Courtney Hadwin: Howie Mandel PREDICTS This Girl Will Win AGT! | America's Got Talent 2018

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America’s Got Talent Season 13 | Semifinals Live 2
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With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search
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12 sep 2018

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Comentarios 2 635
alex Pro
alex Pro Hace un día
Omg ; - ;
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 8 días
Young Rock Star... Awesome !!
Richard De Kruiff
Richard De Kruiff Hace 14 días
The only she does is destroing her vocal cords
Shaun G
Shaun G Hace 11 días
Richard De Kruiff That's why Courtney has a vocal coach so she doesn't.
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 12 días
and make you pucker... Best Part !!
sabrina ponnet
sabrina ponnet Hace 15 días
on rock i they are the best in it
Geizyruthmaiadasilva Maia
uauuuuuuuuuu que vozeirão 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 16 días
Courtney is Perfect !!
Douglas Corley
Douglas Corley Hace 17 días
Steppenwolf badass I'm sure they're loving this finally somebody can sing their song
Douglas Corley
Douglas Corley Hace 17 días
Except or the 10 ton Mike holder
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 19 días
Nerves?? Hahaha omg you got to be kidding me... Courtney Hadwin THE LIONESS !!
Smoke Weed
Smoke Weed Hace 19 días
Feel like throwing rotten eggs on her.
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 19 días
Denial won't help you, Delusion(s) never did... Nothing Will !!
Smoke Weed
Smoke Weed Hace 19 días
Watching this bitch singing, feels like watching a retard.
wooo es genial me encanta
brownie fan
brownie fan Hace 20 días
I saw her to day o swear to god I am sooooo shok !!!!!!!
Sam Uehlein
Sam Uehlein Hace 20 días
:31 me 3 shots in and sweet Caroline comes on
Daniel et MarieClaire Desmarquet
Elle est extraordinaire , incroyable ' magique ..... 😃
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 21 un día
Courtney Rules... AGT Drama Queens are Fools(No Surprises Here) !!
Jim McKay
Jim McKay Hace 22 días
Glad Shin won.
The Cat Felix
The Cat Felix Hace 25 días
Big shoulder's, no heap's, big skull, + child mutilation ,= huge voice. total transgender deception. It's a boy not a girl.
mary furnier
mary furnier Hace 25 días
Sam Adams
Sam Adams Hace 26 días
I suspect that a big part of the reason Courtney did not win is because her fan base were so convinced that she had a lock on this that they didn't need to vote. Add Simon's completely shameless push for Michael (putting him last in the finals, "breaking down" during his comments, saying that he hoped Michael could win this for his family) and she was behind the eightball before things even started. I have no problems with Shin Lim winning - his performances were truly masterful. And Zucharo's performances were also great. The only thing I have an issue with is Michael placing above Courtney. We definitely haven't heard the last of that young lady while I'll be very surprised if Michael doesn't fade into obscurity within a year.
Shaun G
Shaun G Hace 16 días
Courtney is the only singer performing at the AGT vegas show the others are all variety acts.
Kylee Abramson
Kylee Abramson Hace 26 días
Rinpuia Ralte
Rinpuia Ralte Hace 28 días
And he's absolutely wrong
unicorn tube
unicorn tube Hace 28 días
I loved her performance, she really does have talent, but I am sick and tired of kids winning AGT. Adults need the money more for their future, last ear I really wanted the two finalists to be chase and darci and chase wins, but that didn't happen, no hate just stating my opinion everyone here is talented.
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 16 días
Those Puppets were UN-Beatable that is True... Crying about it is what is so amazing !!
Shaun G
Shaun G Hace 16 días
It's often more beneficial to not win as you don't get tied up in the winners contract or have to wait 40 years to receive all of the $25,000 a year payments that make up the $1 million prize. Although they do have the option to take it as a one off payment the money they receive is a only a fraction of $1 million after taxes. The publicity and promotion of appearing on the agt finals is often worth more in terms of advancing an act's future.
B P Hace 28 días
She doesn’t. She sucks.
Glori Speer
Glori Speer Hace 28 días
She didn't win because America can't see how much talent is in her and a stupid magician won like how many magician are in the world um like 1000 and only 1 of her like comone
Alisa Cooper
Alisa Cooper Hace 28 días
Gives me a headache
Jürgen Böhm
Jürgen Böhm Hace 17 días
Really? So nice to hear.
Sheryl G
Sheryl G Hace 29 días
OMG. Why do people lie to this girl about her "talent"? She is an IMPERSONATOR. That screeching is not singing.
