Courtney Hadwin (America’s Got Talent 2018) Lifestyle, Parents, Age, House, Net Worth, Biography

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The Abundant World Presents, Courtney Hadwin (America’s Got Talent 2018) Lifestyle, Parents, Age, House, Net Worth, Biography.
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The slides that are used in this video is totally mine. I have made analysis on Google Wikipedia and newspaper to make this video. And all the pictures are taken from Google images. The pictures are fairly used for making this video as this is an analysis type video.Thank you Goole for providing this pictures. Thanks for watching.
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19 jun 2018

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Comentarios 249
raimundo nonato
raimundo nonato Hace 19 días
Ela já gravou algum disco solo.. se alguém por favor souber me avise... Acho ela sensacional...
Monica Beatriz Carabajal
Soy Argentina
Monica Beatriz Carabajal
Hola me gustaria ...en castellano Courtney es fabulosa!!!
Duquesne Hace un mes
The music of the video is super annoying.
Mike Langley
Mike Langley Hace 3 meses
And inaccurate
Mike Langley
Mike Langley Hace 3 meses
It was inappropiate to exclude her like that God dont excluse all the other angel's
Mike Langley
Mike Langley Hace 3 meses
And inaccurate!
Marlon Lo
Marlon Lo Hace 3 meses
You've got nothing on her! Anybody can get these info. Don't pretend to know something when you have nothing!
Miel Avelio
Miel Avelio Hace 3 meses
Pop ???
Rosely Castilho
Rosely Castilho Hace 4 meses
um grande fenômeno uaaal .
Anirban Nayak
Anirban Nayak Hace 5 meses
Thumbnail tho 😂!
Peter Knowles
Peter Knowles Hace 5 meses
ESvid please note. This should be taken down. Apart from the numerous innaccuracies it's simply abusive.
Chandy Y
Chandy Y Hace 6 meses
I mean I don’t think you should be giving people her personal info like her school and we’re she lives a pedo would love this she goes to my school actually she’s a year above me !
Francesco Lui
Francesco Lui Hace 7 meses
the best .......straordinaria.....grande.......superlativa......auguroni x una splendida carriera.by
Jenny Deocampo
Jenny Deocampo Hace 7 meses
Im a big fan COURTNEY...You are one of a kind!
Allen Masters
Allen Masters Hace 7 meses
sexual orientation, well if she has one at 13, its none of your bloody business , very inappropriate abundantly dumbass world
Fast Senna
Fast Senna Hace 8 meses
???, Really, it should be a fake information, her family and she told that she made presentations in the street with the aim to pay her music lessons and she was to AGT to find support for her music career. in the AGT videos that I saw, she was in her room, her bed was not very big, as a single bed, she had several discs on the wall and a drawer had some old records with an LP record. In few words, her house is of the typical person I visit the place where she lives in England a couple years ago and I did not see a luxuri house like what you show in your video. In my opinion, you are showing false information.
david howard
david howard Hace 8 meses
That was not her mother it is the presenter on "The Voice" as for the other stuff I'm turning it off....
Luc _26
Luc _26 Hace 8 meses
Ummm what? Too much personal info.
king bi King
king bi King Hace 8 meses
Wwww Nice 😍😍😍
jennyJayify Hace 8 meses
I cannot believe she didn't even nake the final five!!! Shock is the only word that comes to mind. Shades of Evancho all over again. Someone made a lot of money on this. Everythin indicated she was the sinner, what happened?
Ratmini Ratmini
Ratmini Ratmini Hace 9 meses
MASE PERU Hace 9 meses
Alegrense y sean testigos del nacimiento mundial de esta estrella nacio para ello la corona estaba sin dueña y llego la QUEEN .
raul calva andrade
raul calva andrade Hace 9 meses
Sinan Gider
Sinan Gider Hace 9 meses
Courtney my dear com turkei Türkei is werry got my love girl courtney best luke
thelma esperanzate
thelma esperanzate Hace 9 meses
courtneyhad WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teresa Horn
Teresa Horn Hace 9 meses
I think she uneak and different I like her hope she wins
Agung Handono Susilo
Stupid sharing details information about someone!! 👎
Lorena Tapang
Lorena Tapang Hace 9 meses
She's a star now. And I'm one of her biggest fan. I love her. Very genuine human in all aspects as I can see. Take good care always Courtney and don't get affected by those bashers. Good luck and God bless you all the time.
nate Group
nate Group Hace 9 meses
This is a fukin stupid channel...how are you gonna put her $$$ worth ,biography etc,etc. In 3 years comon now ,, sexual orientation ..?????? Fuck out
Jen Brousseau
Jen Brousseau Hace 9 meses
Does it really matter if she is straight or if she is single? She is 13 years old.. leave the poor girl alone..
wrx248 Hace 9 meses
Who the hell is this idiot. Go away. Can't anyone just be who they are without some loser trying to mess it up. She is a brave lovely child. Go Courtney. Find your dream.
