂😂honey we ain't your friends
nate. Hace 3 días
I'm just watching the microwave the whole time because she didn't close it completely 🤪🤪
Emily Bock
Emily Bock Hace 3 días
Late to the party and I’m crying over the pepper ordeal
Sylvie Wallner
Sylvie Wallner Hace 3 días
Loved this video, but got very upset when you threw away those peppers! So wasteful...
Louisa smith
Louisa smith Hace 4 días
OMFG EMMA... Those tortillas are basically fuckin dead... ;D
C H I L L Hace 4 días
Oh my god im dying because i just put subtitles on
smiliebow Hace 4 días
if someone was able to count how many times she burped he is a legendddd
Kirby Wilson
Kirby Wilson Hace 5 días
Hi Emma :), please talk about your life in your videos😊
Karina Salazar
Karina Salazar Hace 5 días
To make hot sauce you need four tomatoes five serrano peppers boil it in hot water to make it soft once it’s soft put it in the blender put some salt and there you go 😊
Theressa Real
Theressa Real Hace 6 días
why did Emma say it was 3:00 am but the microwave time said 1: 46 am ?
varsha parsi
varsha parsi Hace 6 días
her random stray stands of hair in her messy bun really trigger my ocd, why do i have to deal with the same problems every video ahhhh
the mean or nice one
The package was ethan's shirt 💀
Maria Fitoussi Urbani
I lovw how she puts ACTUAL subtitles and not the trash google ones and for ppl that have trouble understanding words sometimes it’s rlly cool
Alicia L
Alicia L Hace 7 días
Well I’m currently screwing myself over by watching every Emma video I haven’t watched yet so at some point I won’t have anything to watch😂
irrelevant empire
irrelevant empire Hace 7 días
literally meeee !!! like i'm doing the exact same lol :)
Mykola Ivanus
Mykola Ivanus Hace 7 días
Emma’s editing skills 😂😂💀
Ace is a loser 101
Ace is a loser 101 Hace 8 días
As someone who can eat a Serrano pepper and ALMOST not even flinch watching the first part was painful SIDENOTE I AM NOT JUDGING EMMA THAT PEPPER IS HOT I'M KINDA JUST BRAGGING and people have there limit and I get that thus commit is to long so if you are steal reading this TITS there you go(.)(.)
Windowolles Rise 75
Windowolles Rise 75 Hace 8 días
Gina Smith
Gina Smith Hace 9 días
Do more cooking with Emma plzzzzz
Audrey Melani
Audrey Melani Hace 9 días
I can’t with the burps
Olive Epee
Olive Epee Hace 9 días
The whole pepper montage was so fucking funny omg😭
Maaz Siddiqui
Maaz Siddiqui Hace 10 días
when my family eats dinner we eat straight up serano peppers
Sofía Martín
Sofía Martín Hace 11 días
Who else is watching this cuz they just love this video
Christy Ross
Christy Ross Hace 12 días
8:58 same though
haru steele
haru steele Hace 12 días
did anyone see that she used aahron coffee beans and that was the place that the dolan twins filmed their video
Larebear57 !
Larebear57 ! Hace 13 días
*”What’s wrong with me? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!”*
melon Hace 13 días
thank you *piano sounds* eThAn~
Hannah Million
Hannah Million Hace 13 días
What if....the package that she was talking about was *ethan’s Christmas present that she ordered for him* (the offwhite shirt that matches his shorts?!?!??!?) Just a theory lol I thought it was interesting
airielle young
airielle young Hace 10 días
that's also what i thoughtttt
Emily Rae
Emily Rae Hace 14 días
Emma: Thank you, Ethan *whispers Ethan* I don't know why but I found that funny 😂
Meredith Bowen
Meredith Bowen Hace 14 días
I don’t think anyone loves cooking with Emma more than me Lol I’m a weirdo
E ' ER
E ' ER Hace 14 días
I am that person too who cries when upset/angry!
Linsey Schade
Linsey Schade Hace 15 días
"What if I said onion like that would u still be my friend"😂😂😂😂
Lily Robertson
Lily Robertson Hace 16 días
it's 5:23 am. it's my first day of junior year. i've been up all night watching emmas videos. i truly do not care about school. i was crying at the beginning of the video when you ate that hot pepper 😂😂😂
Angel's Pimp
Angel's Pimp Hace 16 días
1:51 "She needs some milk!"
Gurleen Kaur
Gurleen Kaur Hace 17 días
Jimi Sweet
Jimi Sweet Hace 19 días
Is that a Saeco Xelsis espresso machine?
Emily Garza
Emily Garza Hace 19 días
Ur thumbnail 😂
Ines Moreno
Ines Moreno Hace 20 días
This woman is stupid and she is very bad educated.
Nisha Pravin
Nisha Pravin Hace 20 días
ya do another one!,!
Katrina Stelkic
Katrina Stelkic Hace 21 un día
I love cooking with Emma so much
Family Adams
Family Adams Hace 22 días
8:59 I started laughing and relized everyone was sleeping cuz it’s 12:30am Yah I liked my own comment so back off
Default Gamer
Default Gamer Hace 22 días
I don’t know how a video of Emma making a burrito can still get comments about Ethan Dolan lmao
Keziah Cadena
Keziah Cadena Hace 23 días
Ayer me comí un burrito de asado and I'm like really wanting one rn 😋🤤😩
Lucy O'Reilly
Lucy O'Reilly Hace 23 días
Lucy O'Reilly
Lucy O'Reilly Hace 23 días
That was dramatic emma
Chantelle lett
Chantelle lett Hace 23 días
this one was the funniest cooking with Emma
Jalen Brown
Jalen Brown Hace 23 días
Im dying lol.
where’s my cat
where’s my cat Hace 24 días
*_this is the content i signed up for_*
Lindsay’s life
Lindsay’s life Hace 24 días
who’s not ready for school ⬇️
Lindsay’s life
Lindsay’s life Hace 24 días
never been this early
Brooklyn Hearne
Brooklyn Hearne Hace 25 días
You need to do more cooking with Emma pls
JaNora White
JaNora White Hace 25 días
We’re the sound effects from the black beans from Fun Run?!🤭
just_another_human_ 2005
Directions unclear cat ended up in microwave.
Yo_imabillieeilishfan 123
If she reacts like that over a jalapeño then how will she react to a fucking Carolina reaper
Isabellasayzzz Hace 25 días
I have watch this video like 5 times already because I can’t find on I haven’t watched
Notmuchofanything Hace 25 días
Coffee at 1am? Hmmmm
Its May
Its May Hace 25 días
I kinda missed the song in the old outro can you bring it back????
HI lj
HI lj Hace 26 días
nd yet she's so skinny
Lily Mulrenan
Lily Mulrenan Hace 26 días
i feel like the lost package is ethan’s christmas gift
Hendrik Mok
Hendrik Mok Hace 26 días
If only microsoft updates were this quick
Senpai Gacha
Senpai Gacha Hace 27 días
I was so annoyed by the sink thing not being attached xD
David Flores
David Flores Hace 27 días
Was the “said gift” that her leasing office signed for and lost ETHANS jacket that she was supposed to get him for the sister squad secret Santa video. Bc Ethan wore the temporary fake one that she made him in their “last one to fall asleep gets the 10 million subscriber diamond play button” video 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯. Because I’ve never seen Ethan wear that real jacket that she supposedly got for him.
agnes wolfhard
agnes wolfhard Hace 27 días
anyone doing an emma marathon at 3 am ??
Mackenzie Young
Mackenzie Young Hace 27 días
Am I the only one who actually thought the mail story was interesting?🤔😅😂
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