Jürgen Böhm
Jürgen Böhm Hace 17 días
Whom is she impersonating, dummy?
Fondaliza mimi
Fondaliza mimi Hace 29 días
magic2506 Hace 29 días
Knew she was not going to win. She is great but, needs to change some things
BILL RUSSELL Hace 29 días
Let's see, $100 per person times 10,000 people equals a million bucks! Courtney, you need to make a ESvid channel so I can send you $100!Let's see, $100 per person times 10,000 people equals a million bucks!
Setsuna Hace 29 días
She is possessed .... by the GOAT
Matthew Neff
Matthew Neff Hace 29 días
I hate Mel b
Matthew Neff
Matthew Neff Hace 29 días
Wow the more I watch her the more I like her
Maxi G
Maxi G Hace 29 días
Rosie rosie
Rosie rosie Hace 29 días
She's awesome! Unfortunately I don't think her generation will ever be able to appreciate her. She an old soul... The youngsters today are pop or droning out somewhere on their phone. Maybe she'll wow us old rockers enough to keep us interested.
george medeiros
george medeiros Hace 29 días
and I say she wont win all she does is sing, no talent Beyoncé that,
MK Style & Collection
MK Style & Collection Hace 29 días
I Love só much Courtney 😍😍😍
Anthonie White
Anthonie White Hace 29 días
shes going to win
Minni Mo
Minni Mo Hace 29 días
She has an enormous talent but you can feel that her talent isn't developed yet, she feels the music but she screams too much, you can't understand the words she is singing and often she just doesn't feel this one special moment when to get higher and play with her voice (if it makes any sense). she is not ready to win, in my opinion. but this girl can one day bring the good music back, I hope
Aashleyy R
Aashleyy R Hace 29 días
How tall is she? Random question 😂but man she can sing👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Em Jay
Em Jay Hace 29 días
I like her sound, I think she could be someone in rock & roll, but her shtick wore off for me after her 2nd performance; I wasn't as impressed going forward. I don't think she's winning AGT. Too many other performances stepped up their game last night and the beginning of her song was really bad, too low, couldn't understand, then everything else I felt like we'd seen and heard before. Sorry, that's how I feel. She's got a ton of fans who'll stand by her side. She needs to get past her fears, and she needs to create her own music, then plan out a concert, and make it so that every song doesn't sound the same.
TanteBet Hace un mes
It is a cute girl, but let her enjoy her teenage years if she Wins.
Liam Riyad
Liam Riyad Hace un mes
Simon wants her in the finals, and you're here complaining and bitching about her, she is in the finals and may be she'll win this show, you stand with your old Glennis and let this girl be who she is
Brittanie D.
Brittanie D. Hace un mes
I don’t understand why everyone’s talking about this girl like she’s amazing. She looks like a young kid mimicking old rock and roll records that her parents listened too. It doesn’t feel authentic to me at all.
Elci Batista
Elci Batista Hace un mes
Jefferson Sousa. Traduz essa música em português.
Sara Saud
Sara Saud Hace un mes
What is the name of song
lewisbeeman Hace un mes
Coming across as being out of control is never a good thing. Seems super strange to me, and really fell apart at the end.
Romano Gitano
Romano Gitano Hace un mes
Ace Nothing
Ace Nothing Hace un mes
I don't care for this, too much fluff.
B Cubes
B Cubes Hace un mes
What kind of tourettes does she have?
Sweet Cake
Sweet Cake Hace un mes
My favourite contestant
Bin Dardundat
Bin Dardundat Hace un mes
That screech tho :30 R.I.P. ears
K F Hace un mes
Howie Mandel is an idiot--not because he thinks she might win, because she just might if the voters are as stupid as he is. He is an idiot because he believes that she SHOULD win. By the way, Simon, a performance worthy of a million dollars SHOULD be perfect, not "raw and messy." I know I have commented on other Courtney Hadwin videos that this kid's only talent is screaming into a microphone and flailing around like a mental patient, but I feel that it bears repeating. Being loud does not make you a good singer, and being weird does not make you endearing. This kid is about as insufferable as that D.T.S. nonsense. It really pisses me off that this talentless kid beat out the amazing Angel City Chorale (my favorite act) for a spot in the finals.
Marlene Miller
Marlene Miller Hace un mes
She screaming with joy ❤️❤️❤️
Tina Dawson
Tina Dawson Hace un mes
If she wins I will officially hate agt she sounds awful god how did she make it to the finals please don’t vote for her
Rolltideandrew 506
Rolltideandrew 506 Hace un mes
Ziphron Elliot
Ziphron Elliot Hace un mes
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Hace un mes
Just gave Courtney 40 votes. I only vote for legends!🎤🦁
Emily Lucas
Emily Lucas Hace un mes
The scream in the beginning was annoying. not her best performance of the show, but it was still very good. Mel b was right she did seem nervous
Daniel Hace un mes
don't understand why people like this girls voice and style.... just don't... opinions vary though.