USA USA Hace 9 meses
Chariny l love you so much
Musa Maturah
Musa Maturah Hace 9 meses
This is so not right 🤦 She's a fellow Cancer Thou ♋♋. I think I can sing too 😁😂 July got all the Talent 😊😊
me k
me k Hace 9 meses
I don't know if she's as shy as it appears or not. To me that's not really important. What is important is should it have been hidden that she had been on previous shows. Maybe she should or shouldn't have hidden that fact. My big question is since Simon was a judge on that show, and obviously knew her, why did he pretend not to know her???
XYZ Selvaggio
XYZ Selvaggio Hace 9 meses
✔️▪️An individual babe in the woods stepping out and delivering the music the way she feels it....that is her charm grabs on to that ROCK charm of some of the greats SLAMMING it....✨Awesome and she ain’t even grown yet....hallelujah 🎶🎶
Fco Her
Fco Her Hace 9 meses
You are a star ⭐️ ! Congratulations !🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Mary Sunde
Mary Sunde Hace 9 meses
So busy minding my own and wish others would do the same
Malena Hartmann
Malena Hartmann Hace 9 meses
David Hix
David Hix Hace 10 meses
Why would anyone be asking a 13 year old, her sexual orientation, straight,,,,some of those questions were inappropriate, ,,,lifestyle,,,straight,,,,what kind of people are you, to ask these questions,,?
Raffie Kadaffie
Raffie Kadaffie Hace 10 meses
Deborah Paschall
Deborah Paschall Hace 10 meses
Melcome Pay thanks for agreeing with me. I saw Courtney sing again on the live shows and I think she can win. I picked the winner last year Darcie Lynn. I think Courtney has what it takes to win. I like her style. It reminds me of the good old days. Yes the 50s and 60s. Flower power and just the music. I also love music from 70s and 80s. Some new music ok and I like some of it but just not like the good old days. If it wasn't for being a mother I wouldn't mind going back in time. I mean if I went back I wouldn't have my son you know but things were just different back then. Even things like your neighborhood and the cars from those eras. Things are just not the same. Used drink from water hose. Now its not safe they say to do that. Just wade in ditches after it rained that's not clean to do that now. Children like me used play outside till dark and use their imagination now children play on internet video games. And your neighbors were like family. Everyone got along and you could trust people in the small town I grew up in but now my small town isn't that way anymore. Even tv shows were better back then good shows to watch like bonanza and other western. I like America's got talent but there's so many shows that aren't any good. I llike the new medical show code black but they cancel it. I hope Courtney wins. Its good to see someone that young show interest in music from our era. I think its great. She can sing and dance really well. I just hope people won't be so critical of her. I don't like bullying of any kind and a lot people have said mean things about her. Yes I agree with you she needs to be allowed to grow up naturally. Well from one baby boomer to another thanks and peace and flower power and all good things from our time. Nice chatting with you.
Douglas Mclean
Douglas Mclean Hace 10 meses
You play music than songs that are ethical.
Christina Ashby
Christina Ashby Hace 10 meses
Good job sweetie. You are amazing.
Caeke Herder of rabbits
That was not her mother but the host of kids voice... research also that was not her house lol 😂 this is all made up
Cheyanna Pavey
Cheyanna Pavey Hace 10 meses
perv ass this video is creepy
ARTHUR KOMAROV Hace 10 meses
Девочка молодец она поразила меня своим неординарным шикарным пением Дай Бог ей здоровья счастья голос просто супер мощный диапозон
ImAMarinesMom Hace 10 meses
My first question was going to be sexual orientation? WTH... she is 13 or 14 yrs old. LEAVE these children alone already, will you????????????????????????? That had NO place in your presentation. Honestly, the media is getting worse every day!!!
Desmond Anderson
Desmond Anderson Hace 10 meses
Fckn waste of space vid highly innappropiate
Beverly Gage
Beverly Gage Hace 10 meses
Love this girl! She is doing what anyone would do that has a dream..... she is making people remember her name. Entering every competition she can. Nothing wrong with that girl. Shows you aren’t giving up on your dream. Keep singing, dancing, dreaming YOUR WAY.
Lulinha Lopez
Lulinha Lopez Hace 10 meses
Hermione Danger
Hermione Danger Hace 10 meses
She's in a class of the greats! Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, james Brown, Michael Jackson. They were all criticized for being different but they became icons and Courtney Hadwin you are on YOUR way to be a super star! They didn't understand the greats but that NEVER stopped Elvis, Janis, James or Michael! LOVE YOU! YOU make this old lady VERY happy when I see and hear you perform!