Stephanie Savarese
Stephanie Savarese Hace un mes
N Journey
N Journey Hace un mes
Horrible such an act...she's mental...if it comes to voice only Glennis Grace has class
fohr3al Hace un mes
this was not even a half as good as glennis! i don't get why everyone thinks she is so good. but if its youre opinion i respect it!
Larry Burzynski
Larry Burzynski Hace un mes
Catherine Hermansen
So, how many famous people, including Janis, wrote their own music? 100% of the successful one. Screaming karaoke? Anybody can do that. Get a grip, America. You let a child con you. If she had just come out and started screaming, without the bullshit, you'd be underwhelmed too.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Hace un mes
Catherine Hermansen More lies from you. Btw I just voted for her.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Hace un mes
Catherine Hermansen It's none of your business how she is parented. Many people who know the parents have commented on how nice and down to earth they are yet you run around on the net as an anonymous freak show telling lies about Courtney and her family. Publish your real name freak show instead of being the despicable coward you are.
Catherine Hermansen
+Rolf Winter well? I'm truly interested in your response.
Catherine Hermansen
+Rolf Winter Daddy is unemployed according to gramps and the U.K. media. My dad worked 2 jobs to pay for ballet. I cannot imagine having to dance in the streets for money so dad can get a free ride. But, if you think it's ok for her daddy to put her in the streets to earn gas money and singing lessons, well, let's just say we disagree. You know, in many states children cannot ride in the front seat of a car until they are 13, right? GA being one of those states, and yet it's ok to put them in the streets busking, before they can even ride in the front seat? Really?
Catherine Hermansen
+Rolf Winter you too could find the articles if you tried. So you really support a 14 year old not going to school, and busking for money cause grandpa's expecting her to transform the family finances, a direct quote. You really feel putting an 11, 12, 13 year old in the streets to sing for money is the fabulous patenting of which you speak, and you love that she's brought pedofiles out of the woodwork? That is good parenting? I disagree.
Rosabelle Lopez
Rosabelle Lopez Hace un mes
America for Courtney God bless girl, all the best 😘 thanks a lot😘😘😘
nicholsjeremy Hace un mes
Not something I really want to hear ,her voices isn't that great like it's ok but we have all heard better
Salina Neff
Salina Neff Hace un mes
Well America votes and everyone likes her that’s why she keeps winning stop hating on the poor girl
koen proski
koen proski Hace un mes
What the cancer is this animal looking as imbecile
Gary King
Gary King Hace un mes
Vote for Courtney tonight!!
The Electric Universe
so bizarre! so talented!!
Samuel Sands
Samuel Sands Hace un mes
great howie your jugement is suspect i would not want to chosen by you
Rolf Winter
Rolf Winter Hace un mes
@agt 2018 Courtney Hadwin America got talent 2018 Winner Prediction Here we have the first contender who can win America got talent 2018 title trophy and her name is Courtney Hadwin. She is been topping the chart and she could be the next winner as per sources agt viewers sources. It’s been a wonderful journey on the show and soon you will find America Got Talent 2018 winner prediction here with us. So she is our first contestant who can win America got Talent 2018 title and you will find more updates about the show.
Agnes Pierre
Agnes Pierre Hace un mes
Very funny!
Han Vroman
Han Vroman Hace un mes
Overdoing it..overacting it..screaming like an idiot... doing crazy just to get ppl's votes....and what is this ringing in my ears now, hope it's not tinnitus....😲.
Gary King
Gary King Hace un mes
Glennis fan. They all do this. Scum
fake band, laughable bass player doing the windmills. lol
RoSkyLine77 Hace un mes
Courtney+Doro ~Love me forever....tribute to Lemmy would be perfect
Sangz 5150
Sangz 5150 Hace un mes
I cringed
Sangz 5150
Sangz 5150 Hace un mes
+Gary King speak for yourself gay king
Gary King
Gary King Hace un mes
Told you not to look in the mirror.
fetra yuni
fetra yuni Hace un mes
Ok for glennis...but she is more old than courtney....courtney still my fav...
Natasha Norris
Natasha Norris Hace un mes
She's cool 😎
Leonardo De Marco
Leonardo De Marco Hace un mes
YEAH COURTNEY !!!!! You defenetelly gonna win !! I'm a huge fan of you !!!❤ best of luck !!!
Shaina Treadaway
Shaina Treadaway Hace un mes
She was on the voice the year before and made it to the semi finals. They are trying to make it out like she is this shy girl who got picked on when it literally a fraud. I would rather her tell her story than lie about it and make people feel bad for her.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Hace un mes
Trolls just get dumber by the hour.
Mia Jones
Mia Jones Hace un mes
Dear god, can I please live to see her and Beth Hart on the same stage together?
ELVISRN1 Hace un mes
very unique , polish the act up and your on your way.
Alisa Cooper
Alisa Cooper Hace 28 días
ELVISRN1 she is not she's trying to be mic jagged and janis joplin she needs to stop and do her own thing she looks likes she is crazy to me
Alpha1Charlie Hace un mes
If she would slow her roll a bit... Stop taking extreme liberties with her songs and surely stop the stage exercises. Then we'd here a singer. Till then, it's pure nose and annoying to watch and listen to.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Hace un mes
Trolls just get dumber by the hour.
Zafar Sheik
Zafar Sheik Hace un mes
VOTE SHIN LIM!!! NOW!!! TODAY!!! SHINNN LIMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Hace un mes
Trolls just get dumber by the hour.
For The I Am
For The I Am Hace un mes
New Social Media Hit App “ Courtney Hadwin” 200 Million Plus Downloads. ******* I recommend this app, on ESvid, and Other Social Media.. Available for download, all her performances.
For The I Am
For The I Am Hace un mes
Peter Johnson Just a little kickback to those Courtney haters.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Hace un mes
Ok lol thanks.
For The I Am
For The I Am Hace un mes
Peter, I thought you would get my little play on Views! The 200 Million views were stated at the beginning of the quarter finals, by AGT and social media. There is no physical App, but all her performances are available for download. So to make a point to the Courtney haters, the App is Social Media, 200 Million Views were stated, and of course they are all available for download. I have every video of Courtney’s downloaded to my computer in MP4, also converted to mp3 to play on a USB stick in by vehicle via CarPlay. So I can listen to every Courtney song in my vehicle. Or iPhone / iPad any time. And I called the App Courtney Hadwin.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Hace un mes
Name of the app please. Put a number in front of it so it shows.
Não entendo como aparece pessoas que não curtiram não gostaram ...
Gimena Cari
Gimena Cari Hace un mes
Courtney you are amazing
Rolf Winter
Rolf Winter Hace un mes
No one has ever sung the song better. She has recreated this song ...... great
E C Hace un mes
If she was on idol, they’d tell her to calm it down. She needs to rock it out
CCO _01
CCO _01 Hace un mes
Wake up America, it's a fabulous comme back of your fantastics Rock years. This gril is absolutly amazing
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur Hace un mes
Simon likes courtney because she does something unique but he didn't like we three's performances and wanted to change their style! Woowww he couldn't accept their uniqueness. (Now pls don't come and abuse that coutney is BLAH BLAH BLAH, if u have ur opinion i have mine too. If u dont like my opinion scroll down and thnx !!)
Rolf Winter
Rolf Winter Hace un mes
There are already too many conspiracy theorists in the world ..... just let it be ... Thank you
alfred wood
alfred wood Hace un mes
many future Artists, will be Proud, to be compered,to Courtney. Hadwin
Angel Barita
Angel Barita Hace un mes
She Win AGT
Anime Hace un mes
I wish i could vote for Courtney, but i ain't a U.S citizen
Johan van Angeren
Johan van Angeren Hace un mes
Why would Howie say I smell a million dollars after this performance? This whole show is rigged as hell. Of course Courtney will win. I am not surprised if she can have the last performance again in the final. GG can better not win so she can do her thing without AGT.
Oscar Estrad
Oscar Estrad Hace un mes
Thanks every body who love Courtney she the Best AGT 2018.
Lisa Gosnell
Lisa Gosnell Hace un mes
김신쥬 Hace un mes
*Most of the stuff she's saying I can't understand her*
Gary King
Gary King Hace un mes
김신쥬 My pleasure. Let me know if you need any more help.
김신쥬 Hace un mes
+Gary King thank you
김신쥬 Hace un mes
+Rolf Winter I've heard this song before this little girl has uniqueness to her voice but it's hard to make out the words it sounds like she's just screaming half the time
Gary King
Gary King Hace un mes
That's cause you're stupid.
Vms Bien Hoa
Vms Bien Hoa Hace un mes
Courtney is winner, I wish this.
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