Victoria Hernandez
Victoria Hernandez Hace 10 meses
Gente envidiosa......😒😒😒
Y4nn1z Hace 10 meses
Η μικρούλα και ντροπαλούλα, ΝΈΑ Janis Joplin μου, οδεύει προς τον ΤΕΛΙΚΌ του AGT2018...👄👅💋❤💞💝💘💗💖 *** When she starts to perform, it's as if she becomes my _NEW little _*_Janis Joplin!!!_*
cecilia Hace 10 meses
I couldn't wait to buy her record. I can listen to it , over and over.
Amanda Hauhnar
Amanda Hauhnar Hace 10 meses
I love her voice n style
Kenneth Riggs
Kenneth Riggs Hace 10 meses
Face book screw up ,previously line was to be mayGod be with you
Kenneth Riggs
Kenneth Riggs Hace 10 meses
Young lady brought back some of fondest memories of my past she makes my today,yesterday,Thank You G of be with you always and may you never want for anything,thanx
Koe Chithu
Koe Chithu Hace 10 meses
America's got talent .. why British? Is one of her parent from England?
Melcome Pay
Melcome Pay Hace 10 meses
Koe Chithu Both.
asta man
asta man Hace 10 meses
Shout Out
Shout Out Hace 10 meses
WTF !!! You are trashy.She is only 13 idiot.
Deborah Moser
Deborah Moser Hace 10 meses
Come on peple, she's s wat? 14 now? Just enjoy her talent if it's your style. Let her grow a bit no good comes from knocking her.
Davis Brown
Davis Brown Hace 10 meses
Another load of crap and lies. She lives in a council rented house in Hartlepool, not a fekkin mansion ffs. Her father is unemployed. People who post these type of videos need to get a fekkin life.
Laura O'Brien
Laura O'Brien Hace 10 meses
Freak much!?
pareja garcía
pareja garcía Hace 10 meses
Courtney you are The best singer we love you forever
Ralf Hottenrott
Ralf Hottenrott Hace 10 meses
Ist das ein quatsch hier!
stephanie ross
stephanie ross Hace 10 meses
She is 13 a child she is single, she is a child. What are you putting out to the world. Let her be a kid. Seriously, her sexuality who cares, she is a human, sweet and a kid. Unacceptable writing saying this is ok to put for a 13 year old. She is a big talent and one of a kind, awesome for her to be able to follow her heart and dreams. Creepy video, keep it to kid interests not for creepy male adults this video is done in bad taste.
Mickal P. N. Andersen
Mickal P. N. Andersen Hace 10 meses
Emmanuel Plays
Emmanuel Plays Hace 10 meses
Heal from cancer
Tilo Christen
Tilo Christen Hace 10 meses
This girl was born for the stage!
The Abundant World
The Abundant World Hace 10 meses
may be ❤️
Ydoum's Gaming Den
Ydoum's Gaming Den Hace 10 meses
Can someone find a good way to get this trash video out of youtube? It's a fucking clickbait for ad revenue.
Louann Desmoulin
Louann Desmoulin Hace 10 meses
So what, if she appeared on other shows. The girl can sing
Louann Desmoulin
Louann Desmoulin Hace 10 meses
She is the best singer in my life
The Abundant World
The Abundant World Hace 10 meses
thanks ❤️
Menezes Mêne
Menezes Mêne Hace 10 meses
Top top top show #Brazil
The Abundant World
The Abundant World Hace 10 meses
EDKL Hace 10 meses
The woman with her which you call her mother is in fact the presenter of the Voice kids in the Uk called Emma Willis‎.
Patrick Cieslak
Patrick Cieslak Hace 11 meses
Sexual orientation - normal
The Abundant World
The Abundant World Hace 11 meses
Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher Hace 11 meses
Whoever made this is a horrible person and a pedophile. Pet collection?? Pet is not something you collect, it's is something you take care of and give love. You can collect stickers. I hope you never EVER get a pet. Horrible person you are. Sexual orientation?? Really she is 13!! You're a pedophile.
David Calvin
David Calvin Hace 11 meses
JR MTG , Take a breath brother , Offensive behavior, Really? IF you want to find some real offensive behavior , go to the congress and watch the ass wipe democrats .
Deborah Paschall
Deborah Paschall Hace 11 meses
Janis Joplin is one of my favorite singers. Having grown up as a baby boomer I can relate to that kind of awesome music. I think this little 13 year old girl is very talented. I think she can sing and is multitalented in what she can choose to sing. I think she could be the winner. I do think as a parent this video was a bit intrusive into a life of someone who is so young. I think maybe they should have just stuck to basics. Its alright to know her favorite color I suppose but getting too personal with some of the information is just that too personal. She is a sweet little girl who can sing and does very well at that. Lets just remember that ok. We don't need to know anymore
Deborah Paschall
Deborah Paschall Hace 10 meses
Melcome Pay hope you got my message . I just sent it to you. Thanks again agreeing me. Hope you see all I wrote about good old days
Melcome Pay
Melcome Pay Hace 10 meses
Deborah Paschall Quite agree ...she s very talented. I'm also a " baby boomer". So can look back many years to a time when this 21st technology did not exist! Courtney really MUST be allowed to grow up naturally, and develop her talent . Oh for the 1950's / 60's again......I want to go back.
Alacod19 Hace 11 meses
i got here by watching agt golden buzzer. while creepy the video is fine up until "Sexual orientation" this is where i draw the line, successful singer or not she is a child and who the fuck is getting this type of knowledge for you?
lizzy way
lizzy way Hace 11 meses
what a total piece of crap. living in a house like that. she is a MASSIVE BADLY NEEDED BREATH OF FRESH AIR. TFFT.
Beldee Hace 11 meses
report the bullshit on this video!
B Jani
B Jani Hace 11 meses
founder of a new trend that the greatest people are capable of superstar living legend
Ronald Vasquez
Ronald Vasquez Hace 11 meses
Very very good
The Abundant World
The Abundant World Hace 11 meses
thanks ❤️
jimmy cruz
jimmy cruz Hace 11 meses
This is a really stupid video, i didn't finish watching it!!!!!
joyce majercik
joyce majercik Hace 11 meses
Glaption Hace 11 meses
chill you never know whos behind the computer screen
joyce majercik
joyce majercik Hace 11 meses
Arabelle Nayl's
Arabelle Nayl's Hace 11 meses
i love her! beside she fans of angie as well!!! double love hahahha
The Abundant World
The Abundant World Hace 11 meses
Edwin Edrosolan
Edwin Edrosolan Hace 11 meses
First i saw her in voice kids UK and she is good.
The Abundant World
The Abundant World Hace 11 meses
wow ❤️
Edwin Edrosolan
Edwin Edrosolan Hace 11 meses
I don't care what they put in her personal. I love this kid she is unique and she sing original .
The Abundant World
The Abundant World Hace 11 meses
thank you so much ❤️
bobby wend
bobby wend Hace 11 meses
Hey abundant world, go fuck yourselves. This is a ridiculous video.
bobby wend
bobby wend Hace 11 meses
what's wrong with you , the idiot who produced this video. She is 13, you are a fucking idiot.
Veronica Guidry
Veronica Guidry Hace 11 meses
Sexual orientation are you fricking kidding me, why for the gods of Olympus is that anybody’s business
Franky Napkins
Franky Napkins Hace 11 meses
You are the fucking freaks she has to stay away from. You put her stats up for the PEDOPHILES to ponder on you fucking libtards. I pray for her safety that God along with her Father protect her from all Pedophiles including you
Courtney Johnson
Courtney Johnson Hace 11 meses
It’s really disturbing that you went through the lengths to make this video, mostly the info about her family and her “sexual orientation” and her body stats... possibly single??? what her home looks like. Wtf is wrong with you
Mina Marta
Mina Marta Hace 11 meses
She is amazing young talented
The Abundant World
The Abundant World Hace 11 meses
thanks ❤️
Otto Pylot
Otto Pylot Hace 11 meses
This vid creeped me out. Girl is 13 and likes to sing, leave it at that.
carl Hace 11 meses
Take this down you fucking stalker
Willow001 Hace 11 meses
One, that’s not her house, I know her in real life she’s my sisters bestfriend and that ain’t her house, and she doesn’t have a car, and DOES IT MATTER IF SHES SKINNY OR NOT AND HOW MUCH SHE WAYS 🤷🏻‍♀️
Allen Masters
Allen Masters Hace 7 meses
texas here, that aint her dawg either, lol, ive seen hesleden, thought that was a pretty upscale looking house for that village. but you can tell courtney, if she is ever in texas, she can stop by and ride one of my horses anytime ROCK ON COURTZ!!!!
Tyler Lindner
Tyler Lindner Hace 10 meses
This sounds like a pervert posting for views needs to be reported.
Willow001 Hace 11 meses
Stop acting like you know everyone’s lifestyle for views because ya don’t 😂
The Abundant World
The Abundant World Hace 11 meses
hmn ok :)
Shawnkell Landscaping
Shawnkell Landscaping Hace 11 meses
Who ever did the biography should be shoot and pissed on creep
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